Tuesday, 2010-05-18

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llnzbbl, maybe04:59
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StupidIncarnatemithro ping05:13
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biscmithro: can you please see my resubmitted patches at codereview.mithis.com06:04
tansellStupidIncarnate, pong06:05
StupidIncarnatehey, question for you. On libtpproto Cache class, either in the update or save function, the pickle.dump command was commented out in the tp04 version. Was this accidental or intentional, do you know?06:06
tansellno idea06:08
StupidIncarnateopps I mean libtpclient cache.py, in the save function06:11
StupidIncarnatemithro, have you heard of any issues with pickling the DynamicBaseObject class?06:13
StupidIncarnateWhy does it store things in a cache instead of grabbing all the data and loading it directly into the program?06:18
tansellStupidIncarnate, I have no idea what you mean?06:24
StupidIncarnatei'll have to look at the code more06:24
bisctansell: ping06:30
tansellbisc, pong06:30
bisctansell: I requested code review half an hour ago, have you read the message?06:33
tansellnope, can you please link me the ones you want me to look at06:33
bischttp://codereview.mithis.com/36001 http://codereview.mithis.com/37001 http://codereview.mithis.com/38001 http://codereview.mithis.com/39001 http://codereview.mithis.com/4000106:34
tpbTitle: Issue 36001: Error messages. - Code Review (at codereview.mithis.com)06:34
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tansellbisc, descriptions should start with a capital06:38
tansellcan you please link to only the relevant screenshot too06:39
bisctansell: updated issues06:42
tansellbisc, you really need a "before" and "after" screenshots06:44
bisctansell: ok, will add them in future.06:46
tansell-laptopbisc, hiding a bug doesn't solve a bug06:55
bisctansell: it's not actually hiding. this dialog doesn't have good sizers to be resized. I'm not even sure that such dialogs should be resized. It ruins their appearance anyway.07:05
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bisctansell-laptop: what about 2 patches you haven't commented?08:28
tansell-laptopI'm not happy with them yet08:32
tansell-laptopwill comment later08:32
bisctansell-laptop: and other ones -- they should be pushed to origin/tp04 ?08:32
tansell-laptopbisc, they should be pushed to a github repository I can then pull from08:33
bisctansell-laptop: so I should create a new github-hosted project, give you a link and push into github repo?08:45
tansell-laptopyes, create it by forking from the ones under github.com/thousandparsec08:45
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