Monday, 2010-05-17

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llnzhi tansell00:34
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StupidIncarnatehey mithro, how do you download the tp04 branch of something like libtpclient-py with git? I can't seem to figure it out02:02
StupidIncarnatethat may be what's screwing me up with github02:03
llnzStupidIncarnate: clone the repo, then branch/checkout the tp04 branch02:04
llnzno prob02:14
llnzit's probably the sort of thing that should be on the "Working with GIT" page on the wiki02:14
StupidIncarnatethere's a working with git page?02:15
llnzyeah, it maybe slightly hard to find, i usually have trouble finding it02:16
StupidIncarnateoh there it is02:17
StupidIncarnateif I already have the files from the git.thousand repository, what's the command to change that to the github repository without overwriting your files when you do the clone?02:31
StupidIncarnateis it a different command than clone?02:31
llnzyou add github as a new remote02:35
StupidIncarnatealright, added the github url to git, on tp04 branch, made changes, and trying to push it but, getting errors02:40
StupidIncarnatedid: git push origin02:41
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matthewdStupidIncarnate: Best guess, origin isn't the remote you want to push to?03:15
matthewd`git remote -v` to check03:16
StupidIncarnateyeah, I ended up deleting origin03:17
StupidIncarnateand hey matthewd03:18
matthewdYes.. also, hi! :)03:19
StupidIncarnatehow goes it?03:20
matthewdQuite well, and you?03:21
matthewdSorry I haven't been around before :/03:22
StupidIncarnatenaw it's fine. Hasn't started anyway03:22
StupidIncarnateand i'm good03:24
matthewdmithro: ping03:27
llnzhi matthewd03:36
llnznot sure what mithro's up to, but he appears busy03:36
matthewdHi llnz, yeah, it can wait03:36
matthewdActually... you might be able to see something...03:37
matthewdI just noticed that on socghop, the "you are mentoring" list is empty03:37
matthewdBut my name is next to StupidIncarnate's proposal in the "under review" list03:37
llnzi see it too03:40
llnzon the manage student projects page it seems fine03:40
matthewdAh, okay. And I've just worked out that I get an error when I click on the project because there's no pending evaluation.03:41
matthewdmithro: unping :)03:46
* llnz wanders off04:41
llnzlater all04:41
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tansellStupidIncarnate, did you end up being able to push to github?04:48
StupidIncarnatesupposidely, I messaged you on it04:51
StupidIncarnateyou'll have to check if i did it right though04:51
tpb<> (at
tansellStupidIncarnate, looks okay04:55
StupidIncarnatek good04:56
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biscmithro: hi. need your review for code that I sent to rietveld05:11
tanselllink me?05:11
tpbTitle: Issue 29001: UI tiny improvements - Code Review (at
tansellbisc, couple of things05:12
tansellbisc, this should be 4 patches05:12
bisctansell: yeah, I see. how to split them using I made two commits, but this tool uploaded a single patch05:13
tansellbisc, are you using git-cl?05:13
bisctansell: don't remember, let me look05:14
tansellbisc, as well - don't just comment out code which is no longer needed - just delete it05:15
tansellwe have a revision control system for a reason :)05:16
bisctansell: ok. I don't use git-cl because aptitude doesn't know of it. I used from here
tpbTitle: git-cl - git command for managing changelists with rietveld (at
bisctansell: oh, I remember. I maybe used git-cl. at least it's in my tpclient directory. anaway, does it send each commit for a separate patch or all commits to one patch?05:19
tansellall commits in a branch as one patch05:19
tansellbisc, I also would like screenshots of the before/after for any GUI changes05:21
bisctansell: ok, so I need to break it into 4 commits and upload each?05:21
bisctansell: where to place those screens?05:21
tansellbisc, where ever you want05:21
bisctansell: will be posting them to blog then.05:22
tansellbisc, sounds good05:22
bisctansell: I get fairly annoyed with not usable automatic server/username/password saving in client. may I currenly work on this part of client? at least to improve my own speed of development05:26
tansellbisc, sure - what annoys you about it?05:26
bisctansell: first, I get as default choice and need to switch to each time. I guess that saving previous choice and making it default is sensible05:28
tansellbisc, you know you can give the value on the command line?05:29
tansell./tpclient-pywx tp://test:[email protected]/05:29
bisctansell: second, even after I select I get [email protected] which is saved with wrong password05:29
tansellbisc, that sounds like a bug05:30
bisctansell: wow, didn't know that. is there any help or reference for arguments for tpclient-pywx?05:30
tansellbisc, nope!05:30
tanselllike everything - it's undocumented05:30
bisctansell: understood. any way to set up user and password through console?05:31
tansellbisc, what do you mean "setup" ?05:32
tansell./tpclient-pywx tp://<username>:<password>@<server>/<game>05:32
bisctansell: great, it works, thx. still, will need to fix defaults in winConnect eventually.05:35
bisctansell: do you know how to revert commits it git, but save local changes? just to recommit in another way05:38
tansellbisc, I just use gitk05:38
bisctansell: maybe I should do it as well. some of git console commands are not very obvious for me :)05:40
matthewd is the most complex way to do it :)05:40
tpb<> (at
biscmatthewd: oh, thanks. not the easiest way, yep. I will probably copy files, checkout older commit, and rewrite files again05:43
bisctansell: will resubmit patches for review later today.05:45
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StupidIncarnatemithro ping?07:20
tansellStupidIncarnate, pong07:20
StupidIncarnatein the __init__ function of cache, the comment says the key must be constructed protocol://[email protected]:port/07:21
StupidIncarnatebut on the def key think, it doesn't seem to look for the port at all?07:22
tansellI don't understand what you are saying07:23
StupidIncarnateon the init for the cache class, why does the key need the port as well?07:25
tansellbecause you might have two server on different ports07:26
matthewdAnd if the port is the default, and it may sometimes be omitted, you'll end up with unwanted cache misses (guessing)07:27
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null_000tansell: ping08:34
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StupidIncarnatemithro ping09:33
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alanpmissed him17:19
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llnzmorning all20:06
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alanp_2 minutes22:46
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