Tuesday, 2009-10-20

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llnzare all objects in MTSec completely visible?01:35
llnzbecause there is a oneline fix if there is (only works after an EOT)01:38
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llnzlater all07:28
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ezodtansell: pong12:07
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tansellezod, ping?19:55
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alanpllnz: they should be, i'll talk a look22:42
llnzah, good23:00
llnzalanp: line 244 in mtsecturn.cpp needs obv->setCompletelyVisiible(true);23:01
alanpwomp womp23:03
alanpcrap i don't have source setup on my laptop23:04
alanpshould i just commit to master then?23:04
alanpthis fix i mean23:04
llnzyes, master is fine23:19
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