Monday, 2009-10-19

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llnzmorning all16:14
ezodhey llnz16:17
llnzhi ezod16:17
tpb<> (at
ezodcouldn't figure it out in the short time i had16:18
ezodalanp is supposed to be looking into it16:18
ezodalanp: ping? :)16:19
alanpI haven't taken a look at it yet16:25
epyon[color=yellow][b]What features are likely to16:53
epyondarn -_-16:53
epyonBTW, is CIA dead, or is there no activity in git?17:07
llnzepyon: there has been no activity in a while17:25
llnzi think the last was me merging mtsec to master17:25
llnzi've been busy with other projects (LN, inviddl, and a model ship)17:26
llnzafk, meeting17:26
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tansellezod, ping?19:44
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