Wednesday, 2009-10-21

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LordMikeAnyone online?05:01
llnzhi LordMike05:01
LordMikeGot some problems trying out TP05:01
LordMikeIt seams there's a "Header Error"05:03
LordMikeWhen connecting the newest client, to a windows 0.4.1 CPP server05:04
LordMikeInitial guess is that the client is overly updated compared to the outdated server05:04
llnzbut cpp server 0.4.1 is old05:04
llnzvery old05:04
LordMikeSeeing the ubuntu / other servers are at 0.6.205:04
LordMikeFigures a protocol change has happened05:04
llnzit shouldn't have changed that much05:10
llnzif the new client uses TP04, then there would be a problem05:11
llnzour protocol is versioned05:11
LordMikeIt uses TP0305:17
LordMikeOr, version 3...05:17
LordMikeI started a local singleplayer game05:17
LordMikeChecked the about window.. Version 0.3.2 client05:17
LordMikeOpened online help, leads here:05:17
tpb<> (at
LordMikeWhich tells the current supported is 0.3.105:18
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* llnz wanders off06:21
llnzlater all06:21
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ezodtansell: pong again07:26
ezodmithro: ^07:26
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llnzmorning all15:20
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mithroezod: ping?17:58
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ezodmithro: pong18:48
mithroezod: so are we all set for the mentor summit?18:48
ezodshould be18:49
ezodi've secured a ride from SFO to the hotel18:49
ezodcan easily take caltrain/bart on the way back18:49
ezodeverything looked ok on the spreadsheet18:49
mithrowhat time are you rocking up?18:53
ezodflight lands 17:48, ride's flight lands 19:0018:53
ezodso i figure we get to the hotel 9pm earliest18:53
mithroI'm hoping I can get early checkin18:55
mithroget a few hours sleep before the dinner on friday night18:55
ezoddo you have a link to a schedule?18:56
ezod7pm @ wild palms is dinner18:58
* ezod will be late to that18:58
mithroso I'll probably see you back at the hotel19:05
ezodsays the dinner is at the hotel19:08
ezodso if it's not done yet i may see you there19:08
mithrowhere are you getting this info?19:10
tpb<> (at
ezodnot very complete for 2 days prior19:13
mithrothe summit will be unconference style19:19
mithrolooks like they are doing something different for the dinner this year19:20
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