Tuesday, 2009-08-25

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llnzlater all08:54
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llnzmorning all17:13
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tansellcherez, ping?20:50
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mithroLandon: ping?23:16
Landonmithro: pong23:18
tansellLandon, I have a present for you23:31
Landono.O oh?23:31
tansellLandon, torpedo models! :P23:31
Landonsweet deal!23:31
tansellI'll upload them to our media repository in a bit23:32
tansellLandon, have you had any chance to finish off some of the battleviewer stuff?23:33
Landonnot yet23:33
Landonapparently they were waiting for me to get done with soc at my school job23:33
LandonI probably won't have time to get back to work on it for a week or two23:34
Landon(you know the real secret of data mining? making an undergrad manually annotate results to compare to the crawler/extractor)23:34
* tansell waits for svn to checkout the media repository23:41

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