Wednesday, 2009-08-26

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CIA-26tim * r72 media/concepts/weapons/ (31 files in 12 dirs): Adding Combs's models.00:22
tpb<> (at
Landonare the missiles and torpedoes different models?00:24
tansellLandon, all the models are in the same file00:56
tansellwhich can be imported into blender and then exported00:56
Landonah ok00:56
tansellif you do so, then it goes into the client media00:56
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tansellheading to MTV so won't be around for a couple of days04:10
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shenkitim is going to be video star07:30
llnzwhy is that?07:31
shenki17:40 < tansell> heading to MTV so won't be around for a couple of days07:31
shenkiit was my lame joke :)07:32
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llnzah, hehe07:44
llnzlucky him for getting to go07:45
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* llnz wanders off08:51
llnzlater all08:51
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llnzmorning all16:15
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mithro-andygreywhind: ping?23:51
Greywhindmithro-andy: pong23:52
mithro-andyso I'm going to missed the meeting today as I'm jus about to get on a plane23:54
mithro-andywe should chat about the release sometime23:55
mithro-andyanyway got to go23:59
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