Monday, 2009-08-24

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matthewdtote: You around?05:44
totematthewd: ye morning06:01
matthewdSo, how have you finished up?06:02
toteyou mean like packaging or something? or just the end of the project?06:05
matthewdEnd of the project06:06
matthewdNo blog post for a while06:06
totehmm, i knew there was something i forgot, i was so into getting orders to work before the project end so i forgot to write about it :/06:07
totebut i did manage to get orders to work !06:08
matthewdYeah, I saw... haven't had a chance to actually look at it yet, though06:14
matthewdWhich parameter types are supported?06:14
toteall of those from tpclient-pywx06:20
totelist, object, position, string, time06:21
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matthewdIt's been a little while since I've actually used tpclient-pywx... but shouldn't Colonise, Split Fleet and Merge Fleet take parameters?06:50
matthewdOr have I missed updating something?06:50
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llnzlater all07:59
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matthewdtote: ?08:33
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totematthewd: oh sorry i had to leave, dentist :P, colonise dont, merge dont, split does i belive09:27
matthewdOkay, thanks09:57
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llnzmorning all16:37
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