Thursday, 2009-03-19

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tanselljphr, ping?00:36
tansellI can fix that problem for you00:36
tansellyou don't have permission to push to the ruby repository00:36
jphrtansell, great00:36
jphri'm starting to clean up that interface, its rather outdated i'm afraid00:37
llnztansell: per repo permissions?00:38
tanselljphr, look at the change log00:39
jphrtansell, yeah I saw00:40
mithroJLafont: whats your username?00:43
CIA-65neufelry libtpproto-rb * rbbba5e346828 / (6 files): Reformatted a lot of method calls to begin work, all methods now have brackets, and no methods occupy only one line00:44
jphrmithro: so, thoughts on RoR web client?00:45
mithroso I'm not really a RoR's fan00:45
jphrI've heard (from you)00:46
llnzhere at work we have had problems with RoR, mostly lack of documentation and support00:46
mithroscaling is another huge problem00:46
jphrthats becoming less of an issue as time goes on, but you're right00:46
jphrand in terms of support I work with a local RoR shop with decent ties to the community (just as a note)00:47
llnzi'm sure that would help00:48
jphrit has helped me immensely00:49
* llnz wanders home (sort of)00:50
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mithrojphr: well the most convincing argument would be to have a working client before GSoC starts00:51
mithro(not a full client but a proof of concept)00:51
jphrheh, web or plaintext ruby?00:51
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mithrojphr: web client00:52
mithroshowing how things like the starmap might work00:52
jphrI'll start looking into what I'll use for visualizations00:52
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mithrojphr meet matthewd the original author of libtpproto-rb00:53
jphrmatthewd: hey, hows it going?00:54
jphrmaybe you might tell me any sore spots you're aware of before I have to find them out for myself?00:54
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tanselljphr, which IRC client are you using?00:54
tanselland why do you keep disconnecting and connecting again?00:54
jphrcolloquay, but its more of a stupid error00:55
jphraccidentally closing the wrong window00:55
jphrlovely of me to pollute everyones chat though, right?00:56
matthewdWell, the first thing that comes to mind is that it's probably got things in there that are clever for the sake of being clever00:57
jphrheh, a mistake we all make :P I'm going over it and making everything as clear as possible00:58
matthewdAnd pack.rb is rather ugly00:58
jphryeah its got some very long methods00:58
mithrothe protocol xml is probably want to you want to be using01:04
jphrI saw a reference to that somewhere in the code, where does that xml live at?01:06
matthewdLooks like I had it symlinked from the relevant checkout (referenced as 'protocol.xml')01:07
matthewdSpeaking of which... I have a vague recollection of the structure of the XML file changing slightly... possibly around the definitions of subtypes.01:07
jphrwell I'll have to fine tooth comb everything anyways on account of the time since01:08
mithroprotocol.xml lives in the documents repository01:08
mithroyou should use submodules to import it01:08
mithrobut I think it was developed back before submodules worked01:11
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mithroezod: poke poke?01:37
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mithrowb llnz03:19
CIA-65mithro libtpclient-py-singleplayer * r905f47cd8db7 /tp/client/ Try and clean up a little better.03:21
CIA-65mithro libtpclient-py-singleplayer * r336fcb18b251 /tp/client/ Cleanup when loop terminates.03:21
CIA-65mithro libtpclient-py-singleplayer * r00aed0cd1b65 /tp/client/ ( Merge branch 'singleplayer' of git+ssh:// into singleplayer03:21
CIA-65mithro daneel-ai * r0d4108f98ef0 / Fixed a small bug in requirements.03:25
CIA-65aaron libtpclient-py-stable * rdebd26a77f37 /tp/client/ Initial creation of SinglePlayer with ServerList class.03:28
CIA-65aaron libtpclient-py-stable * reed093150293 /tp/client/ Added basic SinglePlayer object (only builds a server list so far).03:28
CIA-65aaron libtpclient-py-stable * r44d7806f6dbd /tp/client/ Added AI client list and server start functionality.03:28
CIA-65aaron libtpclient-py-stable * refb7c0bfb487 /tp/client/ Several minor code improvements.03:28
CIA-65aaron libtpclient-py-stable * rca141cbd28d5 /tp/client/ Start AI clients, initialization exceptions.03:28
CIA-65aaron libtpclient-py-stable * r70de7f155e13 /tp/client/ SinglePlayerGame now fully working. Also added some helper functions (list_*).03:28
CIA-65aaron libtpclient-py-stable * r0638b2b6da74 /tp/client/ Added forced parameters to servers, rulesets, and AI clients.03:28
llnzthank mithro03:28
CIA-65aaron libtpclient-py-stable * ree542aa1ea68 /tp/client/ Removed debugging print statements.03:28
CIA-65aaron libtpclient-py-stable * rc56feff803ba /tp/client/ Added AI opponent username support.03:28
CIA-65aaron libtpclient-py-stable * r8794f91e510f /tp/client/ Various fixes per Mithro (comments, better string formatting, use of subprocess module, etc.).03:28
CIA-65aaron libtpclient-py-stable * r5f5067be9e6e /tp/client/ Using self variables for sever/ruleset names and parameters.03:29
mithroarg, going to spam03:29
CIA-65aaron libtpclient-py-stable * r3f89f1abbd63 /tp/client/ Added ruleset_info function.03:29
CIA-65aaron libtpclient-py-stable * r30217a3dbced /tp/client/ Added listing functions for server and ruleset parameters.03:29
CIA-65aaron libtpclient-py-stable * r1fa4f3f5f409 /tp/client/ Fixed parameter value formatting.03:29
CIA-65aaron libtpclient-py-stable * r4c97ecf87625 /tp/client/ Added longname, version, and description to AI client list.03:29
llnzcurrently update gettingstarting page03:29
CIA-65aaron libtpclient-py-stable * r4bdd0e864a0a /tp/client/ Improvements to share directory path and server/ruleset helper functions.03:29
CIA-65aaron libtpclient-py-stable * r4917e7464a48 /tp/client/ Ruleset info helper uses game server if defined.03:29
CIA-65aaron libtpclient-py-stable * r7b3310947ad6 /tp/client/ Search for server and AI control scripts.03:29
CIA-65aaron libtpclient-py-stable * r814e2e7dd14e /tp/client/ Full function documentation.03:29
CIA-65aaron libtpclient-py-stable * r4e1bdbec746e /tp/client/ Minor fix in AI starting.03:29
CIA-65aaron libtpclient-py-stable * rd5bf1543cf49 /tp/client/ Improved status checking and initialization.03:29
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o mithro03:29
CIA-65aaron libtpclient-py-stable * r445a570d5abc / (11 files in 5 dirs): Include single player shared data in package install.03:29
CIA-65aaron libtpclient-py-stable * rd6ba2c827cc2 /tp/client/singleplayer/ (8 files in 3 dirs): Added commandstring to XML, removed bash control scripts.03:29
CIA-65aaron libtpclient-py-stable * r3fe38835dd22 /tp/client/ Pull in commandstring with absorb_xml.03:29
CIA-65aaron libtpclient-py-stable * raa7da8b65904 /tp/client/ (5 files in 3 dirs): Proper starting and stopping of server/AI subprocesses.03:29
CIA-65mavrinac libtpclient-py-stable * rbb2280d86dcb /tp/client/ ( Merge commit 'origin/stable' into singleplayer03:30
CIA-65mavrinac libtpclient-py-stable * r8ba32b4f8ecc /tp/client/ (6 files in 4 dirs): Removed bundled single-player XML and improved directory checking.03:30
CIA-65mavrinac libtpclient-py-stable * rb35ed2a422ee /tp/client/ New DownloadList object to query available servers and AI clients.03:30
*** mithro sets mode: -v CIA-6503:30
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CIA-65mavrinac libtpclient-py-stable * ra59590a702b0 /tp/client/ Look in the registry for paths to single player XML on Win32 platforms.03:30
CIA-65mavrinac libtpclient-py-stable * rcf692c7d944f /tp/client/ XML and download page URLs are now parameters to DownloadList.03:30
CIA-65mavrinac libtpclient-py-stable * r3471cd392f9d /tp/client/ Link with category GET string instead of anchor.03:30
CIA-65mavrinac libtpclient-py-stable * rbfb29d7b228b /LICENSE: Merge commit 'origin/stable' into singleplayer03:30
CIA-65mavrinac libtpclient-py-stable * rdec41aaeec9f /tp/client/ Look for development version single player XML files in other TP repos.03:30
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CIA-65mavrinac libtpclient-py-stable * r4da6797e54b5 /tp/client/
CIA-65Collapse ServerList and AIList into new LocalList with more dynamic XML03:30
CIA-65parsing. Also, new search path handling and other minor improvements.03:30
CIA-65mithro libtpclient-py-stable * rd7e6101a92dc /tp/client/ Make the code a little clearer.03:30
CIA-65mavrinac libtpclient-py-stable * r646b8ede4401 /tp/client/ Show proper path in 'found XML file' message.03:30
CIA-65mithro libtpclient-py-stable * r0eecbc201849 /tp/client/ Make the searching log more.03:30
CIA-65mavrinac libtpclient-py-stable * r9d76ac1237fa /tp/client/ Handle case in ruleset_info where rname is set but sname is not.03:30
CIA-65mavrinac libtpclient-py-stable * r9dba9c96ee1d /tp/client/ Verify that files pointed to in local list actual exist.03:31
CIA-65mavrinac libtpclient-py-stable * r056ca4dae56d /tp/client/ Support formatting for file type parameters.03:31
CIA-65mithro libtpclient-py-stable * rabf99d15835b /tp/client/ Print out the command line that we are running.03:31
CIA-65mithro libtpclient-py-stable * r694204737491 /tp/client/ Merge branch 'singleplayer' of git+ssh:// into singleplayer03:31
CIA-65mithro libtpclient-py-stable * r9d1ecabb77f9 /tp/client/ Rename the arguments to make stuff slightly easier.03:31
CIA-65(22 lines omitted)03:31
*** CIA-65 was kicked by mithro (mithro)03:33
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mithroezod: singleplayer branch merged03:48
mithroI have also put in checks to prevent people from accidently re-pushing it03:48
CIA-65llnz web * r61f66ab5ab3a /gettingstarted.php:03:51
CIA-65Updated Getting Started page.03:51
CIA-65Mostly the run server and develop game sections.03:51
mithrollnz: did you see how the download page now auto detects your operating system?03:51
mithrowhen you do a release of tpserver-cpp I'll compile a window binary and upload it03:52
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tansellI still think the getting started page could use a lot of work05:29
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llnztansell: probably05:30
llnzmithro: btw, i'm away for a few days, should be on IRC sometimes and email though05:32
mithrollnz: I think we are aiming for a tpserver-cpp release this weekend06:10
mithrowill you be around for that?06:10
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mithroanyway heading home06:30
mithrogot a big presentation tommorrow06:30
JLPgood morning everyone06:37
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* ezod cheers11:21
shenkimithro: take a look at playermanager.cpp:57 in tpserver-cpp/tpserver11:24
shenkimithro: is findPlayer() supposed to find a player, and return a pointer to that player if it exists?11:24
shenkimithro: because as it stands, it never does anything with Player* real, and in the case of no exception being thrown, the function will return NULL11:25
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gwernyou guys know that the GPG key for packages is a 404 on , right?12:13
tpb<> (at
JLPgwern: hi12:14
JLPgwern: i think mithro should know about this, but currently he's asleep12:15
ezodgwern, JLP: i think i pointed that out a while back12:15
JLPmaybe ezod knows something12:15
JLPezod: ah, well i missed it then12:16
ezodbddebian i think is in charge of those?12:16
ezodanyway, i believe all it will do is give you warnings about digital signing if you don't add the key12:16
ezodpackages will still work12:16
gwernyes, but it's still annoying12:16
gwern(and insecure, obviously)12:16
ezodbddebian: ping ^12:17
ezodmithro: ping ^12:17
gwernhm. 'ValueError: invalid literal for int() with base 10: '6923/Demo1+server'12:18
gwernseems to happen when trying both demo servers12:18
gwernthis is with the hardy packages12:19
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gwernif it helps, it stops on the universe download page, with object descs green and all else orange12:24
* ezod can't test right now :\12:24
* gwern begins tediously installing tp HEAd12:28
gwernlibtpclient-py errors out as :   File "", line 12, in <module>12:32
gwern    from tp.client import __version__12:32
gwern  File "/home/gwern/libtpclient-py/tp/client/", line 2, in <module>12:32
gwern    from version import version as vi12:32
ezodgwern: a whole bunch of stuff (~10 months of work) was merged to tpclient-pywx trunk last night, haven't had a chance to check it out myself12:38
ezodalso libtpclient-py12:38
ezodi didn't have any problems on the branch though12:39
ezodmaybe try manually pulling the latest head for the libtpclient-py submodule?12:44
ezodthough that's what it ought to be pointing at12:45
JLPgwern: i just cleaned out everything and cloned all that is needed again and was able to create a new account on the server demo1 and connect to it13:09
JLPgwern: these are the steps to get it going:13:15
JLP1) git clone git:// libtpclient-py-dev13:16
JLP2) git clone git://[email protected]/git/libtpproto-py.git13:17
JLP3) git clone git:// tpclient-pywx-dev13:17
JLP4) git clone git://
JLP5) cd scratchpad13:18
JLP6) ./setup.sh13:18
JLPthis should set everything up so you can go to tpclient-pywx-dev and run it from there13:19
JLPoh and in git url in 2) remove the [email protected] part :)13:19
*** tacomablack has joined #tp13:21
JLPtacomablack: ahoy13:21
tacomablackhows it going13:22
JLPdoing just fine,you?13:23
tacomablackgood i just checked out tp's website the project seems interesting13:23
JLPglad to here this13:24
JLPso tacomablack have you already checkout out the ideas list?13:25
tacomablacki'm more interested in the 3D client area13:28
tacomablackto be honest i never played the game so i'm not really in the position to come up with ideas13:28
JLPthen you have enhancing the 3d client in mind?13:29
JLPbtw did you play other similar 4X game13:30
tacomablacki've played starcaft and warcraft13:32
tacomablackand sins of the solar empire13:33
ezodpicture a turn-based sins of a solar empire13:34
JLPman, i have to play the sins some time, i bought a used Space Empires lat year and to this day i didn't have time to check it out13:36
ezodi've never played it either - my brother and several of my friends are really into it though13:38
JLPyeah, i've also heard lot's of people say it's really good13:39
tacomablackyeah its addicting13:40
JLPtacomablack: btw where are you from13:49
tacomablackIm from New Jersey13:51
JLPfar away from here (Slovenia) then :)13:52
ezodnot too far from me - windsor, ontario13:56
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mithroshenki: you should be sending the patches to tp-devel not me directly18:30
mithroJLP: those instructions you gave are old18:31
mithroyou no longer need steps 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6)18:31
mithrojust need step 3)18:32
JLPmithro: good to know :)18:35
totehi, who should you talk to if youre interested in writing a tp webclient for gsoc? :)18:38
*** nash has joined #tp18:40
*** Noughmad_ has quit IRC18:45
JLPtote: which language would you like to use?18:45
totepython :)18:46
JLPtote: then mithro is your guy18:46
JLPtote: btw, didn't ask you where you're from right?18:48
toteJLP: no? :)18:48
*** mithro has quit IRC18:51
*** Demitar has joined #tp18:51
JLPtote: aha, it's sweden18:52
toteJLP: can you trust a whois? :P18:56
JLPtote: :)18:56
toteJLP: but ye, im from sweden, and you are from? :)18:58
JLPtote: Slovenia18:58
JLPtote: mithro, is from australia, so that you know when is the time to catch him :)19:01
JLPhe's the author of python protocol library which you will probably be using so that's why it's best to contatct him about this19:03
JLPoh and mithro == tansell*19:03
toteokey, thanks for the info :)19:03
ezodtote: i've been working with the python stuff quite a bit too, so feel free to try me for questions if mithro's not around19:05
JLPyeah, and if there is something general about TP also feel free to ask and we'll try to answer as best as we can19:05
ezod90% of your questions probably won't be specific to python stuff, i'd imagine19:06
totewell now im gonna try it :)19:07
toteis there a quick game you could try just for fun?19:08
JLPMiniSec on Demo1 server is the simple and easy one19:09
*** Patrick` has joined #tp20:02
Patrick`Anyone around who can advise me about summer of code?20:03
JLafontmithro: in git? I think its jlafont20:04
Patrick`I have some ... off-normal features and I'd hate to commit to developing a proposal only to suffer from something else.20:04
JLafontPatrick`: hey! Your best bet is to talk to the mentors and discuss your ideas.20:06
JLafontPatrick`: btw which Programming language are you interested in using?20:07
Patrick`see, I would love to find out more about your projects, the current state of play, what's been done, and then come up with or adapt an idea. And I think I have some relevant skills but I'm not ...20:07
Patrick`I know python and I've successfully done SoC in python 2 years ago20:07
Patrick`but I'm a chemist.20:07
Patrick`I've got other stuff out there but I'm hardly a known name20:08
Patrick`oh, and I played stars! constantly for 2 years20:09
JLPPatrick`: hi20:09
Patrick`(and a heavy risk streak)20:09
Patrick`that's the board game, not ramping off burning buildings and playing poker with the mafia20:10
JLafontPatrick`: and are good places to start :)20:10
tpb<> (at
Patrick`yeah, that's how I found you guys20:10
JLafontBut if you are thinking about doing it in Python you probably want to talk to mithro, since he wrote just about everything thats python related20:11
JLafonterr mithro == tansell20:12
JLPPatrick`: what are you thinking of doing?20:12
Patrick`see, now my first thought was to do something stars!-ey but that's been done before, in other formats20:13
Patrick`I'd need to spend a good bit of time digging into the project/wiki before I could say any more20:14
tansell-laptopmorning people20:14
Patrick`I just wanted to make sure that taking those hours wouldn't lead to frustration and anger - "oh, you're not a computer scientist, go away"20:14
tansell-laptopJLafont, ?20:14
Patrick`it's happened before :(20:14
JLPPatrick`: well i'm no computer scientist either (studied physics)20:15
JLafonttansell-laptop, you asked me what my username was20:15
tansell-laptopJLafont, I did?20:15
JLPPatrick`: so don't be discouraged20:15
tansell-laptopJLafont, i ment to ask jphr20:15
JLafonttansell-laptop, last night20:15
JLafonttansell-laptop, ahhh20:15
Patrick`JLP, then I owe some apologies for seeming small-minded myself20:15
JLPPatrick`: so what is it that you would need to know20:18
Patrick`... I don't know yet, I need to read everything20:18
Patrick`like, is the python server feature-complete and equivalent or does it need more work20:19
JLPPatrick`: ok cool, so you are interested into Stars!-y ruleset (or more appropriate parts of it)20:19
JLPusing Python, so you need to take some time look into python protocol server20:20
Patrick`size of the undertaking aside, my dream project would be to recreate a) stars! and more irrelevantly b) dungeon keeper20:20
Patrick`but yeah, a complete stars would be ... intensive. Something similar in feel and play20:21
Patrick`I'd want to look into the python side of things, probably I'd look at other stars clones out there already to see what I could do/borrow/do differently20:21
JLPyeah recreating stars! is one of our main goals, although a bit large target fo single GSoC20:21
Patrick`so innards then, a part of it, a big chunk20:21
Patrick`AI would be beyond me, I've never done something like that before20:22
JLPwe also need to release a new protocol version first so it would support all the features20:22
Patrick`I mean, it's not beyond me, but I'd need to spend a lot more time on it20:22
Patrick`perhaps then doing an appropriate amount of groundwork and getting all the new server features implemented?20:23
*** nash has quit IRC20:23
JLPyeah i think that would be a good start, and then you can always continue after gsoc20:24
Patrick`now I have my final exam on the 9th may and don't start my doctorate until september so the times are right20:24
Patrick`(the soc rules allow final year students, that's the first thing i checked)20:24
JLPmithro / tansell-laptop surely has more to say anout this part as he is the founder of the project and author of python party20:24
tansell-laptopPython Party :P20:24
Patrick`I'd vote for it20:25
Patrick`tansell-laptop: I'll be free tomorrow afternoon and then most of the sensible hours at the weekend, would you be ok to have a little chat after I've done more reading then?20:25
*** nash has joined #tp20:28
tansell-laptopI have no idea when I'll be around20:35
Patrick`no worries20:35
Patrick`I, uh, probably won't be in the same timezone anyway20:35
*** Patrick` has left #tp20:46
tansellgwern, ping?20:57
*** Erroneous has quit IRC21:04
*** tansell-laptop has quit IRC21:12
gwernJLP: I tried your git sequence22:21
gwernJLP: and when running and connecting to its default server, I still get a hang on downloading universe22:21
gwernJLP: and a pythong message of ValueError: invalid literal for int() with base 10: '6923/Demo1+server'22:21
gwernJLP: the default values are server tp:// and username @Demo2 server22:22
*** jdrake has joined #tp22:37
jdrakeSalvete! Quid hagis hodie?22:37
JLPgwern: sorry, was taking a shower22:50
JLPgwern: i think you will have to wait for mithro to take a look at console output22:50
jdrakeShowers are really nice, especially hot ones.22:51
JLPgwern: or maybe show it to ezod if he's here22:51
JLPjdrake: ahoy22:51
jdrakeI observe that gsoc time is coming again. Congrats on being a mentoring organization.22:53
JLPjdrake: thanks, are you planing to join the party22:55
jdrakeI was considering putting in an application.22:55
JLPyay, that's the way22:55
jdrakeThere are monetary considerations that I must work out, it is seeming increasingly likely that I won't be able to find a relevant coop to the program I am in at college (instrumentation and control), so this is something better than doing any old job :p22:56
jdrakeI am a hobbyist programmer that hasn't had a lot of time lately to turn on the compiler.22:57
jdrakeActually, I have been compiling ladder logic :p, but is rather a different way of doing things.22:58
JLPjdrake: and which project idea tickles you interest the most?22:58
jdrakeI had a personal idea that I have been playing around with. I have wanted a 4X style game on the mac, so I guess you would say a native mac client is an interest of mine.22:59
jdrakeIt is lonely without a copy of Stars! laying around.23:01
jdrakeI am not familiar with the fine points of TP, or even most coarse points. But seems like a logical way of reaching the goal of having something like that around.23:02
JLPhehe i know the feeling, wine does help, but it's not the same  :)23:02
jdrakePerhaps you could help me understand what the level of difficulty a client would be.23:03
JLPwell take a look at the wiki to get the big picture how it all work, and then you would concentrate on protocol library for the language of your choice which you would use for the client23:03
jdrakeok, that sounds like a good start.23:04
jdrakeIt is late this day, so I will be just finishing up a lab report and take a fresh look at it tomorrow.23:04
JLPif the protocol library you would is complete with features it mainly remains a job to work on gui side23:05
JLPok, no problem, take your time and ask questions here if something isn't so clear23:05
JLPi will also have to excuse myself now, it's 4 a and i think i should get some sleep23:05
JLPso bye to you all, and see you tomorrow23:06
jdrakeI think I understand a little from my skiming of the material.23:10
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