Wednesday, 2009-03-18

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tpbTitle: Best Practices for XML Internationalization (at
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JLPyay, TP got into GSoC 2009 →
tpb<> (at
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*** llnz changes topic to "Thousand Parsec - || Why not help out? - || Logs at || GSoC mentoring organisation 2009"15:40
JLPllnz: you can say that again :)15:40
CIA-65mavrinac web * r15d8655d4921 /downloads/tpconfig.dtd:15:53
CIA-65Add xml:lang attribute to root, longname, and description tags in15:53
CIA-65tpconfig DTD.15:53
* JLP will be right back, has a meeting15:55
CIA-65mavrinac daneel-ai * r4365c2658c84 / (daneel-ai-inplace.xml daneel-ai.xml): Define xml:lang in single player XML files.15:57
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jphrhowdy ho, haven't been on here in ages16:00
llnzhi jphr16:01
jphrllnz: hey lee16:01
jphrllnz: any idea who would be mentoring any web cilent ideas? yourself or mithro?16:02
llnzit could be either of us16:04
llnzor even someone else16:04
llnzbut we all have ideas about how it could be done16:04
jphrwhat level of interest does the project have in web clients overall? I know single player seems to have been the push as of late16:04
jphrYeah, i've been working all year on ruby on rails work and I think the web client is very doable and very extensible after it is up and running16:05
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llnzit's still very interesting16:06
jphrwhat sort of ideas have you had on it so far?16:06
llnzsingle player and web client are both ways to get more people playing TP16:06
jphri think a web client particularly could do a lot for tp, give people the chance to try it without a download16:08
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jphrwell, I'm in class, I should hop out, I'll talk to mithro or you later this week16:11
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llnzhi tote17:49
totehey :)17:49
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* JLP is back18:30
llnzwb JLP18:34
* llnz pokes tansell (and tansell-laptop 18:34
JLPanyone started writing the news about gsic'18:34
llnznot yet18:35
JLPok then i'll get right on it18:35
llnzit will be 7 hours before I get a chance, so you go for it18:35
* llnz will be hanging out here to answer questions if students ask any18:38
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JLPhere's my current text for the news →
tpbTitle: pastebin - collaborative debugging tool (at
JLPhow does it look?19:16
mithroJLP: we need to update the Getting Started Page19:18
mithroJLP: i'm not hugely happy with that19:18
tpbTitle: pastebin - collaborative debugging tool (at
mithroJLP: I think we need more pimping of previous students work19:22
mithroezod: poke?19:22
tpb<> (at
JLPmithro: yeah i agree, i also had the feeling that it was missing from my text19:23
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mithroJLP: all signed up on the app?19:37
JLPso, anyone else have any comments on ? or is it good to publish?19:37
tpbTitle: pastebin - collaborative debugging tool (at
JLPmithro: yeah i am registered on the account, didn't apply for mentor yet, will do right now19:38
mithroJLP: I just invited you19:38
llnzJLP: looks good to me19:40
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IwanowitchDid I just receive an email we're accepted again?20:14
JLPIwanowitch: yeah, the rumors are true :)20:16
mithroIwanowitch: all signed up?20:18
CIA-65jlp web * r558f46925fc6 /news/ Thousand Parsec a mentor project for Google Summer of Code 200920:21
Iwanowitchmithro: Signed up?20:29
tpbNew news from Thousand Parsec a mentor project for Google Summer of Code 200920:33
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Iwanowitch_Hmm, connection is acting strange,20:35
Iwanowitch_Just on this computer though.20:35
mithroIwanowitch: to be a mentor20:37
Iwanowitch_Where do I sign up then?20:45
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IwanowitchFound it, I think.20:47
Iwanowitchmithro: Applied.20:48
* llnz has the page open20:51
llnzmithro: I'll accept Iwanowitch's request20:52
mithrollnz: create!20:52
llnzIwanowitch: verhoevenv?20:52
Iwanowitchllnz: Yip20:56
IwanowitchWhich, I think, I'll also start using here. It's a bit confusing with all the nicknames.20:57
llnzyou should now get an email....20:57
CIA-65mithro web * rdae47ac70062 / (downloads.php gettingstarted.php): Updated the getting started page.20:58
mithrollnz / JLP: can you take a look at that?20:59
llnzmithro: will do when i get back from meeting (1 hr)20:59
mithroi have to run21:02
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llnzbbs, meeting21:08
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* JLP goes sleeping21:50
jphrtansell: ping?21:52
CIA-65neufelry tpserver-cpp * r4d6d6c077a2a /AUTHORS: Added self to authors list22:08
jphrwell, apparently i DO still have push rights22:08
jphrwadda ya know22:08
llnzjphr: did i miss you name off the authors file? opps, sorry22:15
jphrno problem, just wanted to see if I even still had my private key, apparently I did22:15
jphrllnz: would you mind refreshing me as to the time zone on that end of the world?22:16
llnzCurrently UTC+13hr22:17
llnz3:17pm (thursday)22:17
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llnzi'm at work and working hard22:21
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JLafontI knew I was missing something22:25
llnzmithro: looking at getting started page now (or will once i've done one thing)22:26
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jphrllnz: Any chance of getting write perm on libtpproto-rb?22:38
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llnzjphr: you should already have it22:43
jphrTo git+ssh://[email protected]/git/libtpproto-rb.git22:44
jphr ! [remote rejected] master -> master (n/a (unpacker error))22:44
jphrerror: failed to push some refs to 'git+ssh://[email protected]/git/libtpproto-rb.git'22:44
jphr"error: unable to create temporary sha1 filename ./objects/bb: Permission denied22:45
llnzjphr: ok, i'll have a look tonight (3-4 hours)22:45
jphrawesome, thanks22:45
llnzmithro, tansell: getting started page looks good, should probably update the lower parts (tpserver-cpp, and new rulesets)22:49
llnzwhich i might be able to do later22:49

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