Wednesday, 2008-08-27

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* llnz reboot to linux01:02
llnzhopefully the network card works this time01:03
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llnzhere come two mergers01:11
CIA-33aaron libtpproto-cpp * r2d244bdef34f /AUTHORS: Added self to AUTHORS.01:12
CIA-33aaron libtpproto-cpp * rb6f3d45ff40b /tpproto/ ( logmessage.cpp logmessage.h): Added LogMessage frame type.01:12
CIA-33aaron libtpproto-cpp * r45b61718b442 /tpproto/frame.h: Added admin frame types to FrameType enum.01:12
CIA-33aaron libtpproto-cpp * r437a6813ecf9 /tpproto/ ( getcommanddesc.cpp getcommanddesc.h): Added GetCommandDescription frame.01:12
CIA-33aaron libtpproto-cpp * r4cb7f80a2e7c /tpproto/ ( commanddesc.cpp commanddesc.h): Added CommandDescription frame type (still needs command parameter class).01:12
CIA-33aaron libtpproto-cpp * r7c194e876f97 /tpproto/ (4 files):01:12
CIA-33Added CommandParameter classes.01:12
CIA-33CommandDescription now uses parameters.01:12
CIA-33aaron libtpproto-cpp * r6c2cb81894de /tpproto/ (commanddesc.cpp commandparameter.cpp): Fixed some minor problems in Command-related classes.01:12
CIA-33aaron libtpproto-cpp * r30898a21257e /tpproto/ (4 files): Added GetCommandTypesList frame type.01:12
CIA-33aaron libtpproto-cpp * ra79483b178e6 /tpproto/ ( command.cpp command.h): Added Command frame type.01:12
CIA-33aaron libtpproto-cpp * r908c9a1d8068 /tpproto/ ( commandresult.cpp commandresult.h): Added CommandResult frame type.01:12
CIA-33aaron libtpproto-cpp * re586b05debb8 /tpproto/ (adminlayer.cpp adminlayer.h): Added AdminLayer high-level interface for administration clients.01:12
CIA-33aaron libtpproto-cpp * r3b6c8a2698e0 /tpproto/ (commanddesccache.cpp commanddesccache.h): Added CommandDescCache cache object for administration commands.01:12
CIA-33aaron libtpproto-cpp * ref9a155969e6 /tpproto/ (framefactory.cpp framefactory.h): Added admin frame types to FrameFactory.01:12
CIA-33aaron libtpproto-cpp * r80b605d6d836 /tpproto/ (commandtypeslist.cpp commandtypeslist.h): Added CommandTypesList admin frame type.01:12
CIA-33aaron libtpproto-cpp * r0f67219c24c4 /tpproto/ (command.cpp command.h): Added required unpackBuffer method to Command frame class.01:12
CIA-33aaron libtpproto-cpp * r92dbf8c14eab /tpproto/adminlayer.h: Prototype setLogger method.01:12
CIA-33aaron libtpproto-cpp * r90f471f89de0 /tpproto/ (adminlayer.cpp adminlayer.h): Added getStatus() method to AdminLayer.01:12
CIA-33aaron libtpproto-cpp * r0d26f7a038ff /tpproto/ Appended CommandTypesList, AdminLayer, and CommandDescCache to sources.01:13
CIA-33aaron libtpproto-cpp * r76ef4f5dea53 /tpproto/ (adminlayer.cpp commanddesccache.cpp commandtypeslist.cpp): Fixed some invalid remnant code.01:13
CIA-33aaron libtpproto-cpp * rf886030c7ef0 /tpproto/ (framebuilder.cpp framebuilder.h): Added admin frame types and CommandDescCache to FrameBuilder.01:13
CIA-33aaron libtpproto-cpp * re968076ae654 /tpproto/commanddesccache.cpp: Fixed invalid remnants.01:13
CIA-33aaron libtpproto-cpp * r6aca4ad9936b /tpproto/ (adminlayer.cpp asyncframelistener.h gamelayer.cpp): Added LogMessage virtual to AsyncFrameListener (may not be an ideal solution).01:13
CIA-33aaron libtpproto-cpp * rcfeac4f6b49f /tpproto/adminlayer.h: Proper class declarations for some methods.01:13
CIA-33aaron libtpproto-cpp * r97c153582a35 /m4/ax_boost_signals.m4: Merge commit 'origin/master' into config01:13
CIA-33aaron libtpproto-cpp * r1d083b4c2cc3 /tpproto/adminlayer.cpp: Reincorporated redirects in connect callback.01:13
CIA-33aaron libtpproto-cpp * rfd0ec3d7932c /tpproto/adminlayer.cpp: Put some Doxygen comments back in.01:13
CIA-33aaron libtpproto-cpp * rae38a467d6c2 /tpproto/gamelayer.h: Declare Frame in GameLayer.01:13
CIA-33aaron libtpproto-cpp * r320aa98e0067 /tpproto/ (4 files): Added an AdminStatusListener class and calls in AdminLayer.01:13
CIA-33aaron libtpproto-cpp * r648bca27d84f /tpproto/ (commandparameter.cpp commandparameter.h): Added setValueFromString function to CommandParameter classes.01:13
CIA-33aaron libtpproto-cpp * r7d5f46ba99a9 /tpproto/ (adminlayer.cpp adminlayer.h command.cpp command.h): Support for command frame sending from admin clients.01:13
CIA-33aaron libtpproto-cpp * re25e8a16645b /tpproto/cachenonemethod.cpp: Merge commit 'origin/master' into config01:13
CIA-33aaron libtpproto-cpp * r64a0a3b2fcfb /tpproto/commandparameter.cpp: Removed incorrect packInt in string parameter packBuffer method.01:13
CIA-33(102 lines omitted)01:13
CIA-33aaron tpserver-cpp * r4b37e410ed2e / (8 files in 2 dirs):01:13
CIA-33Merge commit 'origin/master' into config01:14
CIA-33 tpserver/frame.cpp01:14
CIA-33nuleren tpserver-cpp * rc4d92f1f2248 /modules/games/tae/ ( fleet.cpp fleet.h tae.cpp): Added a stripped down fleet object01:14
CIA-33aaron tpserver-cpp * r3682300bc1e0 /tpserver/ (adminconnection.cpp adminconnection.h): Skeleton frame processing functionality added to AdminConnection.01:14
CIA-33aaron tpserver-cpp * r3f7664f15d62 /tpserver/ (5 files): Added Command and CommandManager classes with partial functionality.01:14
CIA-33jphr tpserver-cpp * r697106bbc83e /modules/games/risk/ (constellations.txt risk.cpp risk.h): Modified createUniverse and functions it calls to statically set IDs. This is in preparation of implementing an adjacency matrix01:14
CIA-33jphr tpserver-cpp * r0c05459f10b7 /modules/games/risk/risk.cpp: Modified planets to be id 1 to #Planets instead of planet systems, since Planets will issue orders, not systems.01:14
CIA-33jphr tpserver-cpp * r52559868ecab /modules/games/risk/ (move.cpp planet.cpp risk.cpp riskturn.cpp): Modified some TODO, ASK comments.01:14
CIA-33aaron tpserver-cpp * reea401bdc1e2 /tpserver/ (6 files):01:14
CIA-33AdminConnection connects to CommandManager, response frames mostly formed.01:14
CIA-33Starting base command set implementation.01:14
CIA-33jphr tpserver-cpp * r772806e5a310 /modules/games/risk/risk.cpp: Reworked constellation layout to make the differentiation between constellations more obvious.01:14
CIA-33aaron tpserver-cpp * r3461e5bd60e7 /tpserver/commandmanager.cpp: Added full basic command set (commands with parameters are disabled).01:14
CIA-33jphr tpserver-cpp * r2a2cfd11c1a1 /modules/games/risk/ (risk.cpp risk.h riskturn.cpp riskturn.h): Added generic order processing to RiskTurn. Added class variable matrix, a boost adjacency matrix to Risk(to be converted to list.) Added many tags to source.01:15
CIA-33jphr tpserver-cpp * re0900e1e817c /modules/games/risk/ (move.cpp move.h risk.h): Added some more tags, most notably a FIXME, the branch won't compile at present because a boost include isn't correct01:15
CIA-33aaron tpserver-cpp * r24bcc1ce77b0 /tpserver/ (command.cpp command.h commandmanager.cpp): Added command parameters; enabled commands with parameters.01:15
CIA-33jphr tpserver-cpp * rd7d3ecdbb65c /modules/games/risk/ (6 files): Added a lot of pseudo code in the form of comments to the 3 orders: Move, Reinforce, Colonize.01:15
CIA-33jphr tpserver-cpp * r0095e968e7b4 /modules/games/risk/ (risk.cpp risk.h): Commented out boost/graphs library import and class variable in Risk class until import is fixed01:15
CIA-33aaron tpserver-cpp * r986d31069dec /tpserver/asynclogmessage.h: Fixed improper header definition.01:15
CIA-33jphr tpserver-cpp * r980e93503567 /modules/games/risk/risk.cpp: removed planetOrders->addOwner(0) from Risk::createPlanet as I was informed by llnz it wasn't required.01:15
CIA-33aaron tpserver-cpp * raad5b4660f21 /tpserver/ (command.cpp commandmanager.cpp): Passing std::strings directly to packString calls.01:15
CIA-33jphr tpserver-cpp * rf34a7ed76c46 /modules/games/risk/ (colonize.cpp move.cpp reinforce.cpp risk.cpp risk.h): Removed statically setting IDs for objects. Converted adjacency_matrix to list. Removed setting turns for orders as they are not necessary.01:15
CIA-33jphr tpserver-cpp * r90fe065207ce /modules/games/risk/ (8 files): Mass find and replace of galaxy to constellation. Was informed type did not NEED to be named galaxy.01:15
CIA-33aaron tpserver-cpp * r5c99555bbd1f /tpserver/ (4 files): Removed AsyncLogMessage, now built into AdminLogger.01:15
CIA-33jphr tpserver-cpp * rc74a79d4abf5 /modules/games/risk/ (6 files): Added methods/variable for holding reinforcements. Various little tweaks. Added logic for updated availible reinforcements display on planets.01:15
CIA-33(163 lines omitted)01:15
CIA-33jphr tpserver-cpp * r4a9e4c3a9118 /modules/games/risk/risk.cpp: Changed unit position for map to display properly01:16
CIA-33nuleren tpserver-cpp * r0dd95b8893cc /modules/games/tae/ (colonize.cpp fleetorder.cpp fleetorder.h tae.cpp taeturn.cpp):01:16
CIA-33The colonize order now adds to the player's score, and a score message01:16
CIA-33is sent to the player after each turn.01:16
CIA-33nuleren tpserver-cpp * r637742fcca10 /modules/games/tae/colonize.cpp:01:16
CIA-33Added rule which allows the Settler Leader of a region to act as a01:16
CIA-33fallback when awarding points if the correct leader is not present in01:16
CIA-33the region.01:16
CIA-33jphr tpserver-cpp * r779c92b37f0b /modules/games/risk/ (bugs.txt risk.cpp): Changed startup text, removed bug from bugs.txt that is no longer relevant01:16
CIA-33jphr tpserver-cpp * r4990164ec63c /modules/games/risk/ (bugs.txt colonize.cpp): corrected bug where previous bid restriction would be reset by some code01:16
CIA-33nuleren tpserver-cpp * r18ec135e81f9 /modules/games/tae/taeturn.cpp: Split orders up so they are processed one player at a time.01:16
CIA-33jphr tpserver-cpp * r3845d712257e /modules/games/risk/ (bugs.txt colonize.cpp colonize.h move.cpp move.h): Removed old tags, reorganized and revised bugs.txt01:16
CIA-33jphr tpserver-cpp * rb0e23a56d8b7 /modules/games/risk/bugs.txt: Additional testing on "You have no objects" bug showed similar names are to blame...Added this to bugs.txt01:16
CIA-33nuleren tpserver-cpp * r04132f62cc30 /modules/games/tae/ (taeturn.cpp taeturn.h):01:16
CIA-33Orders are now processed one player at a time and rotate each turn.01:16
CIA-33Players are alerted to the order for the next turn.01:16
CIA-33nuleren tpserver-cpp * r8d3fde0eaeaf /modules/games/tae/ (colonize.cpp move.cpp):01:16
CIA-33Added some checks to catch illegal moves which were not illegal until01:17
CIA-33other players' orders were processed01:17
CIA-33aaron tpserver-cpp * r3aa7255c0f32 /tpserver/commandmanager.cpp: Added server-side log messages for some commands which produce none otherwise.01:17
CIA-33jphr tpserver-cpp * rf2cf3ce4fbc1 /modules/games/risk/risk.cpp: Removed old commented out code. Added logic to onAddPlayer to allow for guest players to not occupy a players spot01:17
CIA-33jphr tpserver-cpp * rce7be5815826 / (6 files in 2 dirs): Merge branch 'master' of git:// into risk01:17
CIA-33aaron tpserver-cpp * r02fcd1820705 /tpserver/ (adminconnection.cpp admintcpconn.cpp main.cpp):01:17
CIA-33Removed some debug log messages on disconnect and ignore SIGPIPE.01:17
CIA-33This prevents the server from crashing when an admin client disconnects.01:17
CIA-33nuleren tpserver-cpp * r346efed6f9fd /modules/games/tae/ ( fleetbuilder.cpp fleetbuilder.h tae.cpp tae.h):01:17
CIA-33(124 lines omitted)01:17
CIA-33nuleren tpserver-cpp * rf889e41f6af4 /modules/games/tae/ (18 files): Added a lot of comments in many TaE files01:17
CIA-33nuleren tpserver-cpp * rb30e00f696bd /modules/games/tae/taeturn.cpp: Added more comments to taeturn01:17
CIA-33jphr tpserver-cpp * r9ea9cc6a1b7e /modules/games/risk/ (sc-maps.txt sc-risk-adv.txt sc-risk-basic.txt thisweek.txt): Removed personal todo list for GSoC from repo, also removed draft scripts for screencasts.01:17
CIA-33llnz tpserver-cpp * r544ce8595c5f / (7 files in 3 dirs): Merge branch 'master' into tae01:17
CIA-33llnz tpserver-cpp * r02607c3cc997 / (32 files in 2 dirs): Merge branch 'config' into all01:17
nashllnz: Seems like a great time to disable the bots01:17
CIA-33llnz tpserver-cpp * rf9dca0fb923a / (34 files in 3 dirs):01:17
CIA-33Merge branch 'tae' into all01:17
CIA-33 configure.ac01:18
CIA-33 modules/games/Makefile.am01:18
CIA-33llnz tpserver-cpp * r76abf9cb14b4 / (3 files in 2 dirs):01:18
CIA-33Little fixes to tae, and added nuleren to AUTHORS.01:18
CIA-33One fix for g++-4.3, on for s/lowest/low/.01:18
CIA-33llnz tpserver-cpp * reddcc5fcf7f8 /tpserver/main.cpp: g++-4.3 fix for config daemonising.01:18
CIA-33llnz tpserver-cpp-tae * r641311adddc5 /libltdl/ ( aclocal.m4 configure):01:18
CIA-33Ran automake and friends in libltdl to update the generated files.01:18
CIA-33This was needed. The automake version between the main project and the01:18
CIA-33subproject needs to be similar, and they were too different. This fixes01:18
CIA-33llnz's issue with doing make dist01:18
CIA-33llnz tpserver-cpp-tae * rf34ba471043d / (ChangeLog NEWS Preparing for 0.5.1 release.01:18
CIA-33mithro tpserver-cpp-tae * r72f938f88f85 /tpserver/playeragent.cpp: Some small formatting and error messages changes.01:18
CIA-33mithro tpserver-cpp-tae * rd430e9d29a80 /tpserver/playeragent.cpp: Fix the Board ID Sequence frame for TP04 (added the overall modtime).01:18
CIA-33llnz tpserver-cpp-tae * r544ce8595c5f / (7 files in 3 dirs): Merge branch 'master' into tae01:18
llnzi think that's it01:21
llnzMerge Complete!01:26
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CIA-33pluskid tpclient-pywx-schemepy * r99b4b09e71c9 / (.gitmodules schemepy): Added schemepy as submodule.01:58
CIA-33pluskid tpclient-pywx-schemepy * r5588eea2c4de / Added code to check the schemepy requirement and setup the sys.path.01:58
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CIA-33jm tpclient-pyogre * r43a8b262bfe0 /src/ Fix map extents not being updated properly between logins12:04
CIA-33jm tpclient-pyogre * rb9d9e07746d7 /src/ Fix directory checking in requirements.py12:04
CIA-33jm tpclient-pyogre * r2d47c05dcfde / (5 files in 2 dirs): Normalise map distance to a standard scale and remove distance scale option12:04
CIA-33jm tpclient-pyogre * r60ca1109208f /src/ ( Toggle sound/music immediately upon saving options12:04
CIA-33jm tpclient-pyogre * r820781e22b92 / (5 files in 2 dirs): Add fps counter, toggled from configuration window12:04
CIA-33jm tpclient-pyogre * r44e5f5293ac8 /src/ Querying for sound/graphics devices returns an "ogreal vector" on some systems, which does not work with python iterators12:04
CIA-33jm tpclient-pyogre * re7c08d9c2ef5 /src/ Fix bug where background music was activated in login screen12:04
CIA-33jm tpclient-pyogre * r554fc3b92992 /src/ ( tpclient-pyogre): Loading screen was taking up too many cycles, stopping background threads from working properly12:04
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llnzmorning all17:11
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llnzhumm... sloc page not updating17:59
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jphrvi1985: how are things going?19:11
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CIA-33jphr tpserver-cpp-risk * rce9fd36121e3 /modules/games/risk/ (bugs.txt colonize.cpp):22:58
CIA-33Updated bugs text and fixed bug in colonize.cpp that caused a crash during a certain situation.22:58
CIA-33- The situation mentioned is when a bid to colonize a planet was placed from a planet with only 1 unit remaining, becoming an invalid bid22:58
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