Thursday, 2008-08-28

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* llnz wanders off01:30
llnzlater all01:30
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* jphr making breakfast before watching the big battle09:33
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vi1985mornin all09:39
vi1985Iwanowitch_: hey09:39
Iwanowitch_vi1985: Heya09:40
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IwanowitchI've got to say, my wireless is acting strange as of late, I hope it doesn't give problems.09:41
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vi1985Iwanowitch: me too. I've got time, though, so if anything I'm up for a repeat :)09:41
vi1985Iwanowitch: well, let's try it now09:42
vi1985? :)09:42
Iwanowitchvi1985: Give me a moment, I'm going to try to fix starmapper. If I don't get anywhere in 10 minutes we'll just start without it.09:43
vi1985Iwanowitch: sure, but if it's broken, I'll just do screen captures of "systems" and "resources" each turn, and try to compile something from it (or else pass it to someone who knows how to make animation :) )09:51
IwanowitchAnyone else going to watch?09:54
IwanowitchAnyway, Starmapper now gives a different error, I'm not going to bother with it anymore I think.09:55
vi1985sure. let's wait 5 mins, or start now?09:57
IwanowitchThere has been an update to colonize.cpp yesterday, I'm not going to compile tpserver-cpp again though, it doesn't affect us.09:57
IwanowitchI'm ready.09:57
vi1985yeah, there's no need.09:57
vi1985ok, give me a sec09:57
IwanowitchI think I am, anyway.09:57
vi1985oh, what's your ip again09:57
IwanowitchThough wait a sec, I still need to change the settings...09:58
IwanowitchWell, it's not running anyway yet :)09:59
vi1985sure. what are the new settings?09:59
IwanowitchWhat is the "risk_rfc_rate"?09:59
IwanowitchSettings as said in the mails.09:59
Iwanowitch120 seconds turn time, okay?10:00
vi1985rate is 310:00
IwanowitchShould be done quicer though with the end-of-turn frames.10:00
vi19852 mins is fine.10:00
vi1985I'm afraid that it won't. I'll be watching through tpclient-pywx, and doing screen capture10:01
IwanowitchYou'll manage with 2 minutes?10:01
vi1985ok, say when :)10:01
IwanowitchOkay, go ahead.10:02
vi1985i'm in10:02
vi1985oh, could we restart? I can't login as my player in tpclient-pywx, since it's using a "forbidden" character10:03
IwanowitchOkay, second.10:04
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Iwanowitchvi1985: Okay, restarted.10:05
IwanowitchI hope you don't have to take screenshots the following 2 hours, because that's a bit mindnumbing work.10:06
vi1985I don't "have to", but I just might :)10:07
IwanowitchHello bddebian.10:07
IwanowitchYour call. :)10:07
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vi1985Ah, I missed 3 turns by mistake!10:08
vi1985(maybe I won't...)10:08
bddebianHello Iwanowitch10:08
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IwanowitchDo you have any time the next few days? I could try to patch starmapper some more.10:08
vi1985well, i'll be back to my laptop tuesday or wednesday after tomorrow, and by that time school will have started10:12
jphrhey guys10:12
vi1985ah, you're beating me!10:12
jphrip is right?10:13
vi1985hey jphr10:13
jphrvi1985: hey, hope whoevers running the server pulled from risk branch some time in the last 5-6 hours :P I fixed a bus error bug (but it probably won't get encountered, hopefully)10:13
vi1985Iwanowitch: my cause here is lost, but I'd like to try a game of 1 star-per-player next :)10:14
vi1985jphr: don't think so10:15
vi1985haven't encountered it yet!10:15
jphrit occured if all the bids on a planet were zerod (by trying to bid 1 unit when you only have 1 unit, for example)10:15
jphrIwanowith: I'm unable to see/logon to, is that the right IP?10:16
vi1985ah, I don't really use colonize in my logic anyway.10:16
vi1985Iwanowitch: you won, let's do it again with 1 star-per-player!10:17
Iwanowitchjphr: That is the right IP, but I'm not sure guest players can log in. It's max-players 2.10:19
jphrhmm, risk should allow a guest player, I hard coded it10:19
Iwanowitchvi1985: is that risk-bid, but without using Colonization? Or what?10:19
jphrIwanowitch: I don't believe its possible to start with just one planet without having colonization availible. I can probably create that game mode pretty easily if you like10:20
IwanowitchI dunno. vi1985 wants it.10:21
vi1985Iwanowitch: still a random-assignment game. it's an option in the .conf file, to set the planets per player. jphr, correct me if I'm worng, but i think it's risk_default_planet_armies= 110:21
IwanowitchNope, that's armies.10:21
jphryeah thats the number of armies each starting planet gets10:21
IwanowitchYou will always get numplanets/max-players planets I believe.10:21
Iwanowitch(divided by, that is)10:22
jphrbtw if you think my option names/set are junk let me know, I can change them around10:22
vi1985is its?10:22
vi1985i'd like to try with more neutral planets around, like max_players = 610:23
jphrthat'd work :P10:23
IwanowitchOkay. So no other player enter, please, except by guest. :)10:23
jphrtell me when your server's up10:24
vi1985guests still make the server do the full turn time, i think10:24
jphr(and as it currently works, guest is supposed to take up a player spot, but get no planets, and then increase the max number of players by 1)10:24
IwanowitchIt's up.10:24
vi1985i'm in10:25
jphrdl'ing the uni right now10:25
jphryeah I don't own any objects :D10:25
vi1985ok, this will be long... ping me for anything!10:26
jphr did you guys get starmapper working? or no? I believe I had to include battlexml support for it to work10:26
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jphrwell things are looking good, I'm going to head out now, I only have a few days left of lazing around before I'm back to school.10:35
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vi1985Iwanowitch: alright, I admit defeat yet again ;)10:39
vi1985Iwanowitch: you still got time?10:40
vi1985Iwanowitch: i'd like to try running a different configuration of my bot10:40
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Iwanowitchvi1985: Okay, give me a second...10:46
Iwanowitchvi1985: You ready?10:47
vi1985Iwanowitch: am now. i just can't get enough of it ;)10:47
vi1985Iwanowitch: started10:48
Iwanowitchvi1985: Okay, started10:49
vi1985Iwanowitch: in. this should be a quick one, no guests10:49
vi1985Iwanowitch: hm, for some reason i started with 6, and you with 7. that's odd10:50
IwanowitchOh? That's strange indeed.10:52
IwanowitchPerhaps some rounding error in the ruleset?10:52
IwanowitchYou are sure you were in on turn 0?10:52
vi1985that would be my guess10:52
vi1985not sure. logged in when you said it was ready10:53
IwanowitchShould have been turn 0, yes.10:53
vi1985but your bot would surely capture more than 1 planet in a turn10:53
IwanowitchUnless my bot finished 10 times faster than usual :)10:53
IwanowitchThat too.10:53
vi1985equal planets now :)10:54
vi1985(or not...)10:56
IwanowitchWho is player 2? Looks like a guest player.11:00
IwanowitchSo I suppose it could take a while..11:00
vi1985oh well. i'll leave it for ~20 mins... hope mine is still alive for that long :)11:03
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vi1985Iwanowitch: back. ok, good game! I'll still be on chat for a while.11:53
Iwanowitchvi1985: So, I won all games? \o/11:58
vi1985Iwanowitch: seems like it. Congrats :)11:58
vi1985Iwanowitch: I still want to toy around with my bot a bit, but not in the next few days.12:00
vi1985Iwanowitch: how bout anouther one, just to be sure? ;)12:01
Iwanowitchvi1985: No problem. Lemme see...12:04
Iwanowitchvi1985: Okay, running12:04
vi1985Iwanowitch: good, this time it's 7 and 7 :) This bug never happened before, I'll mention it to jphr12:05
Iwanowitchvi1985: I think you are winning this time. :)12:13
vi1985Iwanowitch: had to do it just once, to keep my tough guy reputation, you know ;)12:15
vi1985Iwanowitch: it's good that we did this; it pointed me to the weak points in my design... so, thanks :)12:17
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IwanowitchNP I guess. I also just found a bug in my bot, it crashes when it has lost.12:21
IwanowitchThis never happened before. :P12:21
vi1985hahaha :))))12:30
vi1985you mean, it never lost before? :)12:30
vi1985I guess it's not an issue, though... another way of quitting :)  Mine just says, "Sorry Boss, there was just too many of them" (in an Italian accent)12:31
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vi1985Iwanowitch: Hey, I tried to fix the logic a bit. Wanna give it another go? :)13:30
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llnzmorning all17:30
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mithronash: ping?21:44
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