Tuesday, 2008-08-26

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CIA-33juanmy777 tpserver-py-dronesec * r533639284287 /tp/server/rules/dronesec/__init__.py: Planets are now assigned by distance prefering the farthest available ones.19:25
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mithroJLafont-laptop: ping?20:59
mithronash_: ping?21:14
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JLafont-laptopmithro: pong21:50
mithroJLafont-laptop: got some time to attempt another dronesec game?21:50
mithroI have about 40 minutes21:50
JLafont-laptopNot sure If I can right now. I'm free tomorrow though21:52
mithroI'll be on the Ski slopes tommorrow21:54
JLafont-laptopSounds fun though21:54
mithrocompany ski trip21:55
mithro8 hour bus trip there however :(21:56
JLafont-laptopoh lame21:56
JLafont-laptopShouldn't be too bad if you get rest stops along the way21:56
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mithrohey pluskid22:52
mithrohow goes everything?22:52
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pluskidmithro: hi22:57
pluskidyou mentioned that schemepy is required by tpclient-pywx22:58
pluskidbut I found the part that really use it is in libtpclient22:58
pluskidBTW: I'll take the photo and sent to you soon (if it isn't too late already)23:00
mithropluskid: no, still waiting on other students too23:00
mithropluskid: schemepy is an optional dependency of libtpclient-py23:00
pluskidso schemepy is also an optional dependency of tpclient-pywx?23:01
mithrono schemepy is a required dependency of tpclient-pywx23:01
mithroas tpclient-pywx uses the optional part of libtpclient-py23:01
pluskidis libtpclient-py used anywhere other than tpclient-pywx?23:01
mithrouse, by an AI and tpclient-pyogre23:02
pluskidso, if libtpclient-py is used by tpclient-pywx , the schemepy part is needed, otherwise, it is not23:03
pluskidmithro: is it right?23:03
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pluskidhrm, I see23:05
pluskidSo, we include schemepy as a submodule of tpclient-pywx and setup the sys.path so that it can be imported in libtpclient-py when necessary23:05
pluskidOK, I see23:08
pluskidthen it's very similar to the tpserver23:08
pluskidI'll do that, after launch23:08
mithroyes - exactly23:12
mithroyou will see how I have done the submodules in tpclient-pywx (if you merge the latest stable)23:12
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