Wednesday, 2008-07-02

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mithroJLafont: ping?01:12
JLafontmithro: pong01:38
mithrohow is it going?01:41
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JLafontgah pong mithro01:42
JLafontmithro: Pooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong01:42
mithrohow is it going?01:52
mithrowe need to sit down sometime, discuss your progress and see where to move forward01:53
mithroJLafont: and we really need to get you a proper IRC client! :P01:54
JLafontmithro: Aggreeeeee02:01
JLafontmithro: On everything02:01
mithroso lets make a proper meeting time02:03
mithroand I'll block it out on my calander02:04
mithrohow about sometime tommorrow02:04
JLafontmithro: just name the time02:06
mithrohow about 10:00am tommorrow my time?02:08
mithroi'm +10:0002:12
mithrobtw I will be very annoyed if you don't turn up :)02:12
JLafontone sec math is hurting brain02:12
JLafontI think I can wake up for then02:14
tpb<> (at
mithrowhat timezone are you in?02:14
JLafontI should be up by then02:15
mithroclose by big city?02:16
JLafont yeah New York is my same time zone02:17
tpb<> (at
mithro10am my time is like 8:00pm yourtime02:18
JLafontthat works great for me02:19
mithrosee the above URL :)02:20
mithroJLafont: we could do a phone call if you want02:21
JLafontmithro: Anything that works for you.02:23
JLafontmithro: Phone call to remind me would be good though :-P02:23
mithroI just sent you a meeting request02:24
mithrofeel free to reply with your phone details02:24
mithroJLafont: hrm that attachment you sent didn't work02:40
JLafontmithro: not entirely sure which attachment it was. Googler meeting just did everything on tis own02:42
mithrooh - I thought you where going to send your phone details02:42
mithroactually it looks like you did :P02:43
JLafontI thought I did02:43
mithronever seen it done that way before02:44
JLafontAt least my phone should be on02:53
JLafontit tends to turn itself off though >.<. But I'll be checking to make sure its on at that time02:53
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mithroa landline would probably be more reliable?03:52
JLafontnah, cel should do fine03:55
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CIA-31pluskid schemepy * rcf36eb0c9ae8 /doc/ ( index.html): Added blog feed parsing for homepage.07:18
CIA-31pluskid schemepy * rbd30bd6607eb /doc/ ( index.html): Added mailing list parse for homepage.08:19
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* llnz wanders off08:39
llnzlater all08:39
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CIA-31jphr tpserver-cpp-risk * rf2cf3ce4fbc1 /modules/games/risk/risk.cpp: Removed old commented out code. Added logic to onAddPlayer to allow for guest players to not occupy a players spot16:03
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CIA-31llnz tpserver-cpp-risk * r641311adddc5 /libltdl/ ( aclocal.m4 configure):16:11
CIA-31Ran automake and friends in libltdl to update the generated files.16:11
CIA-31This was needed. The automake version between the main project and the16:11
CIA-31subproject needs to be similar, and they were too different. This fixes16:11
CIA-31llnz's issue with doing make dist16:11
CIA-31llnz tpserver-cpp-risk * rf34ba471043d / (ChangeLog NEWS Preparing for 0.5.1 release.16:11
CIA-31jphr tpserver-cpp-risk * rce7be5815826 / (6 files in 2 dirs): Merge branch 'master' of git:// into risk16:11
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CIA-31juanmy777 tpserver-py-dronesec * r0c2d091e0da4 /tp/server/rules/dronesec/bases/ Removed unit attribute from Drone18:08
CIA-31juanmy777 tpserver-py-dronesec * r4d72aa65b11d /tp/server/rules/dronesec/bases/ ( Renamed Players to Player18:08
CIA-31juanmy777 tpserver-py-dronesec * ra256fb75e1ff /tp/server/rules/dronesec/bases/ Some fixes to Research18:08
CIA-31juanmy777 tpserver-py-dronesec * r94488fb2df5f /tp/server/ Added my object types to so they would be added to the database automatically18:08
CIA-31juanmy777 tpserver-py-dronesec * r44b3199ea13b /tp/server/rules/dronesec/research/ Unit type now uses the SQL research18:08
CIA-31juanmy777 tpserver-py-dronesec * r4700d6b6f606 /tpserver-py-tool: Fixed a bug in tpserver-py-tool with the argument in --turn18:08
CIA-31juanmy777 tpserver-py-dronesec * rc9395b5180d8 /tp/server/rules/dronesec/bases/ Added a byname function to the Drone SQL type.18:08
CIA-31juanmy777 tpserver-py-dronesec * r60c082c0133d /tp/server/rules/dronesec/bases/ Added a byreq function to the Research SQL type18:08
CIA-31juanmy777 tpserver-py-dronesec * ra38bb4cee244 /tp/server/rules/dronesec/bases/ Fixes to the Player SQL type. Adding new research and drones should now be working18:08
CIA-31juanmy777 tpserver-py-dronesec * rb793ba335cf0 /tp/server/rules/dronesec/ Removed references and use of the now obsolete controller class18:09
CIA-31juanmy777 tpserver-py-dronesec * r5291ac882f2f /tp/server/rules/dronesec/drones/ Dronepedia now acts a loader of Drone information into the library18:09
CIA-31juanmy777 tpserver-py-dronesec * r32b08bd73b55 /tp/server/rules/dronesec/research/ MasterList now works as a loader of researches to the database18:09
CIA-31juanmy777 tpserver-py-dronesec * r6ea92487473b /tp/server/rules/dronesec/ (objects/ orders/ orders/ Removed dependencies on previous obsolete classes. Orders should now be using the SQL types18:09
CIA-31juanmy777 tpserver-py-dronesec * r5beedbfabc60 /tp/server/rules/dronesec/ (5 files in 3 dirs): Removed all files from the "shelve" implementation.18:09
CIA-31victor.ivri gencon-rfts-ai * r7a47642a04cc / (7 files in 5 dirs): a) Can now check how long orders will take. b) Began work on infrastructure for AI bot.18:40
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CIA-31juanmy777 tpserver-py-dronesec * r3295145ed8cd /tp/server/rules/dronesec/actions/ Automerge should now use the Drone SQL type instead of relying on the old dronepedia implementation18:59
CIA-31juanmy777 tpserver-py-dronesec * rb9dbbacd4eea /tp/server/rules/dronesec/objects/overlord/ Removed some unnecesary items from overlord18:59
CIA-31juanmy777 tpserver-py-dronesec * r80a5f03143c2 /tp/server/rules/dronesec/ Players will no longer start with a small fleet18:59
CIA-31juanmy777 tpserver-py-dronesec * rfb78f8a5d4e5 /tp/server/rules/dronesec/actions/ Capture updated to use SQL type19:00
CIA-31juanmy777 tpserver-py-dronesec * ra56ec2e4695c /tp/server/rules/dronesec/objects/ Removing some more references to the old use of Dronepedia19:00
CIA-31juanmy777 tpserver-py-dronesec * r65f6855c3f68 /tp/server/rules/dronesec/actions/ Fleet combat should now use Drone SQL types instead of old Dronepedia implementation19:00
CIA-31juanmy777 tpserver-py-dronesec * r0c6ec1c9d594 /tp/server/rules/dronesec/drones/ (drones.csv drones.ods): Drones should now have correct weakness and strength entries19:02
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mithromorning nash19:42
mithroJLafont: ping?19:56
JLafontmithro: pong19:56
mithroJLafont: almost ready for this call? you probably want to make sure you have pushed all the changes and such19:56
JLafontmithro: yeah, I just made my pushes a while ago19:57
mithrolet me just skim through the logs19:57
mithro~seen jotham20:02
tpbmithro: jotham was last seen in #tp 3 weeks, 2 days, 13 hours, 20 minutes, and 26 seconds ago: <jotham> no mithro :\20:02
mithroJLafont: going to call now20:04
mithroamerican right?20:04
mithroshould ring any second now20:05
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tpbTitle: C++ Frequently Questioned Answers (at
nashllnz will hate that ;-)21:04
mithronash: that is awsome!21:21
nashmithro: It is21:22
mithroit puts together all the things I was thinking in one sucker punch! :P21:23
nashI also like the position that C is better then C++... which I've always thought21:25
mithroi am intreged by vala which looks like a decent upgrade to C21:28
nashmithro: There are quite a few to be frank21:28
mithrovala is getting traction amount the gnome people21:29
mithroand it's ABI compatible with C21:29
nashmithro: If you can;t call it from C easily or vice-versa... it's dead in the water as a language ;-)21:34
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tansellin a meeting21:44
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tansell <- to bad that is so ugly to use :(22:45
tpbTitle: README - safe-iop - Google Code (at
* nash must have missed the point where he had problems with integer operations in C... it's not that bloody hard23:04
tansellnash, you don't get notified for things like overflows23:06
tansellints just wrap23:07
nashI'm well aware of that.. but avoiding it, and watching for it is _really_ not that hard23:07
nash99% of the time you should know what ranges the values are in, so weather they can wrap or not23:07
nashAnd that CERT document is woeful... so many thousands of silly rules...23:09
nashMay as well say "Don't write bugs in your code".  It's also correct and simpllier23:09
nashanyway - lunch time23:10
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