Tuesday, 2008-07-01

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mithroJLafont-laptop: ping?02:50
JLafont-laptopmithro: pong. I'm about to go to sleep soon though03:08
mithrodid you solve your problem?03:08
mithro2008-07-01 16:50:06,511 INFO sqlalchemy.engine.threadlocal.TLEngine.0x..ec BEGIN03:09
mithroNo module named Messenger03:09
mithrogit will tell you about files it has not included03:09
JLafont-laptopI haven't een able to figure it out yet03:09
JLafont-laptopoh, that shouldn't be there.03:13
CIA-31juanmy777 tpserver-py-dronesec * r02ea7152a216 /tp/server/rules/dronesec/ (objects/overlord/Fleet.py orders/Attract.py orders/Repel.py): Removed references to "Messenger".03:14
mithroadd the following to the bottom of Drone.py03:24
mithrofrom tp.server.db import metadata03:24
JLafont-laptopsame error03:27
mithrowhat are you running to cause this error?03:28
JLafont-laptopoh wait03:28
JLafont-laptopone second03:28
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JLafont-laptopdifferent error now03:29
mithro  File "/var/lib/python-support/python2.5/sqlalchemy/engine/base.py", line 935, in _handle_dbapi_exception03:29
mithro    raise exceptions.DBAPIError.instance(statement, parameters, e, connection_invalidated=is_disconnect)03:29
mithrosqlalchemy.exceptions.IntegrityError: (IntegrityError) drone.type may not be NULL u'INSERT INTO drone (game, id, unit, name, cost, power, attack, "numAttacks", health, speed, strength, weakness, reqs, time) VALUES (?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?)' [1, 2, <read-only buffer for 0x864fe00, size -1, offset 0 at 0x8722c00>, <read-only buffer for 0x864fca0, size -1, offset 0 at 0x8722c20>, 10, 2, 2, 2, 5, 100, <read-only buffer for 0x864fe00, size -1, o03:29
mithroffset 0 at 0x8722c40>, <read-only buffer for 0x864fe00, size -1, offset 0 at 0x8722c60>, <read-only buffer for 0x864f8a0, size -1, offset 0 at 0x8722c80>, '2008-07-01 17:29:15.283322']03:29
JLafont-laptopooo ok thanks! I think I can get this to work now03:31
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* llnz wanders off09:16
llnzlater all09:16
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CIA-31jm tpclient-pyogre * rbfd598724018 / (8 files in 3 dirs): Allow users to toggle showing of stars during icon view (using Config window)13:14
CIA-31jm tpclient-pyogre * rf111d525694f /src/starmap.py: Prevent planets rotating when in icon view13:14
CIA-31jm tpclient-pyogre * r63a071e077f2 /src/starmap.py: Rotate selection of icons found on the same spot through multiple mouse-clicks13:14
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CIA-31aaron tpserver-cpp-config * r3aa7255c0f32 /tpserver/commandmanager.cpp: Added server-side log messages for some commands which produce none otherwise.14:51
CIA-31aaron tpadmin-cpp * redcdcc7b8555 /tpadmin/servercommand.cpp: Better parsing of server command parameters.14:52
CIA-31aaron tpadmin-cpp * r53e1f9c4b635 /tpadmin/servercommand.cpp:14:52
CIA-31Reset the parameters in a ServerCommand each time it is sent.14:52
CIA-31This fixes the segfault when sending the same command twice.14:52
CIA-31aaron libtpproto-cpp-config * r324dd32ebef6 /tpproto/adminlayer.cpp: Command result callback now uses static_cast.14:53
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nashKids: 50% off! http://kmart.com.au/catalogue/20080703/large.asp?Keyword=&PageNumber=819:17
tpb<http://ln-s.net/1zek> (at kmart.com.au)19:17
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peresropeman :)19:18
peresoops :P19:18
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mithrohey people20:28
nashheyo mithro!20:28
mithrohow is life nash?20:29
nashNot too shabby, it's my getting old day, so a few new toys, and afternoon not working coming up ;-)20:29
llnzhi mithro, nash and all20:30
nashHeyo l20:30
nashHeyo llnz20:30
llnznash: kmart here in NZ is also having a toy sale20:30
nashDamn tab completion20:31
nashllnz: Actually it was the wrong window I pasted it too ;-)20:31
nash ;-)20:31
nashBut stilll, at least someone appreciated it!20:31
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greywhindmithro: ping21:16
mithrogreywhind: pong21:16
greywhindjmtan asked me something that i'd like to pass on to you21:17
greywhindI'm wondering how the coming evaluation will be like, will I have to write a mid-term report for Google or submit some special documentation?21:17
mithrogreywhind: are you on the mentors mailing list? if not you should be21:20
mithrothere is a discussion about the evaluations there21:23
mithrofeel free to forward the question21:23
CIA-31victor.ivri gencon-rfts-ai * rf6a2f5177493 /gencon/ (10 files in 4 dirs): Added functionality to UniverseMap. Trying to figure out orders.23:04
CIA-31victor.ivri gencon-rfts-ai * r0b08297cbe18 /gencon/ (7 files in 4 dirs): Can successfully move fleet around the universe.23:04
mithrogreywhind: did you end up forwarding me the question? I didn't seem to recieve it23:47
greywhindmithro: oh, the question was the one I asked.23:48
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greywhindjmtan asked me: "I'm wondering how the coming evaluation will be like, will I have to write a mid-term report for Google or submit some special documentation?"23:48
mithrogreywhind: well google will require them to do an evaluation of their mentor23:55
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mithroand I am probably going to ask all the students to write up a summary report of what they have done before23:55
greywhindi have to go for a minute23:56

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