Sunday, 2008-06-22

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CIA-31aaron libtpproto-cpp-config * rcfeac4f6b49f /tpproto/adminlayer.h: Proper class declarations for some methods.00:06
CIA-31aaron tpadmin-cpp * r61f211036f04 /tpadmin/ (consolelogger.cpp session.cpp session.h): Fixed various scope issues related to Session and AdminLayer.00:19
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mithrohey llnz04:51
llnzhi mithro04:51
mithrohow goes life?04:56
llnznot bad, you?04:56
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CIA-31jmingtan tpclient-pyogre * r966c364da5ef /src/ ( Move Window classes to a separate module07:49
CIA-31jmingtan tpclient-pyogre * r509618689d66 /src/tpclient-pyogre: Fix a crash issue when connecting to an invalid server07:49
CIA-31jmingtan tpclient-pyogre * rfd19f230c379 / (media/starmap/sphere_lod.mesh src/ Change sphere model to use LODs.07:49
CIA-31jmingtan tpclient-pyogre * rd1f59e7e2e28 / (7 files in 2 dirs): Switch map to icon view when far07:49
CIA-31jmingtan tpclient-pyogre * r3277d416966c / (3 files in 2 dirs): Modify the background stars to maintain distance from the camera and their appearance07:50
CIA-31jmingtan tpclient-pyogre * r856f36fe2094 /src/ ( Fix a problem with scene query selecting the camera07:50
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* llnz wanders off09:02
llnzlater all09:02
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CIA-31aaron tpadmin-cpp * reea5f028acfd /tpadmin/session.cpp: Split LoginCommand out of OpenCommand.10:50
CIA-31aaron tpadmin-cpp * re32add2d0524 /tpadmin/main.cpp: Trailing newline on exit.10:50
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CIA-31aaron tpadmin-cpp * r1ba1ac058cca /tpadmin/ (consolelogger.cpp consolelogger.h session.cpp session.h): GPL notices.12:31
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CIA-31aaron tpadmin-cpp * rf6a7a60486d8 /tpadmin/consolelogger.cpp: Fixed console coloring and removed problematic tprl redraw.15:46
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* ezod got an important paper accepted :)16:04
ezodhowever, 2 of 3 reviewers seem to have missed the point entirely16:05
ezod...and in other good news, tpadmin-cpp just made its first connection to tpserver-cpp :D16:35
CIA-31aaron tpadmin-cpp * r7f152aa74294 /tpadmin/ (session.cpp session.h): Added a SimpleEventLoop to appease libtpproto-cpp for now.16:40
CIA-31llnz libtpproto-cpp * r051b6e648021 /m4/ax_boost_signals.m4:16:47
CIA-31Updated ax_boost_signal.m416:47
CIA-31Copied updated version from tpserver-cpp.16:47
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ezodllnz: fix worked, thanks17:13
llnzezod: cool17:13
llnzno problem17:13
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mithromorning people19:16
greywhindmithro: hey19:17
mithrohey greywhind19:17
mithrolong time no chat19:17
greywhindmithro: yeah, sorry 'bout that... I have been keeping in touch with jmtan, though19:17
mithrookay cool19:17
greywhindmithro: when should I write the report, again?19:18
mithrothe report?19:18
greywhindmithro: the midterm report19:18
mithrooh, google will email out about that19:18
greywhindmithro: k19:18
mithromake sure you are on the mentor's email list19:18
mithroI'm sure to poke you when it occurs19:18
greywhindmithro: hmm... link?19:18
greywhindmithro: also, i'm applying for a job at an Apple store. mind if I list you as a reference?19:19
greywhindmithro: ping?19:25
mithrogreywhind: sure! but they might have a hard time calling internationally19:27
greywhindmithro: well, I can give them your e-mail address... I don't know your phone number.19:27
mithro+61 421 968 22119:28
greywhindk, thanks19:28
CIA-31llnz libtpproto-cpp-config * r051b6e648021 /m4/ax_boost_signals.m4:20:47
CIA-31Updated ax_boost_signal.m420:47
CIA-31Copied updated version from tpserver-cpp.20:47
CIA-31aaron libtpproto-cpp-config * r97c153582a35 /m4/ax_boost_signals.m4: Merge commit 'origin/master' into config20:47
CIA-31aaron libtpproto-cpp-config * r1d083b4c2cc3 /tpproto/adminlayer.cpp: Reincorporated redirects in connect callback.20:47
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CIA-31aaron libtpproto-cpp-config * rfd0ec3d7932c /tpproto/adminlayer.cpp: Put some Doxygen comments back in.21:09
CIA-31aaron tpadmin-cpp * r25f20f6dd56a /tpadmin/ (session.cpp session.h): Connect and login commands are more robust.21:15
mithro~seen JLP21:20
tpbmithro: JLP was last seen in #tp 3 days, 15 hours, 40 minutes, and 38 seconds ago: <JLP> good morning everyone21:21
mithrogreywhind: so what is your and jmtan's targets for the mid-term evaluation?21:21
greywhindmithro: let me forward them to you21:47
mithrookay cool21:53
mithrogreywhind: the more we keep on list, the better21:54
greywhindmithro: i'll remind him21:54
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