Saturday, 2008-06-21

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CIA-31pluskid schemepy * r02387278aae3 /schemepy/guile/ Added "load" for guile backend.01:38
CIA-31pluskid schemepy * r011ba6b84b89 /doc/ (html/api.html src/api.rst): Added doc for "load" in the api document.01:38
CIA-31pluskid schemepy * r5b5c75ecddca /schemepy/ (guile/ scheme/ Added tpcl profile for guile backend.02:03
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CIA-31pluskid schemepy * r13ce171e02d1 /schemepy/guile/ Added exception handling for apply and load on guile backend.07:19
CIA-31pluskid schemepy * r55e98115067a /doc/log_book/ (2 files in 2 dirs): Mark the "handling exception in Python callback" task as invalid.07:23
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CIA-31pluskid schemepy * rf6d401039066 /schemepy/mzscheme/ ( mzhelper.c Added "load" for mzscheme backend.09:55
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CIA-31aaron libtpproto-cpp-config * re586b05debb8 /tpproto/ (adminlayer.cpp adminlayer.h): Added AdminLayer high-level interface for administration clients.20:57
CIA-31aaron libtpproto-cpp-config * r3b6c8a2698e0 /tpproto/ (commanddesccache.cpp commanddesccache.h): Added CommandDescCache cache object for administration commands.20:57
CIA-31aaron libtpproto-cpp-config * ref9a155969e6 /tpproto/ (framefactory.cpp framefactory.h): Added admin frame types to FrameFactory.20:57
CIA-31aaron libtpproto-cpp-config * r80b605d6d836 /tpproto/ (commandtypeslist.cpp commandtypeslist.h): Added CommandTypesList admin frame type.20:57
CIA-31aaron libtpproto-cpp-config * r0f67219c24c4 /tpproto/ (command.cpp command.h): Added required unpackBuffer method to Command frame class.20:57
CIA-31aaron libtpproto-cpp-config * r92dbf8c14eab /tpproto/adminlayer.h: Prototype setLogger method.21:49
CIA-31aaron libtpproto-cpp-config * r90f471f89de0 /tpproto/ (adminlayer.cpp adminlayer.h): Added getStatus() method to AdminLayer.21:49
CIA-31aaron tpadmin-cpp * r0e3de3a86db8 /tpadmin/ (session.cpp session.h): Some AdminLayer functionality in Session class.22:30
CIA-31aaron tpadmin-cpp * r29b13f7918d8 /tpadmin/ (consolelogger.cpp consolelogger.h): Added ConsoleLogger class.22:30
CIA-31aaron tpadmin-cpp * r8365ba43b997 /tpadmin/consolelogger.cpp: Fleshed out logging functions in ConsoleLogger.22:30
CIA-31aaron tpadmin-cpp * rba1de20c934b /tpadmin/ (session.cpp session.h): Added a ConsoleLogger to Session.22:30
CIA-31aaron tpadmin-cpp * r6ac508d03ab0 /tpadmin/ Appended ConsoleLogger to sources.22:30
CIA-31aaron libtpproto-cpp-config * r0d26f7a038ff /tpproto/ Appended CommandTypesList, AdminLayer, and CommandDescCache to sources.22:30
CIA-31aaron libtpproto-cpp-config * r76ef4f5dea53 /tpproto/ (adminlayer.cpp commanddesccache.cpp commandtypeslist.cpp): Fixed some invalid remnant code.23:12
CIA-31aaron libtpproto-cpp-config * rf886030c7ef0 /tpproto/ (framebuilder.cpp framebuilder.h): Added admin frame types and CommandDescCache to FrameBuilder.23:12
CIA-31aaron libtpproto-cpp-config * re968076ae654 /tpproto/commanddesccache.cpp: Fixed invalid remnants.23:13
CIA-31aaron libtpproto-cpp-config * r6aca4ad9936b /tpproto/ (adminlayer.cpp asyncframelistener.h gamelayer.cpp): Added LogMessage virtual to AsyncFrameListener (may not be an ideal solution).23:42
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