Friday, 2008-06-20

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CIA-31jphr tpserver-cpp-risk * r602937d54f5f /modules/games/risk/ (colonize.cpp risk.cpp): Added indentation to some next debug calls. Fixed bug where some planet edges in cygnus were incorrect.12:35
CIA-31jphr tpserver-cpp-risk * r92764de450cf /modules/games/risk/colonize.cpp: Fixed bug where availible units for colonize order was set to avail reinforcements, not current + reinforcements - 112:35
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CIA-31jphr tpserver-cpp-risk * r39b1b143120a /modules/games/risk/ (colonize.cpp move.cpp testing-risk.conf): Added/Removed various comments. Renamed so variables to keep code clear13:01
CIA-31jphr tpserver-cpp-risk * rbf95ce629ef8 /modules/games/risk/move.cpp: Forgot to close a string in a debugger call, fixed.13:05
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CIA-31jphr tpserver-cpp-risk * r65da4dd3a5ea /modules/games/risk/move.cpp: Fixed infinite loop in Move::isTargetAttackingOrigin13:27
CIA-31jphr tpserver-cpp-risk * rd200957c5678 /modules/games/risk/ (planet.cpp risk.h): Game should not display colonize order on full board13:27
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CIA-31jphr tpserver-cpp-risk * r5b85462d583a /modules/games/risk/move.cpp: Modified default odds in attack moves. Defenders with less units than "damage" will still get to roll14:30
CIA-31jphr tpserver-cpp-risk * r19d04710f6a0 /modules/games/risk/move.cpp: Readded some code accidentally removed from Move14:32
CIA-31jphr tpserver-cpp-risk * rf1096091e67a /modules/games/risk/ (move.cpp riskturn.cpp): Fixed logic error in RiskTurn that stopped orders from exeuting in type == "" stage14:40
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CIA-31victor.ivri gencon-rfts-ai * r32b5856e60ea /gencon/ (19 files in 6 dirs): Finished re-defining contracts within the library. To be completed: add support for translation of orders and resources into game-library.17:59
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mithrohey people20:53
mithro~seen jmtan20:53
tpbmithro: jmtan was last seen in #tp 1 week, 6 days, 8 hours, 59 minutes, and 29 seconds ago: <jmtan> good night everyone20:53
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JLafontforever hold you peace? Are we... are we getting married or something? I don't remember signing up for this22:11
mithroJLafont: so your status report coming soon? I guess being in Australia I need to be more patient now22:18
JLafontmithro: I tend to do my status reports on saturday22:18
JLafontmithro: I guess you do. Time difference can be hard to get used to22:19
JLafontI know I keep forgetting about it all the time when I call back home22:19
mithroJLafont: you shouldn't be running tpserver-py as root23:03
JLafontubuntu hates me and won't let me unless I sudo it.23:09
JLafontlemme check again23:10
JLafontfor some reason it won't go through unless I run it as root23:11
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JLafont<JLafont> ubuntu hates me and won't let me unless I sudo it.23:12
JLafont<JLafont> actually23:12
JLafont<JLafont> lemme check again23:12
JLafont<JLafont> yeah23:12
JLafont<JLafont> for some reason it won't go through unless I run it as root23:12
mithro_can you paste the output in a pastebin?23:12
mithro_[13:14] <mithro> JLafont: your getting started guide is looking much better!23:12
mithro_[13:15] <mithro> going to give dronesec a try a little later23:12
JLafontok one sec23:13
JLafontif I run without sudo I get this:
mithro_do a23:20
mithro_chown jlafont tp.db23:20
mithro_then try again23:20
mithro_well I'm heading out23:23
JLafontok it works23:23
mithro_will be back later23:23
JLafonthad to sudo it though23:23
mithro_probably ran it as root one time, so the database became owned by it23:23
JLafontahh ok23:24
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