Monday, 2008-06-23

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mithrohey jmtan00:25
jmtanhi mithro00:25
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jmtanmithro, do you have any advice on what I should get done before the evaluations?00:29
mithrogreywhind forwarded me a copy of his and your emails00:32
mithroI would recommend asking on the list :)00:32
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jmtansure, I will send an email00:33
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mithrohow is packaging going?00:35
jmtani'm okay with the windows exe, but i couldn't get macosx to install00:36
jmtanfor linux, will I need to provide debian binaries?00:36
mithroI think just target Windows and Mac for now00:37
mithroLinux is going to me a little more complicated00:37
mithrobut maybe we can talk to ezod about gentoo as the first step00:37
mithroas it seems like someone has already done python-ogre packages for gentoo00:38
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jmtanthat's great news00:38
mithroI was working on some for debian, but it's going to be a while before i get some time to come back to them00:39
greywhindhey jmtan00:39
jmtanI think ubuntu binaries are available as well
tpb<> (at
jmtanbut have to manually setup00:40
jmtanhi greywhind00:40
greywhindhow's it going?00:40
greywhindi'm back from my trip00:40
jmtanI'm not sure what's the best way to proceed, but I'll be mailing the list for advice00:41
mithrofrom what I see, that is not a package, just some binaries00:41
jmtanhope you had a great time00:41
greywhindi did00:41
mithroand they are very old00:41
mithrojmtan: if you get Windows and Mac working, don't worry about Linux for now00:42
greywhindjmtan: i will try to get pyogre and your project working on my Mac.00:42
mithro(in terms of packaging)00:42
greywhindthen i can try packaging it00:42
mithrojmtan: have you tried playing supcomm yet?00:42
jmtani'm afraid not, i bought a new computer but it doesn't have a video card yet00:43
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jmtanmaybe i'll just give it a try at the lowest settings00:43
mithrosupcomm is pretty heavy, but it might be okay00:45
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jmtangreywhind: best of luck with compiling python-ogre00:51
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greywhindjmtan: yeah, i'll try it tomorrow00:52
mithrojmtan: I'll give your latest updates a go on my laptop a bit later00:52
mithroyour FPS might make it a little more usable00:52
jmtanis your laptop using integrated graphics?00:53
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mithro~seen xdotx00:57
tpbmithro: xdotx was last seen in #tp 3 days, 22 hours, 17 minutes, and 53 seconds ago: <xdotx> nope. i tested with -ansi -pedantic and it went fine00:57
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mithrojmtan: ping?03:29
mithroso, I'm thinking we should do a special post about your client at the mid-term03:30
mithroincluding adding some screenshots and download stuff to the main website03:30
jmtani think it's a good idea, I need a lot of feedback as I think you're the only one to run it so far :)03:34
jmtani'll try to finish the ship design window i guess, so that rfts can be playable, which is what i guess people will want to play03:35
mithroI don't think RFTS uses ship design?03:40
mithropost on the list03:44
jmtanhmm, okay, I'll do that03:45
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mithrojmtan: you going to be around later?04:22
mithroi mean this week :)04:29
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jmtansure, do you have a specific day in mind?04:35
jmtani think i'll be around from wednesday onwards04:36
mithroI just won't have time till late tonight to check out your latest stuff04:40
mithroI don't really have internet at home04:41
mithroas I'm staying with my uncle04:41
jmtanthere's no rush actually, but thanks04:42
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* llnz wanders off08:29
llnzlater all08:29
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CIA-31Eugene tpclient-pyogre * r456462721dc7 / (42 files in 6 dirs): Git on windows seems to read whitespace differently.12:21
CIA-31Eugene tpclient-pyogre * r7805861d24e3 /src/ Add config line for Direct3D plugin on windows12:21
CIA-31Eugene tpclient-pyogre * rfca002f01866 / (.gitignore src/ Minor changes to mouse behaviour on windows12:21
CIA-31Eugene tpclient-pyogre * r8bc3b43feeea /src/ Fix bug where RFTS ships would not display in the list12:21
CIA-31jphr tpserver-cpp-risk * r9ea7b6816f29 /modules/games/risk/ (colonize.cpp colonize.h riskturn.cpp testing-risk.conf): Added player messaging to Colonize::doOrder. Tidied up some tags in misc places12:29
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CIA-31aaron libtpproto-cpp-config * rae38a467d6c2 /tpproto/gamelayer.h: Declare Frame in GameLayer.14:13
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CIA-31nuleren tpserver-cpp-tae * re1bb058bb85a /modules/games/tae/colonize.cpp: Added a few debug statements for testing purposes.17:34
CIA-31nuleren tpserver-cpp-tae * r6e5e4ef83dad /modules/games/tae/ (colonize.cpp fleetorder.cpp fleetorder.h): Moved getBorderingRegions to FleetOrder.17:34
CIA-31nuleren tpserver-cpp-tae * r553bec80e8f1 /modules/games/tae/move.cpp: Prevented leaders from moving to a system which joins two or more regions.17:34
CIA-31nuleren tpserver-cpp-tae * r231dea1b67d0 /modules/games/tae/move.cpp: The move now places the target system in the correct region.17:34
CIA-31nuleren tpserver-cpp-tae * r9a205d739599 /modules/games/tae/ (attack.cpp colonize.cpp move.cpp):17:34
CIA-31Fixed a bug that was allowing orders to be executed with illegal targets17:35
CIA-31causing a segfault.17:35
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mithrohey people21:05
mithrohow is everyone today?21:05
mithro~seen obi1one21:05
tpbmithro: I have not seen obi1one.21:05
llnzhi mithro21:05
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mithrohey jphr22:22
mithrogoing to lunch22:22
mithrowant to chat sometime after22:22
jphroh hey22:22
jphr< hr from now?22:22
jphrsure I'll be on then22:23
mithrojphr: ping?23:02
jphrmithro: pong!23:02
jphrjet lag all finished?23:03
mithroyeah have been back over a week23:04
jphrah yes. Things went well with google?23:05
mithroI'm still with google, so yes :)23:06
mithroso how goes the risk ruleset?23:10
jphrwell, I've rounded out the Colonize order, anything that isn't coded is a "bonus" feature or a adjustment to the odds for the mechanics23:11
mithroI think what xdotx was trying to say on your blog is that you shouldn't write an AI from the perspective of being a player23:13
mithrobut from the perspective of testing the ruleset23:13
jphryes, we chatted and he clarified that for me23:14
jphrThe biggest mental exercise he wanted for me was to THINK about things for an AI, and the rest would flow from there.23:14
mithroyou could also just use scripts in tpclient-pytext if you wanted to just a few general things every time23:15
jphrforgive me for not knowing much about scripting... a bash script that makes calls to tpclient-pytext23:17
mithroyou can just pipe a set of commands into tpclient-pytext23:18
jphrare there any example scripts on the web?23:20
mithroit's just exactly as you type on the command line23:23
mithroit might look like23:23
mithroconnect localhost23:23
mithrologin test test23:23
mithroobject 523:23
jphrah ic23:23
mithroyou can even do fancy things with the "exec" command which lets you run arbitary python commands23:24
mithroexec print self.o23:24
jphrthat could be pretty versatile23:24
jphrAnything to say to help me prep for your "demo"?23:24
mithrojphr: you need something like this -
tpb<> (at
mithrostep-by step instructions on how to setup the risk game and play it23:27
jphrhadn't thought to do that, I can manage that this week probably23:27
jphrIts getting a little late here for my married self. If you have anything else don't hesitate to mail/comment23:28
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Alklomionhello llnz, i've been trying to get tpserver to run on ubuntu, i've used ./configure from the main directory and it tells me that it has failed and to look at config.log . looking at config.log is not very helpful. What should i be looking at to determine why it is faililng?23:52

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