Monday, 2008-04-28

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mithrollnz: do you have a "STYLE" or similar file?03:07
* nash records that llnz has no style03:09
llnzthanks nash, i thought everyone knew that already03:09
nashllnz: A yes, but now it is on record as you saying you are a member of the no-style-club03:10
llnzno style, but at least i have class(es)03:10
nashllnz: You don't play enough munckin...03:11
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CIA-29llnz ruleset-book * racd5d702103e /ruleset-dev.tex:04:06
CIA-29Started chapter on creating object types.04:06
CIA-29This is current (roughtly tpserver-cpp 0.5.0).04:06
CIA-29llnz ruleset-book * r8403b87979cd /ruleset-dev.tex:04:14
CIA-29Little updates and fixes.04:14
CIA-29Mostly things like tpserver-cpp been event driven, corrected project start04:14
CIA-29year, etc.04:14
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CIA-29llnz ruleset-book * r6407e1475b69 /ruleset-dev.tex: Some more updates, to the tree descriptions.04:46
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llnzhi peres05:28
pereshi llnz :)05:28
peresthis channel is being more and more crowded ;)05:29
llnzyeah, it's good05:29
peresbecoming :)05:29
jothamhum i can't articulate it, nevermind06:04
ezodllnz: thanks for the dialogue on tpserver, most helpful!06:07
llnzezod: no problem06:07
ezodllnz: and i wouldn't dream of developing something without a cli interface ;)06:08
llnzjotham: blabber incoherently, if you need to06:08
llnzezod: cool06:08
jothamneed to know how to wrap a line around a circle06:09
ezodcommand line interface interface..06:09
jothambut i don't think that's what i want06:09
jothami think i want to convert coordinates from one space to another06:09
llnzjotham: there are some nice transforms equations from spherical coordinates to rectalinear06:11
llnzand the other way06:11
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ezodoh, what do you need? i just spent the past 2 years coding coordinate space transformations06:13
mithrohey jotham06:23
CIA-29llnz ruleset-book * ra84bed73f594 / (3 files in 2 dirs):06:34
CIA-29Added section on created UniverseObjectType, and added example files.06:34
CIA-29Added appendix with the example files in. Also added package verbatim to get06:34
CIA-29the verbatiminput command to include whole files into the appendix.06:34
mithrohow does one print out using sprintf a char in hex06:42
mithroahh %hhx06:43
ezoddoesn't %x just print out a hex number?06:45
ezodoh i guess that's what you want06:45
mithroyeah you need the hh to tell it that it's a uint8_t06:45
ezodi see06:45
mithrollnz: so what is preventing you from doing a release then?06:50
llnzcurrently, nothing06:50
mithrollnz: more testing?06:50
mithrollnz: have you tried a minisec AI battle?06:50
llnzthought i would be good an announce i'm going to do it, so testers and packages could get ready06:50
llnznot yet, tpsai-py needs forward porting :-)06:51
mithrollnz: it's easy to checkout the older branch06:51
mithroI won't get to forward porting it anytime soon06:51
llnzi will do06:51
CIA-29llnz ruleset-book * r4b9b3f1b5c6e / (3 files in 2 dirs):06:51
CIA-29Added files for Basic ruleset module example.06:51
CIA-29Also added namespace to example, to be good. Needed to rename ruleset class06:51
CIA-29to avoid having to explain a whole lot about namespaces.06:51
llnzis it just libtpclient-py that it needs the old version of?06:52
llnzgot it working06:58
llnzi don't want to think what this is going to do to my disk usage....07:00
llnzthe database is already 15MB from 34 turns of just me07:02
mithrollnz: :(07:02
mithroplus the log files07:02
llnzi'm not logging the ai's07:02
llnzhummm.... should cat stdout to /dev/null07:04
mithroI think you will probably want to run with logging until you are sure it's all working07:05
mithrollnz: I can give you a login to my quad core machine if you want07:05
llnzi'll be alright07:06
mithroit has plenty of harddrive space07:06
mithrowould be good if you recorded a starmapper movie too07:07
llnznever managed to get that going :-(07:09
CIA-29llnz ruleset-book * re00871bc1cdb /ruleset-dev.tex: Added note about namespace.07:21
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llnzhit error already...07:25
mithrollnz: why can't you get starmapper working?07:26
mithroyou just need to install the sun java thingy07:26
llnzdon't want to07:26
llnzthough soon it should be really easy07:26
mithrogetting some good starmapper movies would be good promotional thing07:28
mithrohello Iwanowitch07:28
IwanowitchHello mithro.07:30
IwanowitchSay, I should get git up.07:30
mithroIwanowitch: how goes things?07:30
Iwanowitchmithro: busy and I think I'm getting sick as well.07:31
IwanowitchThough it's okay for now.07:31
mithroIwanowitch: you finished all your exams and stuff?07:32
Iwanowitchmithro: not quite, but at the moment there's not too much urgent work.07:34
IwanowitchOkay, erm... What part of the repository should the RFTS AI come into? A new project?07:40
llnzunless you are extending an existing code base, start a new repo07:43
mithroIwanowitch: nash is your mentor right?07:54
Iwanowitchmithro: yep07:55
mithroIwanowitch: you'll probably be working pretty closely with me too if you are going to be using the python libraries07:55
mithro~seen xdotx07:55
tpbmithro: xdotx was last seen in #tp 1 day, 1 hour, 25 minutes, and 33 seconds ago: <xdotx> yeah, i was thinking you could pretty much make objects to store anything you need07:55
mithrogreywhind is another person who knows quite a bit about the python libraries07:59
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IwanowitchHmm, I'm not really up to speed with this git thing... I suppose I should create a new repository locally, then push it to... Where exactly?08:08
mithroIwanowitch: you'll need my help to push a new repository08:10
* llnz stops and restarts the server on the ai's08:14
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Iwanowitchmithro: Okay, just to be clear here... My AI will be build on libtpclient-py but apart from that be seperate. That warrants it a new repository, right?08:17
CIA-29llnz tpserver-cpp * r6fec20c8286e /modules/games/minisec/minisecturn.cpp:08:18
CIA-29Fix the handling of dead object in MinisecTurn.08:18
CIA-29Was causing the ai's to error out when they tried to change the orders on08:18
CIA-29the object, which no long existed. Probably fixes the random errors with08:18
CIA-29tpclient-pywx that gave no error message.08:18
llnzIwanowitch: yes08:18
Iwanowitchmithro: So, could we get one up with just a TODO file to get started?08:18
mithroIwanowitch: yes08:20
llnz7 turns, 4.7MB database08:20
llnzmithro: we need to think of a better way to get starmapper data out of the servers sometime08:32
mithrollnz: what do you mean?08:32
llnzwell... you don't really want a guest account that can see everything08:33
Iwanowitchmithro: I have a rtfs-ai directory with a git repository in it and the TODO file commited. Anything else I can do from here?08:34
mithrollnz: observer accounts are pretty normal08:34
mithrofor other games08:34
llnzwith well-known username/password?08:34
mithrollnz: what do you mean? starmapper takes a username/password08:36
llnzhumm... ok08:37
mithrollnz: if we want the metaserver to be able to do starmapping, maybe the server can post with a private account detauls08:38
mithrobut I have to run home now08:38
* llnz wanders off08:52
llnzlater all08:52
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CIA-29llnz tpserver-cpp * r095d48cbff9b /modules/persistence/mysql/mysqlpersistence.cpp: Better place for clearing object dirty flag in tpmysql.18:52
CIA-29llnz tpserver-cpp * r0f605673370e /tpserver/object.cpp:18:52
CIA-29Clear the dirty flags in ObjectInfo and ObjectRelationships.18:52
CIA-29Speeds up processing, and prevents the database for being written to as often.18:52
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mithromorning people19:47
greywhindmithro: hello19:48
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vi1985hi all20:03
nashSo finished your SoC project yet? ;-)20:07
vi1985(i don't like bragging)20:08
vi1985(but yes ;) )20:08
* nash hands vi1985 a gold star for that answer20:08
vi1985me is crushed to death under the weight of the gold star20:09
* vi1985 forgot to mut / in front of me20:09
nashvi1985: With mineral prices these days... you'd be lucky to crush an e-coli un my gold stars20:10
vi1985nash: i wouldn't know, last time I bought something out of gold was years ago. It's cheaper to buy them gifts "with soul" ;)20:14
nashI'm sure PETA would have something to say about that... Unless you are referring to CDs ;-)20:21
vi1985nash: didn't you hear PETA banned cds? for every cd that you buy, you could have adopted a post-experiment lab-rat...20:25
nashWouldn't that drive demand for post-experiment lab rat... meaning demand for more experminents in the first place?20:27
vi1985nash: which would provide a giant a thrust to science, encourage non-fatal experimental measures, and increase general sensitivity in the population as a result of an influx in used-labrat adoption. Looks like a win-win situation for man and rat.20:33
mithroI hope that is only music CDs - otherwise I'm going to have a rat infested house20:35
vi1985mithro: I hardly believe this law (if it were passed!) would be enforced retroactively ;)20:36
vi1985mithro, btw did you get my email?20:37
nashvi1985: Yet more encouragement to download music20:38
* vi1985 bbl20:44
mithrovi1985: yes20:59
greywhindmithro: ok, so i have the filter selection and deselection working21:01
greywhindmithro: but i need you to help me with the linked list message structure, if you have time21:06
mithrotalk and I show answer if I can :)21:07
greywhindmithro: ok. so here's what I have21:19
greywhind (13 lines)21:19
tpbTitle: Nopaste - No description (at
greywhindat the moment, it takes the linked list and constructs a simple list from it, when it should be constructing a new linked list21:19
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llnzhi bddebian21:24
llnzand all21:24
bddebianHello llnz21:25
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mithrogreywhind: sorry got discoed21:29
greywhindno problem21:29
greywhind6:22pm] greywhind: mithro: ok. so here's what I have21:29
greywhind[6:22pm] greywhind: (13 lines)21:29
greywhind[6:22pm] tpb: Title: Nopaste - No description (at
tpbTitle: Nopaste - No description (at
greywhind[6:22pm] greywhind: at the moment, it takes the linked list and constructs a simple list from it, when it should be constructing a new linked list21:29
mithrogreywhind: ant what is the problem?21:30
greywhindi don't know how to construct the linked list type you're using for the message list21:31
mithrodoes the your list thing work?21:41
greywhindmithro: not with the rest of the object21:42
mithroIt should be as simple as creating a ChangeList and then just using append21:42
greywhindi need to return a list with nodes and left/right21:42
greywhindmithro: so messagelist=ChangeList()21:42
mithrogreywhind: yeah21:43
mithroChangeList acts like a normal list as much as possible21:43
greywhindmithro: how do i have to import it?21:44
mithronot sure21:44
greywhind    messagelist=ChangeList()21:44
greywhindNameError: global name 'ChangeList' is not defined21:44
mithrosomething like from tp.cache.ChangeList import ChangeList?21:44
greywhindImportError: No module named cache.ChangeList21:46
CIA-29fr33.em4il tpserver-cpp * reb3f430833b8 /modules/games/rfts/ (4 files):21:46
CIA-29fixing rfts' ResourceListParam; attempt to 'center' universe object.21:46
CIA-29(might remove resource list param later. centering may not work 100%)21:46
llnzxdotx: there is a proper Resource List Order Param coming (after release)21:48
xdotxllnz: there seems to be a bug with planet's loosing their owner. i don't think it's related to what i just did :P. i can double check, and see if it's an RFTS only thing.21:48
llnzxdotx: maybe related to population dieing?21:49
xdotxdon't think so. i believe planet still had good stats, and i don't think it's owner goes away when that happens.21:50
llnzit does, i changed it so the owner only gets one message about it21:50
xdotxahh right21:50
mithrogreywhind: I'm sure you can find out where it comes from21:54
greywhindmithro: i'll look around21:54
mithrothe find program is your friend21:54
mithroand so is grep21:54
xdotxllnz: population dies, but then i can still give it orders - even though i'm not the owner21:55
llnzmaybe the orderqueue doesn't have a change of owner21:56
xdotxllnz: for a quick fix i can not set any possible orders on a planet w/o an owner21:58
xdotxer, can set the possible orders to 'none'21:58
llnzyes, but better would be to remove the former owner from the orderqueue's owners when the population dies21:59
llnzi suspect there might be a similar problem when a player takes over another player's planet21:59
greywhindmithro: i'm afraid I don't have enough experience finding text in files in Linux... can you help  me with the syntax?22:01
*** vi1985 has quit IRC22:01
mithrogrep -R '<thing to find>' <where to find it>22:01
mithro-R means recursive22:01
xdotxgreywhind: i like 'locate' too22:02
nashxdotx: Not so useful for finding text in files however22:02
xdotxgreywhind: er, but that's..22:02
xdotxmisread that22:02
* nash prefers grep 'pattern' **/*.py... but he uses zsh ;-)22:03
greywhindmithro: looks like it's in tp.client.ChangeList22:03
mithrothat looks about right22:04
greywhindmithro: ok, good. but now it looks like I have to make a node first, not just append the message object22:06
greywhind (14 lines)22:06
tpbTitle: Nopaste - No description (at
mithrohave a look in for how it does it22:06
greywhindmithro: k. i will, but i have to help make dinner now22:07
mithroheading to lunch22:45
mithrowill be back in a bit22:45
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