Tuesday, 2008-04-29

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llnz108 turns 120MB db02:40
llnzwith 5 ai02:41
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mithrollnz: that isn't too bad03:05
nashnihgt all03:15
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llnzwow, over 12,000 objects03:54
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llnz504 planets takes a long time to conquer07:03
* llnz feels like he is at a loose end07:04
llnzwaiting for ai3 to beat the others07:33
llnzweeee... ai5 is finally dead07:37
llnz183MB for 145 turns, 510 planets and 5 ai07:44
llnzmemory usage is slightly lower (but as always, misleading)07:45
llnzhumm... it will be ai2 that wins07:46
llnz374 planets vs 66, 42 and 1607:49
llnzi guess i could declear a winner07:49
mithrollnz: any luck getting the starmapper working08:04
llnzi'll have another go tomorrow08:19
* llnz wanders off08:20
llnzlater all08:20
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vi1985hey, did anyone tried installing tp packages on the new hardy ubuntu?16:09
vi1985i copied the necessary text to /etc/apt/sources.list, and ran atp-get update, but it doesn't find anything in the repository:16:17
vi1985W: Failed to fetch http://packages.thousandparsec.net/dists/hardy/universe/binary-i386/Packages.gz  404 Not Found16:17
vi1985it doesn't find anything for the debian dist (sid)16:23
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llnzmorning all18:25
vi1985hey llnz18:29
llnzhi vi198518:29
vi1985llnz btw you have any idea how to install the tp client on ubuntu? seems like the package repository is empty...18:30
greywhindvi1985: you could use the git repository18:30
llnzvi1985: or download the "in place" version from http://www.thousandparsec.net/tp/downloads.php18:31
tpbTitle: Thousand Parsec : Downloads (at www.thousandparsec.net)18:31
vi1985greywhind: good idea, i'll try that if the inplace doesnt work18:32
greywhindvi1985: if you're planning to do development work on it, git would be the way to go. otherwise, the inplace version is probably your best bet.18:33
vi1985llnz, i would like to use the debian package manager... installing by hand on ubuntu seems to be frowned upon. Is the inplace version considered "a package" in debian?18:33
llnzno, you unzip it into a directory (any where), and run it from there18:34
vi1985greywhind: it's just for playing :) the one i want to work on i already cloned :)18:34
vi1985llnz, kk i'll try that18:34
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llnzhi xdotx18:45
xdotxllnz: i've been trying to track down this population maintenance bug since yesterday x.x18:45
xdotxthe values are completely bogus, even after i watch where they're set correctly...18:47
xdotxgot a check to make sure they're not default initialized but it looks like they are18:48
xdotxllnz: two copies of the same map don't have the same end do they? :/18:55
llnzsame end?18:56
xdotxend, and no, they don't19:09
llnzno, they don't19:10
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llnzhi nash19:28
nashHeyo llnz19:29
nashHow is life?19:29
CIA-29fr33.em4il tpserver-cpp * r9c460ce61ca4 /modules/games/rfts/ (planet.cpp planet.h resourcelistparam.cpp): bug in the resource list lookup. fixes some populations tending to die extremely fast ;P19:30
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llnzhi mithro19:42
mithrogreywhind: ping?19:44
greywhindmithro: pong19:45
mithrogreywhind: got some time to chat about GSoC?19:45
greywhindmithro: some19:45
Iwanowitchnash! Woo! You're around! At the same time as me!19:55
mithrohey Iwanowitch :)19:56
Iwanowitchmithro: Hi!19:56
Iwanowitchmithro: Can you create a new public project/repository (not sure what the mapping is between those two) for rtfs-ai please?19:57
mithroIwanowitch: you need to come up with a name for the repository first19:57
Iwanowitchmithro: Okay. Any guidelines?19:57
mithroIwanowitch: look at the ones which already exist and ignore nash ;)19:58
Iwanowitchmithro: Something like rftsai-py?20:01
IwanowitchAlthough it's not really "the one ai for rfts"20:01
mithroIwanowitch: I guess20:01
* mithro pokes nash20:01
* nash is back now20:04
nashWhat was he last question?20:04
nashIwanowitch: I'm here all day20:04
nashEmphasis on the 'day' part ;-)20:04
mithronash: name20:05
Iwanowitchruleai-py might work too20:05
IwanowitchIf someone can come up with a more creative name, feel free to.20:06
nashDo we really need to have the language in the name?20:06
nashEnd user doesn't give a damn20:06
nashRuleAi is good base to start20:06
nashIs there a general famous for strict use of rules?20:07
nash(SunTzu springs to mind, but with rules like "don't be too predictable") makes it hard20:07
IwanowitchHmm. Can't really link anything with it. We use the roman law system, which also has something to do with, errr... Napoleon? French revolution?20:08
IwanowitchThen again, that's a bit Europe-centric.20:08
nashIwanowitch: Or if you want to be geeky pick a general or leader from sci-fi history20:09
nashMaybe Heldon or something20:09
IwanowitchHeldon, doesn't ring a bell... Then again, my sf background isn't that great.20:12
IwanowitchReminds me of Hari Seldon though.20:12
nashIwanowitch: My memory is going20:12
nashThat's the boy20:12
nashHe is famouse for rules... ;-)20:13
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IwanowitchMmm. Who invented the laws of robotics, though?20:13
IwanowitchWasn't him, was it?20:13
nashNo, but she was a cranky old robocist20:14
nashYou are better of going daneel for that angle20:14
nashAll rules, a leader... a robot.20:16
IwanowitchSounds a bit... Like I'm going to not do the name honour by using it as my project name.20:16
nashA major part of the galactic empire ;-)20:16
nashIwanowitch: Think big ;-)20:17
nashDaneel - RFTS20:17
IwanowitchOh well. Something like that is fine for me.20:18
IwanowitchIt does kinda make sense.20:18
nashmithro: Works for you?20:18
mithroso the name of the repository is?20:19
nashIwanowitch: daneel good?20:20
nashIwanowitch: How easy is it to get different rule sets in?20:20
mithroof course this means that nobody is going to know what the hell that is :)20:21
IwanowitchShouldn't be too difficult, I think.20:21
IwanowitchBut as I said, it's not the primary objective.20:21
Iwanowitch(said in my proposal, that is)20:21
IwanowitchThen again, the long term plan is probably to factor out the different rule sets anyway.20:22
nashmithro: So?  They shouldn't need too... part of the point is that it should be in the background.20:22
mithronash: how are they going to know to install the package with that name :)20:24
nashmithro: Recommends: daneel20:24
mithronash: and if you saw that - wouldn't you say "WTF is Daneel" ? :)20:25
nashSame way they know they need to install libtpprotpsubclause-dev-py-0.332.2232 to get tpclient-py to work20:25
nashMake it daneel-ai20:25
nashmithro: You are worrying about the wrong problem... it's a packaging issue, anyone who is pulling stuff from git should be reading doco anyway20:26
nashapt-get install tp-ais can solve the problem20:26
nashSo how about daneel-ai20:28
nashPutting rfts in the name handicaps it20:29
mithrodaneel-ai could work20:29
nashNo need to care about language or anything like that (no one cares)20:29
* xdotx doesn't care20:29
nashExcellent, Iwanowitch: You good? Or if you want something else go for it ;-)  I'm just sick of seeing tp(lib)?{proto|client|server}-{lang}(-dev)?.  It makes my eyes water20:32
IwanowitchSo, daneel-ai?20:33
IwanowitchFine for me.20:33
nashIwanowitch: So just remember... you need to build a secret moon base, and turn the entire galaxy into one giant brain as the two main steps to winning the game20:35
* nash wonders if this is supported in advaned RFTS rules20:36
xdotxnash: you're not suppose to tell them about the moon base!20:36
nashxdotx: So how are those advanced rules coming?20:36
* xdotx runs20:37
IwanowitchThat is no moon base...20:37
nashIwanowitch: That's a losing strategy20:37
nashAny scout can take it out20:37
IwanowitchWell, yeah. It has a few design issues.20:38
nashIwanowitch: Blow up one space station.. shame on the fighter pilots... blow up two, shame on me?20:39
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tpb<http://ln-s.net/1q9v> (at git.thousandparsec.net)20:52
Iwanowitchmithro: thanks!20:53
mithroI spelled it right?20:54
nashHmm.... 11 months ago20:56
nashshortlog | log | tree20:56
nashBeen there longer than I thouhgt...20:56
nashOr a clock is very wrong20:56
nashIwanowitch: 11 months and you haven't even made a commit!20:56
* nash is telling google!20:56
mithronash: I just copied from our template20:56
IwanowitchI'll try to work a bit faster the next few months.20:57
nashIwanowitch: I hope so ;-)20:58
mithrodon't tease the students ;)21:01
nashmithro: Now you are spoiling my fun21:04
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llnzmithro: btw, ai3 won as predicted22:55
mithrollnz: okay22:55
CIA-29verhoevenv daneel-ai * r274b2f0cbca2 /TODO: Initial TODO commit, testing things...23:18
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