Sunday, 2008-04-27

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xdotxmithro: yar00:26
xdotxllnz: doh. forgot headers when i rewrote.00:28
llnzxdotx: no problem00:35
* xdotx has guests. will be in and out00:35
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* llnz is back01:28
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CIA-29pluskid schemepy * r91c91f86f74d / (9 files in 6 dirs): Refactor: topython -> fromscheme02:12
CIA-29pluskid schemepy * rfc8cb5957279 /schemepy/oldguile/
CIA-29Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
CIA-29Conflicts resolved:02:12
CIA-29 schemepy/oldguile/oldguile.py02:12
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CIA-29pluskid schemepy * r7cecc4c95342 /doc/ (html/type-mapping.html src/type-mapping.rst): Update type mapping doc: should be schemepy.types.Cons instead of schemepy.cons04:04
CIA-29pluskid schemepy * rcdf05cb55792 /schemepy/ Added exception skeleton for schemepy.04:04
CIA-29pluskid schemepy * r552785073e29 /schemepy/ (guile/ Added Cons type for schemepy.04:04
CIA-29llnz tpserver-cpp * r32b74a6e14a1 /tpserver/playerview.cpp:04:33
CIA-29Iterate over the correct sets (not maps) in PlayerView.04:33
CIA-29Caused all objects to disappear when server is restarted with persistence.04:33
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CIA-29pluskid schemepy * r39db08d36173 /schemepy/guile/ (Makefile guilehelper.c): guilehelper is still needed: macros and inline functions.04:40
CIA-29pluskid schemepy * r17d4380f297b /schemepy/guile/ Use the constants for bool from guilehelper instead of the hard-coding ones.04:40
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CIA-29llnz tpserver-cpp * rdbefbb2221a3 /modules/persistence/mysql/mysqlpersistence.cpp:06:02
CIA-29Get the max turn number from the right table, objectparamrefquantitylist.06:02
CIA-29Was causing fleets to loose all it's ships.06:02
xdotxllnz: btw i'd like to go in and add some more typedefs for some of the containers. just as a trivial, readability (and slightly more abstract/useable) thing06:06
xdotxcool, might do it tomorrow06:07
xdotxwell.. today for me06:07
llnzwell... it appears that persistence is working correctly06:10
xdotx"appears" ;)06:19
llnzsadly, that it good enough for release06:20
llnzbtw, rfts will not persist correct, because there is info it doesn't store06:21
xdotxi don't understand, but am slightly afraid to question it06:23
xdotxinfo what doesn't store?06:23
xdotxinfo that rfts needs, that isn't stored?06:23
llnzyeah, like the player's score06:24
llnz(which could be easily fixed)06:24
xdotxhmm. i can merge that over to the internal player score tracking right?06:24
xdotxjust curious, is there a way for designating ruleset specific data that needs to be serialized?06:25
xdotxany plans to implement?06:26
llnzit basically all has to go into various objects (object, design, orderqueue, order, etc)06:26
xdotxi can't think of any off the top of my head, but special cases seem likely06:26
xdotxhmm. though i suppose those classes are pretty generic06:27
llnzobjects are kind of special, they can hold info but not be visible06:28
xdotxyeah, i was thinking you could pretty much make objects to store anything you need06:29
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CIA-29pluskid schemepy * r64ae792b9981 / (7 files in 2 dirs): Passed the testcase of list06:39
CIA-29llnz documents * r91ef29cba545 /protocol/protocol.xml: Noted that OrderInsert now replies with an Order frame, not Okay.07:47
CIA-29llnz documents * rf0749d24c08f /protocol/ (protocol.dtd protocol.xml protocol3.xml): Merge with git+ssh://[email protected]/var/lib/git/documents.git07:47
CIA-29llnz documents * r24d6114bd3fc /protocol/protocol.xml: Added orderParamResourceList.07:47
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llnzhi mithro08:01
llnzhi AquaFox08:01
mithrollnz: how goes tpserver-cpp?08:12
llnzreleasable, i think08:12
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mithrothat is cool08:22
llnzthe diffstat for this release is huge08:24
llnz294 files changed, 21442 insertions(+), 7612 deletions(-)08:34
llnz545 patches08:34
llnzwork tomorrow :-/08:39
* llnz wanders off08:39
mithrollnz: :/08:39
llnzlater all08:39
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Ohmmithro: wow, congrats on your new job10:28
Ohmalso I had no idea you've lived in sweden10:29
Ohmhow did you manage with the climate?10:29
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mithroOhm: it was cool - I loved snow12:29
ezodmithro: you can have all the snow in canada for my part12:38
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jphrmithro: ping?13:57
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mithromorning people20:21
nashHeyo mithro20:51
mithrohow goes everything?20:51
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nashheyo bddebian21:28
bddebianHeya nash21:28
nashbddebian: Are you doing any SoC stuff?  Either way?21:30
bddebianNah.  I'm supposed to be a mentor for GNU/Hurd but I'm too stupid to really do anything of value :-(21:36
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llnzhi all21:56
nashbddebian: I'll pass on commenting on GNU/Hurd... Aside from asking is it _still_ better then linux?  Like it was back in 1992?21:56
nashllnz: Heyo21:56
bddebiannash: No, it's better than better now.. ;-P21:56
nashbddebian: Awesome ;-)21:59
mithrollnz: so you managed to reach the "end" of a RFTS game yet?22:45
llnzmithro: i've got to the end conditions, but never triggered them22:58
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