Monday, 2008-03-10

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mithroAlklomion: need any help finding/understanding any stuff?00:03
AlklomionI think i'm fine at this point, i'm sure more questions will come once the requirements and management phase is left00:04
mithroif you want me to look at anything and give you feedback, feel free to poke me00:06
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Ohmgood night00:16
mithroOhm: of to bed so early :)00:16
Ohmit's 5:20 am00:17
Ohmnight night ;)00:17
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tpbnick change by aloril_ to aloril on worldforge01:17
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* xdotx is back02:22
mithrohey xdotx02:40
mithroxdotx: did you get any chance to have that game in the end?02:40
xdotxjust started one02:46
mithroxdotx: cool02:48
mithroxdotx: you using the orderxrc branch?02:48
mithroxdotx: you get copy-n-paste functionality and new better UI goodness02:48
xdotxwasn't, but i can :)02:49
mithroit would be good02:50
xdotxmithro: der. crashes with Index out of range03:06
mithroxdotx: ?03:06
mithromore info please03:07
xdotx$ ./tpclient-pywx03:07
xdotxMy information:03:07
xdotxTraceback (most recent call last):03:07
xdotx  File "./tpclient-pywx", line 12, in <module>03:07
xdotx    from requirements import location03:07
xdotx  File "/home/xdotx/TP/tpclient-pywx/", line 68, in <module>03:07
xdotx    import version03:07
xdotx  File "./", line 14, in <module>03:07
xdotx    ref = h.readline().strip().split(': ', 1)[1]03:07
xdotxIndexError: list index out of range03:07
mithroxdotx: hrm....03:08
mithrocan you do a03:09
mithromore ./.git/HEAD03:09
CIA-12mithro tpclient-pywx-orderxrc * r84f3b7759dc0 / Fix for xdotx's weird git.03:15
mithrothat number doesn't make sense03:17
mithroxdotx: give that a go03:18
mithrodon't know what ./.git/HEAD is just a SHA103:18
mithrowhat git version are you using03:18
xdotxgit version
mithrohrm... weird03:19
mithroxdotx: that work?03:19
xdotxmithro: No module named netlib03:21
mithroxdotx: ubuntu right?03:23
tpbTitle: Ubuntu Setup - Thousand Parsec Wiki (at
xdotxmithro: working. had to update the other two libs rerun setup in scratchpad03:26
mithroxdotx: cool03:26
xdotxmithro:  lol @ UpdateUI spam03:28
CIA-12mithro tpclient-pywx-orderxrc * rb385b1d05c46 /tpclient-pywx: Remove silly UpdateUI print.03:30
mithroxdotx: there :P03:30
mithroxdotx: any other thoughts?03:36
* xdotx playing with the ui03:36
mithrowell, heading out - will be back in an hour03:37
* xdotx waves03:37
mithroxdotx: appreciate any feedback03:40
mithrothe List order panel should be a bit more usable now03:40
mithroyou can edit the number in the list too03:40
xdotxmithro:  yeah i saw that. very much like03:42
JLPmorning all03:49
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mithrohey JLP04:27
jothamwoo finished work05:10
* jotham starts on battleviewer05:10
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mithrojotham: yay!05:12
mithroxdotx: who is winning? :P05:15
remaximping mithro05:33
mithroremaxim: pong05:33
mithroremaxim: any luck uploading?05:33
remaximmithro, could you download the video files?05:34
mithrowhich ones?05:34
remaximall of them ...05:34
remaximmithro, JLP helped me doing that... he downloaded all that stuff from my webspace and the things I had to send to him directly and he will upload it to your media repository05:35
mithroremaxim: okay05:35
remaximmithro, here are the video files...
tpbTitle: - Free Online File Storage, Internet File Sharing, Online Storage, Access Documents & Files Anywhere, Backup Data, Send Files (at
remaximplease download them so I can delete the TP folder...05:37
mithroremaxim: you where not able to find the source?05:38
remaximwhich source?05:39
remaximI had about 13 different "music-only" versions...05:39
remaximI gave all of them to JLP in flac05:39
remaximis that what you ment with source?05:41
remaximok... gotta go, bye05:42
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* JLP is back05:53
mithrohey JLP05:54
JLPmithro: yeah i have the music in flac here and all the versions of intro video05:54
JLPi'll put them up now05:54
JLPwhat's the place again?05:55
jothamhumm, so to push i need to first send you a copy of my git repo06:12
jothamand then clone from it eh06:12
mithrojotham: hum?06:28
* jotham shrugs06:28
mithrojotham: so you want to push your work?06:30
* JLP has to go away for an hour or two :(06:34
mithrojotham: got any new screenshots?06:34
mithroJLP: see ya06:34
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xdotxmithro: uhg. i'm going to have to take some time to work on debugging. RFTS is hella unstable now.07:02
mithroxdotx: :/07:02
mithroxdotx: without persistence that means starting from the begining each time right :/07:02
xdotxmithro: yes07:04
xdotxmithro: i'm optimistic that there's only a couple things that really need to be fixed07:08
mithroxdotx: yay!07:08
xdotxmithro: at the very least i'm going to clean up the changes made to the object param interface07:10
mithroxdotx: cool07:10
mithroxdotx: good to have you back working on it again :)07:10
xdotxmithro: i like working, it's coming up with exactly what to work on that's usually my problem... that and time ;)07:11
mithroxdotx: so what are you thoughts on the client now?07:11
xdotxmithro: oh, i love the context menu idea for the star map, but i want to customize it via game / protocol07:12
mithroxdotx: why?07:12
xdotxmithro: cus it doesn't work in RFTS :P07:12
mithroxdotx: it should07:12
xdotxmithro: but then moving is also borked, so that could be the problem :/07:13
mithroxdotx: what doesn't work?07:13
xdotxmithro: i may have to play with ideas some more.. but it would be cool to be able to specify what can/can't be done via context menu depending on what's selected, and what the current order is07:14
mithroxdotx: the context menu is built from what orders can be specified on the object07:14
xdotxmithro: interesting.. i'll play with it more07:15
mithroxdotx: well, it will be eventually - currently it's hard coded I think07:20
mithroI'll have to look into it more07:20
xdotxmithro:  kk07:21
mithrowell, I'm heading to bed07:57
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mithro~seen bddebian19:51
tpbmithro: bddebian was last seen in #tp 2 days, 8 hours, 35 minutes, and 54 seconds ago: <bddebian> Hi JLP19:51
mithro~seen xdotx19:51
tpbmithro: xdotx was last seen in #tp 12 hours, 30 minutes, and 23 seconds ago: <xdotx> mithro:  kk19:51
mithro~seen JLP19:51
tpbmithro: JLP was last seen in #tp 13 hours, 17 minutes, and 21 seconds ago: * JLP has to go away for an hour or two :(19:51
mithroOhm_: re "can anybody awake tell me how tpclient-pywx places controls?", all wx applications uses a bunch of sizers19:52
Epyonmithro, any GSoC news?19:57
tpb<> (at
EpyonI know that one xP19:58
mithroMarch 17: List of accepted mentoring organizations published on  (~12 noon PDT/19:00 UTC).19:59
mithrowon't know until then19:59
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greywhindmithro: ping?20:14
mithrogreywhind: pong!20:14
greywhindmithro: there seems to be a problem with the text boxes in the connect window20:15
mithrogreywhind: oh?20:15
mithroI haven't touched any code in there for months20:15
greywhindmithro: i click on them or select the text, but it immediately removes focus from them20:15
greywhindmaking it virtually impossible to change the username or password20:15
mithrogreywhind: is this new?20:16
greywhindseems to be pretty new20:17
mithroI'm not seeing anything here on this computer20:17
greywhindalso, trying to log in on "testaccount" on demo1 causes a bus error20:17
mithrogreywhind: hrm....20:19
greywhinddoes that computer have the newest wxWidgets?20:19
mithrogreywhind: the newest in ubuntu20:19
greywhindmithro: i think this may be a mac thing20:19
mithrowxPython version is
mithrogreywhind: sounds like it20:19
mithrogreywhind: what if you comment out line20:19
mithro29 in winUpdate.py20:20
greywhindno change20:21
greywhindoh, saving might help20:21
greywhindmithro: that fixed it20:21
mithrookay, MacOS X is fscking insane20:21
greywhindg2g for a bit20:22
greywhindbe back soon20:22
greywhindi'm back20:46
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mithrohey bddebian21:15
mithrogreywhind: I have a kind of fix I hope21:16
bddebianHi mithro21:16
CIA-12mithro tpclient-pywx-orderxrc * r4ae1105153f7 /windows/ Change when MessageDown is called.21:17
mithrogreywhind: have some other fixes too21:18
greywhindmithro: sounds good21:18
mithrobut it will have to wait till I've finished work21:18
greywhindno problem21:18
mithrogreywhind: does that work?21:19
greywhindmithro: seems to work21:26
mithrogreywhind: okay21:26
greywhindmithro: and the move orders seem to work now as well21:27
mithrogreywhind: cool21:27
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Alklomionmithro: Are ssh keys software dependent? If i'm using SSH on windows, can I use the same key in openSSH if i'm using ubuntu later?22:43
mithroAlklomion: openssh keys are compatible22:44
mithroputtygen can export your ssh keys in openssh format22:44
mithroAlklomion: I'm assuming you are at home?22:46
mithroAlklomion: cool22:47
mithrowe only allow key authentication to our servers22:47
mithroAlklomion: sorry about this morning - how did it go otherwise?22:49
Alklomionit was short, more about course work, i brought some draft requirements that i was going to get you to confirm / deny or add to22:49
mithroAlklomion: if you send it to me in an email, I can look at it22:49
mithroor via IRC if you prefer22:50
Alklomioni'll email it to you soon,with the minutes. also, if there are any documents that you want copies off that i make mention in the minutes, i'll send them too.22:50
mithroAlklomion: why not just send everything :)22:51
Alklomionwith the ssh key, is the client compatible?22:52
Alklomionmithro: yeah, i'll send you a copy of what was presented at the meeting so far.22:56
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mithroAlklomion: okay cool23:02
mithroAlklomion: I have never use the client23:02
mithroputty is just so much nicer23:02
Alklomionfair enough23:03
mithroAlklomion: opps! you sent me your private key rather then your public one23:09
*** greywhind has quit IRC23:10
Alklomionoh no, i've been compromised!23:10
Alklomioni'll try again23:10
mithroAlklomion: actually you havn't as your private key appears to be encrypted with a pass phrase23:11
Alklomionhow do you determine that from the key? out of interest23:12
mithrothe first line reads23:13
Alklomionaah, right23:14
mithroyay for simplicity23:14
Alklomionmithro: i *think* i got it right this time.23:16
mithroAlklomion: no attachment :)23:19
Alklomioni really really enjoy web outlook23:20
mithroouch :/23:21
mithroAlklomion: you have my condolences23:21
mithroAlklomion: okay, I've added your user23:33
mithroAlklomion: you have a private message23:37
mithroAlklomion: usernames are case sensative23:54
mithroyou need to use lowercase23:54
Alklomionmithro: disconnected: no supported authentication methods available23:58
mithrohold on a sec23:58
mithroseeing some errors in the logs23:58
Alklomioni'm assuming i'm logging in with PuTTY?23:58
mithroAlklomion: try again now23:59
mithroAlklomion: you need to get putty to load your ssh-key23:59

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