Sunday, 2008-03-09

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* mithro pokes xdotx 04:07
xdotxmithro: heya04:09
mithroxdotx: what you been up too?04:09
mithrogot any time to do some testing?04:10
xdotxmithro: gonna do a couple games tomorrow with my room mate04:10
xdotxhe was working all day today and i was workin' on a graphics proj04:11
xdotxmithro: i'd say let's do a game right now, but i'm 'bout to head out04:12
mithroxdotx: dang04:14
mithroxdotx: I've been trying to improve tpclient-pywx stuff04:15
mithroxdotx: if you do test, can you use;a=shortlog;h=orderxrc branch04:15
tpb<> (at
xdotxmithro: sure thing04:16
mithrothat gets rid of most of the remaining legacy code04:17
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remaximsag mal was du davon hälst:
tpbTitle: - Free Online File Storage, Internet File Sharing, Online Storage, Access Documents & Files Anywhere, Backup Data, Send Files (at
Ohmwell I have to go08:12
remaximsorry, wrong window08:12
remaximdamn... that was for a friend of mine! I am sorry, I even didn't realize that I wrote it in this channel08:13
remaximjust ignore it08:13
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JLPmorning all08:52
remaximhi JLP08:52
mithrohey everyone08:57
mithrohey remaxim08:57
remaximhi mithro08:57
remaximI have to write a mailing list post ...08:58
remaximI want to say goodbye to all of ya...08:58
mithroremaxim: well - you haven't really give us high quality versions of the music yet?08:58
remaxim:D ...08:59
mithroand with GSoC comming up, there will be loads more people around to give you feedback08:59
mithrohey JLP08:59
mithroremaxim: lastly, I was wondering if you had use/tried/looked into09:00
remaximmithro, into what?09:01
mithrojust trying to find the name again09:01
remaximI don't have any idea what you're speaking of... just tell me when you found the name09:03
mithroI think it's
tpbTitle: ardour | the new digital audio workstation (at
mithroI found out a bunch of guys locally are using it to do some professional music stuff09:04
remaximmithro, there are thousands of good music programms...09:06
mithrodoes not look like there is a windows version however09:06
mithroremaxim: it's free however :)09:06
remaximAs long as the music I am making has my copyright afterwards I really don't care ;)09:08
mithroremaxim: so, it would be good if you could give us some high quality - losslessly compressed versions09:09
JLPno answer on the m2f forums yet about our problem :(09:10
remaximyou can get some wavs09:10
mithroJLP: which is out problem?09:10
mithroremaxim: FLAC or similar you be fine09:10
JLPmithro: about the errors in m2f with regex09:11
remaximmithro, I don't have any flac converter, I am sorry09:11
remaximyou can convert it to flac whenever you want to09:11
mithroJLP: oh, did you just modify the config.php?09:12
tpbTitle: FLAC - download (at
mithroremaxim: Wav are going to be huge?09:12
JLPmithro: i would need to remove { from the password, don't know if that would be ok09:12
mithroJLP: oh09:13
remaximI ll just send you some oggs ;)09:13
mithrooggs != lossless09:13
mithroJLP: what was the regex again?09:13
remaximmithro, I know ;)09:13
remaximI just don't want to play around with any new converters ...09:14
JLPmithro: '#^\$' . $var . '\s+=\s+[\'"](\w*)[\'"];\s*$#m'09:14
JLPmithro: that \w doesn't allow {09:14
JLPremaxim: flac is essential09:15
remaximyou ain't going to release any flac songs in your game anyway09:16
mithroremaxim: but if we need to recompress to other formats09:17
mithrowe need a high-quality lossless format09:17
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JLPremaxim: well but it is great to have the original in lossless format, and wav is juts huge to transfer over the internet09:17
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remaximsorry, my connection is making some troubles09:18
remaximI can give you wavs ... as I already told09:18
JLPremaxim: well wavs are twice as large to transfer over the internet than flac09:18
mithroremaxim: if you have the time to upload wavs I guess we can download them09:20
mithroJLP: okay change the regex09:20
mithroreplace \w with a .09:20
mithro'#^\$' . $var . '\s+=\s+[\'"](.*)[\'"]\s*;\s*$#ms'09:20
mithrothat should work09:21
JLPmithro: ah so . means any char?09:21
mithrowith the extra s on the end it should09:21
remaximI am not able to upload any of that stuff ...09:24
remaximeven not flacs09:24
remaximthere is an upload limit on my file server09:24
mithroremaxim: we have places you can upload09:26
remaximthen I have to get an account, get another software and stuff...09:26
remaximmithro, that's something I wanted to talk to you anyway... my music is only under the CC-BY-SA license! in your upload page is a file that says that everything in there is GPL09:27
JLPmithro: ok regext changed, let's see now09:28
JLPmithro: yay, it worked09:28
mithroJLP: I recommend getting kiki09:28
mithroit's great way to play with/learn regex's09:29
JLPmithro: noted09:29
remaximmithro, are you going to change that? or add a extra license file?09:30
mithroremaxim: we would really prefer if you released it under the GPL09:30
remaximit's CC-BY-SA ...09:32
mithroIt makes it very hard to redistribute it in distro's like debian - maybe you could dual license it?09:32
remaximI am not interested in releasing songs under the GPL license...09:32
remaximmithro, why? CC-BY-SA is free09:32
mithroremaxim: Debian has problems with it09:32
remaximthere is no NC clause in it09:33
remaximthat's ******* free09:33
mithroremaxim: I would agree, but the Debian people have some problems with various parts of the legal mumbojumbo :/09:34
remaximsorry, I already told you that: no GPL music by me09:35
remaximhey mithro it had been you telling me that you won't accept any CC-BY-SA-NC music, only CC-BY-SA and GPL09:37
mithrowell CC-BY-SA-NC is totally useless for us09:38
remaximbecause it's a code license ...09:38
mithroCC-BY-SA is pretty good and means we can use it some of the time09:38
mithrobut it can't be redistributed with the debian package09:38
remaximmithro, I don't have the time or will to discuss it with you... yes or no09:39
mithroremaxim: if you release it as CC-BY-SA it will get used09:39
mithrobut it'll probably get replaced sooner of later so we can distributed it with Debian09:39
remaximgreat! now you have to take care that it won't be distrubuted as GPL ...09:40
remaximbecause of that license file09:40
remaximmithro, do I look like I do care?09:40
remaximI m kind of pissed right now... If you've told me that from the beginning I wouldn't have to have this hole stress and stuff09:42
mithroremaxim: I have always mentioned this from the beginning09:42
remaximnope, you didn't09:42
remaximyou told that CC-BY-SA is OK as well09:42
mithroCC-BY-SA is good - it's not perfect for reasons mentioned above (which I have mentioned previously)09:43
mithrowe can't even think about using it if it was CC-BY-SA-NC09:43
remaximyou can09:43
remaximCC-BY-SA-NC isn't a that big problem...09:44
remaximyou just have a script that downloads the music after installing the game... that's it09:44
mithroremaxim: I'm happy that you have decided to go with CC-BY-SA - but I'm just informing you that without the additional GPL we can not use it to it's full extent09:47
mithrowe will abide by the CC-BY-SA and properly mark the files as such09:47
mithroremaxim: just getting you a place to upload09:50
remaximmithro, forget it09:50
remaximI ll make an exceception ... I just googled a bit and those debian legal guys are nerds ...09:51
remaximthey don't even think that the CC-BY license is good enough to be distributed with debian09:51
mithrothe debain legal guys are a bit crazy09:52
mithroCC-BY-SA seems free by my own standards09:52
remaxima bit? you're joking09:52
mithroremaxim: it would be nice to have the original source files for the music too - but I think you are not comfortable releasing them?09:53
remaximnope... those are mine...09:54
mithro   1.  Use FTP to connect to
mithro   2. Login using 'anonymous' for the username and your email address for the password.09:54
mithro   3. Switch to binary mode (command: bin).09:54
mithro   4. Switch to passive mode (command: passive), if non-passive mode doesn't work.09:54
mithro   5. Change local directory to the directory containing the files to upload (command: lcd /PATH/TO/FILES).09:54
mithro   6. Change remote directory to /incoming (command: cd /incoming).09:54
mithro   7. Turn on upload status printing, if you want to watch the progress (command: hash).09:54
mithro   8. Upload the desired files for the release. Filenames may only contain alphanumeric characters, periods, dashes or underscores (command: put FILENAME).09:54
mithro   9. Disconnect from the FTP server (command: quit).09:54
remaximmithro, it would be great if you could delete your copys of the source files ... please do that09:55
mithroremaxim: I'm not sure I even still have them anyway09:55
remaximmithro, just look if you still have them and delete them in case that you still have them09:57
remaximI just encoded them as flacs ... but it gave me a error09:58
remaxim"general errors: 1"09:58
mithroremaxim: well, feel free to upload the wav's if you wish10:00
remaximhm... seems like the flac files are still ok, though10:00
mithroI don't know much about FLAC except it is lossless10:01
remaximmithro, did you look through your folders?10:01
mithroremaxim: that computer is doing other things in a different operating system at the moment10:02
mithrocan't check at the moment10:02
remaximok... just don't forget it please10:02
remaximI am going to delete my whole TP folder on ... if you want any of the intro videos, just download em10:05
mithroremaxim: could you upload the intro sound separately too?10:06
remaximwhich one?10:06
remaximnot all of them ... it's a fucking mess and I don't have all of them10:06
mithroremaxim: the last 3 would be good if you could10:07
mithrogot to go10:09
mithroi'll bblr10:09
remaximsorry... that's kind of a problem, because I don't know which one is the right one10:09
remaximI have about 15 of them10:09
JLPmithro: looks like m2f is working in one direction
tpb<> (at
remaximJLP, do you have a jabber client?10:24
remaximI could upload all flacs to my webspace except one... I don't want to learn how to handle ftp for that ... it would be great if someone just could upload it10:25
JLPremaxim: yup, i have10:29
JLPremaxim: [email protected]10:30
remaximI just added you10:30
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remaximI can't find the media repository right now, could someone link it to me?11:06
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remaximI m off, bye11:29
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mithroJLP: cool11:43
mithroJLP: now we need some filters to remove the [tp-test] and the footer11:43
mithrowell I'm heading to bed11:49
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JLPanyone using ?14:06
JLPwell if you do you can now join the Thousand Parsec group -
tpbTitle: Thousand Parsec Groups at (at
JLPOhm: awsome, i've also added you as frien14:11
JLPOhm: any news about freeorion? have they decided to participate?14:35
Ohmhaven't heard anything about them, sadly14:50
Ohmtheir forum is active, but nobody is responding to the SoC thread14:50
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Ohmcan anybody awake tell me how tpclient-pywx places controls?20:03
Ohmeg pixel-by-pixel, using sizers, etc?20:03
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AlklomionHello Mithro: I'd like to confirm that you'll be attending our meeting at City West tomorrow morning, at 9am?20:48
mithroAlklomion: confirmed21:21
mithroAlklomion: how is all the investigation going?21:24
AlklomionSlowly at the moment, I believe you've already provided a large amount of information required for the requirements document already, I'll most likely bring a summary of what I've gathered so far for you to confirm or add to.21:25
mithrohow goes the MIDP investigation?21:26
* mithro pokes xdotx 21:26
mithrogreywhind: ping?21:26
greywhindmithro: pong21:26
mithrogreywhind: I did a fairly major change I would love for you to test21:27
mithroit can be found in the orderxrc branch21:27
greywhindmithro: k. will do21:27
mithro(I finally replaced the order panels with stuff from XRC)21:27
Alklomionmithro: I remember you (or at least i think it was you) mentioning a pattern that involves a controller being in between the interface and the core of a program, do you remember, or know the name of it?21:34
mithroI doubt it was mean, but it sounds like you are thinking of MVC?21:35
Alklomionmithro: thanks, that's the one21:36
greywhindmithro: k. i'll check that change now.21:49
mithroAlklomion: did you checkout the libtpproto-java?21:50
greywhindmithro: would you recommend a separate checkout for this?21:50
mithrogreywhind: probably not, just change your remote branch to orderxrc and do a pull21:50
greywhindmithro: k21:51
Alklomionmithro: not yet, i've been doing more of the course work and management stuff the last week, This week (hopefully) should be more about requirements and starting to 'get my hands dirty'21:51
mithroAlklomion: okay cool21:51
mithroI've yet to see the other guy around here21:51
greywhindmithro: seems to mostly work22:18
greywhindbut when i add move orders, they seem to immediately be unmodifiable22:18
greywhindmithro: yeah - i added a move order to the fleet, and when i selected it, it was as if it had already been in place and couldn't be changed22:19
mithrogreywhind: ahh22:20
mithroI see the problem22:20
greywhindmithro: oh - let me send you my quarter summary22:22
mithrogreywhind: okay cool22:24
mithrogreywhind: copy and paste of orders should work now too22:26
greywhindmithro: where would you copy and paste them to?22:27
mithrogreywhind: between objects22:27
greywhindah. makes sense.22:27
Ohmafter friday I'll probably be able to put in some good work on the tpclient-pywx, btw22:28
mithroor just so you can repeat the a bunch of orders quickly22:28
Ohmlast finals-test is then22:28
mithroOhm: cool22:31
mithrothe bits I have been working on removes the last peice of *really* crappy code22:32
mithrogreywhind: can't figure out how to get the keyboard shortcuts working on MacOS X :/22:34
greywhindmithro: :( ... i'm sure we'll figure it out eventually22:35
greywhindi have to go make a salad22:35
mithrogreywhind: Fixed the move problem you where having22:40
CIA-12mithro tpclient-pywx-orderxrc * r139a9541587e /windows/ (main/ xrc/orderPosition.xrc): Fixed the Positional argument.22:40
mithroOhm: if you get a chance, could you have a play with the orderxrc branch too22:40
Ohmwhat's that branch about?22:41
mithroOhm: replacing the order argument panels with XRC build panels22:46
mithrowhich means more functionality and less code22:46
Ohmsounds nice22:46
OhmI'll look into it when I'm familiar with the current codebase22:46
mithroXRC reads the description for building a panel from a XML file22:46
Ohm(still finding my way around)22:46
mithrothe move to XRC almost everywhere was one of the biggest change from the 0.2.x series to the 0.3.x seres22:47
Ohmwhat remains to be done with it?22:49
mithrothe orderxrc changes is the final stage of doing that22:49
Ohm <--- fosdem '08 recordings released22:50
tpbTitle: FOSDEM Video Recordings | FOSDEM (at
Ohmthree OSS game-related talks22:51
Ohmbattle for wesnoth, crystalspace and globulation 222:51
mithroOhm: cool22:52
Ohmbbiab laundry22:54
mithroOhm: i'm more after user experience at the moment22:56
Ohmoh, fun23:08
Ohmit's one of my favourite areas of interest at the moment23:09
mithroIE I didn't know move was broken until greywhind pointed it out23:09
* mithro is only talking about this very second btw :)23:10
mithronot GSoC term23:11
mithroOhm: FOSDEM video server is slow :/23:16
mithro25kb/second :/23:43
Ohmthat's really bad considering the vids are like 600 mb each23:43
Ohmalso finally done with laundry23:43
Ohmtook 6 hours23:43
mithroOhm: laundry of the video downloads :P23:47
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