Tuesday, 2007-10-02

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greywhindmithro: ping?01:32
mithrogreywhind: pong01:39
greywhindso... the end of the 1st quarter is coming up quickly01:39
greywhindif i e-mail you a short evaluation form, will be able to fill it out and send it back?01:40
greywhindi'll get it to you tomorrow01:50
mithrogreywhind: I would like to get you to push your winDesign XRC  stuff first01:50
greywhindhmm... i'll try tomorrow01:50
mithroI head off to San Fran on Wednesday01:59
mithroso if you want me to do anything before then...01:59
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adhocmithro: what you up to today?16:33
adhoctxt to lucychili about tshirt?16:34
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mithroadhoc: pong?18:17
adhocmithro: you txt'd18:42
adhocare we meeting up today?18:42
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