Monday, 2007-10-01

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mithrogreywhind: ping?00:23
mithrojotham: ping?00:23
greywhindmithro: pong00:23
mithrogreywhind: how goes everything?00:23
greywhindmithro: good, just got back00:23
mithrofrom where?00:24
greywhinda trip to visit a university00:24
mithrogreywhind: going to push your changes to incoming soon?00:55
greywhindmithro: sorry i missed that. i will once i fix the text bug01:15
mithrogreywhind: okay cool01:16
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mithrohey xdotx and llnz03:14
llnzhi mithro03:15
mithroit got a bit empty here last night :/03:15
mithrodown to 8 people :/03:15
llnzoh dear03:15
xdotxhey mithro, llnz03:16
llnzhi xdotx03:16
mithroxdotx: how goes everything?03:16
mithrollnz: getting ready for San Fran? :P03:16
xdotxmithro: pretty good. workin' hard on this year's game03:16
llnzmithro: yeah03:16
mithroxdotx: what type are you working on?03:18
xdotxmithro: we're making a 3d physics pseudo-action puzzle game03:19
mithroxdotx: which Uni are you at again?03:19
xdotxDigipen Institute of Tech03:20
mithroso going to work on RFTS again soonish? :)03:51
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xdotxmithro: nah, sorry. unlikely to get any work done without specific goals (features/bugs).05:35
mithroxdotx: I am happy to give you a specific goals :P05:36
xdotxalthough i was thinking of adding a simple memory manager in to tpserver-cpp to eliminate any possible memory leaks (and improve performance)05:36
xdotxmithro: if they're little feature requests or bugs then with any luck i could get some work done :)05:37
mithroxdotx: you might scare lee :P05:39
mithroxdotx: well, I guess I need to get my act together and actually play a rfts game05:39
xdotxmithro: with the mem manager? :P05:40
mithrooh course :)05:40
mithroxdotx: maybe we should organise a weekend to play RFTS?05:41
xdotxmithro: i know there were some tweaks that RFTS needed and little things i was thinking of adding. i'd just need to write them down and prioritize and what-not05:41
xdotxmithro: that could work. sunday evening/night (monday afternoon/evening for you) would pretty much be the only time though05:42
mithroxdotx: we have the trackers on sf to help you out with that05:43
mithrollnz: how is the NZ dollar going against the US?05:45
xdotxi usually prefer simpler methods for personal tracking (a text file of sorted bullet points)05:45
mithrothe AUD is the strongest it's been since I have been born!05:45
xdotxllnz: how does a simple memory manager sound for tpserver-cpp?05:45
llnzmithro: fairly steady05:46
llnzxdotx: possible05:46
llnzwhat would be the advantage?05:46
mithrollnz: at US$0.899 cents to AUD$105:47
xdotxno leaks, easier would-be leak tracking, basic memory profiling and performance05:47
xdotxi just finished the memory manager and factory for my game. i could port/rewrite it to work more specifically with tpsever-cpp (although they're both generic as hell)05:48
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* xdotx goin' to bed06:16
llnzcya later xdotx06:16
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* llnz wanders off07:12
llnzlater all07:12
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