Monday, 2007-04-09

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EpyonIf anything else is needed in terms of graphics, and you're willing to acceptr my level of it, feel free to ask.00:05
nashEpyon: Well as a whole TP could use anything you can produce ;-)00:12
cherezyou're really hard on your graphics work, Epyon00:12
nashI'm thinking the various missile and torp types will be needed soon ;-)00:12
nashcherez: Most decent (or better) arstists should be00:12
cherezya, people who are good at something tend to hate everything they produce00:13
nashSame as most decent (or better) programmers should be hard on their own code00:13
cherezyet love producing them00:13
nashExactly, because you see the flaws in your own creation00:13
cherezhalf way through programs I tend to enter John Cleese-esque monologues00:14
cherezover all my putrid puss-filled naming schemes00:16
nashI know that feeling00:18
nashhmm... gaim is now pidgin strange00:18
cherezit's a pretty good name, I suppose00:18
cherezI'm pretty much phasing out of using Gaim in favor of Kopete00:19
cherezit seems to be developing a lot faster and the core seems much cleaner00:20
* llnz uses kopete and likes it00:20
cherezsay, what do you guys use for IRC?00:20
* llnz uses kde00:21
cherezas do I00:21
* nash uses enlightenment ;-)00:21
cherezI only used Gaim for IRC as I already ran it00:21
cherezbut now that I use Kopete for everything else, I want a better IRC client00:22
llnzkopete can do irc, but i didn't like the way it did it00:22
cherezit won't even connect to Freenode for me00:22
llnzkonversation is nice00:22
cherezI'll give it a try when I'm not doing homework00:23
cherezjeeze, this SoC suspense is driving me crazy00:24
nashcherez: Spare a thought for mithro...00:26
cherezya, as suspenseful as it is for us, you mentors are in a much worse position00:27
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nashEspecially with the current slot count :-(00:28
* llnz bashes his head against tpserver-cpp's poor design00:28
cherez2 slots is hard to believe00:29
cherezI hope some people will choose to do their projects anyway00:31
nashcherez: So do I00:31
nashOn the bright side it has raised the profile of the project (a lot more then any SF ranking will)00:31
cherezI hope I can, but I am also a poor college student :(00:31
llnzthere are a number of good ones00:31
nashThere are at least 6 or 7 I'm going to be sorry we can't fund :-(00:32
nashcherez: poor college student == can live on 2 minutes noodles anyway00:32
cherezI confess I usually do...00:32
cherezI'm actually down to 1 packet right now...00:33
nashSo lunch, but not dinner?00:33
cherezguess I get my choice00:34
nashWell I'm currently improving my second AI so it will annoy people on the demo1 server...00:35
nashSpeaking of which00:35
nashllnz: Do you think it makes more sense for the demo1 server to have a few more planest?  Not just 3 systems + player systems?00:35
llnzyeah, could do00:36
Epyon[02:17] <nash> I'm thinking the various missile and torp types will be needed soon ;-)00:40
EpyonNo problem ;]00:40
nashEpyon: I'm hoping MTSec will start appear no matter what the SoC results are00:40
nashEpyon: Thanks00:40
Epyoncherez, I'm a programmer. How can I be an artist? :P00:41
nashEpyon: I forgot about the licence issue with you.  Can I put these in the TP media archive under GPL ?00:41
cherezwell, you've got the most respectable programmer art I've seen in a long time ;)00:41
Epyonnash, all I send you can be put under GPL unless stated otherwise00:42
Epyoncherez, I always wanted to attend art school though -- the problem is I am only interested in digital arts :/00:43
* Epyon is currently squeezing Friuty Loops to produce the music that plays in his head. o.O00:43
EpyonAnyway, thanks :)00:44
cherezmakes you a bit of an outcast...00:44
Epyoncherez, I'm fine with that, I've always been a kind of outcast :P00:44
EpyonWell, at least I have a private life xD00:45
* Epyon 's definition of private life is women, alcohol and parties, not neccessary in that order.00:46
nashEpyon: Wine, Women and Song is the phrase you are after ;-()00:46
cherezI'm the guy who's so nerdy he's an outcast at a top engineering school, so I know how being outcast feels :P00:47
EpyonMy outcastness is mainly the fact that since I was 6 years old I never lived in one place for longer than 2-3 years :|00:48
Epyonnash, yeah, that's a more poetic way of putting that :P00:48
cherezthat is tough00:48
Epyoncherez, the thoughest is the fact that I have no "longtime" friends :/00:49
nashEpyon: There is also grog, girls and gambling00:49
llnzbbs, lunch00:52
Epyonthe glory of timezones ^^00:53
cherezso we don't have to eat lunch in the middle of the night?00:54
EpyonIt's 3:00 in the night here :P00:55
cherez8 here00:55
cherezI have 12 hours to finish my packet...00:55
Epyoncherez, morning or evening?00:55
nashBTW: llnz Can I get my client up on the features matrix?00:57
* Epyon desperately needs a Key Controller.01:00
llnznash: sure01:14
nashllnz: Want the Yes/partial/No list?01:15
llnzyeah, or a darcs patchfile for the web repo01:15
nashokay - I'll get you a patch shortly - that is not autogenerated is it?01:16
* nash is currently looking at adding a patch to sparse first...01:16
llnzweb repo, file matrix.php01:16
llnzat some point i would like to get a git repo of your client onto (maybe that should just be
nashllnz: cg-clone a repo there.01:18
nashgive me write, and I'll push at appropriate times01:18
CIA-17Lee Begg <[email protected]> * tpserver-cpp/tpserver/ (6 files):01:42
CIA-17Added OrderQueueObjectParam class:01:42
CIA-17 Not perfect, but will do until I break persistence.01:42
nashllnz: How long should it take to check out the web stuff?01:52
nashI did a darcs pull --partial and after the initial comment.. nothing has happened.01:52
llnzonly do --partial, and it's takes quite a while, and uses much memory01:53
llnzget --partial (normally)01:53
nashdarcs get --partial
tpbTitle: Thousand Parsec : News (at
nashIs that right?01:56
nashBloody slow01:56
* nash grumbles about using a fast revision control system...01:56
nashThis is as bad as arch01:57
nashAnd the reason I stopped using that was it was too bloody slow01:57
llnzdarcs isn't too bad on normal source01:57
llnzbut goes badly on binaries01:57
nashLot of binaries in web?01:58
llnzyes, the downloads and screen shots01:59
nashblerg :-(01:59
llnzdarcs will get faster for them in future02:03
CIA-17Lee Begg <[email protected]> * tpserver-cpp/tpserver/orderqueueobjectparam.cpp : Fixed missing classname/scope02:03
nashNow copying patch 7 of 11102:05
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CIA-17Lee Begg <[email protected]> * tpserver-cpp/tpserver/ (18 files):02:29
CIA-17Converted ObjectData and OwnedObject to use ObjectParameters:02:29
CIA-17 Was fairly easy, now to start converting the rulesets, then IGObject, and PlayerAgent.02:29
nashllnz: Well to be frank... I think darcs is a useless revision control system - it can't do it's primary purpose02:33
nashChecking out that code, it just tripped 2Gb of ram usage and got killed by the kernels out of memory killer02:33
nashThat is useless02:33
llnzdarcs wasn't designed to have many binaries in it02:34
Epyonnash, wasn't it you who advertised darcs so much to me? :PPPP02:34
llnzit works well for text and code though02:34
nashEpyon: Nope, I would have said git02:34
llnzand it has some features i haven't seen anywhere else02:34
nashllnz: I understand not handling well - but not handling at all is a different case02:34
nashllnz: Aside from a slightly different commit model.. I don't know anything darcs can do that git can't02:35
llnznash: send me the yes/no/partial and i'll update the matrix02:35
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nashllnz: Sent02:42
EpyonG'night all!02:45
llnznash: are you using a protocol library?02:50
nashNot yet, it's integrated into the client02:52
nashmithro wants me to pull it out... and I will at some point02:53
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nashecore takes care of the bulk of message sending02:53
CIA-17Lee Begg <[email protected]> * web/documents/ (21 files): Added tpe features03:02
mithrollnz: can you tag+checkpoint+optomise the web repository03:02
llnzjust about to03:02
tpb<> (at
nashllnz: Cool03:10
nashI'll have to aim to fll out some more green boxes03:10
llnzthe next time demo1 is restarted, it should have between 10 and fourty random systems with a planet each03:17
nashSweet - cool03:18
nashMaybe a few more planets each?03:18
llnzi'll think about it03:18
CIA-17Lee Begg <[email protected]> * tpserver-cpp/tpserver/ (objectdata.cpp objectdata.h objectdata.h):03:24
CIA-17Added nametype and typedesc strings and pack them into ObjectDesc Frame:03:24
CIA-17 Had forgotten about these.03:24
CIA-17Lee Begg <[email protected]> * tpserver-cpp/tpserver/objectparameter.h : Fixed header protection for objectparameter.h03:24
CIA-17Lee Begg <[email protected]> * tpserver-cpp/tpserver/ (10 files):03:29
CIA-17Converted Universe to ObjectParameters:03:29
CIA-17 Looking easy enough.03:29
llnzbbl hopefully03:37
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jotham <-- friend made a scout for tp04:03
tpbTitle: Imagebin - A place to slap up your images. (at
mithrojotham: intresting04:04
mithrohow goes the battleviewer?04:04
jothamok, teaching myself elementtree at the moment04:05
jothamhows your project04:05
* jotham just put a loaf of bread in the oven04:06
jothamnever made beer bread before04:06
jothambut had no yeast so figured it was worth a go04:06
mithrojotham: unleaven bread can be quite nice04:07
jothamyeah for my birthday on friday we went to a turkish place04:07
jothamuhm, not like kebabs heh04:07
jothamwe had a lot of unleaven breads and dips etc04:07
jothamwas good04:08
* mithro likes turkish food :P04:11
jothamyeah it's good04:12
jothami paid for dinner for 12, and cocktails before hand04:12
jothamwas expensive04:12
jothambut worth it04:12
jothamtoo many of my friends are poor students04:12
nashback shortly04:17
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tpbTitle: Imagebin - A place to slap up your images. (at
jothamhe's pretty out there =)07:57
llnzwow, nice08:02
jothamyeah it's cool08:05
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mithrojotham: you think you could convince him to do a whole "line" of ships?08:08
jothamhe wants to know what sizes/classes/types he needs to do08:15
* llnz wanders off08:17
llnzlater all08:17
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mithrojotham: well, at the moment we don't really have that list - however a good start would be08:19
mithroScout, Midside Armed Ship (Frigate/Destroyer), Large Armed Ship (Battleship/Dreagnaught), Freighter, Space Station08:21
mithroand of course to use them, they would need to be released under the GPL08:21
mithrowith source if possible08:22
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tpbTitle: Imagebin - A place to slap up your images. (at
tpbTitle: Imagebin - A place to slap up your images. (at
tpbTitle: Imagebin - A place to slap up your images. (at
mithrojotham: cool11:24
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nashjotham: Like the ships.11:38
nashRemind me a bit of shadow+vorlon combined11:38
* nash is off to bed... night all12:20
* Epyon lost his job it seems :>13:40
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jothamEpyon: as i understand it the more racial ship graphics the better =)20:15
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Epyonjotham, racial?>22:53
jothamEpyon: you know, like star trek has races22:53
EpyonBut that's what I told, seems I lost a job :P22:54
jothamyou were?23:04
jothami don't know about such things23:04
EpyonNah, I was doing it just for fun :P23:13
EpyonBut more "traditional" designs23:13
jothamyes sir23:13
Epyonyou've seen them right?23:15
jothamyes sir23:16
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Epyonnash :)23:28
nashheyo Epyon23:28
nashHow is life?23:28
Epyonbearable :P23:29
EpyonJust finished writing a 3d math library, now I'm relaxing ^^23:29
EpyonI hope on starting seriouswork on my new game before GSoC starts.23:30
nashOkay - Roguelike or TP Ruleset game?23:31
EpyonNeither xD23:32
EpyonI had this one planned for a time now.23:32
EpyonBasicaly an elite clone, but with a "topdown" galaxy view and combat being tactical (you can pause any time and give orders)23:33
EpyonWith random overplot and galaxy generation.23:33
nashI assume you've seen the net trek  and similar top down games23:33
EpyonHmm, more like Star Control or Wierd Tales in terms of control.23:34
EpyonWith combat like Star Wars: Empire at War but more detailed/tactical.23:35
EpyonYet I don't drop the idea of that TP ruleset.23:37
EpyonAlthough it will have to wait until I polish up my C skillz.23:37
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