Tuesday, 2007-04-10

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nashEpyon: The entire C grammer is 2 pages.  It's one of the easiest programming languages on the planet...00:35
nashC++ on the other hand...00:36
* Epyon always confuses = with == in C :P00:36
jothami find C++ quicker to bash code out with but when something goes wrong it's a lot more of an issue than C00:36
Epyoni find Pascal a lot more neat and error-shielded :P00:37
Epyonstatic typing for the win :P00:37
jothamnever learned pascal00:37
Epyonjotham, yeah it's more of a legacy language with a topnotch compiler now :(00:37
EpyonToo bad the libs of TP are not procedural, I could link to them from pascal then :/00:38
nashEpyon: Read your compiler warnings00:38
nash== in the wrong place is "statement with no effect"00:39
nash= is 'suggest paranthesis around assignment as truth operator'00:39
nash(in gcc and similar anyway)00:39
Epyonnash, I mess it up the other way :P "if (z = 0) { ... }00:39
nashHence it is the second warning00:39
EpyonAnd I really miss static typing in C :/00:40
Epyonbtw, nash, any luck on convincing Google for more slots?00:42
nashNot yet.  But both Chris and Leslie know about it (I spoke to Chris on the weekend).  So touch wood00:43
jothami'm asking my friend at google (in charge of macintosh google desktop) about it, in the most non-complaining of terms00:43
jothamnot about getting us more slots, just about the process00:44
jothamdunno how much you guys already know00:44
nashWell if we can find more info about the process it woudl be great, it just seems so arbitrary00:45
EpyonWasn't details posted on the mentor list?00:50
jothamseems pretty fudgy and ambiguous Epyon00:51
jothampersonally i suspect it's biased by 'how much does this give google kudos, and how much does google stand to gain by improving this software'00:52
nashPerceived size/importance of the project may be a factor00:53
nashAfter all freebsd isn't a big help to google, nor are both KDE and GNOME, but they were both quite well allocated00:53
nash(And to be fair, probably got a lot of quality submissions)00:54
nashI wouldn't be surprised if they didn't look at students at all, and just allocated how many they felt was about right00:54
EpyonWell AFAIK you got more submissions than BZF but recieved less slots, so my guess is that submission count is irrevelant00:57
nashEpyon: Yes, or at least low priority00:59
nashObviously bzflag is a higher priority project00:59
nashScummVM really worked out well - which surprises me - I would have thought google may be hands off the legally iffy ones01:04
jothamscummvm is legally iffy?01:04
jothami thought content maybe? but not the engine?01:04
jothamwierd that they think a point and click adventure game engine has value01:05
jothamindy foa was one of my favorite games01:06
nashReverse engineering anything is always legally iffy.  Especially in the US these days01:07
nashContent itself is also quite iffy, depending on licence conditions (even if you legally own a copy of the game, you may have an issue as it may not be licenced to run in anything but the engine they supply).  Ala windows and qemu01:08
jothamyeah that's a good point - so i wonder what the deal is01:11
nashIt is probably fine, but I still would have thought it's the sort of project to stay a step away from (once people get paid to develop a possibly infringing application you open a new can of worms)01:13
Epyonhow many apps did scumm get?01:14
nash7 I think01:17
jothamafter a look around01:20
jothammaybe it's that we lack a graphic dsigner =D01:20
nashCould be...01:24
nashActually the TP website is quite good as far as open source projects go01:24
nashIt has a lot of information, not too hard to navigate01:25
jothami agree01:25
Epyonnash, but it lacks Web 2.0 candy xD01:27
nashEpyon: Feel free to add...01:27
EpyonAnd some upping in terms of visual design would also be nice :/01:27
nashpatches accepted in major formated accepted01:27
EpyonNah, I don't know javascript, niphree does :/01:27
nashEpyon: True...01:27
nashWell she is more then welcome to propose some updates.01:28
nashThe format is quite include happy, so a lot of format/appearance can be changed without screwing up content01:32
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nashheyo mithro02:58
jothamhey mithro02:58
cherez'lo mithro02:59
* cherez follows the crowd03:00
jothamaww yeah, ego cult03:00
cherezalmost the 10th...03:01
cherezglad I'm not a mentor03:01
nashcherez: I don;'t know cherez... it could be worse... could be a student...03:03
cherezwe get less pressure at least03:05
cherezyou guys get to disappoint a lot of people03:11
nashOh yeah... so looking forward to that :-/03:17
nashWhat is annoying is there is nothing we can do about... aside from possibly insulting lots of people until we only have two interested people left...03:18
nashcherez: You smell of elderburies, who couldn't code your way out of a damp paper bag in a snow storm03:18
nash1 down... 48 to go03:18
cherezonly 2 interested people left?03:19
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nashcherez: read the whole comment again...03:19
* cherez needs sleep03:20
cherezthat's a choice03:20
cherezlay it on thick03:20
jothamDreams in the Witch House is a great story FYI03:20
nashAnywya - I'm off to lunch...03:21
nashtalk to you all in an hour or so03:21
cherezsee ya03:21
llnzhi all03:22
nashhey llnz -03:22
* nash really goes to lunch now03:22
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cherez'lo, llnz03:31
llnzhi cherez03:31
cherezalmost the 10th...03:33
llnzyeah, well it is the 10th here03:35
cherezwell, 3 hours until it is for google03:38
CIA-17Lee Begg <[email protected]> * tpserver-cpp/modules/games/minisec/ (13 files): Minisec Planet now has ObjectParameters03:52
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llnzoh well04:19
* llnz wanders off04:19
llnzlater all04:19
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nashAnyway... so anything interesting anyone?04:49
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nashheyo mithro05:52
* nash tries again05:52
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mithrohowdy people08:22
*** mithro changes topic to "Google SoC (results 10th April - Pacific) - http://www.thousandparsec.net/tp/google-summer-of-code-2007.php || Logs - http://www.thousandparsec.net/~irc/logs/ || metaserver - metaserver.thousandparsec.net || 2007-02-26, TP ranked 126th on SF"08:23
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mithrohey nash08:52
mithronash: batcave?09:15
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mithronash: ping?11:36
nashmithro: Yes?11:51
mithronash: bat cave?11:51
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sijmenGoogle site sais April 11, while topic sais April 10. Are the results published early on the tp site?12:24
nashsijmen: We'll post when we know12:25
nashThe different dates are for slightly different things12:25
nashWe should know what we have then.  Official publication is on googles site when they wish.12:25
sijmenah okay12:26
nashsijmen: But don't hold us to it... we are relying on google for those dates/times12:27
*** mithro changes topic to "Google SoC (results 11th April - Pacific) - http://www.thousandparsec.net/tp/google-summer-of-code-2007.php || Logs - http://www.thousandparsec.net/~irc/logs/ || metaserver - metaserver.thousandparsec.net || 2007-02-26, TP ranked 126th on SF"12:28
nashsijmen: Also depends on time zone - google and us are essentially a day apart12:29
* nash notes my story was better12:30
sijmenwhere is us?12:30
nashAustralia (mithro, myself) and New Zealand (llnz)12:31
mithrojotham: is in NZ too12:32
* mithro pokes jotham 12:34
* nash hands mithro his +12 cattle-prod of waking up jotham 12:36
* sijmen notes to self: epic fleets do not drop in instances12:39
nashsijmen: You should be writing TP code, nto playing WOW12:51
sijmenI'm currently writing tile editor code :(12:53
nashMy apologies then...12:54
nashSo time for me to go to bed.12:54
* mithro heads to bed too12:54
* sijmen waves goodbye12:55
nashsijmen: Have a good one!12:55
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sijmenwelcome back :+13:03
* jotham dusts off charred prodded clothing13:09
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sijmensometimes it's just like if Microsoft is asking developers to please make inconsistent user interfaces14:51
sijmenThey've introduced a new menu bar control for .NET 2.0, but it doesn't render correctly in Vista14:52
sijmenBut you have to use it for the context menus of some new controls.. pretty weird14:52
MihailBalanall that new .NET is pretty crappy stuff15:00
MihailBalanthe technology is very OK15:00
MihailBalanbut wtf, too many times they put marketing before R&D :-s15:01
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cherezresults are tomorrow?16:30
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sijmen /me wants tabular switch statement19:27
* sijmen wants tabular switch statement19:27
nashWe seem to have an extra slot so far ;-)20:42
cherezan extra slot?20:49
cherezI think I know a few people you could give that to20:49
nashcherez: We know lots of people to give it to unfortunately21:30
nashStill, most of the work on the project so far has been done without SoC slots...21:32
cherezso you've decided whom to give one of the slots to?21:38
nashWe think so, not set in stone at this point.21:41
nashWe still need to go over it again.  We've been shuffling at the edges a bit.21:41
mithrothere is always a faint hope that some other org will have to many slots :P21:45
nashWell I've been praying for lightning...21:45
mithroFedora seems to have students without mentor's above their line21:46
nashDear Google, Can we have fedora's non-mentored students.  Kthxbye.21:48
sijmenthe Kthxbye did it :P22:04
nashPersonal... and cliched ;-)22:06
sijmenBe wary of the dark side22:32
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mithroEpyon: ping?23:08
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mithromorning clayasaurus23:32
clayasaurushey mithro23:33
* clayasaurus is anxious23:33
clayasaurusfor tomorrow23:33
cherez /me is too23:48
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