Sunday, 2007-04-08

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EpyonWoah, very empty here today :|00:05
nashA few months ago mithro was happy it hit 900:06
EpyonIt's still more than on #doomrl on quakenet :P00:07
nashThere is a doom rogue like channel?  Why?00:07
nashYou need to get it added to the roguelike screenshot gallery ;-)00:07
nashOr maybe jsut a 7 day rogue like entry00:07
EpyonDoomRL, havn't you heard about it? :P00:09
Epyonroguelike screenshot gallery? whatisit?00:09
nashI know about your doom rl00:10
nashgive me a second00:10
EpyonSometimes even it's crowded there xD00:10
tpbTitle: Angband at - The Screenshots Gallery (at
EpyonNah, those take just Angband variant screenshots :P00:11
nashdid you try?00:14
EpyonNope, but I think it would be rude :P00:14
nashStill a 7DRL section would be cool00:24
nashHmm... people need bigger maps on their servers...00:26
nash tp://
nashhas a total of 2 systems + player homeworls00:27
nashEpyon: So do you have that galaxy image for me yet?00:49
Epyonsorry, I just remembered that :(00:56
Epyon(before you mentioned it)00:56
nashI only remembered it because there is a bug because of it ;-)00:57
nashBecause the image is missing my code bails out of the function, which sets it up00:57
EpyonCan't you set up a black image so it doesnt? :P00:58
nashI'll just wait until I have artwork...00:58
Epyontoday Im too tired tough :/00:59
Epyonif you'd remind me via GTalk tommorow it would rely help00:59
nashIf I remember... I shal00:59
nashThe bug however is fixed.01:00
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llnzhi all09:01
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llnz2grrr... adsl09:50
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* llnz ponders10:11
CIA-17Lee Begg <[email protected]> * tpserver-cpp/tpserver/ (10 files):10:20
CIA-17Added position 3d and velocity object parameters:10:20
CIA-17 Resonably straight forward.10:20
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llnzhi sijmen10:37
CIA-17Lee Begg <[email protected]> * tpserver-cpp/tpserver/ (11 files):10:37
CIA-17Added size and integer object parameters:10:37
CIA-17 This is now enough for the Universe, Galaxy and star systems in Minisec.10:37
sijmenhey llnz10:39
CIA-17Lee Begg <[email protected]> * tpserver-cpp/tpserver/ : Removed incorrect noinst header from tpserver/Makefile.am10:41
CIA-17Lee Begg <[email protected]> * tpserver-cpp/tpserver/ (6 files):10:58
CIA-17Added Reference Object Parameter:10:58
CIA-17 Used for holding the owner's player id.10:58
CIA-17Lee Begg <[email protected]> * tpserver-cpp/tpserver/ (11 files):11:32
CIA-17Added RefQuantityList and ResourceList object parameters, and fixed spelling on Quantity in object parameter type enum:11:32
CIA-17 Only need to do Order Queue object parameter to make Minisec.11:32
llnzwhich i will do tomorrow11:35
* llnz wanders off11:35
llnzlater all11:35
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* nash waves12:09
* nash heads to bed12:43
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clayasaurusmithro / nash : know when you'll know who's in?17:13
mithroclayasaurus: same time as everyone else17:13
clayasaurusmithro: know how many slots you have yet?17:14
clayasaurusor is that the same too...17:15
mithroclayasaurus: still up in the air17:16
* DystopicFro throws in his two cents by shaking his fist impotently at the injustice of TP being undervalued17:19
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Epyonnash ?18:10
Epyonnash, you're here?18:10
EpyonI got that galaxy you were asking.18:55
EpyonIsn't too good, but at least as a placeholder.18:56
cherezseems he's missing19:02
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cherezthis channel has just died since SoC applications ended...21:44
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nashI'm here now22:10
nashEpyon: You were asking for me at 4am...22:10
nashcherez: You are unfortunately correct :-/22:10
nashHopefully people will start working on things anyway...22:11
* nash has worked on some stuff, llnz has done heaps22:11
nashanyway - breakfast - back soon22:13
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cherezI hope at least a few SoCers stay here23:01
cherezhopefully some who aren't chosen as well23:01
nashIndeed... No matter what, will you?23:14
cherezI intend to23:16
nashGood to know23:16
nashare you working on anything (aside from your SoC project)?23:16
cherezpresently, or over the summer?23:16
cherezmostly schoolwork23:19
cherezdid some work on some game I play around with yesterday23:20
nashYou applied for web client or pyogre?23:20
cherezone I'm coding that is, not trying to pass off playing games as work :P23:20
nashHave you seen llnz's doc on writing a ruleset for tpserver-cpp?23:21
* nash *smack*ed /me for forgetting 23:22
cherezno, I haven't23:26
cherezI was planning to write it for tpserver-py first, since Python is much easier for rapid prototyping23:27
nashThat's cool23:29
nashHave you started at all?23:29
cherezI'm studying the Python server still23:31
nashBah - dive in at the deep end ;-)23:31
cherezMithro mentioned there's a bug in turn generation since it switched to SQLAlchemy23:32
cherezI was hoping to fix that first23:32
cherezseemed like a good bug to fix and a decent stepping stone23:33
nashWell if you want a couple of test clients.. I have a couple of AIs that need practice ;-)23:33
nashCould be.  If you work it out you'll have a good idea, could be subtle and annoying however... so don't bang your head too long23:33
nashSo have you started looking?23:34
cherezI've browsed some, I was hoping to do it at a time with Mithro is on so I can ask questions23:35
nashHe'll prob be around later today... Else I may be able to render some assistance.23:35
cherezbut I have 4 tests next week, and my professors decided it was a good time to lay down huge packets due tomorrow23:35
nashFair enough23:36
cherezdoing a 17 page packet right now23:36
* cherez twitches23:36
cherez17 pages  of homework23:36
cherezgot it 2 days ago, it's due tomorrow morning23:36
cherezI do believe that professor is insane23:43
cherezoh well, after wednesday things should lighten up23:43
chereztoo bad SoC results are tuesday :(23:44
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nashI am here23:52
nashAlthough I'll be going for a little while soon23:52
nashHave a shower and such stuff23:52
EpyonI made that galaxy, but it isn't too good :/23:52
nashWell my galaxy is currently a 64x64 png opf the text "galaxy"23:53
nashSo it couldn;'t be worse23:53
cherezthat's pretty darn good I say23:54
cherezhow'd you make that?23:54
nashSimple, but it works23:55
EpyonJust using tablet + swirl modifier + noise and levels23:55
cherezI'll have to see if I can GIMP something like that up23:56
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nashShould be able to.23:58
nashThe hard part is working out how to do it, not so much the tool23:58
cherezya, that's how it usually is23:58

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