Saturday, 2007-04-07

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Epyonnash, you left me confused? :|00:01
Epyon"<nash> Epyon: Well based on prelim... Hope you like bzflag :-/"00:01
EpyonIs the slotcount very low?00:02
nashEpyon: Our preliminary slot count is a lot smaller then we had hoped00:02
EpyonHow much?00:02
nashIt could be worse to be far00:02
EpyonI guess it's not a secret?00:02
Epyon(at least BZF is open about it)00:02
nashWell I'm sure mithro will be asking google about it...00:03
nashBut at the moment it is '2'00:03
EpyonThat's ridiculous!00:03
llnzit's very disapointing00:03
EpyonI thought like 4 was the "reasonability minimum" :/00:04
nashYeah... hence why I wasn't sure what was going on.00:05
EpyonAt least for me that clears the conflict problem :/00:06
nashEpyon: Pretty much00:06
* Epyon is glad now he applied to BZF00:06
EpyonYet my graphics skills are still at your disposal if needed.00:07
nashEpyon: Graphics skills are always needed ;-)00:07
nashAnd any work on the procedural generation would be fantastic00:08
EpyonThat one is unfortunately non-trivial :|00:08
nashBut can you get it to count as masters work? ;-)00:09
EpyonI might however think about that EliteSec.00:09
Epyonnash, I've got plenty of generation to do for BZF now :P00:09
nashThat would still be cool - have you seen llnz's doc on writing rulesets00:09
nashEpyon: d'oh00:09
CIA-17Lee Begg <[email protected]> * tpserver-cpp/tpserver/ (9 files):00:11
CIA-17Added GetGameInfo frame handling:00:11
CIA-17 It's not quite complete. To return the correct results currently the metaserver_fake_ip and metaserver_fake_dns00:11
CIA-17 have to be set correct.00:11
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CIA-17Lee Begg <[email protected]> * tpserver-cpp/ (sample.conf tpserver/game.cpp):00:23
CIA-17Fixed the default base media url, and added setting to sample.conf:00:23
CIA-17 Forgot to add the documentation before, and had forgot to actually check the default.00:23
nashllnz:  so there is an official protocol for getting media now?00:25
llnzyes, in tp04 there is00:26
llnzGameInfo frame provides base url00:27
llnzand there will be an object parameter for media00:27
llnzwhich provides either a relative to the base url, or an absolute url00:28
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llnzTBBle: do you connect using ipv6?00:30
nashllnz: I meant implemented in the server...00:30
llnznot yet00:30
llnzthe base url is there if you connect using tp04 and do a getGames frame00:30
llnzthe per-object media parameter isn't defined yet00:31
nashdouble d'oh00:31
nashOnce it is... shall be adding support in my client00:31
llnzafter lunch, i will be starting on ObjectParameters so it shouldn't be too long after that00:32
llnza big snag is how to associate an object with a particular media00:32
llnzhow to tell the server what media belongs to an object00:32
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nashisn't that a ruleset issue?00:33
llnzyes, but still, how does it do it?00:34
nashWhen it adds an object to the universe, can;t it just say "and use this media"00:35
nashAnd provide an API for it to get details about the available media00:35
TBBlellnz: Yes.00:35
llnzTBBle: cool00:35
nashMay need to design a meta protocol about waht each media item is00:35
llnzTBBle: tpserver-cpp supports ipv600:35
TBBleGlad to hear it. ^_^00:36
llnznash: yeah00:36
llnzwill have to think about it00:36
Epyonnash, where can I find that ruleset doc?00:36
llnzEpyon: i can email it to you00:37
nashllnz: I was jsut about to ask that ;-)00:37
llnzas a sneek peek00:37
Epyonadmin at plz :)00:37
nashBTW: Epyon; did you see my updated client shots?00:38
EpyonI've seen some, but I don't know if those were the updated ones.00:38
nashPosted yesterday - with the message view00:39
EpyonNope, havn't seen those.00:39
EpyonThey're on the forum?00:39
nashLast screenshot listed00:39
EpyonWeee, that looks cool :D00:40
EpyonWhere did you get the "skin" from?00:40
nashMy wife ;-)00:40
nashIntegrating a bit more of her stuff now00:41
nashEpyon: Also something you can't see from the screenshot is mouse overs.00:41
nashThe objects popup their name on mouse overs.00:41
CIA-17Lee Begg <[email protected]> * documents/protocol/protocol.xml :00:41
CIA-17Added Media ObjectParameter:00:41
CIA-17 Draft and subject to change.00:41
nashClicking opens the object info window00:41
nashIn the process of fixing hte object window now00:42
EpyonBTW, the title bar text is a little unreadable because of the white in the title bar skin00:42
EpyonMaybe darken the bar, or change title color.00:42
nashEpyon: Yeah.. there are a few other tweaks as well.00:42
Epyon(teal for the title would work fine I think...00:43
nashIt's not set in stone, and since it is themeable....00:43
* llnz goes to have lunch00:43
nashEpyon: I basically want to get the complete art set in, then I'll do the final tweaking00:45
Epyonllnz, pretty empty the guide, but I guess that'll change :)00:46
Epyonllnz, what is badly needed is a compilation guide for modules00:46
nashEpyon: I believe it first came into existance yesterdat00:46
nashI'd email that request too ;-)00:47
Epyonnash, what art do you need still to be complete?00:47
EpyonI'll email once I read it more thoroughly00:47
nashOrder window is the next one00:47
* Epyon really hopes nash will force someone to do a windows build of that client.00:48
nashSo do I00:48
nashAnd hopefully someone will do a new theme for it ;-)00:48
nashEpyon: You could always try yourseld00:50
nashI know autoconf works for evas00:50
nashClient itself should be easy00:50
nashEpyon: Actually I'd be happy for anyone else to start hacking on it ;-)00:52
EpyonI need a C/C++ warmup, my skillz are realy cold now :|00:55
nashwell tpe is pure C00:56
EpyonAlso, as for the moment I don't have any C/C++ environment set up.00:56
EpyonAnd I don't intend to set one up before my new box arrives :D00:56
Epyon3h after midnight. Beer time.00:57
nashsorry- I read that as bed time00:58
EpyonNah, I usualy go to bed 5 in the mornin'00:58
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nashWow, FreeBSD and Mono got 25 slots each01:08
Epyonnash, is that list official?01:09
EpyonSomewhere to be seen?01:09
nashMailing list post to soc-announce01:09
cherezhow many did TP get?01:13
Epyon2 :(01:14
Epyonnash, is soc-announce mentor only?01:15
nashI don't think so01:15
EpyonCould you forward me that list then?01:15
nashjust to, login and there is a group search - click that01:16
EpyonYeah, I see it01:16
* llnz is back01:19
llnznash: do you have an account on
nashllnz: I don;t believe so01:20
* llnz was just thinking01:20
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Epyon<Epyon> llnz, pretty empty the guide, but I guess that'll change :)01:24
Epyon<Epyon> llnz, what is badly needed is a compilation guide for modules01:24
llnzi saw01:25
EpyonBecause I still don't understand what making a module means :)01:26
EpyonYet I'm quite a newb in terms of C/C++ compilation process.01:26
llnzit will get explained01:26
* Epyon thinks that C/C++ is way behind Pascal in this regard.01:26
EpyonGood :)01:28
EpyonIf you do it, and I may give a shot at EliteSec after all :]01:28
llnzcool :-)01:28
nashEpyon: Please do... save me having to design my own ;-)01:28
nashAnd I'd rather work on my client for now ;-)01:28
Epyonnash, I'd be glad to coop on taht with you ;]01:29
nashEpyon: Also could be cool01:29
EpyonStill, I can't say much on my free time for the next couple of months. I have a masters to write and a job to finish, and a community to keep intersted :/01:29
* llnz has is master's thesis to finish by the end of the month01:30
EpyonWhat's your thesis about, llnz?01:32
llnzHigh Quality Video streaming using SCTP over CDMA200001:32
MihailBalansweeet :)01:33
nashWhat is SCTP?01:34
llnzStream Control Transfer Protocol, the third general purpose transport layer standardised by the IETF01:35
llnz(after udp and tcp)01:35
* Epyon wants his new box already so he can start working on 3D again ;(01:35
nashI should know that one01:35
llnzthere is a fourth now, DCCP, datagram congestion control protocol01:35
nashknow DCCP01:36
nashIs UDP-Lite approved by IETF?01:36
llnzdon't know, maybe not01:40
nashHmm... need a galaxy place holder image02:02
Epyonnash, gimme a reference, and I'll cook something up.02:03
nashJust an image to represent a galaxy02:05
nashProbably a spiral arm galaxy02:05
nashIs that enough reference?02:06
nashEpyon: ?02:07
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Epyonnash, I'll do something like that tommorow02:25
nashAnyway, I'm going to get some lunch... and hopefully not get too wet in the process02:27
Epyonnash, target resolution?02:27
CIA-17Lee Begg <[email protected]> * tpserver-cpp/tpserver/ (6 files): Added ObjectParameter base class02:31
nashEpyon: I'm using 64x64 for currently02:33
* nash will wait a while... see if the rain stops02:33
nashEpyon: Starting to do a design doc for my ruleset...02:39
nashHave you got git there?02:39
nashgit revision control - so I can give you the URL where I am storeing the documetn03:00
EpyonNah, never used that :/03:06
nashOkay - very very prelim draft... Not even finished first version of draft of ideas yet:03:09
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nashAnywya - lunch now03:18
nashtalk to you shorlty03:18
CIA-17Lee Begg <[email protected]> * tpserver-cpp/tpserver/ (6 files):03:23
CIA-17Added ObjectParameterGroup class:03:23
CIA-17 Just have to add the parameter types, and change ObjectData, etc to work with them.03:23
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nashnight even03:42
* llnz wanders off03:52
llnzlater all, might be back later03:52
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nashback in a whle05:10
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nashmithro: You have mail12:05
* mithro pokes his email server12:06
nashAywya - back in an hour or so12:07
mithronash: okay12:07
nashGoing to watch the last episode of "a romance of three kingdoms"12:07
mithronash: any good?12:09
EpyonG'mooorning #tp xD14:05
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mithroEpyon: depends what you mean by good :P17:32
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cherez2 slots?17:54
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