Wednesday, 2007-02-14

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mithroJLP: ping?07:31
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JLPmorning all09:41
JLPmithro: pong09:41
JLPmithro: google ads ?09:43
mithrojust seeing if they have any effect09:43
llnzmithro: i am nickserv registered here, could you add me to the ops, or people who can change the topic please?09:43
JLPah so that's why all the strange googlesyndication referers are all about09:43
mithrollnz: i thought I had?09:44
*** llnz changes topic to "AI Programming Competition in progress - | libtprl release made the front page of Sourceforge"09:44
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llnz [Notice] -ChanServ- An access level of [10] is required for [OP] on #tp09:45
mithrodo you know how to use ChanServ?09:46
llnzsome what09:47
mithro /msg chanserv help isn't returning anything09:47
llnzneed correct capitals09:47
llnztry /msg ChanServ help09:48
mithronope, nothing09:48
llnzcheck your server tab09:48
mithrohrm weird09:48
mithronickserv is returning information09:49
mithro[20:22] -ChanServ- [llnz] has been added to the access list for #tp with level [29]09:50
*** llnz changes topic to "AI Programming Competition in progress - | libtprl release made the front page of Sourceforge"09:50
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mithroJLP: do you want access too?09:55
mithroseeing as your around when we are not often09:56
JLPmithro: yeah, i guess it wouldn't hurt09:56
mithroJLP: so what do you think of ads? do you think of better working and stuff09:56
mithroJLP: done09:56
mithroJLP: seeing you seem to be out promotion manager ;)09:57
mithrohey jotham10:09
JLPmithro: i think they are ok10:10
JLPmithro: how much does this cost anyway?10:10
mithro~$AUD 0.07 per click10:10
tpbDunno, mithro.10:10
JLPmithro: and where can one see this in action?10:11
CIA-11[email protected] * battleviewer/tests/ : changed laser color on test10:12
jothamso check out that line drawing algo10:12
jothami'll put it into the actual battleviewer tomorrow10:12
jothamit's pretty slow, but it's not designed to be rerendered every frame, just once, then i can apply alpha effects to it or colorcycle it to create some low-cpu animation goodness10:13
llnzJLP: try searching for the key words10:13
jothambut least i have a 'blurry gradiented line' thing working10:13
llnzlike "oss space empire game"10:13
mithroi think it's over budget for today ($1.00 per day)10:14
mithroso you won't see it any more10:14
jothamanyway nothing happend today because it was valentines10:19
JLPmithro: a so that's why i don't see anything10:19
mithrojotham: thats acceptable10:19
jothamand i'd still like to figure out gaussian blur at some stage so i could use a polygon instead of a line and create a nice difusion as the radius increases10:20
jothambut i need to haras a mathematician10:20
jothamdid you see that laser test?10:21
jothamit eats 50% of my 2.2 ghz, but like i said, it's not meant to redraw as often as it is10:21
jothamneed to figure out some kind of gradient format too, since the lasers going from color -> white is dumb, needs to be any set, so you can have copper toned lasers etc10:24
tpb<> (at
mithrojotham: what ever you think is best - try to keep a "lite" python only version of things10:28
mithroJLP: seen it now?10:30
jothamyeah it's all pure python, i was just trying to explain myself10:30
jothamif you guys get a mac port i can get it linked on the front page of pure-mac for a month or so, and she (the owner) gets a lot of hits10:31
JLPmithro: hm, not seeing anything but search results10:31
jothamjust as an idea for the future10:31
mithrojotham: we have a mac port with binaries :)10:31
jothamok, then i'll talk to pristine10:32
tpb<> (at
jothamspeaking of google, i got my homepage to show up on a single-word search now, made up word, but still if you google 'chronopedantic'10:32
mithroJLP: hrm... are you searching in english?10:32
jothamok i'll try out that client tomorrow on my mac10:33
mithroit's not as polished on Mac10:33
JLPmithro: ah now i see it, after a couple of refreshes10:33
mithroJLP: cool, i just set to all languages10:34
mithroJLP: now i just have to get the google guys to give us the adwords for free10:34
JLPmithro: yoeah i guess that is best since now google just switches to local language by default based on IP10:35
mithrohe he10:35
mithroDue to advertising regulations and laws of the People's Republic of China, you may be asked to provide certificates and licenses if you are advertising certain categories of products in China.10:35
mithrowow, in one day google gave us 700 referrals10:37
mithroJLP: I met a bunch of google people at LCA and they said they may be able to give us some free adwords credits10:38
mithroJLP: you have email10:39
JLPmithro: great of them10:39
mithrobeing it a bit slow about it, so i thought i'd see if it was worth it10:41
mithrohrm 767 referrals @ $5.2510:49
mithro0.0068 cents per referral10:50
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llnzlater all11:07
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mithroJLP: ping?11:15
mithroJLP: you get the adwords invite?11:17
JLPmithro: let me check the inbox11:18
JLPmithro: nothing in inbox11:19
mithroi sent it to your gmail address you used for anyalitics11:19
JLPmithro: or maybe i'm looking into the wrong inbox11:19
JLPmithro: yeah there it is11:28
mithroJLP: can you login now11:33
JLPmithro: did already11:33
mithrocan you see the adds11:33
JLPmithro: i'm just looking around to see how to control this11:39
JLPmithro: maybe there could be additional group for galactic civilizations11:39
mithroi need to add a few more ad variations11:39
JLPand a few keyword with linux and mac os in it too11:41
JLPlike: 4x game linux/mac os11:41
JLPi think that keyword free is also quite popular11:42
mithrofeel free to add things as long as you don't change the campaign totals11:42
mithropopular keywords cost more :)11:42
JLPoh, didn't know that you also pay for every keyword11:42
mithroyou pay per click11:43
mithrobut to get ads shown you have to have a certain minimum cost per click11:43
JLPi'll realy need to chck out help and see how all this works11:43
mithroit works this way11:45
JLPand maybe fins some blogs/sites with tips for this11:45
mithroyou set a "maximum cost per click"11:45
mithromore money per click gets you better position, shown more often11:45
mithrobut you only pay when somebody clicks the link (no matter how often it is shown)11:47
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