Tuesday, 2007-02-13

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nashjotham: Yeah, but remember that some people need/want you to be clear about it.   So it is best to have hte licence, and a statement of intent near the art so people can use it, and know they are safe.00:00
nashjotham: We all go through that stage ;-)00:01
jothamwhich stage00:01
nashThe "everyone should use my stuff, but not to make money" stage, or something similar.00:01
jothamyeah i've seen it a lot, but i find it alien00:02
jothamif they want to rip me off that's their business00:02
jothami have no problem finding work and getting paid00:02
* mithro doesn't like people using his code and claiming it as their own and not giving anything back to the community00:02
nashmithro: The last bit is a bit of debate, but  appropriate credit is a final point.  (CC-Attribution for instance)00:03
jothami used to write irc scripts when i was 15-16, i found that if i documented my code and commented that anyone could use it people were more inclined to give me credit in their own code and even ask me questions etc...ultimatly giving me a better position in the community than otherwise.  i think the alternative would have been them stealing my code and then feeling guilty so avoiding involving me, and ultimatly limiting their learning00:04
mithroalthough i've never written anything people have found worth stealing yet ;)00:04
jothamin the netherlands the police came and confiscated my computer equipment because my boss (paranoid dutch royalty/ coke head) was enforcing the IP rules of my contract and decided that he wanted everything i had created in my own time00:05
mithrojotham: that sound like it sucked00:06
jotham(my contract stated all software written in my own time also belonged to the company)00:06
jothamyeah well00:06
jothamthere are lots of retards out there00:06
mithrojotham: also sounds like it wouldn't be legal00:06
jothami don't know enough about dutch law00:06
jothamthe guy had a permit on his car that meant he could park anywhere00:06
jothamhe often parked in the middle of peoples lawns etc00:07
jothamahh the legacy of royal families =)00:07
mithroit's intresting, the Queen of England doesn't have a passport00:07
jothami wonder if that is because she is not technically a citizen00:08
nashmithro: I can't imagine she stands in teh same immigration queues we do...00:08
nashmithro: And besides... she can give herself one at anytime...00:09
tpbTitle: The Monarchy Today > Queen and public > Royal visits > Queen and passport (at www.royal.gov.uk)00:11
jothamright, so it's like a note from her00:12
jothamsaying 'let this dude through'00:12
jothamright, lunch time00:13
nashYeah.. .au passports are a note from the Governer General, being the rep of the Queen in AU00:13
jothamyeah same here in kiwistan00:13
mithrojotham: if you don't mind me asking, how old are you?00:14
mithrojotham: got 2 years on me :)00:15
jothamafter 25 it's just an endless drift to the inevitable breeding phase and then decay into death00:15
jothami am 27 soon00:15
jothambut i'm sick of my job and life so i think it's time to go travel again00:16
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jothambut i got a 9% raise on friday00:18
jothami don't think they want me to quit00:18
mithrohello tuna-fish-00:18
mithrojotham: whats inflation like in the kiwi land?00:18
jothamwe have to make a web game that is linked into bluetooth tamagotchi00:18
jothamso your real-world e-pet influences the virtual world00:19
mithrotuna-fish-: new here?00:19
jothamit's for 14 year old kids00:19
tuna-fish-not really, just very quiet00:19
mithrohe he, whats your main intrest?00:19
jothamit's 2% according to the radio00:19
jothambut who knows00:20
mithropeople always forget to take into account inflation when looking at their wages, if inflation is 2% then every year you are effectively getting a 2% pay-decrease00:21
jothamacording to the CPI it's about 2.5 since dec 200500:21
jothamyeah i was trying to tell my girlfriend that, that the company must give her a raise of at least what inflation is00:21
jothamproblem with trying to get a grip on inflation is it depends which price index you look at00:22
jothambut i guess consumer price index affects me the most00:22
mithroaustralia is somewhere around 3% according to the reserve bank of australia00:24
jothami really need to learn calculus, i keep bumping into things i can't do due to lack of calc00:25
jothamright now i need to make a rope swing in a simulation, and i need to figure out the spread of objects placed along a spiral00:26
jothamwonder if i can get work to pay for that00:26
mithrocalculus is a really handy tool - but I think you most probably want specifically differential equations00:26
jothami got a book on it and a physics for programmers book, and it looks like i need to learn differential equations00:26
mithrodiff equations are handy for all those spring based systems00:27
jothamyou are doing engineering and philosophy right?00:27
mithrojotham: yeah00:27
jothamee? or meche?00:27
mithrodiff equations are required for all Enginneering students - but it's been 2 years since I last did them :)00:27
jothammy ex gf was a meche but freaked out in her third year and is now doing philosophy00:27
mithroIT&T (in the EE deparment)00:28
mithrodiff equations are useful for circuits (IE inductors and capacitors)00:30
mithroand circuits with feedback00:30
jothammy boss is an EE00:44
nashEEs rock00:45
mithroI went the Eng route as they are considered better then a B.Maths(CompSci)00:45
mithroplus it gets me into all the Eng societies with their cheap professional indemity insurance00:46
jothami find EEs difficult to communicate with at times, though i know a lot of them, and they find me difficult too00:46
jothammostly i think traditional artists and EEs (not saying EE isn't an art!) look at shit very differently00:47
jothamnot saying anything bad about EEs...just aknowledging a divide00:47
* mithro isn't a real EE, his course is just in the EE deparment :)00:47
nashAs an EE, I agree.00:47
jothami don't really get on with designers either that being said00:48
jothamthey are more concerned with fashion than with art00:48
jothambut i also know a lot of them00:48
mithroThe EE deparment teaches three streams, EE (Electrical and Electronics), CS (Computer Systems) and IT&T (IT & Telecommunications)00:48
mithroand now they are doing also doing a SE - Software Engineering course with the CS deparement00:49
jothammy australian friend is doing SE somewhere01:20
mithrowell, off to lunch01:48
mithrojotham: cool on the laser test :P01:52
mithroand the damage test01:53
mithrocould you make a "tests" directory and move them in there? (darcs mv)01:53
jothamyeah i was wondering about that, but i had a problem01:54
jothamhow do i make python load a module in from a parent directory (i depend on the entitys.py file01:54
jothamjust add that to sys.path before the import eh01:54
jothamsys.path.append(sys.cwd+'../' or something01:54
jothamguess i should just shut up and try it :p01:54
mithrojotham: sys.path.append("..")02:11
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llnzoh wtf?06:03
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CIA-11Lee Begg <[email protected]> * tpserver-cpp/tpserver/metaserverpublisher.cpp :09:38
CIA-11When setting changes, call update instead of trying to do everything itself, and wrong:09:38
CIA-11 It wasn't reseting the timer. It's better to keep it all consistent and only have one implementation.09:38
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llnzmithro: btw, i am registered with nickserv, so i can be added to the chanserv oper list (or at least permision to change the topic)09:43
CIA-11Lee Begg <[email protected]> * tpserver-cpp/modules/games/minisec/ (8 files):09:44
CIA-11Better sizes of star systems in minisec:09:44
CIA-11 Should make the new starmap code of mithro's work a bit better, more visually clear.09:44
CIA-11 Should add more planets to the real ones, but makes too many colonisable planets for09:44
CIA-11 minisec. More complex rulesets could benefit from them though.09:44
* llnz changes his dyndns record to be current09:44
* llnz expects his adsl to disconnect because of it09:45
mithrollnz: your avahi output is wrong09:51
mithroTpserver-cpp [MiniSec]09:52
mithrothe name shouldn't have the brakets part?09:52
mithroit means that local and remote game isn't merged in the server browser output09:52
llnzthat reminds me of something09:53
llnzwe should have a "short name" for the bit after the @ in player login names09:53
llnzso it can be set to "tp" or "demo1" or whatever09:54
llnzwith the longer name for the human players09:54
mithroemail the list so I don't forget09:55
mithrobtw starsystem size is much better now09:55
llnzit only changes newly generated systems, not current (persisted) ones09:57
mithroI might have to use a multiplier on the planet sizes09:57
llnzi think we need to re-think the scale, maybe09:57
mithronew starmap zoomed out09:58
mithronotice the little blue dots?09:59
jothamjust did an accounting test for my gf10:02
jothamscrew that for a job10:02
CIA-11Lee Begg <[email protected]> * tpserver-cpp/tpserver/ (avahi.cpp avahi.cpp):10:08
CIA-11Removed square brackets and ruleset name from avahi service name:10:08
CIA-11 Apparently not a good idea, breaks merging of mdns-sd and metaserver games.10:08
CIA-11Lee Begg <[email protected]> * tpserver-cpp/README : Added instructions for setting up secure sockets10:40
llnzmithro: why doesn't the "Latest Developments:" section of the right side of the main page change?10:42
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CIA-11Lee Begg <[email protected]> * libtpproto-cpp/ (index.dox Doxyfile Makefile.am index.dox):11:25
CIA-11Added index.dox with the Short Intro emailed to tp-devel in late December 06:11:25
CIA-11 This should help people a bit. Will try to keep it up to date. Much of the documentation11:25
CIA-11 needs to be expanded.11:25
CIA-11[email protected] * battleviewer/ (14 files in 2 dirs): Cleaned up test files11:42
CIA-11[email protected] * battleviewer/ (29 files): More work on the laser drawing11:42
jothami need to sort out doing gaussian blurs, and right now the laser code uses a lot of cpu and is mostly crap because of a few things11:45
jothambut it's a start =)11:45
llnzhehe, that's all my code is, a start11:45
jothammatlab has a bunch of stuff that Numeric module is missing, whcih sucks11:45
jothamgaussian is trivial in matlab11:45
jothamahh well11:46
llnz26,000 lines of c++ start11:46
jothamthat's a good effort11:46
llnzsome parts of tpserver-cpp are starting to mature nicely though11:46
jothami have to refactor soon to add widgets11:47
jothambut i think right now mithro would prefer to see some tangable progress11:47
jothamyeah i need to have a look at the whole tp project, i haven't looked much, mostly just concerned myself with what i was tasked with =P11:48
llnzdon't get too hung up on tangable progress, refactoring is still good progress11:48
CIA-11[email protected] * battleviewer/tests/ (5 files): Little change to starfield11:53
jothamanyway i better get to bed, valentines day today and all11:53
llnzme too11:53
* llnz wanders off11:53
llnzlater all11:53
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