Thursday, 2007-02-15

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jothammithro ping?05:16
mithrojotham: pong05:16
jothamso there can be any number of fleets eh?05:16
jothamin a battle05:17
adhochi mithro05:27
adhocmithro: you're a postgrad right?05:28
mithroundergrad till middle of this year05:28
mithrojotham: anything else you need to know?05:30
jothamno sir05:30
mithroadhoc: any reason?05:46
adhocWould you be interested in participating in a workshop?05:50
adhocI am working on the Messaging and Collaboration Review.05:50
adhocI may have to find some more folks for the student session.05:51
mithrowhats is about?05:53
mithroI may be intrested05:53
adhocMessaging and Collaboration, means email and tools for sharing info05:54
adhoccoordinating proccesses etc05:54
adhocinstant messaging, wikis, blogs, web&video conferencing05:55
adhocthe idea is that we would like to put together a list05:55
mithrobut what about them? How to use them, etc?05:55
adhocof business requirements for each of the sectors of the uni05:55
mithroahh okay05:55
adhocthe tech selection comes later05:55
mithroie a workshop you "what you would like?"05:56
adhocrequirements gathering05:56
adhoctech selection comes later05:56
mithro(In terms of Messaging and Collaboration)05:56
mithroIE we want a place to do xyz05:56
adhocare you interested?05:57
mithrosure, why not05:57
mithrois there going to be a free lunch? :)05:57
adhocdon't know05:57
adhocits only two hours05:57
mithroadhoc: thats okay, just email time place and details05:58
adhocok cool05:59
* adhoc heads off to find other like folks =)05:59
adhocthanks mithro05:59
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jothammithro: ping?07:28
mithrojotham: pong07:28
jothamwell, when you read this: i just want to cache a surface to the file system so i don't have to rerender it all the time, is there a procedure i should follow for creating a cache file/directory/.dot file/temp folder file that you wish me to use07:29
jothamotherwise i don't mind avoiding it entirely, was just a thought07:29
mithroyou could use tempfile07:30
mithrois this a cache for different runs?07:30
jothamyeah, right now i am regenerating a static starfield graphic (for the background) every run07:30
jothambut there is no need to regen it every time atm07:31
mithroi would put it in ~/.tp/battleviewer07:33
mithrodef configpath():07:34
mithro        """\07:34
mithro        Figures out where to save the preferences.07:34
mithro        """07:34
mithro        dirs = [("APPDATA", "Thousand Parsec"), ("HOME", ".tp"), (".", "var")]07:34
mithro        for base, extra in dirs:07:34
mithro                if base in os.environ:07:34
mithro                        base = os.environ[base]07:34
mithro                elif base != ".":07:34
mithro                        continue07:34
mithro                rc = os.path.join(base, extra)07:34
mithro                if not os.path.exists(rc):07:34
mithro                        os.mkdir(rc)07:34
mithro                return rc07:34
mithrosomething like that would be okay07:34
CIA-11[email protected] * battleviewer/ (32 files in 2 dirs): Lasers added to main battleviewer. Utility file created.07:42
jothamsome z sorting problem that shouldn't exist is going on, but otherwise it looks like it's working with the new laser rendering i wrote07:43
mithrojotham: are you using the weapon points yet?07:44
jothamthat's next07:44
jothamcause you still can't tell which way they are going07:44
jothami was just trying to get the lasers in so you could see what i'd been wasting time with :p07:45
mithrofeel free to change the weapon points so they look better too07:45
jothami was thinking of having 2 sets, so you can have some appear to come from behind the vehical, and some infront07:45
mithrocool, the planet has a different laser :)07:45
jothamyeah it can render any styled blurry gradiented line heh07:46
jothambut it eats 100% cpu here, so i might have to pre-render the fades07:46
jothambecause 100% of 2.2ghz is ick07:46
mithroi only have a 1.2 Pentium M and it appears to run fine07:46
jothami'm mostly running this on a p3 86607:47
jothamto make sure it's reasonably low impact07:47
jothamproblem is, it looks like pythons sprite group is screwed up, so i might have to write my own07:48
jothamwhich sucks07:48
mithrohrm, whats screwed up?07:48
jothamin pure python, but still it's more time wasting07:48
mithromaybe posting to the lists with your problem?07:48
jothamthe z order seems to be random, even though i've cleared specified ordered-updates07:48
jothami was talking to the guy who wrote it (he hangs in #pygame) the other day about it07:48
jothami'll ask him about it again, but he basically said it was a rush-job and to redo it myself07:49
jothamyeah that planet weapon looks cool07:49
mithromaybe a deathstar type split beam would be cool?07:50
jothami don't know what that looks like07:51
* jotham hits the google07:51
jothamoh yeah07:51
jothami was thinking about that in the shower07:51
mithroyou don't know what the deathstar main weapon looks like?07:51
jothamdidn't know the deathstar uses it07:51
jothami kinda avoid starwars/startrek culture07:52
jothami mean not because it's bad, just because its EVERYWHERE amongst programming/nerd communities07:52
jothamgets suffocating =)07:52
mithrojotham: he he okay07:52
jothami found a picture of it07:52
tpb<> (at
tpb<> (at
jothamso hardpoints next?07:56
CIA-11[email protected] * battleviewer/ (12 files): Added programming TODO list. Added frame skipping code to entities. Fixed up redraw.08:20
mithronumbers are now white?08:32
jothamoh i forgot i changed that, all that stuff needs to be moved into a config file anyway08:37
jothammade them white because it's easier to look at some of the glitches08:37
jotham...not because they look pretty =)08:38
jotham7the 2 damages over the third ship on the bottom row are comming up overtop of each other08:38
jothamwhich will be fixed when i add the event stuff08:39
jothamit's dumb, because those lines look so trivial, but because they are diagonals arrays the size of the space taken up by the diagonal line are having to be processed every frame, making them quite cpu heavy08:40
jothamso yeah it'll need a loading screen where everything can prerender itself08:40
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JLPmorning all09:23
llnzhi JLP09:23
mithrohey JLP09:25
mithrodid you get a chance to play with the adword stuff at all?09:26
JLPi've been watchins some help videos about adwords :)09:26
mithrohe he okay09:26
JLPstill not through wit it yet09:26
JLPand I started translating the book Producing Open Source Software as it was suggested by LUGOS (LUG of Slovenia)09:29
mithroi've been stuck in bed because I put my back out :/09:31
tpbTitle: Producing Open Source Software (at
tpbTitle: News LUGOS (at
JLPI hope I do well and quick (damn too much stuff I do), it's even harder to translate than software GUI/docs09:36
JLPbut then again it is good for open source in slovenia, and since it also is of cultural value the governemnt will even pay me a bit through LUGOS09:38
mithroJLP: payment for OSS stuff is always good09:39
mithrobblr going to dinner09:40
JLPbon apetit09:40
llnztp could make money09:53
mithrollnz: how?10:01
llnzcontact build games for people10:01
llnzfor example: "Battlefleet Gothic" for Games Workshops10:02
mithroyes, however that would require us to be quite a bit more advanced then we are now :)10:03
tpb<> (at
JLPhm maybe someone could write an article about Python Client10:13
JLPbut I'm not sure if it is in Debian (and if it really matters :))10:14
mithronot in debian yet10:16
mithroneed to do another client release10:16
mithrothen we will have debs10:18
JLPcool, which reminds me that I also need to start working on a Mandriva RPM package, another thing to ad to my busy TODO list :)10:19
llnznext libtpproto-cpp should have debs too10:19
JLPBTW, does anyone know which ports do I need to forward on the router for SSH access10:21
llnzgrep ssh /etc/services :-)10:21
JLPaaa, i didn't know about /etc/services, so 22 it is10:22
JLPnow I'll be able to setup router and have access to my sister's Mandriva box10:23
llnzhehe, cool10:24
jothamsucks you put your back out, how did you do that10:45
CIA-11Lee Begg <[email protected]> * libtpproto-cpp/ (26 files in 2 dirs): Adding Debian stuff for making debs10:45
jothami have to say those stupid lines look sexy :p (my lasers)10:45
mithrojotham: dunno, woke up and could barely move10:48
jothamthat sucks bro10:48
mithrojotham: more battleviewer updates?10:54
jothamjust planning stuff11:06
jothamfor getting the event system in11:06
jothamand figuring out how to handle z-depth11:06
jothamsince there is no built in way11:06
mithrojotham: damn, about the z-depth11:12
jothampygame is a bit b-grade =)11:12
jothammy friend is working on an explosion animation for us11:12
mithrojotham: feel free to help them11:43
* llnz wanders off12:32
llnzlater all12:32
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