Wednesday, 2014-03-19

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Daisyab__ I have submitted my created my profile, submitted a proof of enrollment form but when I click on the button "Submit your proposal", i get a page saying no data received.01:48
Daisyab__Have my proof of enrollment forms not been accepted?01:48
ollyDaisyab__: if you look on the front page, is there now a "submit proposal" linl?01:49
ollyor button maybe01:50
Daisyab__there is01:50
ollyoh sorry, you're clikcing that01:50
ollyi misread that the "no data received" was on trying to submit the enrollment form01:50
ollynot sure, sorry01:50
ollyyou might want to try with a different browser, or perhaps in a private/anon browser window01:51
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ollyotherwise, wait for somebody useful to wake up01:51
Daisyab__i've tried two01:51
Daisyab__i'll try a private browser window01:51
Daisyab__ok thanks01:51
Daisyab__who should I be waiting up for?01:52
anth_xi'm our org admin (plan9). a prospective student got confused and submitted a connection request as a mentor. i have not accepted. will he be prohibited from applying as a student if the mentor connection request just sits there?01:53
ollyDaisyab__: not sure who's likely to be around soonest, but the melange devs all have auto-op here01:54
ollyanth_x: see the !unmentor factoid in #gsoc01:54
Daisyab__olly, thanks01:55
ollyhis problem is he's already made his account a mentor account, not that he's tried to connect to you01:55
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anth_xolly: as in from the bot? i can't get it to talk to me.02:01
ollythere you go (in #gsoc)02:02
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yashsexygohello anyone active?02:24
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man1acmadrazr: Hi06:00
madrazrman1ac: Hi06:02
man1acmadrazr: i am Brian, i installed melange successfully and took the one of the Bienvenue issues - Lookup by email06:04
man1acmadrazr: i just succeeded in implementing that feature, but i had to test my algorithms by turning off lookup by username06:05
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man1acmadrazr: Now trying to combine both. It is amazing06:06
madrazrman1ac: cool!06:06
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ashishkmadrazr: hi06:30
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madrazrashishk: hello06:52
ashishkmadrazr: currently, there is no way a student can delete or edit his comments on proposal ,06:52
madrazrashishk: that is by design06:53
madrazrwe had talked about this a lot06:53
madrazrabout whether we should allow students to edit or delete the comments06:53
madrazredit is a definite NO NO06:53
madrazruntil we implement diffs for comments too :P06:54
madrazrashishk: a student can say something06:54
madrazrgo back06:54
madrazredit it06:54
madrazrand claim he/she did not say that at all06:54
madrazrdelete is more or less based on the same idea06:54
madrazrif we can somehow show edit diffs06:55
madrazrwe can definitely enable those features06:55
ashishkmadrazr: so,basically a student will be able to edit/delete his comment when there will be diff feature on melange :p06:57
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ashishkmadrazr: coming back to my proposal,I was thinking of adding a look profile feature also for umbrella orgs ,will it be ok,where they can see the profile of student,mentor and admin06:59
ashishkmadrazr: like the one in admin dashboard07:00
madrazrashishk: we shouldn't do that07:00
madrazrfor privacy concerns07:00
madrazrwe cannot show profile data to other users07:01
ashishkmadrazr: okay07:02
ashishkmadrazr: btw, i have changed my proposal , please have a look at it (atleast on the timeline) and suggest me if something more need to be done regarding the umbrella orgs.07:03
tpb<> (at
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madrazrashishk: Ok07:10
man1acmadrazr: I am in the processing of deploying my local melange to google app engine. Please hope you still got some time left online07:13
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Bipulhello sir how should i know my Proposals has been accepted by the organisation.07:30
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Daisyab__hi. I created my profile on google-melange, submitted a form for proof of enrollment but when i click on the button, "submit proposal", I get a page that says "No data received"? I am quite sure that my proof of proposal was valid.  Is there anything I can do?07:33
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madrazrman1ac: I will be going to bed in a few mins07:35
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man1acmadrazr: Here is the link: http://man1ac-melange.appspot.com07:36
tpbTitle: Welcome to Melange (at
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madrazrman1ac: cool!07:36
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man1acmadrazr: but gives an error07:36
bipulHow should i know, My proposal has been accepted by the organisation or not ?07:37
madrazrseed_db is not meant for production07:37
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man1actpb: thanks07:37
madrazrit is only for local development07:37
madrazrman1ac: tpb is a bot :)07:37
man1acmadrazr: ok, interesting07:37
ollybipul: wait until april 21st07:37
man1acmadrazr: how do i populate the copy of melange then with data?07:38
madrazrbipul: and on April 21st if your project is accepted you will be world famous07:38
Daisyab__I created my profile on google-melange, submitted a form for proof of enrollment but when i click on the button, "submit proposal", I get a page that says "No data received"? I am quite sure that my proof of proposal was valid.  Is there anything I can do?07:38
madrazrbipul: your name and the accepted project, if your proposal is accepted, will be on the list of all the accepted projects for GSoC 201407:38
madrazrbipul: you should also get an email (ideally)07:38
ollyor maybe several07:38
bipulwhen i get the email? after 21st March ?07:40
ollyDaisyab__: it's not an issue whether the proof is valid - that's checked by hand07:40
ollybipul: *APRIL* 21st07:40
ollysee the timeline i directed you to on #gsoc07:40
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Daisyab__olly, ok but why can't I submit?07:41
man1acmadrazr: you still there?07:42
ollyDaisyab__: i'm not sure - madrazr may be more use there07:42
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Daisyab__olly, any of these people?07:44
madrazrman1ac: yeah07:44
madrazrDaisyab__: can you send the screenshot in a PM07:44
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man1acmadrazr: i have looked at the getting started guide but no clue. So how can i get a deployed copy of melange to have data07:45
Daisyab__madrazr, know this is going to sound stupid but what is a PM07:45
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Daisyab__ok i see: personal message07:46
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madrazrDaisyab__: wait, let me ping you07:50
madrazrDaisyab__: did you get my message?07:51
madrazrin a separate tab/window?07:51
Daisyab__yes i did07:51
madrazrDaisyab__: cool07:51
madrazrman1ac: we manually create the data on production07:52
madrazrwe don't automatically seed it from anywhere07:52
madrazrman1ac: why are you even trying things on App Engine at this point07:52
madrazrshouldn't be required IMO07:52
man1acmadrazr: just following the getting started07:52
madrazrignore it07:53
madrazrif you can get test suite running locally07:53
madrazryou are good for now07:53
man1acmadrazr: cool! Thanks, i will start working on my proposal. I want to do the "User dashboard and dependencies"07:53
madrazrman1ac: Oh ok07:54
man1acmadrazr: but i am not too clear with the time line part of my proposal because i don't yet follow understand the code base, to know how i will implement07:55
man1acmadrazr: typo: *fully*07:55
madrazrman1ac: your timeline can be tentative, we are not going to hold you against it07:56
madrazrman1ac: but you need to demonstrate that you have spent enough time thinking about what you are proposing07:56
man1acmadrazr: thanks a million. That will help07:56
madrazrman1ac: and provide rough estimates at least07:56
madrazrman1ac: we do let +/- 1/2 weeks during the coding phase07:57
madrazrbut if you have no clue or estimates at all, that is bad07:57
man1acmadrazr: ok. cool07:57
man1acmadrazr: yeah, i see.07:59
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man1acThanks a lot for the information08:00
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madrazrman1ac: np08:16
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dnivraHello. I get a server error(HTTP 500) when I access my proposal. Could someone help me out here?08:28
dnivrahmmm seems to be working now.08:29
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psiinon_any melange admins around?09:24
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man1acanyone there?10:44
Daisyab__man1ac, it looks like all the admins have gone10:45
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man1acDaisyab__: i am trying to commit some code to melange10:45
Daisyab__ok i see10:46
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asciiI have a query12:43
asciidoes anyone help me in appspot of google12:45
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nannannhi to all, yesterday i've sumbitted my proposal. The submission was correctly done and Melange has shown me the "green message" at the end of the process to tell me that all was ok. Today I haven't the proposal in the List of proposal. Any help?13:45
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durga94Hey, I am writing my proposal for GSoc, Can someone please help me with it?13:54
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durga94<nathanielmanist1> I would like to work on the project "Responsive layout" (, I am familiar with the languages HTML, CSS and Javascript, Can you please mentor me? I have started writing the proposal but I have some doubts, and I have been following the GettingStarted page (
tpb<> (at
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durga94nathanielmanist1 I would like to work on the project "Responsive layout" (, I am familiar with the languages HTML, CSS and Javascript,  I have been following the GettingStarted page ( Can you please mentor me? I have started writing the proposal but I have some doubts.14:02
tpb<> (at
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_CalLightman_Hi, the character / is not allowed in the address field of profile, i have filled the address as 127-264 instead of 127/264 can this be rectified14:38
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aka_I have a doubt. Each time we edit our proposal on melange does all the organisation member get notified about the same?15:10
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akki2200Hi are the fields   home page url    blog url and photo url    required to be filled?15:13
akki2200Because its showing me the same page again after clickingthe submit button15:14
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akki2200I have filled all the other fields15:14
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akki2200Got it clicked back on the home page and it shows its submitted15:20
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brlcadlooks like GCI completed tasks are no longer accessible, known issue?16:02
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tpb<> (at
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chitrankHello Melange developers16:30
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madrazrjasvir: ping17:31
jasvirmadrazr: Hello17:31
madrazrjasvir: I saw the issue you linked to17:32
madrazrEzio says "This is a new feature, so it can go only in 3.5."17:32
madrazrthen we are only in luck :P17:32
madrazrwe shouldn't consider this library then17:32
madrazrjasvir: Python 2.x is dead17:33
jasvirmadrazr: but we can make pypi package. A new library and user can install it while install other libs.17:33
madrazrjasvir: and we are just not willing to accept that fact17:33
madrazrjasvir: I do not think it is worth your time writing the diffing library17:34
madrazrjasvir: also it is a lot more work than a GSoC project17:34
jasvirmadrazr: So what is your suggestion?17:34
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madrazrjasvir: find another library?17:34
jasvirmadrazr: I found npmjs difflib.17:35
jasvirmadrazr: It is also ported from python difflib.17:35
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jasvirmadrazr: I am making a example from it.17:36
jasvirmadrazr: check this :
tpbTitle: difflib (at
madrazrlooks somewhat better17:37
madrazrbut OMG!17:37
madrazrwhat year are we in?17:37
madrazrwhy don't we have good diff libraries?17:37
madrazror what are we missing?17:37
madrazrI am wondering what diff library does rietveld use17:38
jasvirmadrazr: rietveld?17:38
madrazrjasvir: the code review system17:39
madrazrjasvir: also wondering what diff library does Facebook's Phabricator use?17:39
jasvirmadrazr: I'll explore it.17:39
madrazrtheir diff output is neat too17:39
madrazralso wondering if github's diff tool is open source17:39
jasvirmadrazr: I want to ask one more thing.17:40
madrazrjasvir: rietveld actually uses difflib!17:40
jasvirmadrazr: We have to make full revision history?17:40
tpb<> (at
madrazrjasvir: what does "full" mean? Explain please?17:41
jasvirmadrazr: I mean, history from submission. Ther can be n number of revisions.17:42
madrazrjasvir: probably yes17:42
madrazrwe had this discussion earlier here17:42
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jasvirmadrazr: Or we have to compare fresh submission with previous.17:42
madrazrjasvir: how would implementing diffs for 2 revisions be different than 2 million revisions?17:42
madrazrjasvir: well that might affect how we store and compute diffs17:43
madrazri.e. the strategies we chose17:43
jasvirmadrazr: It'll take much more resources. That's why I am asking.17:43
madrazrbut I would like this system to be generic in the number of revisions N17:43
jasvirmadrazr: Ok17:43
madrazrjasvir: what type of resources?17:44
jasvirmadrazr: resources I mean, storing n revision will take much more space than storing only two. Finding specified revision from N.17:45
madrazrjasvir: don't worry about storage17:45
jasvirmadrazr: Will do more computation17:46
madrazrjasvir: we have enough storage :)17:46
jasvirmadrazr: hahaha...17:46
madrazrjasvir: computation part might be tricky17:46
jasvirmadrazr: More carbon footprints :P17:46
madrazrbut if you are not computing incremenetal diffs against revision number 20 and revision number 20 million17:46
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madrazryou should be fine I gues17:47
madrazrjasvir: carbon footprint?17:47
madrazrnumber of bits is related to carbon footprint?17:47
jasvirmadrazr: Yeah. I just read it on a blog, more computation lead to more heating.17:48
madrazrjasvir: computation sure17:48
madrazrjasvir: but I am not sure about storage17:48
jasvirmadrazr: So now we need another lib or we can improve difflib?17:49
madrazrjasvir: I am thinking17:49
brlcadmadrazr: looks like GCI completed tasks are no longer accessible, known issue?17:49
madrazrjasvir: rietveld seems to be using difflib17:49
madrazrand it looks fine for me, their output17:49
tpb<> (at
madrazrbrlcad: there is a minor trick here17:51
madrazrbrlcad: as far as we know trying to access GCI tasks when you are signed in is broken17:51
madrazrbrlcad: but GCI tasks are completely public17:51
madrazrso anybody, even without an account should be able to access it17:52
madrazrdownload the work submitted by students17:52
madrazrbrlcad: so if you open GCI tasks in a private browsing window, it should work17:52
madrazrbrlcad: please let me know if even that doesn't work now17:52
madrazrjasvir: why aren't rietveld guys complaining about difflib being so 1990s?17:53
jasvirmadrazr: I think, I have to ask them.17:54
jasvirmadrazr: Let me check if there is any IRC channel.17:56
jasvirmadrazr: If not, thn I'll go to their mailing list.17:56
madrazrjasvir: Ok17:57
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jasvirmadrazr: How to know whether my enrollment is applicable or not?17:58
jasvirmadrazr: Who check them?17:58
madrazrjasvir: I am not sure if I understand your question17:58
madrazrjasvir: rephrase please?17:58
jasvirmadrazr: I am asking that how one can know, whether his/enrollment is valid or not.18:00
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madrazrjasvir: someone from GOSPO will manually verify your forms, perhaps carols18:01
carolswhat's the question?18:01
madrazrcarols: no no, no question18:01
madrazrcarols: jasvir was asking about the enrollment form verification process18:01
madrazrcarols: I was just telling him you or someone from GOSPO will manually verify it18:02
jasvirmadrazr: Ok18:02
madrazrjasvir: you don't have to wait for that verification to submit your proposal18:02
jasvirmadrazr: I have submitted my proposal.18:03
jasvirmadrazr: Check this :
madrazrjasvir: also you should be submitting a *valid* enrollment form anyway, the one you think is really valid ;-)18:03
tpb<> (at
madrazrjasvir: cool!18:04
jasvirmadrazr: I have submitted bonafied certifcate from college.18:04
madrazrjasvir: turns out, like everything else, there are so many diffing libraries out there18:04
madrazrjasvir: for example, another one I found
tpb<> (at
jasvirmadrazr: Seems like I have missed something.18:05
madrazrjasvir: and that is?18:06
madrazrjasvir: also it looks like Facebook's Phabricator uses a PHP implementation of diff-match-patch18:06
jasvirmadrazr: other diffing libraries.18:06
jasvirmadrazr: First of all, I am going send a email to Rietveld.18:07
jasvirmadrazr: Thn I'll go for studying google-diff-mathc-patch.18:07
jasvirmadrazr: and Facebook's Phabricator.18:08
*** hasitpbhatt has joined #melange18:12
jasvirmadrazr: I'll study these, and specify all of them in proposal. We can select one after detailed study or have to finalise before 21?18:13
*** asmeurer_ has quit IRC18:14
madrazrjasvir: no, you don't have to finalize by Friday :)18:16
jasvirmadrazr: sigh of relief18:17
*** hasitpbhatt has quit IRC18:17
jasvirmadrazr: :D18:17
*** durga94 has joined #melange18:20
brlcadmadrazr: okay, will give that a try -- just didn't know if it was a known issue that needed to have a bug report filed18:20
brlcadmadrazr: hm, even in private mode it gives an error18:21
brlcadError retrieving data: please refresh the list or the whole page to try again18:21
brlcadFailed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 (Internal Server Error)18:22
*** ashishk has joined #melange18:24
*** hasitpbhatt has joined #melange18:24
madrazrbrlcad: are you signed in?18:36
madrazrin private browsing mode?18:36
brlcadnot logged in according to the sidebar18:38
brlcaddeinitely in private browsing mode18:38
ashishkmadrazr: can we edit the proposal after 21st18:39
hasitpbhattashishk, no. Not on melange18:40
ashishkhasitpbhatt: thnks :)18:43
madrazrashishk: in the previous years, yes18:43
madrazreven on Melange18:43
madrazrhasitpbhatt: ^18:43
madrazrbut that control was with your organizations18:43
madrazrashishk: hasitpbhatt: if your mentors felt your proposal needed updates and if that wouldn't be unfair to other students by allowing you to update your proposal18:44
madrazrthey could temporarily turn the edit switch on for you to make those changes and turn it back off after18:45
madrazrper proposal, on case by case basis18:45
madrazrwe may be having a regression of that feature this year18:45
madrazrnot sure yet, let's see18:45
hasitpbhattmadrazr: AFAIK, that's why organisations insist to create proposal on their wiki, so that it can be changed, where as, melange proposal doesn't get changed afterwards18:47
madrazrhasitpbhatt: there are many reasons organizations ask to create proposals elsewhere, not just their wikis18:48
madrazrhasitpbhatt: some organizations ask students to create their proposals in Google Docs just because they can use GDocs style commenting18:48
ashishkmadrazr: btw, have you seen my updated proposal18:48
madrazrashishk: not yet18:49
madrazrhasitpbhatt: organizations have their autonomy to handle the proposals as long as the proposal exists on Melange18:49
ashishkmadrazr: please have a look at it when you are free :)18:50
madrazrashishk: indeed18:50
hasitpbhattmadrazr: thanks18:51
*** vivekjain has joined #melange18:54
madrazrvivekjain: you had a question yesterday?18:54
madrazror two days back?18:54
vivekjainmadrazr:yes i want to ask whether we can edit the proposal after 21? This was my question but is see it has been answered in the logs.18:55
madrazrvivekjain: see the logs (just before you signed in now)18:56
vivekjainmadrazr: Can you please review my proposal. Since we cannot edit it I really need some feedback. Thank You18:56
*** ashishk has left #melange18:57
madrazrvivekjain: see the logs18:57
vivekjainmadrazr:Yes i have seen it.Got the answer to my question. We may edit it depending on the mentor .18:58
madrazrbrlcad: Is this "Error retrieving data: ..." error on ?18:59
tpb<> (at
madrazrbrlcad: Oh, I see!18:59
madrazrNever mind18:59
madrazrbrlcad: please feel free to file an issue19:00
madrazrbrlcad: this is something that we need to track19:00
*** mwilkes has joined #melange19:08
*** mwilkes is now known as mwilkes|work19:09
mwilkes|workHey all, how can I create a programme admin and a programme in a dev envionment?19:09
mwilkes|workThe manual says to ask you guys to do it ;)19:10
madrazrmwilkes|work: I am assuming this is for another instance not :)19:10
mwilkes|workI said a dev environment!19:11
madrazrmwilkes|work: oops19:11
madrazrmwilkes|work: sorry about that19:11
mwilkes|workI don't want the responsibility of being an admin of live!19:11
madrazrmwilkes|work: in a dev environment you can just run /seed_db19:11
madrazrmwilkes|work: you should have enough data now19:12
madrazr[email protected] is your program admin19:12
mwilkes|workHm, think it convered my current user to the admin, actually, I see the admin dashboard19:13
madrazrmwilkes|work: np19:14
mwilkes|workMy personal machine is at apple, all I have to play with is a work machine, and that's set up for django dev, not Plone, so thought I'd hack on melange for a bit19:15
*** jasvir has left #melange19:16
*** harshit93_ has joined #melange19:20
*** harshit93 has quit IRC19:20
*** harshit93_ is now known as harshit9319:21
*** SinnerShanky has joined #melange19:22
madrazrmwilkes|work: what is your definition of "set up for Django dev"?19:23
mwilkes|workmadrazr: Python 2.7 only, pip download cache with django modules with django 1.4 an 1.5 available, GAE python bindings, MariaDB and PostGres installs and their bindings, etc19:24
madrazrmwilkes|work: ah, I see19:25
mwilkes|workmadrazr: Unlike my personal machine, which doesn't have any SQL stuff but has more python versions and about two gigs of plone stuff19:25
madrazrmwilkes|work: other than standard dev packages like libxml2-dev, libxslt-dev etc.19:25
madrazrMelange now builds entirely in a sandbox19:26
madrazrfetches all the dependencies itself :)19:26
mwilkes|workWas more my point that I can't do most of my hacking19:26
madrazrmwilkes|work: I see19:26
*** pchaigno has left #melange19:29
brlcadmadrazr: done:
tpb<> (at
madrazrbrlcad: thanks!19:36
*** ashishk has joined #melange19:52
*** vivekjain has quit IRC19:55
*** harshit93_ has joined #melange19:59
*** emoosx has quit IRC20:01
*** hasitpbhatt has quit IRC20:03
*** harshit93_ has quit IRC20:05
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*** harshit93 has quit IRC20:06
*** mwilkes|work has joined #melange20:07
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*** SinnerShanky has joined #melange20:11
rvraghav93will submitting an edited proposal cause any kinda notification to the mentors ??20:18
rvraghav93madrazr: ^20:18
*** man1ac has joined #melange20:29
rvraghav93anyone here ?? need some clarification!!20:30
man1acmadrazr: hi20:33
rvraghav93man1ac: will submitting an edited proposal cause any kinda notification to the mentors ?20:35
man1acrvraghav93: sorry, i have no idea. But i think you should use the mailing list and this channel to inform them20:36
rvraghav93thing is I dont need to ... doing some minor changes ... thats y :)20:36
rvraghav93*I meant dont want the system to20:36
man1acoh i see.20:41
*** ashishk has quit IRC20:42
*** ashishk has joined #melange20:46
*** Gentlecat has quit IRC20:46
*** rahul has joined #melange20:47
*** rahul is now known as Guest2801520:47
*** RaulT has joined #melange20:54
*** mwilkes|work has quit IRC21:05
madrazrrvraghav93: no, editing proposals won't trigger any notifications21:06
*** ashishk has quit IRC21:07
madrazryou can edit it as many times as you want21:07
*** Guest28015 has quit IRC21:08
rvraghav93madrazr: thanks :)21:08
*** rahul-sagore has joined #melange21:10
*** carols has quit IRC21:18
*** Gentlecat has joined #melange21:20
*** rahul-sagore has left #melange21:36
*** skathpalia has left #melange21:36
*** mmadia has joined #melange21:57
mmadiahi.  is a negative score possible when reviewing proposals?21:57
mmadia... as in to signify to other mentors: "this proposal has been reviewed by at least one person and is not even worth your time to review"21:59
*** mudler has quit IRC22:00
tierrammadia: have your org admin set it to "ignore"22:01
*** mudler has joined #melange22:01
mmadiathanks tierra! is that a recent (or from 2013) feature?22:02
tierraI know it was there a couple years ago, maybe longer22:02
tierramentors can't set it though22:03
tierrait's sort of meant to filter out spam proposals22:03
tierrawhich are the ones "not even worth your time to look at", heh22:03
ollycan students see ignored proposals?22:04
ollythey could at one point22:04
*** knowing42 has joined #melange22:04
mmadiawell, it's not a spam proposal, just a horrible one from a 1st year applicant.   (and yes, i have left in-depth suggestions on how to improve it)22:04
ollyi mean in some previous year22:04
ollymmadia: we just reserve "1" for those22:04
ollyand have an admin do a first triage pass22:05
ollythen the mentors can ignore anything with a score of 122:05
mmadiainteresting.   I'll email them with that idea.22:06
ollyi would be interested to know if ignore is visible to the student though22:12
ollyif it is, you wouldn't want to use it for a case like that where you've left suggestions to improve22:12
*** knowing42 has quit IRC22:12
mmadiaright. or simply think a proposal is valid, but no simply not worth the time to review it.22:14
ollyah in fact melange's "tool tip" says the student can see that a proposal is ignored22:16
tierranot sure it really matters at that point22:22
*** t4nk900 has joined #melange22:24
*** t4nk900 is now known as TommyBoy22:24
*** shikher has joined #melange22:28
ollywell, we're not supposed to tell them if they're accepted or not22:32
gevaertsWell, technically...22:33
gevaertsIt could be argued that by ignoring them you refuse to either accept or reject them22:33
mmadia... i submitted a feature request of allowing negative scores.22:34
ollyyou're technically correct - the best sort of correct22:34
ollywe shouldn't restrict the scoring to just real numbers22:34
gevaertsmmadia: you can change the maximum score I believe. Does it guard against integer overflow?22:34
*** samgtr has quit IRC22:35
ollyactually, they'll be rational currently22:35
gevaertsOh, good idea!22:35
mmadianope, because in the past i've had mentors that didn't bother reading that year's thoughts on how to score proposals.22:35
gevaertsI mean, some of those proposals are mostly imaginary. The score should reflect that!22:35
mmadiaand when you think about typical mailing list discussions, people offering a "-1" in response to an idea is fairly common.22:36
mmadiabtw, by setting a proposal to "ignore", you let the student know that at least one or more people have acknowledged their proposal as not being worthy to be acknowledged by the other mentors.  :)22:36
mmadia... i find that to be a bit off-putting to students, even if their proposal is horrible.22:37
gevaertsCan you set a proposal to both "ignore" and "accept"?22:38
mmadiaby accepting a proposal, doesn't that potentially consume a slot?22:38
gevaertsWell yes22:39
gevaertsBut that would be the ultimate "Don't tell the students" thing22:39
mmadiahahaha.  You're Ignored and Accepted!22:40
gevaertsIf everyone sets some accepted proposals to "ignore" too, it will be *really* hard todrive anything meaningful from the outside :)22:40
mmadiaespecially if some of the ignore-accepted students are actually ones that the org wants to accept :P22:42
gevaertsOr if they're duplicates22:42
gevaerts"We're ignoring you, but if we weren't, would you prefer org X or Y?"22:43
*** ariz has joined #melange22:48
*** mohit019 has quit IRC22:50
man1acmadrazr: Hi22:51
*** RaulT has quit IRC23:03
madrazrgevaerts: integer overflow?23:12
madrazrgevaerts: we use a sane programming language that hides such details from us :P23:13
gevaertsmadrazr: Is it optimised for "500"? ;)23:13
*** denysbut_ has quit IRC23:14
madrazrgevaerts: what's that? :P23:14
gevaertsNothing, nothing... :)23:14
madrazrheh Ok23:14
gevaertsOK would be 200 :)23:15
gevaertsAt least it's not 402!23:15
madrazrthat's for students :P23:16
gevaertsSome of those get 417 though :)23:16
madrazrthat reminds me23:17
madrazrwe should send 418 for all requests in 12 days from now :P23:17
gevaertsYou should, yes :)23:17
man1acmadrazr: i submitted my proposal, please i need a review23:19
madrazrman1ac: I will take a look when I have time23:20
madrazrariz: Hi23:20
*** bitgeeky has quit IRC23:20
man1acmadrazr: thanks. Do you need a link?23:20
madrazrman1ac: nope23:22
madrazrman1ac: mentors and org admins have all the proposals submitted to their orgs on their dashboard23:23
man1acmadrazr: ok, thanks23:23
*** rigelk has quit IRC23:24
*** asmeurer_ has joined #melange23:31
*** shikher has quit IRC23:32
*** suranga_ has quit IRC23:35
*** denysbutenko has joined #melange23:45
*** ariz has quit IRC23:45
*** denysbutenko has quit IRC23:49

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