Tuesday, 2014-03-18

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madrazrhow is adding sub org related to diffs?00:00
jasvirmadrazr: I means to say, for diffs I we have to use library and I specified it there. But what about other like sub-orgs. According to me, to create sub orgs we need to add some lines of code not like diffs. So for this, do I have to give example code in techincal detail section?00:03
madrazrjasvir: what does sub orgs have to do with diffs00:04
jasvirmadrazr: Nothing to do with. I am giving example of diff that for diff we can use a library so I specified it there. But sub orgs is not like diffs.00:05
madrazrif it is not like diffs00:05
jasvirmadrazr: for sub orgs, we need to add some line of codes.00:05
madrazrwhat does it have to do now?00:05
madrazrI am seriously missing something here00:05
madrazram I misreading something?00:06
jasvirmadrazr: Forget about previous messages. Let me explain it from 0.00:06
jasvirmadrazr: I am talking about two task specified in my proposal. One is implementing diffs and other is impelementing sub orgs.00:07
madrazrjasvir: Oh!00:07
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madrazrwhy are you doing that?00:07
jasvirmadrazr: For implementing diffs, we need a library so I specified it there.00:07
madrazrread my points from the logs earlier today00:07
madrazrto ashish00:08
madrazrjasvir: please read the logs first00:08
madrazrbefore we proceed any further00:08
jasvirmadrazr: ok00:08
matzipanHey guys, I'm getting an error. After granting access to my Google Account, I'm getting a 414 "Request URI too large"00:08
matzipanlogging in from an anonymous browser session seems to fix the problem00:09
madrazrmatzipan: yeah, Google OAUTH weirdness that is00:09
madrazrmatzipan: whenever we see that problem our recommended workaround is just what you did :)00:09
ollyif only you knew some people who worked at google00:10
madrazrmatzipan: to try registering in a private session00:10
madrazrolly: so true :P00:10
jasvirmadrazr: Oh wow!!00:10
jasvirmadrazr: Thats what I am looking for00:10
madrazrjasvir: for?00:10
madrazrjasvir: http://www.thousandparsec.net/~irc/%23melange/%23melange.2014-03-17.log.html#t2014-03-17T19:58:4900:12
madrazrthis is what I am referring to00:12
tpbTitle: Monday, 2014-03-17 (at www.thousandparsec.net)00:12
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jasvirmadrazr: Yeah. I am reading that.00:13
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jasvirmadrazr: It is pretty long discussion. Do I go through from start to end?00:19
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jasvirmadrazr: Only list of ideas is enough?00:23
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madrazrjasvir: I mean to say00:32
madrazrproposing two entirely different things as a single GSoC project is a bad idea00:32
madrazrI hope you read that part00:32
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jasvirmadrazr: You talked about GCI project in GSoC.00:33
shikhermadrazr: ping00:34
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madrazrshikher: pong00:35
madrazrshikher: no matter what comments you get on your GDocs proposal00:36
madrazryou should get it into the system first00:36
madrazrshikher: submit it on Melange00:36
madrazrshikher: if we need improvements even after deadline we can do that outside google-melange.com too00:36
madrazrshikher: but without having your proposal in the system before deadline at all we can't do anything00:36
jasvirmadrazr: 2-3 days agos, I asked you that Is it necessary that I have to solve all issues listed on idea page and you answer was "ideally yes". So I concluded from that project is about solve all issues.00:36
madrazrshikher: please, please submit whatever the best proposal you think you have so far00:37
shikhermadrazr: yes. i'm so sorry for delaying the submission. exams. writing a paper for a conference. other stuff also.00:37
madrazrshikher: you don't have to be sorry :)00:37
jasvirmadrazr: So, please clarify it. You mean I should concentrate only on diff feature?00:37
madrazrwe haven't started reviewing any proposals yet other than marking obvious spams00:38
shikhermadrazr: u will find it before u go to sleep. thts a promise, more to myself than to u. :)00:38
madrazrshikher: ^00:38
madrazrshikher: good!00:38
madrazrjasvir: diff feature is well worth a GSoC project IMO00:39
shikhermadrazr: the reason I pinged u was tht, wat do u think about saving a whole proposal in the blobstore?00:40
madrazrshikher: I am not a fan of the idea :)00:40
shikhermadrazr: too many resources?00:40
jasvirmadrazr: Please check out this : http://www.thousandparsec.net/~irc/%23melange/%23melange.2014-03-13.log.html#t2014-03-13T07:53:2100:40
tpbTitle: Thursday, 2014-03-13 (at www.thousandparsec.net)00:40
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madrazrshikher: whenever even someone uses the word Blobstore my reaction is like "Run. Run from here"00:41
madrazrshikher: not resources00:41
madrazrshikher: blobstore is such a weird API00:41
madrazrshikher: why would you want to use blobstore for storing data?00:42
madrazrshikher: the weirdness comes from the very first thing about blobstore00:42
shikhermadrazr: doesn't melange use it?00:42
madrazrshikher: to store your data in a blobstore you need to get a separate blobstore URL00:42
madrazrsend your request there first00:42
madrazrblobstore will strip out all the blob like content from your HTTP request00:43
madrazrstore it in the blobstore00:43
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madrazrand then rewrite your HTTP request entirely00:43
madrazralong with headers00:43
madrazrand send it back to your application00:43
madrazrthere is this period/phase when you totally lose control of your data00:44
jasvirmadrazr: So can I concenrate on diff feature only?00:44
madrazrI don't like that00:44
madrazrshikher: we use it where it is inevitable00:44
shikhermadrazr: are u saying the data is not secure?00:44
madrazrshikher: no no, OMG no00:45
madrazrI did not say anything about security00:45
shikhermadrazr: then wat do u mean by lose control?00:45
madrazrshikher: it is about not knowing what is going on00:45
madrazrshikher: for example, the biggest problem we had for a long time was the way blobstore rewrote HTTP requests00:46
madrazrafter stripping out the blob content00:46
madrazrshikher: on the local SDK it would use Python's email module from standard library to rewrite the HTTP request00:46
madrazrand this email module would use the platform specific line endings00:47
madrazrwhich meant on Linux it used LF as line ending00:47
madrazrbut the RFC for HTTP requests require CRLF as line endings00:48
madrazrwhich broke all our frameworks on SDK when we were developing blobstore related features00:48
madrazrthis was a major headache00:48
madrazrfor a long time I had a Django middleware patch for local SDK that would rewrite all the requests again after getting it back from Blobstore to make LF to CRLF00:49
madrazrshikher: this is what I mean by losing control of our own data00:49
madrazrshikher: we don't know what Blobstore does in between00:49
madrazrand we cannot control that00:49
shikhermadrazr: yes00:49
madrazrshikher: avoid blobstore at all costs when you can00:50
madrazrjasvir: I think that is a good idea00:50
jasvirmadrazr: Ok.00:51
madrazrjasvir: I may be contradicting myself here00:51
ollythe first rule of blobstore is you don't use blobstore?00:51
madrazrsorry for the confusion00:51
shikhermadrazr: ok. so we have ndb datastore and drive as the alternatives that I am aware of. any others?00:51
madrazrolly: try avoiding blobstore until it becomes inevitable00:51
jasvirmadrazr: Is that enough for GSoC ?00:51
madrazrjasvir: does mentor and student flow list both diff feature00:52
madrazrand sub organizations for umbrella orgs?00:52
jasvirmadrazr: no00:52
jasvirmadrazr: Only mentor flow list.00:52
madrazrjasvir: Ok. I am not contradicting myself then (yet :P)00:52
madrazrjasvir: wait, mentor flow lists both of them?00:53
jasvirmadrazr: Yeah00:53
madrazrsub org and diffs?00:53
madrazrjasvir: that's weird00:53
madrazrjasvir: that's too much for a GSoC I think00:53
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madrazrjasvir: I would start a discussion on that on melange-soc-dev00:53
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madrazrjasvir: would you mind starting one please?00:53
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jasvirmadrazr: https://code.google.com/p/soc/issues/detail?id=1306 and https://code.google.com/p/soc/issues/detail?id=51500:54
tpb<http://ln-s.net/BMv+> (at code.google.com)00:54
shikhermadrazr: really. I am also planning on doing diffs, but under student flow as students also need to see their previous submissions? please answer my earlier question also.00:54
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jasvirmadrazr: I'll start discussion.00:55
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madrazrshikher: which of your earlier questions did I miss?00:58
shikhermadrazr: ok. so we have ndb datastore and drive as the alternatives that I am aware of. any others?00:58
shikhergoogle drive*00:59
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madrazrshikher: why drive again? Enlighten me?01:01
madrazrshikher: why not just datastore?01:01
madrazrshikher: what's wrong with the datastore?01:02
shikhermadrazr:  nothing wrong. we can use both. because there is no need for unecessary storage on Melange's datastore when we can store it on user's drive. Also, user gets more benefits.01:03
madrazrshikher: my argument is, there is no need to bring the complexity of another API01:03
madrazrand dependency on it01:04
madrazrits outages01:04
madrazrand what not01:04
madrazrshikher: and why is Melange's datastore "unnecessary storage"?01:04
madrazrshikher: how does user get more benefits by storing on drive?01:05
shikhermadrazr: but its an extra feature tht is really helpful. Importing and exporting proposals from/to Melange wud be awesome.01:05
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madrazrshikher: latter yes01:05
shikhermost students make proposals on google docs.01:05
madrazrbut we should do that locally01:05
madrazrshikher: we should sync with the drive content01:05
madrazrshikher: but not use it to store entirely01:05
shikherdo u really think the current editor compares anything to the tinyMCE?01:05
shikhercurrent google doc editor*01:06
madrazrshikher: no01:06
madrazrbut that is not our goal either01:06
madrazrour goal is not to support a full Google Doc style editor01:06
shikhermadrazr: i agree wid doing both.01:06
madrazrI would love to have some of its features01:06
madrazrshikher: but we don't want everything from Docs01:06
madrazrshikher: my real concern is01:07
madrazrshikher: we don't want to create storage dependency on Drive01:07
shikherboth - datastore and drive.01:07
shikhermadrazr: drive wud be additional.01:07
madrazrshikher: I really hate to tell our mentors and org admins, "Sorry you cannot review the proposals now because Drive is going through an outage"01:07
madrazrshikher: it just happened, there was a Sheets outage today01:08
madrazrshikher: the problem is01:08
madrazrthere are two ways of building a system from components01:08
shikhermadrazr: datastore wud be primary. drive wud be only for the benefits for the students.01:08
madrazrshikher: I am not sure what you mean by this?01:09
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shikhermadrazr: melange would access the data using the datastore i.e. rendering, etc. we give an additional option to the student, to save it to his drive.01:11
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shikhermadrazr: also do u know a good html reverse parse, for rendering proposal in an editor?01:15
shikherthe editor*01:15
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madrazrshikher: I am not too inclined to give the "Also save it drive" feature01:20
madrazrshikher: I would say "Sync with your proposal on drive" is a decent enough option01:20
madrazrshikher: if that is what you mean01:21
madrazrshikher: html reverse parse?01:21
shikhermadrazr: I know saving to drive is not that useful but why not? sync would be awesome, of course.01:22
madrazrshikher: that is true of a lot of other things01:22
madrazrshikher: building another email service within Melange is not that useful01:22
madrazrbut why not?01:22
madrazrlet us build GMail again01:22
madrazrshikher: no?01:23
shikhermadrazr:  for html reverse parse, pardon my lack of technical terminology. currently the tinyMCE editor is converting text to html, right?01:23
shikhermadrazr: i get ur point about 'why not'.01:24
madrazrshikher: it does not really do any conversion01:25
madrazrshikher: however, yes. html is the format it uses for mark up01:25
shikhermadrazr: mark up. yes. thts it. so how do i mark down?01:26
madrazrshikher: you just want to strip out all the html tags?01:26
shikhermadrazr: wat about links and images and tables?01:27
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madrazrshikher: what about them?01:27
madrazrshikher: what are you trying to achieve?01:27
shikherhow does tinyMCE render these?01:27
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madrazrshikher: tinyMCE stores the actual content along with the markup01:28
shikhermadrazr: before I answer that, can u tell me how are proposals stored in datastore, currently?01:28
madrazrshikher: so it knows how to render01:28
madrazrshikher: along with the markup01:28
madrazrhowever tinyMCE gives us01:29
madrazrshikher: a very very simple experiment to do01:29
shikhermadrazr: we are storing it with markup right?01:29
madrazror to try it out yourselves is to go to your proposals page01:29
madrazrtype in some content there01:29
madrazrand see the plain text view in your tinyMCE editor01:30
madrazrshikher: that should show you the actual marked up format that tinyMCE generates01:30
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madrazrshikher: we take the data in that format, do some cleanups to remove executable JS code and such01:31
shikhermadrazr: ok. I knw how to approach this now. thnx.01:31
madrazri.e. sanitize the data01:32
madrazrand then we store it01:32
madrazrthankfully we don't use SQL01:32
madrazrwhich saves from injection attacks01:32
madrazr*saves us from01:32
madrazrshikher: great! NP01:32
shikhermadrazr: btw there are ways to counter injection attacks. nyways I have a proposal to work on. thnx for ur help, again. :)01:33
madrazrshikher: counter?01:34
madrazrshikher: of course01:34
madrazrotherwise all the data in this world would have been lost by now01:34
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madrazrbecause some mom named her son as Robert'); DROP TABLE Students; --01:35
madrazrshikher: xkcd 32701:35
madrazrshikher: also the 400 billion $ ad broker would not have existed today if we did not know how to sanitize our inputs for SQL injection attacks :P01:37
shikhermadrazr: haha! clever artist!01:37
tpb<http://ln-s.net/BMxX> (at research.gigaom.com)01:37
shikhermadrazr: 400 billion. really. i though it was more?01:39
madrazrshikher: wait, what? :P01:40
madrazrdo you know how much money that is? :P01:40
shikherdo u know we are talking about google right? :P01:40
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madrazrshikher: of course not ;-)01:42
madrazrman1ac: Hi01:43
man1acmadrazr: i successfully installed melange, and i want to the bienvenu issue "Lookup Profile - search by email doesn't work".01:45
man1acmadrazr: so first i want to locate the html page for admin dashboard. Any idea where that is?01:46
madrazrman1ac: https://code.google.com/p/soc/source/browse/app/soc/templates/modules/gsoc/admin/base.html01:48
tpb<http://ln-s.net/BMxy> (at code.google.com)01:48
man1acmadrazr: thanks, i have been searching for a while now01:49
madrazrman1ac: np01:49
madrazrman1ac: you should use grep01:49
madrazrman1ac: that is the basic basic requirement I would expect from any student01:50
man1acmadrazr: copied01:50
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devajayi have submitted my proposal on gsoc for you community02:25
devajaybut no rply from your metor.02:25
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enchiladermadrazr: mind if i ask how many applications you expect to receive, based on previous years?02:37
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madrazrenchilader: for Melange?02:37
madrazror GSoC total?02:37
enchiladermadrazr: Melange in particular, but I guess I wouldn't turn down the statistics on GSoC as well02:38
madrazrenchilader: Melange got 18 proposals last year02:39
enchiladermadrazr: and how many were accepted?02:39
madrazrenchilader: 302:39
madrazrenchilader: GSoC proposals, I don't know if that number is public02:39
madrazrlet me check02:39
madrazrenchilader: sure you are lucky :)02:41
madrazrenchilader: http://google-opensource.blogspot.com/2013/05/students-announced-for-google-summer-of.html02:41
tpb<http://ln-s.net/BN0X> (at google-opensource.blogspot.com)02:41
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raitechgood evening!02:45
raitechI think there is a conflict between what is written in the FAQ02:45
raitechand what is written in the intial/default text in "content" field of a proposal form02:46
raitechI am trying to send a proposal to OpenBSD, and the first indication that this text gives me02:46
raitechis to contact the mentors02:47
raitechwhen what FAQ says is to send the proposal via Melange02:47
tpb<http://ln-s.net/BN17> (at www.google-melange.com)02:47
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ayushkmadrazr: Hi. I wanted to talk about resource hosting project. Are you available?03:39
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shikhermadrazr: Here you go. I know it is not perfect, but your comments would mean a lot. http://www.google-melange.com/gsoc/proposal/review/student/google/gsoc2014/kira_111/562949953421312004:06
tpb<http://ln-s.net/BN57> (at www.google-melange.com)04:06
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madrazrshikher: great! thanks for submitting the proposal04:11
madrazrwill take a look04:11
*** asmeurer_ has quit IRC04:13
shikhermadrazr: sure. np. :)04:18
madrazrayushk: I should be around for 10 mins now04:18
madrazrand then got to run04:18
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ayushkmadrazr: np. When are you available next? I also got to go for class. Will talk to you later.04:19
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Gentlecatis comments sorting broken on proposal page?06:33
ollyGentlecat: someone earlier said it was alphabetical not by date06:34
*** denysbutenko has joined #melange06:34
ollyand was asked to file a bug IIRC06:34
Gentlecatgood to know06:36
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tpb<http://ln-s.net/BN+S> (at code.google.com)06:36
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madrazrayushk: ping06:48
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ayushkmadrazr: what does this exactly mean - "Page-level Melange code shouldn’t have to care whether files are stored in App Engine’s blobstore, data store, or any place else." It was there on the initial ideas list doc published by nathenial.07:09
madrazrayushk: on the wiki page?07:12
ayushkNo its on this link - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ikbv3gKICjk2w6YR5r611ZeGfQX6nDEHcTS87fTUYj0/edit07:13
tpb<http://ln-s.net/BN:-> (at docs.google.com)07:13
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madrazrayushk: why would you worry about it. It was a document that was shared among Melange developers07:14
madrazrbefore flushing out the details07:14
madrazrit was basically just a brain-dump of ideas that we had from the All-hands07:14
madrazrit was before we even thought about how to present the ideas07:15
madrazrin a more approachable form to students07:15
madrazrayushk: anyway07:15
madrazrthis particular line means that we should build an abstraction for hosting files07:15
madrazrand the individual views should not worry about where the files are being stored07:16
madrazrand should handle it exactly the same way it handles other data like regular datastore data07:16
ayushkmadrazr: okay. So can you explain this - "Melange doesn't yet have a subsystem that makes resource ingestion, hosting, and distribution easy for both users and feature developers". What I see is that only upload facility of these files is required - https://code.google.com/p/google-summer-of-code/downloads/list07:16
tpb<http://ln-s.net/BCs0> (at code.google.com)07:16
ayushkmadrazr: upload/download of enrollment form, consent form, project is already there.07:17
madrazrayushk: that is one of the goals yes07:17
madrazrayushk: it is already there in a very crude form07:18
madrazrayushk: just a basic functionality07:18
madrazrwhat we need is a more sophisticated upload/download functionality07:18
ayushkmadrazr: So do I need to create a generic model(the db.Model) for all files that are uploaded on melange?07:20
madrazrayushk: the same thing I have told you a couple of times before?07:20
madrazrayushk: at least one reference from our conversation http://www.thousandparsec.net/~irc/%23melange/%23melange.2014-03-05.log.html#t2014-03-05T21:33:0407:20
tpbTitle: Wednesday, 2014-03-05 (at www.thousandparsec.net)07:20
madrazrayushk: about what we need07:20
madrazrayushk: no no, it cannot be a generic model07:21
madrazrayushk: blobstore references should be isolated or segregated the same way the rest of the data is07:21
madrazrayushk: what we need is for the views to not worry about the intrinsic details of how the blobstore API works07:22
*** rishabh_ has joined #melange07:22
madrazrayushk: at views level, all the view should care about is that it has data from the forms07:22
madrazrit has to be validated07:22
madrazrand if validated it should be stored07:22
madrazror validation error be raised07:22
madrazrit shouldn't be necessary for the views to worry about the differences in the Blobstore API07:23
madrazrcompared to the datastore API07:23
madrazrthose details should be abstracted away07:23
ayushkmadrazr: Can you give me a code sample of any view for reference.07:23
madrazrayushk: referencing what?07:23
ayushkmadrazr: Where abstraction is not present and the view has to take care of differences in the blobstore api and datastore api.07:24
ayushkmadrazr: just so that I can understand the problem properly07:25
madrazrayushk: didn't I give you the link already?07:26
madrazrayushk: https://code.google.com/p/soc/source/browse/app/soc/modules/gci/views/static_content.py07:26
tpb<http://ln-s.net/BNA2> (at code.google.com)07:26
madrazrlike 10 days back?07:26
tpbTitle: Friday, 2014-03-07 (at www.thousandparsec.net)07:27
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ayushkmadrazr: Can you explain me this code? How is this different from the upload form of student enrollment?07:32
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ayushkmadrazr: I am having trouble figuring out what you said earlier - "it shouldn't be necessary for the views to worry about the differences in the Blobstore API07:44
ayushkcompared to the datastore API".  Please explain.07:44
madrazrayushk: I will turn this around to you and give this as an exercise07:48
madrazrayushk: first exercise for you is to find out where the code is for student enrollment form uploads07:49
madrazrclue is the URL07:49
madrazrayushk: what do you want me to explain about it?07:50
madrazrayushk: have you read the blobstore API documentation?07:50
madrazrayushk: and have a rough idea of datastore API?07:50
*** ayushpix has quit IRC07:52
ayushkmadrazr: yes I have read the documentation. I understand how these two are different. What I don't understand is how to make validation same for data coming from both datastore and blobstore?07:53
*** rigelk has quit IRC07:56
ayushkmadrazr: sorry, got to go again. Got a class. I will try to understand what is different in both the cases (static content and enrollment form). I will bug you then. Thanks07:57
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alexm92_is there any mentor for GSoC here?12:00
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jasvirolly: hello13:48
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jasvirashishk: hello13:49
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ashishkjasvir: hello13:55
ashishkjasvir: :)13:55
jasvirashishk: Do you have any idea about extending current test. If we have added a new feature, then we have make new test or we extend previos one?13:56
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ashishkjasvir: it depends on the feature if test is already present then you  have to make some changes in it otherwise you have to create a new  test13:58
jasvirashishk: Ok.13:59
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durga94Hey, I am interested in working on the project Responsive Layout (https://code.google.com/p/soc/issues/detail?id=1516) as a part of my GSoC Project, Can someone please help me with it?15:45
tpb<http://ln-s.net/BNX7> (at code.google.com)15:45
ayushpixhi everyone.. I need help......how can I reviewed my proposal ?15:51
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rishabh_hi ,can anyone tell if there is a way to delete a proposal16:22
rishabh_submitted on melange16:22
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franklingudo we use irc more or emails more when callorating in gsoc18:00
franklingujust curious to know18:00
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ashishkmadrazr: hi18:15
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TommyBoyREGISTER inuyasha [email protected]18:48
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man1acashishk: hi18:56
ashishkman1ac: hello :)18:57
man1acashishk: are you interested in melange for gsoc201418:57
ashishkman1ac: yes sure :p18:57
man1acashishk: same here. Hope you are having fun running it?18:58
ashishkman1ac: yes,melange is a new experience for me :)19:01
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jmg_hello, anyone here that can track down which google account is associated w/ my gsoc account?19:02
man1acman1ac: same here. I am going through the code base, trying to understand the dynamics.19:03
man1acashishk:  same here. I am going through the code base, trying to understand the dynamics.19:03
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jasvirmadrazr: hello19:45
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ayushkmadrazr: Hi20:11
ayushkmadrazr: I have tried to understand both the codes for static files (gci) and enrollment form.20:13
ayushkstatic files - https://code.google.com/p/soc/source/browse/app/soc/modules/gci/views/static_content.py20:13
tpb<http://ln-s.net/BNA2> (at code.google.com)20:13
ayushkenrollment form - https://code.google.com/p/soc/source/browse/app/soc/modules/gsoc/views/student_forms.py20:13
tpb<http://ln-s.net/BNh8> (at code.google.com)20:13
ayushkstill I don't understand how are these two different. Please help20:14
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madrazrayushk: they are not different22:17
madrazrI never said they were :)22:18
madrazrayushk: what I said were different were the datastore API and the blobstore API22:18
madrazrthe way we store data into them22:18
madrazrand we don't want our views to be worrying about that?22:19
madrazr*about those differences I mean22:19
*** hcurtis0010 has joined #melange22:20
ayushkmadrazr: Any file that is uploaded is stored in the blobstore, right?22:24
ayushkmadrazr: The datastore is not used for storing files.22:24
madrazrayushk: correct22:24
ayushkmadrazr: so how come views have to worry about the differences? If its a view to upload a file, it will need blobstore api functionality. If its a view for text fields, it will need datastore api functionality.22:26
*** RaulT has joined #melange22:28
madrazrayushk: a view will almost never deal with only one thing22:28
madrazrayushk: even if worst comes to worst and the only thing we are doing is file upload22:28
madrazrayushk: we need to use the blobstore API to store the blob content itself into the blobstore22:29
madrazrayushk: and then get the key of that blob in the blobstore and store the key in the datastoe22:29
madrazrayushk: we already have to deal with the differences in the two APIs there22:29
ayushkmadrazr: so what we want is that if a form has, lets say, fields for text input and file upload, then we should be able to handle both of them and save the data accordingly.22:31
madrazrayushk: in a way the individual views do not have to worry22:32
madrazrabout the differences in the view22:32
madrazr*differences in the API22:32
madrazrshould be abstracted away22:32
ayushkmadrazr: so basically ithe problem is in the post of every view page. It has to work differently for different forms.22:35
ayushkfile upload form and text fields form22:35
ayushkmadrazr: and we want that it works the same way even if its a file upload or a text form.22:36
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madrazrayushk: correct23:00
ayushkmadrazr: can you tell from the code of static content page where the problem is - https://code.google.com/p/soc/source/browse/app/soc/modules/gsoc/views/student_forms.py23:03
tpb<http://ln-s.net/BNh8> (at code.google.com)23:03
madrazrayushk: problem?23:07
madrazrayushk: what does problem mean in this context?23:08
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*** ayushk has joined #melange23:33
ayushkmadrazr: what will I have to chage in this to make it independent of the api difference?23:34
madrazrayushk: build a layer of abstraction23:34
madrazrthat saves the data to respective storage infrastructure23:34
madrazrdepending on the type of data23:34
madrazrand can be used by all the views/pages in Melange23:35
madrazrinstead of each page having to do this23:35
ayushkmadrazr: so every form submission will go to this layer and then data will be saved by this layer.23:35
madrazrayushk: correct23:36
ayushkmadrazr: The layer should be able to save data in the datastore and the blobstore as and when required.23:36
madrazrayushk: correct23:36
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ayushkmadrazr: now its clear to me. About the static files, they are of different languages. So, we can have a field language in the model of the static files. The upload form can have a dropdown to select the language of the file. And when the students download the file, they can select the language and only those files will be listed.23:41
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