Monday, 2014-03-17

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man1aci can't smoothly install and run melange following the steps on the wiki02:24
man1acanyone been through that?02:24
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hammad_ hi, i submitted my proposal for fedora. But, it showing that proposal has been submitted twice. Now I want to delete one of the two. But am not able to find option to delete duplicate proposal. please help.05:59
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Ajish_Hi I have a small problem can any1 help me06:02
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Ajish_Anyone ??06:04
Ajish_I can neither add proposal06:05
Ajish_nor revert a withdrawn proposal06:05
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Ajish_Any1 der to help06:20
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jasvirhammad_: hello06:40
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jasvirnathanielmanista: Hello07:26
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hammad_..jas i08:03
hammad_jasvir: hey ..08:06
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jasvirhammad_: You are not getting option to withdraw your proposal?08:07
hammad_withdrawing my proposal would send a email notification to org admin ? I dont want that :(08:08
ollyhammad_: i don't think it sends an email, but I think we can still see it, but marked as "withdrawn"08:09
ollystuff in melange changes year to year though08:09
hammad_its written, org admin would get a notification by email. No way to delete the proposal ?08:10
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ollyi think it says "it'll notify the org", but that just means the proposal is now marked as withdrawn to us08:11
jasvirhammad_: I don't think there is a delete option.08:11
ollywhy are you so eager to delete it?08:11
hammad_its duplicate proposal.08:11
hammad_It also wont look good :)08:11
ollyjust mark it as withdrawn and comment "sorry, duplicate"08:11
ollywe understand it's easy to do stuff like that08:12
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hammad_will do this way :)08:12
ollywe also encounter the quirks of melange's UI08:12
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[1]asciianyone there13:10
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[1]asciihow many have submitted their proposals for Melange project13:11
downey[1]ascii: many have :-)13:12
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jasvirLennie: Hello\13:37
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man1aci am setting up melange locally following the steps on the wiki. When i try to run it locally, i get the problem: "No such file or directory: 'build'14:21
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Lennieman1ac, that can only mean that you have gotten another error before that15:35
Lennieman1ac, or you have not run the prequisite steps15:35
tpb<> (at
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man1aci just tried on a different computer and the error is coming from bin/paver build ste15:36
hellerhi there, I am the org admin for "The STE||AR Group". I am wondering that nothing shows up under "My organizations" and that "Members of my organizations" gives an error. Can I just ignore that?15:37
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andrejtokarcikHello everyone!  It seems that the point 1.3(f) of GSoC Student Agreement contains an error.  It reads: "(f) Google employee, agent, intern, independent contractor, representative or family member thereof, and you agree you will not state or claim otherwise."  I believe "you are not" should be added to the beginning of that part so that it makes sense.15:56
andrejtokarcikLennie, the channel topic looks to imply I better ping You ;)  See above ^15:57
Lennieandrejtokarcik, I can't do anything about that you need to mail the GSoC mailing list or carols directly.15:59
Lennieman1ac, if you can't figure it out then email melange-soc-dev with the info :)16:00
Lenniegood night all16:00
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[1]asciiman1ac are you working on windows?16:23
[1]asciii can help you in setting up git16:24
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[1]asciiman1ac are you there16:25
[1]asciianyone there?16:27
[1]asciii need help16:33
jasvir[1]ascii: Ask question, If anyone can help he/she will.16:34
[1]asciii am working on windows, and has set up git.16:35
[1]asciibut while working on virtualenv there is an error16:36
jasvir[1]ascii: what is error?16:36
[1]asciiUnable to find vcvarsall.bat16:37
[1]asciiwhat to do now16:37
jasvir[1]ascii: What did google says??16:38
jasvir[1]ascii: Have you tried this :
tpb<> (at
[1]asciiI am unable to find relative answer16:39
jasvir[1]ascii: You are trying to setup melange at Windows?16:40
[1]asciiyes. any roblem on installing on windows?16:42
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jasvir[1]ascii: Actually I don't know about this. But once I saw conversation here regarding same topic and one of the mentor was saying that it is not a good idea.16:44
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jasvir[1]ascii: According to me, It is not a good idea.16:44
jasvir[1]ascii: Rest you can consult any mentor.16:45
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[1]asciithen for just this, i have to install a linux os16:45
jasvir[1]ascii: As I said, ask any mentor. ask it on mailing list.16:47
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[1]asciii have not got any repply from them , since 3 days16:47
[1]asciinow what16:47
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jasvir[1]ascii: I am expecting madrazr here in ~2hrs. You can wait for him. In mean time, try to find out that all listed dependecies are available on windows or not.16:50
ajitkr1994I have contacted the mentor with one e-mail address and I've applied through melange using another email address. What should I do now ? Please help.16:51
[1]ascii<ajitkr1994>wait for there response, they will take minimum 24 hours to reply16:52
ajitkr1994how do I ensure that the mentor still knows that it's me ?16:53
jasvirajitkr1994: You contacted mentor on personal e-mail?16:54
[1]asciithere is no such confirmation, you just have to wait atleast for 24 hours, if you do not get any reply, then try another mail.16:54
ajitkr1994yes jasvir16:54
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[1]asciiI tried using google-group16:54
tpb<> (at
jasvirajitkr1994: Not a good practice. You are working on open source and communication should be openly.16:55
[1]asciithis is the link, you can find me as Ashcintosh Ashutosh16:56
tpb<> (at
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ajitkr1994the mentor himself told me to contact personally. jasvir16:57
[1]asciihow t=does the mentor told you to cntact16:58
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jasvirajitkr1994: Well, there must be reason behind than. [1]ascii +116:58
ajitkr1994on the mailing list.16:59
[1]asciicontact the mentor through which the mentor contact you16:59
jasvirajitkr1994: Post it on same thread.17:00
[1]asciihave you linked the mailing list with your mail account, if yes, then you should be able to find an email address of that mentor on that17:00
[1]asciior just ask mentor on mailing list to contact you, by providing your mail to him/her17:01
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[1]asciihow many of here are working on melange using windows17:10
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[1]asciii want to know how many are going to develop melange on windows17:27
gevaertsYes, you said that17:28
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[1]asciithen atleast one could reply17:30
gevaertsYou're assuming that people who are paying attention to this channel right now know the answer17:31
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[1]asciii do not want no of people. i want no of replies. Atleast people should reply that they are woking or not17:37
gevaertsThat's not how irc works17:38
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vivekjainnathanielmanist1: Hi17:45
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[1]asciinathanielmanist1: are you the mentor18:30
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edu159madrazr: Hi, what mentoring organisations see about a student is his username, or just his public name and his real name ? Thanks18:45
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madrazredu159: We show public name in the content19:04
madrazrwe do not show real name19:04
madrazredu159: we do not explicitly show the username on the proposal form. But it is not too difficult to figure out19:05
madrazrit is in the URL19:05
madrazredu159: s/proposal form/proposal page/19:05
edu159madrazr: youre right >< ... thanks19:05
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*** ashishk has joined #melange19:07
terceirohello, can anyone help me with melange? I am trying to fill in but the requests takes a long time, and then I get a "The connection was reset"19:08
tpb<> (at
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ashishkmadrazr: Hi19:08
madrazrashishk: Hello19:08
terceiromadrazr: ^ (I'm having problems registering at melange for gsoc2014)19:11
ashishkmadrazr: on my local server,i have submitted a proposal , now how can i accept it , i went to admin dashboard -> proposal submitted , but there is no option to select it ,it is showing a simple list of all the proposals submitted for the program19:12
ashishkmadrazr: i want to convert a proposal into the project ??19:13
madrazrterceiro: please tell us more about the problem you are facing19:13
madrazrterceiro: when did this happen?19:13
terceiromadrazr: just trying to register as a mentor19:14
terceiromadrazr: I am trying since yesterday always with the same outvome19:14
madrazrterceiro: what browser do you use?19:14
terceiromadrazr: the latest firefox (iceweasel actually) on debian unstable19:14
madrazrashishk: accepting proposals is a somewhat complicated process19:15
terceiromadrazr: one potential issue is that I am logged in with a google account from my employer, but I am filling in my email address in the form19:15
terceirowould that be a problem?19:15
madrazrashishk: the first thing to do is to sign in as org admin and marking the proposal as accepted from the actions menu on the left side of the proposal review page19:15
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madrazrashishk: and then you should sign in as program admin and click on accept proposals button from the admin dashboard19:16
ashishkmadrazr: i have done that , on the proposal submitted list it is showing true for the column ->(Accept as a project) in the list19:16
madrazrterceiro: the reason why I asked you about the browser is to know if your browser supports private browsing mode19:16
ashishkmadrazr: but status is pending19:17
terceiromadrazr: ah, it does. do you want me to try with a fresh private window?19:17
madrazrterceiro: since you use Firefox which supports that, can you please try opening the browser in private mode and filling out the profile form19:17
madrazrterceiro: yeah19:17
terceiromadrazr: ok I will19:17
madrazrashishk: what did you do exactly?19:19
ashishkmadrazr: first i create three profiles for org,mentor and a student then i submitted a proposal for the respective org19:20
ashishkmadrazr: then i logged in as an org admin,after that i accept the proposal19:20
ashishkmadrazr: then i logged in as program admin and go to proposals submitted in admin dashboard19:21
ashishkmadrazr: there i found a list which shows the proposal but with status pending and accept as a project column true19:21
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ashishkmadrazr: in admin dashboard the subtext written with the proposal submitted link says "Lists all the proposals submitted to the program and lets accept individual proposals."19:22
*** skullbocks is now known as Guest7301419:22
ashishkmadrazr: but when i go to link i do not get any option where i can change the status of the proposal.19:23
ashishkmadrazr: ^19:23
*** cardinot has joined #melange19:25
cardinothello, comments of my proposal are sorted by name instead of by date19:28
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terceiromadrazr: getting the same on the private window. logged in with my google account, then filled the form as before, then submitted. it's spinning until now19:32
terceiromadrazr: this time I got a connection timeout19:43
madrazrashishk: if you go to program admin dashboard you should be able to see this link "Bulk accept proposals and send acceptance/rejection emails"19:47
madrazrashishk: if you go there and click the "Start" button19:47
madrazryou should be able to accept the proposals19:47
madrazrif not19:47
madrazrwe are broken19:47
madrazrbroken badly19:47
madrazrcardinot: please file an issue at
madrazrterceiro: I am not very sure19:48
madrazrthere haven't been any other complaints about this19:48
madrazrregistrations seem to be working19:48
madrazrterceiro: may be it is your internet?19:48
terceiromadrazr: nope, everything else works just fine19:49
madrazrterceiro: do you have access to any other network than the one you are currently trying on?19:49
terceiroI can try over my mobile connection19:49
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ashishkmadrazr: yes, you are right there is some problem with that19:50
madrazrashishk: that's sad19:50
cardinotmadrazr, done! ;)19:54
ashishkmadrazr: i want to work on 2 things as my gsoc project 1.) want to work for umbrella orgs  2.) Try to automate the GCI winner selection procedure.19:55
madrazrterceiro: please try19:55
madrazrcardinot: thank you very much!19:55
madrazrterceiro: let me know how that goes19:55
madrazrterceiro: please make sure that connection is your actual phone data connection and not the Wifi that connects to the same network as your other computer from which you tried now19:56
madrazrashishk: 1. Sounds interesting19:56
madrazrI would love to hear what ideas do you have on that19:56
madrazrashishk: we can also sort of run a short survey asking folks from KDE, Apache, PSF etc asking what would their ideal tools be to facilitate their work19:57
madrazrif you get selected that is :)19:57
madrazrashishk: about 2. I think it is not worth a GSoC work19:58
ashishkmadrazr: i have drafted my proposal on melange ,please have a look at it here
tpb<> (at
madrazrashishk: I think it should take less than a week including writing tests and everything even for a new contributor19:58
madrazrashishk: I will19:58
madrazrashishk: also I don't like the idea of students working on entirely two different things during GSoC19:58
madrazrashishk: leads to loss of focus IMO19:59
ashishkmadrazr:yes, that is true but i think both of them are similar in coding part .19:59
madrazrashishk: how are they similar?19:59
ashishkmadrazr: because we have to do similar kind of stuff like writing tests,creating views etc.20:00
madrazrashishk: that is true of everything in Melange20:00
madrazrashishk: if there is an entirely new module that needs to be implemented on Melange20:00
madrazrthose are true too20:00
madrazrashishk: like for example, the new seeder module20:01
madrazrashishk: but doesn't mean they are related20:01
madrazrashishk: I don't think umbrella orgs work and GCI winner selection work are related20:01
ashishkmadrazr: yes you are right the work is not related but i think the GCI winner selection work needs to be done so i divided my project in two phases 1st would be done before mid-term evaluation and other between midterm and final20:03
terceiromadrazr: well, now it worked. weird as my regular home connection is not showing any issues at all with anything else20:03
ashishkmadrazr: please have a look at my timeline for that ,if that does not sound good then please tell me :)20:04
*** rigelk has quit IRC20:04
*** bitgeeky has quit IRC20:09
madrazrterceiro: this is somewhat a known problem, but I can't comment much on it. May be you should talk to your ISP :)20:09
*** rigelk has joined #melange20:09
*** rigelk has quit IRC20:09
*** rigelk has joined #melange20:09
madrazrashishk: GCI winner selection thing is definitely not something that needs 5 weeks20:12
madrazrI don't think it is even worth considering as anybody's GSoC project20:12
madrazrunless the GSoC project itself is a mish-mash of a number of issues20:12
madrazrashishk: it is something that I would expect a student to do in the community bonding period to get a hang of our code base20:13
carolsmadrazr: i would love for automation on issue 1607 though :-)20:13
madrazralso design document in the coding period, NO!20:13
madrazrcarols: that's a priority for me too because that makes my life (or Nathaniel's) a little easy too :)20:15
madrazrcarols: the blocking factor here is our platform (App Engine/Blobstore)20:15
carolsagreed :-)20:15
carolsmadrazr: i know some googlers :-)20:15
madrazrcarols: ha ha :D20:15
madrazrcarols: you also know some Googlers who are now working full time on App Engine :P20:16
carolsyes i do!20:16
carolsi wish they were spending more time on melange20:16
madrazrsadly I don't have an answer for it though. I will continue to figure out20:16
madrazr*I will continue the search for that answer20:17
madrazrcarols: ha ha, that needs more than 24 hours a day :P20:17
vivekjainmadrazr: Is it ok to submit  proposals for two different project. Will it be taken as negative ?20:19
ashishkmadrazr:thnks for your reviews , i wanted to solve the part 2 but i was blocked on this issue
tpb<> (at
madrazrvivekjain: definitely not, we don't judge you by the number of proposals you submit20:22
madrazrwhat we care about is high quality proposals20:22
madrazrand your work20:22
ashishkmadrazr: also for the design document part,i think that week should be given for the survey phase that you mentioned above which would help me to develop efficient tools for the part 1.20:22
madrazrpatches for fixes/new features20:22
madrazryour ability to use version control system20:22
madrazrand how your survive our stringent code review process20:23
*** Guest73014 is now known as skullbocks20:23
madrazr*how you survive20:23
*** skullbocks is now known as Guest1575320:23
madrazrashishk: survey should be done during community bonding period20:24
vivekjainmadrazr: Can we edit the proposal after the student application period ends ?20:24
madrazrIMO, you should be ready to go all in to flood with your code once the coding gate opens :)20:24
madrazryou should have a good idea of your work to write code during the coding period20:25
madrazrI am not saying things can't change20:25
madrazrthings always do change as we make progress20:25
madrazras we learn things20:25
madrazrbut not even having a solid plan before we start is worse20:25
madrazrgot to run (for lunch)20:26
ashishkmadrazr:ok,i got it so i should start working on it from now without wasting any time :)20:26
carolsmadrazr: can you help me with querying melange?20:26
ashishkmadrazr: ok, thanks for your reviews :)20:26
*** shrihari has quit IRC20:34
*** man1ac has joined #melange20:38
man1acHello everyone20:38
ashishkman1ac: hello :)20:41
man1acis there anyone interested in the Melange project for gsoc2014?20:41
*** vivekjain has quit IRC20:46
*** meflin has joined #melange20:47
*** meflin has left #melange21:03
*** carols has quit IRC21:09
*** enchilader has joined #melange21:10
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*** Darrel has quit IRC21:18
*** ayushk has joined #melange21:20
*** bitgeeky has joined #melange21:22
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*** monkegjinni has joined #melange21:30
*** vivekjain has joined #melange21:31
*** vivekjain has quit IRC21:32
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*** RaulT has joined #melange21:36
RaulTmadrazr: Hello! Can I bug you one last time ?21:37
madrazrRaulT: one last time? :)21:42
madrazrwhat is happening to either of us from tomorrow? I am afraid :D21:42
madrazrRaulT: go ahead, ask your question21:43
madrazras the convention around here goes, "Don't ask to ask, just ask :)"21:43
RaulTmadrazr: I mean I will submit my proposal and I will not bug you with questions so much :P21:43
madrazrashishk: what do you want to start working on without wasting time now?21:43
RaulTmadrazr: Has somone adresed this issue ?21:44
madrazrOh vivekjain left21:44
tpb<> (at
RaulTI'm considering it for my proposal21:44
madrazrman1ac: yes, many :)21:44
RaulTI plan do first do a schema for the database21:44
ashishkmadrazr: i mean, i need to start on part 1. tools for umbrella orgs .21:44
man1aci am interested too21:44
RaulTto document exacly what changes need to be made for the conversion to be possible21:45
madrazrRaulT: ? 210 was fixed in Feb 2009?21:45
RaulTmadrazr: Sorry
tpb<> (at
madrazrRaulT: not bugging is a recipe for failure :)21:45
RaulTmadrazr: Not enough chars selected :P21:45
ashishkmadrazr: during the time you went for lunch ,i talked with terri and meflin on #python-gsoc channel and gathered a lot of information about the flow of umbrella and sub-orgs21:45
madrazrRaulT: as the thumb rule for GSoC goes, you need to keep communicating with your mentors/org21:46
man1acmadrazr: i find it difficult locating my mentor21:46
ashishkmadrazr: i have made some points based on the chat i had with them21:46
madrazrashishk: for the tools for umbrella orgs, I would like to hear your ideas before you start making any solid design plans21:46
madrazror writing code21:46
RaulTmadrazr: I will still do that21:46
madrazrnote, your idea need not be final21:47
madrazrashishk: ^21:47
man1acmadrazr: i am still to submit my proposal, is there a way to contact a mentor and what is the fastest way?21:47
madrazrashishk: rough directions is good enough21:47
madrazrashishk: we can improve as we discuss21:47
madrazrRaulT: what do you want to do about 2106?21:48
ashishkmadrazr:ok, As melange have no role among the umbrella org and its suborg ,so i want melange as an intermediory platform among parent orgs and its sub orgs.21:48
madrazrashishk: cool!21:48
ashishkmadrazr: here are some points i have made.21:49
ashishkDashboard:(For Org Admin)21:49
ashishk1. Add/Remove Suborg.21:49
ashishk2. Manage Mentors : List of mentors will be shown and org admin will have  options to assign/remove mentors to sub orgs.21:49
ashishk3. Manage Proposals: List of Proposals will be shown and org admin will have a option to assign/remove proposals to its sub-org.21:49
ashishkNow as melange will have information about the proposals belongs to sub-org and the mentors belonging to sub-org,so we can generalize the proposals accordingly.21:49
ashishkDashboard:(For Sub-org Admin who will be mentors for the sub-org)21:49
ashishk1. Proposal Submitted: List of Proposal submitted to corresponding sub-org he is connected with.21:49
RaulTmadrazr: I am thinking at first to study the database design and trace de dependencies within the data in order to make the conversion between profiles21:50
madrazrman1ac: here or ML21:50
RaulTmadrazr: I anticipate this study will take some time. Then after I have collected the data based on the results proceed with the implementation ?21:50
man1acI want to the the User dash board implementation for melange21:51
RaulTmadrazr: My questions is has somone adressed this issue so I don't do the research all over again21:51
RaulTmadrazr: And of course if this sounds like a reasonable course of action ?21:52
man1acmadrazr: my mentor is Daniel Hans21:52
man1acmadrazr: i have no access to any of the mailing lists21:56
madrazrman1ac: what is a user dashboard? How is it different than our current dashboard?21:59
madrazrRaulT: I don't think the issue has been addressed21:59
tpb<> (at
madrazrbut it has nothing to do with datastore IMO21:59
madrazrRaulT: it is just a simple UI change22:00
madrazra very simple one22:00
madrazrjust a one line fix22:00
madrazrRaulT: it is just about redirecting the user to the right page22:00
RaulTmadrazr: again i was sabottaged by my tiping22:00
RaulTmadrazr: what i really ment to paste was this
madrazrRaulT: it is about what redirect to send22:01
man1acmadrazr: that is the ideas page, the idea is to list all artifacts associated with the specified user or profile22:01
*** jasvir has joined #melange22:01
*** jasvir has left #melange22:01
madrazrman1ac: then join our dev mailing list22:01
man1acok, cool22:01
tpb<> (at
tpb<> (at
madrazrashishk: your list of ideas sound good to me22:03
man1acmadrazr: i joined. Thanks22:03
madrazrashishk: it generally seems to be going in the right direction22:03
*** Guest18360 has quit IRC22:04
*** mudler has quit IRC22:04
*** mudler has joined #melange22:05
ashishkmadrazr:thnks,i will do some changes in my proposal by tomorrow based on above points :)22:05
madrazrashishk: this is definitely going to be a GSoC worth of work22:06
madrazror larger than that22:06
*** carols has joined #melange22:06
madrazrashishk: I will be happy to take a look at your proposal once you make the updates22:06
madrazrashishk: one comment about the timeline is, I would like to see a more concrete timeline22:06
madrazrit is too abstract at the moment22:06
madrazrashishk: I would like to see what exact components you are going to have implemented at each phase in the timeline22:07
madrazrashishk: just saying models, views and templates for all the features is not enough22:07
madrazrRaulT: what about it?22:07
ashishkmadrazr:yes sure i will do the changes later,actually i have a class today from 8:30 and it is 3:38 A.M. so need to sleep :)22:09
ashishkmadrazr: thnks again :)22:09
madrazrashishk: alright good night22:09
madrazrashishk: np22:09
RaulTmadrazr: If somone has tried to document the changes that have to be made to change between student/mentor profiles22:09
*** ashishk has left #melange22:09
RaulTmadrazr: Or is it a good starting point for my aproach22:09
*** bitgeeky has quit IRC22:10
madrazrRaulT: what is your approach?22:10
madrazrwhat am I missing?22:10
*** jasvir has joined #melange22:10
madrazrsorry too much traffic here22:10
jasvirmadrazr: hello22:11
madrazrtoo many other things to do for full-time work :)22:11
RaulTmadrazr: Study the designt of the database and provide a document containning the changes that have to be made in order to make the transition possible22:11
madrazrRaulT: would you mind repeating what your ideas was please? Or point me to the conversation in the logs. I tried to read through the backlogs, but couldn't find anything relevant22:11
madrazrRaulT: fair enough22:11
madrazrRaulT: that's a good starting point22:12
RaulTmadrazr: What has to be deleted what has to be changed into what ,what can be kept and what must be added22:12
madrazrRaulT: yeah22:12
RaulTmadrazr: And based on the results decide if the conversion is feasable22:12
madrazrRaulT: a good starting point would be to focus entirely on Profile model (the new NDB based profile model)22:12
madrazrRaulT: in app/melange/models/profile.py22:12
madrazrRaulT: conversion has to be made feasible somehow :)22:13
madrazreven if it is not22:13
madrazrright now :)22:13
RaulTmadrazr: Yes but there are some other entities that depend exclusively on a student/mentor profile22:13
RaulTmadrazr: Like proposal,comments22:13
madrazrRaulT: first thing I would get done is to upgrade from mentor to student22:14
madrazrit is not entirely clear to me why one would want to go the other way round though22:14
madrazrRaulT: may be there is a reason for it22:14
madrazrlike for example someone registered as a student22:14
madrazrand did not get selected for GSoC22:14
madrazrand now want to mentor a project instead22:15
madrazris a fair use case22:15
madrazrRaulT: so sure22:15
madrazrRaulT: what you propose is fair enough22:15
RaulTmadrazr: Thank you. I will include that in my proposal22:15
madrazrRaulT: cool22:16
*** denysbut_ is now known as denysbutenko22:17
jasvirmadrazr: hello :)22:19
*** samgtr has joined #melange22:19
samgtri want to report an issue22:19
madrazrjasvir: Hi22:19
samgtrwhere can i do that?22:19
madrazrsorry about that22:19
tpbTitle: Sign in - Google Accounts (at
madrazrsamgtr: what is the issue? You can report it at
tpbTitle: Sign in - Google Accounts (at
samgtrmadrazr: oh it is a CSS issue on one of the org pages22:20
jasvirmadrazr: I would like to ask that issues listed on ideas page for Mentor's flow are enough for proposal or I have to add something more?22:21
madrazrsamgtr: please report22:22
madrazrjasvir: what is more important is to come with a coherent proposal for the issues listed22:23
madrazrjasvir: each issue tells only a part of the story22:23
madrazrjasvir: what is more important is to glue them together22:23
madrazrto make it a GSoC project22:23
jasvirmadrazr: All issues together make a good GSoC project according to me. But I am little bit confused that is it enough?22:25
samgtrmadrazr: reported the issue here at
tpb<> (at
*** skullbocks has joined #melange22:25
jasvirmadrazr: Ofcourse one will glue them together. If he/she going to solve them one by one, I considered them as sticked. What you think?22:26
*** skullbocks is now known as Guest4337222:26
*** enchilader has joined #melange22:27
jasvirmadrazr: ping ?22:32
madrazrjasvir: not enough to tackle one by one I think22:37
madrazrjasvir: you need a more coherent story22:37
*** ayushk has quit IRC22:38
madrazrjasvir: you can't even summarize your project into oneline title if you want to fix them separately22:38
*** shikher has quit IRC22:38
madrazrjasvir: what will your project title be?22:38
madrazrjasvir: Fix all the mentor flow issues?22:38
madrazrthat does not sound like a good idea22:38
madrazrsamgtr: great! thanks!22:38
jasvirmadrazr: Current title is "Improving Mentor flow".22:39
madrazrjasvir: sounds good22:39
jasvirmadrazr: Ok.22:39
jasvirmadrazr: What technical details I have to add?22:41
*** cardinot has left #melange22:42
*** vivekjain has joined #melange22:43
*** enchilader has quit IRC22:51
*** enchilader has joined #melange22:51
jasvirmadrazr: ping22:53
*** vivekjain has quit IRC22:55
*** Gentlecat has joined #melange23:00
*** carols has quit IRC23:07
madrazrjasvir: whatever details you think would make the proposal a one coherent project23:23
madrazrwith timelines23:23
madrazrhave you seen our proposal template yet?23:23
madrazryou should take a look23:23
madrazrthat will give you some idea23:24
jasvirI have made full timeline.23:24
*** Guest43372 is now known as skullbocks23:25
jasvirmadrazr: But there is different section 4.523:25
jasvirmadrazr: " Include as much technical detail about your implementation as you can"23:25
*** skullbocks is now known as Guest5521523:25
jasvirmadrazr: I have made my proposal strictly according to tempalte given.23:26
madrazrjasvir: look around the templates you can find on the interenet23:31
madrazr*look around for the proposals you find on the internet23:32
madrazrjasvir: technical details section is important23:32
jasvirmadrazr: I have added a startup like this :
tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at
jasvirmadrazr: Is that the thing I have to add?23:35
madrazrjasvir: good start23:37
madrazryour paragraphs look rather disconnected though23:37
madrazryou say this Examples are given for both these modules and I am Implementing them.23:37
madrazrand then As we know median is just middle number of a list,23:38
madrazrI have no clue where median came from suddenly23:38
jasvirmadrazr: Yeah.23:38
jasvirmadrazr: Ok. I'll improve it.23:38
jasvirmadrazr: Forget second paragraph. First is relevant?23:39
madrazrjasvir: sounds good yeah23:39
jasvirmadrazr: First paragraph is about Implementing git diff like feature so that mentors can see what changes have been made into proposal.23:40
jasvirmadrazr: So I found these libraries and specified them.23:41
jasvirmadrazr: What about creating sub-organisation under main organisation? I think this include amendments in coding only. Like adding a function "sub-org". So what I have to specify there? Code example? If that is the case, than what'll left for coding period? I mean If I knew total logic behind this, I can solve it right now. I am not aware of full logic that's why It is still an idea.23:45
*** rocker_ has joined #melange23:47
*** rocker has quit IRC23:48
*** RaulT has quit IRC23:55
*** shikher has joined #melange23:59

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