Thursday, 2014-03-20

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ayushkmadrazr: I have submitted my proposal - . Please review whenever you have time. And thank you for helping me!02:11
tpb<> (at
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madrazrayushk: Ok cool02:13
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rusnicHi! i am gsoc 14 applicant. and i am looking to connect with melange to get and heads up feedback on my proposal. This is my proposal.
tpb<> (at
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fidenciomadrazr: howdy! I'd like to know if is possible to have clear in melange who is giving the notes for the students.07:20
madrazrfidencio: Hi07:20
madrazrI am not sure I understand the question07:20
fidenciomadrazr: nowdays, at least in my org, we have to ask whomever is voting to say "I'm giving n/m starts for the student"07:20
madrazrwould you mind rephrasing it please?07:20
fidenciomadrazr: let me try :). is there a way to have clear who gave a note (like, 4 stars for the proposal) in the students proposal? nowdays it's shown like my personal note and the average. but is impossible to know who already gave a note. if we could at least know who are the people, we could ask them why those note and so ob07:24
fidenciostill not clear? :-)07:26
madrazrfidencio: got it07:30
madrazrfidencio: there isn't a way to know that right now07:30
madrazrbecause we don't store that particular information07:30
madrazrthere is an open issue somewhere for it07:30
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madrazrfidencio: I am not able to find that issue07:37
madrazrfidencio: so may be there wasn't one and may be I am trying to relate it to something else07:37
madrazrfidencio: feel free to file an issue for it at
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fidenciomadrazr: nice, let me file the bug. thank you so much07:42
madrazrfidencio: no problem07:42
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joshwambuaHi all10:04
joshwambuaDo the mentors at gsoc get notified when I edit my proposal?10:04
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ollyjoshwambua: only those for your org10:08
ollyand they can disabled notifications10:08
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joshwambuaok, olly10:21
ollyjoshwambua: hmm, actually maybe we don't - we do get notified of new proposals and new comments10:24
ollybut not sure about changes to just the proposal (i know we did in previous years)10:24
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ankesh11Selecting code from the formatting menu on the proposal page doesn't work.13:14
ankesh11How can I embed code snippets in my proposal>13:14
amitthi everyone13:14
amitti am aspiring to work on resource hosting13:15
amittis there anything i should ought to know13:15
amittand what is the current status of that project13:16
ankesh11Never mind, I got that to work after the HTML.13:17
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man1acanyone there13:46
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jasviramitt: What do mean by current status?14:11
amittjasvir: I mean who else is working on that14:13
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jasviramitt: don't know exactly but you can search in google groups. There must be some email regarding this. If you wants to work on it, go ahead make proposal. It's not necessary that you have to choose a project on which no one is working. If you think this project is suitable for you, then go ahead.14:17
amittjasvir: ok14:17
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jasvirman1ac: hello14:20
man1acjasvir: hello14:20
jasvirman1ac: how can i help you?14:21
man1acjasvir: i am trying to re-install melange, but seed_db has a problem.14:21
man1acjasvir: i have checked around for the solution, but i'm still on the search though. Have you come across that problem?14:22
jasvirman1ac: What is the problem?14:22
man1acjasvir: Entity has uninitialized properties: account_id14:23
man1acthat is the error i get when i do localhost:8080/seed_db14:23
shikherman1ac: try logging in first, then seed.14:24
jasvirman1ac: I think, I know the reason.First  let me confirm.14:24
jasvirshikher: I was trying to make some suspence :P14:25
jasvirshikher: By letting man1ac meaning of this error14:25
man1acjasvir: thanks. it helped14:25
jasvirshikher: anyways14:26
jasvirman1ac: are you able to relate solution with problem?14:27
man1acjasvir: I logged in to melange first, and then localhost:8080/seed_db worked without the error: Entity has uninitialized properties: account_id14:30
jasvirman1ac: What does that mean?14:31
jasvirman1ac: uninitialized properties: account_id14:31
shikherjasvir: :)14:31
man1acjasvir: it means the property account_id is unknown14:32
jasvirman1ac: Elaborate14:35
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devajaywho is a mentor of responsive layout16:46
devajayin your idea page mentor nickname or mail id is missing . so please give me mentor irc nickname or mail id .where i easily contact with them and i share my idea or proposal16:50
devajaymy project mentor name is Nathaniel Manista, Mario Ferraro16:51
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ankush92I submitted my proposal but can't view it in the proposals page16:54
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epifaniohi All16:55
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epifanioi'm going to add my GSOC idea on melange, i have to select the Organization which is OSGeo but i'm not sure about the "exact name" to pt in the melange form.  is there a list of organization available16:57
epifaniofrom where i can check the correct name ? i guess this is needed to be correct for the mentors in order to search the list of ideas submitted to each orgs16:57
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epifaniook found it .. sorry17:03
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ankush92Sorry; it was my mistake. I had more than 500 characters in the Abstract because of which my proposal was not being accepted.17:42
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chitrankHello Melange Developers I am making my GSoC Application on Responsive Layout Project listed in the ideas list18:43
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osa1is there a way to see my submitted proposals? I think I just submitted one but I can't see it again(just to make sure I'm really submitted and no errors happened)18:57
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shikhermadrazr: ping19:18
madrazrshikher: pong19:18
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shikhermadrazr: what is the test coverage for lists?19:20
shikherby test coverage I mean, types of test.19:20
makoscafeementor for responsive layout proposal?19:21
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madrazrshikher: I am not sure I understand the question correctly19:30
madrazrshikher: what are you expecting as an answer?19:30
madrazrexamples may be?19:30
shikhermadrazr: not really. just wat do lists test actually test for? like I see a templates test. an OK response. but wat does this mean -> data = response.context['data']['']19:35
shikher    self.assertEqual(1, len(data)) ?19:35
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shikhermadrazr: wat is len(data) supposed to be exactly? snippet:
tpbTitle: test for lists (at
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agliodbshere's a strange bug for you:
tpb<> (at
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Ivanovichey folks, just a headup from me: melange seems to be working really great this year!19:51
Ivanovicgood job!19:51
Ivanovicthanks for all your hard work19:53
agliodbsYeah, speaking as someone who's been using Melange for GSOC since 2007, it is SO much better now.19:54
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suraji need to apply for few of the ideas mentioned on the melange gsoc page20:07
surajlike javascript testing20:08
surajhow should i put fwd my proposal20:08
SinnerShankywhen are the number of slots for organisations decided?20:10
carolsSinnerShanky: that's listed on the timeline20:11
ollyagliodbs: um, didn't melange debut in 2010?20:16
carolsolly: 200920:16
agliodbsolly: no, must be earlier than that ...20:16
ollyok, but not 200720:16
agliodbsok, since 2009 then20:16
carolsno, not 200720:16
gevaertsI know it wasn't there in 2008, and I don't remember 2009 very clearly20:17
agliodbshuh, seems like I've been through more versions than that20:17
ollyah yes, counting again i get 2009 too20:17
agliodbsbut this year feels really mature, melange has gotten pretty easy to use20:17
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suraji have posted my proposal for gsoc in the discussion area of melange20:52
surajam i doing right?20:52
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ashishkmadrazr: hi21:22
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pchaignoHi all! Are mentors notified when we update our proposal?22:51
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jasvirmadrazr: hello23:45
madrazrjasvir: Hi23:55
jasvirmadrazr: I have discussed with reitveld and python developers.23:56
jasvirmadrazr: Same reply from both sides.23:56
jasvirmadrazr: Difflib is the best.23:57
jasvirmadrazr: Specialy for django apps.23:57
jasvirmadrazr: if you are not using difflib.HtmlDiff23:58
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madrazrjasvir: Ok23:58
madrazrjasvir: cool!23:58
jasvirmadrazr: reitveld don't have any problem any problem with diflib becuase they are difflib.sequencmatcher.23:59
jasvirmadrazr: I am studying there code too.23:59
jasvirmadrazr: their*23:59

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