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chitrankHello Melange Developers , I would like to talk about the GSOC 2014 project Idea that I would like to work on.06:53
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jasvirnathanielmanista: I have submitted patch for issue :
tpb<> (at
jasvirnathanielmanista: Please change status from New to Patch Recieved.09:59
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chitrankHello Melnage developers, I have started this thread on the mailing list please have a look,!topic/melange-soc-dev/N5iujQMTpXk14:36
tpb<> (at
chitrankI would like to know about more details about the Student Flow and the Mentor Flow Ideas listed on the wiki in detail14:37
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sanketjaini am participating in GSOC 2014, and i am interested in project "Responsive Layout". So please guide me where to start.15:45
sanketjaini have an experience on html, css and javascript15:49
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pirosb3_Hi all17:02
pirosb3_Hi! I am a BSc Computer Science student from UK. I am very interested in machine learning and have experience on distributed web application development (both frontend and backend)17:05
pirosb3_I wanted do discuss the feasibility of building an application that collects and processes useful information from the data that Melange generates every year. Could that be an interesting idea to start discussing?17:07
pirosb3_This idea would benefit Melange a lot. I would build informative tools (and visualizations) that give more insight of the decisions and projects that each user chooses.17:09
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ayushkmadrazr: Hi, I created a Student Agreement document from this page - http://localhost:8090/gsoc/program/edit/google/gsoc2014 and made the document visible for students. But when I go to this page - http://localhost:8090/gsoc/dashboard/google/gsoc2014#documents to view the document, I get an error in red. Is that a bug?19:13
ashishkmadrazr: hi19:20
madrazrayushk: depends on what the error is :)19:26
madrazrashishk: Hi19:26
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ashishkmadrazr: i want to discuss about issue 51519:28
ashishkmadrazr: in this issue we need to find the difference between two proposals right ..19:28
ayushkmadrazr: This is the error - Error retrieving data: please refresh the list or the whole page to try again . I also figured out the solution.19:31
vivekjainmadrazr: Hi19:32
ayushkmadrazr: If a document is created and is made visible for students, it should be there in that list.19:33
vivekjainmadrazr: I want to know about how melange currently seeds data ?19:33
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madrazrayushk: that information is still nothing for me19:39
madrazrayushk: unless you give me stack trace19:40
madrazrand link to the code which is causing this19:40
madrazrayushk: as much as I would like to help you, I can't do much to help you without that information19:40
madrazrashishk: what do you mean by 2 proposals?19:40
madrazrashishk: elaborate?19:40
madrazrvivekjain: Hi19:40
ashishkmadrazr: students submits there proposal then if they want to change the proposal they resubmit it with some changes right each time they submit it mentor get the mail right19:41
ashishkmadrazr: so here we need to show the difference between these two ??19:42
vivekjainmadrazr: Does melange currently seeds data for only limited number of models or for all models ?19:45
madrazrashishk: correct19:45
madrazrvivekjain: somewhere between limited and all :)19:46
madrazrvivekjain: so that is still limited I guess?19:46
RaulTmadrazr: Hello19:47
vivekjainmadrazr: So in renovate our test data seeder project we need to seed data for all models .?19:47
RaulTmadrazr: Do you have any knowledge of this issue ?
tpbTitle: Issue 1701 - soc - Mentors should know what proposals they are assigned to - SoC (Spice of Creation) - Google Project Hosting (at
madrazrvivekjain: well19:47
madrazrvivekjain: we are talking about two different things19:47
ayushkmadrazr: link to the error - .19:47
tpbTitle: Spam Detection For Paste ID: 93aiPaCN (at
ashishkmadrazr: while i was searching for it i found this , i think this difflib library can solve the issue ..?19:47
tpb<> (at
madrazrI was under the impression that you were talking about seed_db.py19:47
madrazrvivekjain: what you are talking about is seeder module19:48
madrazrvivekjain: seeder module is capable of seeding data for "any" model you ask for19:48
madrazrvivekjain: so technically, if you ask seeder to seed all the models19:48
madrazrit can seed all the models19:48 on the other hand is different19:49
madrazrRaulT: Hi19:49
vivekjainmadrazr: so in the project what are the expectation ?Do we need to change seed_db or seeder module?19:49
madrazrRaulT: I don't know what "two" extra columns are19:50
madrazrRaulT: one extra column is to list the mentor names19:51
madrazrRaulT: who are assigned to a proposal19:51
madrazrRaulT: not sure what the other one is19:51
madrazrRaulT: and no, it is not a new list19:51
madrazrRaulT: a column should be added to the existing proposals for my org list19:51
RaulTmadrazr: I will ask on the mailing list for more info then :D19:52
madrazrRaulT: sure19:52
madrazrayushk: obviously, we don't have "student_info" entities any more for profiles19:52
madrazrthat needs a fix19:52
madrazrashishk: sure. difflib was tried before IIRC19:54
madrazrashishk: this is not entirely a new project19:54
madrazrashishk: we had a student who had worked on this project before19:54
ayushkmadrazr: Changing student_info to ndb_profile.student_data fixed the bug.19:58
tpb<> (at
madrazrthis may help you19:58
madrazrashishk: is the corresponding project page19:58
tpb<> (at
madrazrayushk: cool!19:59
madrazrvivekjain: seeder module19:59
madrazrvivekjain: and make seed_db use it19:59
madrazrunlike it is now19:59
ayushkmadrazr: I'll report this issue and submit a patch. Thanks!20:00
vivekjainmadrazr: currently seed_db does not uses seeder module ?20:00
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madrazrvivekjain: not at the moment20:06
madrazrayushk: cool!20:06
vivekjainmadrazr: So in the project we need to use seeder module for seed_db ?20:07
madrazrvivekjain: that's my "dream" yes!20:09
madrazrvivekjain: not sure seed_db20:09
madrazrbut we should be able to setup and tear down programs20:09
madrazrand at various points in the program timeline20:09
madrazrlike for example, I should be able to say "Go seed GSoC for student proposal submission phase"20:10
madrazrand all the data needed up to that point in the timline should be correctly seeded20:10
madrazrvivekjain: btw note, you don't have to do any natural language processing there :P20:10
madrazrI just gave that as an example20:11
madrazra simple checkbox should be fine to select that option20:11
vivekjainmadrazr: So what i understand is we need to create a UI in which various options for various models will be there .If i click on the checkboxes of that model .Then for that model a data will be generated and entered .20:12
madrazrvivekjain: correct20:13
madrazrvivekjain: with options to select those models for different points in the timeline20:13
madrazrvivekjain: as I said earlier, if I say student proposal phase20:13
madrazrall the models required for that phase should be automatically selected20:13
ashishkmadrazr: for issue 1930,i want to know whether my patch is merged as daniel changed the status to fixed20:14
vivekjainmadrazr: So currently we have the module which can do that but there is no method by which that module is exploited.And in the project we need to develop that method to exploit that module ?20:14
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madrazrashishk: do a git log search on master :)20:38
madrazrvivekjain: which module?20:38
vivekjainmadrazr: seeder20:39
madrazrvivekjain: that module is dysfunctional20:39
madrazrvivekjain: we have had problems with its random data generation mechanism20:39
vivekjainmadrazr: So in the project do we need to improve that module or create a new one ?20:41
madrazrvivekjain: that is open for discussion20:42
madrazrvivekjain: depends on what you propose20:42
madrazrand how you plan to do it20:42
vivekjainmadrazr: I searched about fixture module.But that does not work for ndb ?20:43
vivekjainmadrazr: So i think i will try to improve the existing one if it does not have many flaws or does it have many flaws ?20:44
madrazrvivekjain: define flaw?20:44
vivekjainmadrazr: problems .20:45
vivekjainor efficiency .20:45
madrazrvivekjain: efficiency is not an issue since this module is never used in production20:53
madrazrvivekjain: its random data generation technique is a problem though20:54
madrazrvivekjain: in some cases things are unpredictable20:54
madrazrthat is the major, major concern20:54
ollymadrazr: you want predicatable random data?20:57
vivekjainmadrazr: So the main problem is random data generation .I think we can use that module for the project.21:00
madrazrolly: predictable random?21:04
madrazrwhat does that even mean?21:04
madrazrolly: sounds like some NSA scam now? :P21:04
ollymadrazr: you seemed to be complaining that the current random data was unpredictable...21:05
madrazrolly: correct. I should have probably said, the data generated is unpredictable21:05
madrazrdue to randomness that the implementation chooses21:05
madrazrinstead the generation should be predictable21:05
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ollyoh, you mean it shouldn't be random at all?21:06
madrazrolly: well if you can generate random data and be predictable ;-)21:06
madrazrI would like to give it a shot21:06
madrazrolly: but yeah, since that does not even make sense, we need predictable data generation21:06
ollyyou can seed a pseudo-random number generator, but that's not really random of course21:06
gevaertsmadrazr: all you need for that is a multiverse. Easy!21:06
madrazrwhich cannot be entirely random21:07
madrazrgevaerts: indeed! Sounds very easy :P21:07
madrazrolly: yeah21:07
gevaertsOr just predict any old random data, and try again until you get it right :)21:07
madrazrolly: actually randomness really does not matter21:07
madrazrolly: what we really want is some place holder data21:07
madrazrolly: with the right types21:07
madrazrolly: when we first implemented this module we thought we were too smart21:08
madrazrwe can totally do a random generator and hence why not21:08
madrazrand we did what have now21:08
madrazrolly: but turns out, that self-proclaimed smartness was over-engineering21:08
madrazror Y.A.G.N.I21:09
madrazrgevaerts: only if we had enough computation :P21:09
madrazrcomputational power I mean21:09
gevaertsmadrazr: you mean you *don't* get free access to all the google servers?21:10
madrazrOh or wait, there is such a thing called botnet21:10
madrazrgevaerts: there is no free lunch21:10
madrazrgevaerts: everybody pays for the resources21:10
madrazrgevaerts: even the internal customers21:10
gevaertsmadrazr: good. If they're all paying, you don't have to ;)21:11
madrazrgevaerts: only if our security teams were less incompetent :P21:12
madrazr*were incompetent21:12
madrazrthat totally meant something else21:12
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gevaertsAh, yes. That could be an issue :)21:12
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ashishkmadrazr: can you please tell me how melange currently handles umbrella orgs??21:42
ashishkmadrazr:looking for issue 130621:43
ashishkAdd tools for umbrella orgs21:43
gevaertsashishk: I might be wrong here, but as a long-time observer I think it doesn't have any special umbrella features at all right now21:44
ashishkgevaerts: how do we know whether register org is an umbrella org or simple one ??21:46
gevaertsI don't think you do right now21:47
gevaertsBut again, madrazr may well contradict me21:47
ashishkgevaerts: i think we should handle umbrella orgs separately21:49
gevaertsashishk: as I see it, the entire idea of issue 1306 is to add all these things :)21:49
ashishkgevaerts: yes ,we need to develop different views,templates for them so i think it would take time21:51
* olly would think the umbrella org features would just be something the org admin configured21:52
ollyso if you don't add any sub-orgs, you aren't an umbrella org21:52
ashishkolly: for umbrella org,are there different org admin for the sub org or there is  single admin for  the entire org21:58
ollyas far as melange currently knows, just admins for the whole org21:59
ollyi've not run a large umbrella, you might want to talk to people who have to find what they'd find useful21:59
ashishkolly: so melange provide slots to the whole org ,there is no role of melange between the org and its sub org right ..22:00
ollynot currently22:00
ollyi imagine it's quite painful if you've a dozen sub-orgs and 50 slots to deal with22:01
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ashishkolly: further distribution of the slots among the sub orgs are done by the main org22:01
ollywell, the org just assigns students to slots - so currently they have to discuss with the sub org mentors how many they'd like and for which students and try to get everything straight in melange to reflect that22:02
ollyas an admin, i've only had to deal with at most 6 slots, and no sub-orgs, so I don't really know how the large orgs would like it to work, but I can see it probably isn't great currently22:03
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jasvirmadrazr: Hello22:14
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jasvirmadrazr: I just visited on and obeserved this thing --> , which I again checked at my localhost. I think this is a defect. What you think?22:27
tpbTitle: Defect | Diigo (at
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madrazrgevaerts: you are right22:30
madrazrgevaerts: we don't do anything special to handle umbrella orgs22:30
madrazrgevaerts: neither do we know :)22:30
madrazrgevaerts: happy dances? :P22:30
gevaertsYes :)22:31
madrazrashishk: if we build better tools for umbrella orgs, KDE will send you lots of love22:32
madrazr*if you build22:32
madrazrand may be even PSF22:32
madrazrand Apache too22:32
ashishkmadrazr:there is no feedback page on the melange site ..22:34
ashishkmadrazr: also after the completion of the program ,is there any feedback form which is filled by each org,student ,mentor??22:36
madrazrashishk: that's what midterm and final evaluations are for22:41
madrazrashishk: there is not just one, but two :P22:41
ashishkmadrazr: great :-)22:43
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madrazrjasvir: bug bug :)23:08
madrazrjasvir: patch welcome!23:08
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