Wednesday, 2014-03-05

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yatharth01format and requirements for gsoc proposal??05:13
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jasvirnathanielmanista: Hello09:30
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jasviranyone there? I need some help10:07
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denysbutenkohow I can help you?10:16
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jasvirdenysbutenko: I have added new JS function in app/melange/content/html/melange/root.html which is extended by all base.html files. But it seems like function is not working. Function is about validating length of a form field.10:23
jasvirdenysbutenko: Do you have any idea, how to make it working?10:24
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jasvircan anyone else help me?10:48
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denysbutenkoAll JS is building, maybe you must make change and rebuild them?10:58
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jasvirdenysbutenko: didn't get you11:09
denysbutenkoYou can try to add own function in app/melange/content/html/melange/root.html11:15
denysbutenkoMy js code is works fine11:15
jasvirdenysbutenko: that's what I said. I have added function in app/melange/content/html/melange/root.html. But it's not working. Can You show me root.html in which you have your function?11:19
denysbutenkotry to call alert() in block `scripts` and reload dashboard page.11:21
tpbTitle: [Python] {% block scripts %} {% block synchronous_scripts %} (at
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jasvirdenysbutenko: Pleae check this one:
tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at
jasvirdenysbutenko: I want that this function must be called when I submit this form :http://localhost:8080/gsoc/program/edit/google/gsoc201411:30
jasvirdenysbutenko: but nothing happens.11:30
jasvirdenysbutenko: Sorry, this one :
tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at
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denysbutenkoYou must handle submit event and call your function.11:43
tpbTitle: jQuery("#id_of_form").on("submit", function (e) { ... your function ... }); - (at
denysbutenkojQuery example11:44
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Strangerkehi guys15:10
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jasvirhello Strangerke15:58
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cynic@gsocbot Are you a FAQ machine?16:23
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ayushkmadrazr: Hi18:07
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RaulTCane somone provide some additional information about what is the expected result here ?
tpbTitle: Issue 1555 - soc - Links in Admin Dashboard about Evaluation Groups are not working - SoC (Spice of Creation) - Google Project Hosting (at
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RaulTmadrazr: Do you know something about this issue ?18:44
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madrazrRaulT: it is fixed now19:48
madrazrignore it19:48
RaulTmadrazr: Ok. I did not expect that :D Thank you19:48
madrazrRaulT: thank you for asking though19:49
RaulTmadrazr: No problem :)19:49
ayushkmadrazr: Last time we discussed about lookup profile page that it should have a combobox so that search for profile of participant becomes easier using name, email and username. Right?19:52
madrazrayushk: what is combobox?19:52
ayushkmadrazr: sorry I meant omnibox.19:52
madrazrayushk: ah right19:52
madrazrayushk: yeah19:53
ayushkmadrazr: Why can't we use the lists that we use in various pages in melange? They are the best searching mechanism I have seen for a long time.19:53
madrazrayushk: what do you want to use the list for?19:54
madrazrrather, how do you want to use the list?19:54
ayushkmadrazr: List all the participants in the program on the lookup page. The list will have columns name, username and email. Now the list has a search box. So searching can be done using that searchbox.19:55
madrazrayushk: right :)19:56
madrazrayushk: think about the problem at hand19:56
madrazrayushk: think harder :)19:56
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madrazrayushk: we already do that in some sense19:57
madrazrayushk: actually in a better way than you are proposing19:57
madrazrayushk: we have a list which lists all the students who are participating19:57
madrazrand another list with all the mentors and org admins19:57
madrazrayushk: you should ask Carol how much she hates Melange for having her use those pages19:58
madrazrayushk: :)19:58
madrazrayushk: our lists are slow19:58
madrazrayushk: we don't want anybody to be sitting there waiting for kazillion entries on our list to load19:58
madrazrjust because they want to check if a user profile exists or not19:59
madrazrayushk: to give an analogy19:59
madrazrayushk: how would it have been if Google had built a list of all the websites on earth19:59
madrazrinstead of providing the search box? :)19:59
madrazrayushk: how would you feel? :)19:59
ayushkmadrazr: Yeah, I thought about that. How many participants do we have btw. I was not sure so I thought I should free my mind of the idea.20:00
madrazrayushk: the problem is analogous20:00
madrazrayushk: I am not sure if I can tell the number publicly yet, until it is published officially20:00
madrazrayushk: but I can tell you it is huge20:00
madrazrayushk: historically GSoC has accepted over 1000 students every year20:01
madrazrayushk: historically from published data, about 4000 students have applied each year in last few years20:02
madrazrand each accepted project will have a mentor20:02
madrazrso that's about 1000 mentors at the least20:02
madrazrwe are already at 5000 user profiles at the very least20:02
madrazraccording to this estimate20:02
madrazrbut the actual number is way too high than that20:03
madrazra lot of students who create profiles do not send even a single proposal20:03
madrazra lot of mentors who create profiles do not end up mentoring a project20:03
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ayushkmadrazr: Wow, 5000 students applications! That is a big number. Impractical solution using lists.20:04
madrazrayushk: and such a list does exist already20:04
madrazrayushk: if you look at the admin dashboard20:04
madrazrayushk: we want to do better than that20:04
madrazrayushk: the list was only a stop gap solution20:04
madrazrayushk: that's why issue 142920:05
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ayushkmadrazr: One more thing I find annoying about the lists is that often the title of a project is longer than the space provided in the cell. I have to open the page of the project just to read the title of the project. Why can't the cell be extended to multiple lines?20:05
madrazrayushk: I don't know if that is possible with the library we use20:06
madrazrayushk: patches welcome though20:06
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madrazrayushk: personally, I don't even want that list20:07
madrazrayushk: we should be able to render a generic HTML list without JS magic or anything20:07
madrazrayushk: and provide a single search box for each such list page, like GMail does20:07
madrazrayushk: the search box should support filtering using keywords20:08
madrazrayushk: but that's my dream :D20:08
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ayushkmadrazr: Totally agree. Wow, I thought the lists were great but you just changed my viewpoint.20:10
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RaulTmadrazr: Do you know where can I find the stars they are talking about ?20:10
tpbTitle: Issue 1842 - soc - Note the number of stars as you hover over them - SoC (Spice of Creation) - Google Project Hosting (at
madrazrayushk: it is great, given the limitations that App Engine imposes it helps us accomplish a lot more than we could have done20:11
madrazrayushk: but there is room for improvement20:11
madrazrayushk: lot more20:11
madrazrayushk: it is so 2010. And Javascript had a boom since then20:12
madrazrayushk: we should be able to do a lot better today if we rewrite it20:12
madrazrayushk: just that we lack the engineering bandwidth to justify a list rewrite20:12
madrazrayushk: if there is someone who offers us to do that, I would shamelessly take that contribution. But we will also be very grateful :)20:13
ayushkmadrazr: I also have something regarding the sidebar menu. I think we should make the sidebar's position absolute so that it scrolls down along with the page. Often what happens is that we srcoll down at the end of lists or any page for that matter and we have to go to the top to use the sidebar.20:14
madrazrRaulT: on the proposal review page20:14
madrazrRaulT: at the end, just above the comments20:14
madrazrbut after the proposal20:14
madrazrayushk: No way20:14
madrazrthat is the most annoying thing ever20:15
madrazrayushk: we had that discussion with Echo Ditto, the company that did UI for us20:15
RaulTmadrazr: Thak you!20:15
madrazrayushk: they are UI/UX experts20:15
madrazrayushk: and they were of the same opinion too20:15
ayushkmadrazr: But why?20:16
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madrazrayushk: it is annoying if that element scrolls with the page20:17
madrazrit is distracting20:17
austin_laptopis it not possible for an org admin to delete a connection/mark it as spam? I seem to remember that option last year..20:17
madrazrayushk: and on mobiles it is even worse20:17
madrazrayushk: you know how much Google Play web UI on mobile sucks for exactly this?20:18
madrazrayushk: if you don't believe me, go here on your mobile
tpb<> (at
madrazrayushk: try to scroll and see how you feel20:19
madrazrayushk: I feel like stabbing myself in my eyes20:19
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ayushkmadrazr: did that. It is really bad.20:21
madrazrayushk: now, do you want that for Melange? :)20:22
madrazraustin_laptop: I have that question myself :)20:22
madrazraustin_laptop: I am a Melange dev btw :P20:22
madrazraustin_laptop: I don't know why we introduced that regression20:23
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madrazraustin_laptop: I am myself finding it hard fighting spam this time with our connections20:23
austin_laptopmadrazr, ah20:24
madrazraustin_laptop: and most of our spam are not spam in real sense, they are just confused students who do not understand that student registrations have not opened yet20:24
austin_laptopmadrazr, right20:24
austin_laptopthough 'respected software organization' to me screams spam :p20:24
rigelkmadrazr: how many have you received ?20:26
ayushkmadrazr: Now I don't want it for melange. And I wanted to say sorry for not being able to contribute anything for the past one week. Had fever. It is raining here and the weather changes caught me.20:27
madrazraustin_laptop: well, as an Indian myself, I can bet that it is from Indian students (sorry everyone, I don't mean to offend)20:27
madrazraustin_laptop: it is a cultural thing20:27
madrazraustin_laptop: how many of them had, "Respected sir"? ;-)20:28
austin_laptopmadrazr, mistake, it was 'Most Desirable Organization'20:28
austin_laptopwithout specifying the org name at all (copy/paste..)20:28
madrazraustin_laptop: Oh wait. Did you!?20:28
madrazraustin_laptop: we got that too :D20:28
madrazraustin_laptop: like today :P20:29
austin_laptopmadrazr, yeah, about 5 minutes ago20:29
madrazrrigelk: 4 so far20:29
RaulTmadrazr: Is this still an open issue? On my local instance I have this .20:29
tpbTitle: Issue 1842 - soc - Note the number of stars as you hover over them - SoC (Spice of Creation) - Google Project Hosting (at
madrazraustin_laptop: rigelk: btw, I need to cross check with other devs in the team, but as far as I understand the way to deal with connections this year if you are not accepting the connection i.e. you have no role to assign is to just ignore the connection20:30
madrazraustin_laptop: as in, no action required20:30
madrazraustin_laptop: but I need to make sure if that is correct20:30
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austin_laptopmadrazr, that's what I've done so far, but I'd rather mark it as spam/explicitly mark it as ignored20:31
madrazraustin_laptop: that's a fair thing to ask for/expect20:31
madrazraustin_laptop: would you mind filing an issue for that please?20:31
madrazraustin_laptop: at
austin_laptopmadrazr, sure20:32
madrazraustin_laptop: thanks!20:32
madrazrayushk: no worries. Get well soon!20:32
madrazrRaulT: what happens when you try to give a score? The right side part?20:33
madrazrRaulT: do you see the numerical score when you hover too? When giving the score?20:33
ashishkmadrazr: hi20:35
ashishkmadrazr: please review my patch for issue 1930 ...!!20:36
RaulTmadrazr: When I try to give it a score I get a numerical value for the numeber of stars I have filled20:38
madrazraustin_laptop: awesome! thanks!20:39
madrazrashishk: I will when I get time to do it (my spare time work that is)20:39
*** cynic has quit IRC20:40
madrazrashishk: however, right now is the time to do work for which I am paid salary for :)20:40
*** green_ has joined #melange20:40
madrazrashishk: thanks for the patience though20:40
ashishkmadrazr: sure20:40
madrazrRaulT: do you also get the numerical score when you hover on the stars?20:41
RaulTI get this
tpb<> (at
ayushkmadrazr: Talking about our very old issue - download failure of large files. I went on and read the entire blobstore reference and found this - . There is a function called fetch_data() which might be helpful for the problem. If I am not wrong, it gets me value of the blob give20:42
ayushkn by the byte indices. So we can call it multiple times and get the entire value of the blob and then enable download of the file.20:42
tpb<> (at
madrazrRaulT: Oh! Great! I don't know if we (Melange) fixed this or it was fixed in the plugin we use20:43
madrazrRaulT: but great that it is fixed!20:43
madrazrRaulT: we should mark this issue as fixed20:43
RaulTmadrazr: Second one today! I'm on fire :))20:43
madrazrRaulT: awesome! you are!20:43
madrazrRaulT: thanks for that!20:43
*** green_ has left #melange20:43
madrazrRaulT: btw, how should I use your name on the issue tracker?20:44
RaulTI am named Raul Tabacu20:44
RaulTYou can call me Raul20:44
madrazrRaulT: cool!20:44
madrazrwill credit you as Raul20:44
madrazrRaulT: would you mind attaching your last screenshot to the issue?20:46
tpb<> (at
*** denysbutenko has quit IRC20:46
RaulTmadrazr: I am gratefull . I will do :D20:47
madrazrRaulT: thanks!20:47
madrazrayushk: thanks for reading up the docs and references20:48
madrazrayushk: I am aware of this function20:49
*** denysbutenko has joined #melange20:49
madrazrayushk: the problem is not in chunking the blob stored in blobstore20:49
RaulTmadrazr: Done !20:49
madrazrayushk: the trick is in figuring out how to send chunked HTTP response and still have the client see it as one file20:49
madrazrayushk: may be it is very trivial with content-type chunked response20:50
madrazrayushk: may be it is not20:50
madrazrayushk: we don't know that yet, we should figure that out20:50
madrazrayushk: you should probably explore that20:50
*** bitgeeky has quit IRC20:51
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*** olly has joined #melange21:05
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RaulTmadrazr: What is understood from incosistency between urls (regarding this ?21:18
tpbTitle: Issue 2001 - soc - Document URLs are inconsistent between view and edit. - SoC (Spice of Creation) - Google Project Hosting (at
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RaulTmadrazr: Should I just remove the urls that do not include a /gsoc/ ?21:18
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ayushkmadrazr: I want to work on the program resource hosting feature. You said that it has been implemented for codein, right? Can you give me an insight on what the project is and how to approach it?21:33
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madrazrRaulT: please don't remove any URLs22:12
RaulTmadrazr: That is why I am asking. It seems somewhat confusing22:12
madrazrRaulT: as you have probably already understood from my comments on the issue, I am not a fan of removing the URLs22:12
*** carols has quit IRC22:12
madrazrand giving 404 responses to the users when they come from legacy URLs22:12
RaulTmadrazr: Ok. I'll skip this one :D22:13
madrazrRaulT: Ok22:13
madrazrayushk: so last fall for GCI 2013 I built a very basic, upload your forms here22:14
madrazrand we will put it on the Downloads page22:14
*** robbyoconnor has quit IRC22:14
madrazrand it is really as simple as that22:15
madrazrwith no controls or anything whatsoever22:15
madrazrayushk: what we would like to have is a more structured version of that22:15
madrazrso there is a lot of work to be done on that22:15
madrazra GSoC project worth of work for sure22:15
*** larryxiao has quit IRC22:15
madrazrayushk: one feature we want is to have program admins be able to the upload and indicate to what type of users it should be visible to22:16
madrazrayushk: like students or mentors or org admins22:16
madrazrayushk: or general public22:16
madrazrayushk: another feature that our Stephanie keeps asking us is to be able to give a Downloads page and give students the ability to select their language and we let them download the forms that require their signature in that language22:18
madrazrayushk: right now Stephanie uploads all such forms with names consent_english.pdf, consent_french.pdf, consent_spanish.pdf etc22:18
madrazrand we display all those forms in a big list that the students have to search and select22:18
madrazrwhich is awkward22:18
madrazrayushk: there are other such features one can think of22:19
ayushkmadrazr: Ok. I think I need to spend some time on this which I will. I will go to sleep for now.22:22
madrazrayushk: sure22:22
ayushkmadrazr: One more thing. The top of the page says -  Logged in with account [email protected] (logout) . (logout) being a link. Now it just doesn't looks good. Also the link - Looking for Google Code-in? Click here!22:25
tpb<> (at
ayushkmadrazr: The same thing for GCI homepage looks better.22:26
madrazrayushk: if you were to change, what would you do?22:26
ayushkmadrazr: well maybe the GCI thing. I mean the logout link doesn't even look like a link.22:27
madrazrayushk: that does not help22:27
madrazrayushk: you should send a mockup to understand what you are suggesting22:27
madrazrayushk: we tried a bunch of things before settling for this22:27
madrazrayushk: but none of us are UI experts anyway22:27
madrazrayushk: may be there is something better that looks both appealing and does its job22:28
ayushkmadrazr: But you have to agree that the GCI way is better than the GSOC way.22:29
madrazrGCI's link for "Are you looking for GSoC" is better22:29
madrazrayushk: but "Logged In As" block is horrible22:30
madrazrit is in the eyes blood red22:30
madrazrit makes my eyes bleed22:30
ayushkmadrazr: I agree. My email address was moving out of that box due to lack of space. But making (logout) a link is not done. We can make it a button or give it a hover color change.22:33
madrazrayushk: mockups/patches welcome22:36
ayushkmadrazr: sure.22:38
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