Tuesday, 2014-03-04

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shikhermadrazr: hi. a simple commit message question00:38
madrazrshikher: yeah?00:39
shikhershould the 'what' part of the commit message say what change was made to the code or what tht change would do for the website?00:39
madrazrshikher: it depends on the context00:40
madrazrbut you don't have to explain the diffs00:40
shikhermadrazr: ok00:40
madrazri.e.you don't have to say something like "In app/soc/views/forms.py I changed line 46 to do X instead Y"00:40
madrazrshould not be done00:40
madrazrbecause they are already evident from the file diffs00:41
madrazralong with the commit00:41
madrazryou should only explain what is not obvious00:41
madrazrhowever what is not obvious depends on the context00:41
shikhermadrazr: ok. thanks.00:41
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shikhermadrazr: does this look good? http://snag.gy/0lhG0.jpg02:29
madrazrshikher: sure!02:33
madrazrshikher: looks great!02:33
madrazrshikher: go for it!02:33
shikhermadrazr: ok02:56
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shikhermadrazr: I m hving this small problem. I added another user as program admin, however tht user is not able to remove program admins, i.e. cannot see the check boxes to select and remove.04:03
shikhermadrazr: nvm. got it.04:14
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madrazrshikher: Ok04:22
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shikhermadrazr: btw I think my feature is complete. Putting it for review.04:26
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madrazrshikher: awesome!04:38
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yatharth01nathanielmanista: hello I wish to apply to melange @ GSoC12:57
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yatharth01what all do you seek in a good proposal?12:58
yatharth01Niharika: you applyin to melange?13:01
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RaulTmadrazr: Hello19:11
madrazrRaulT: Hi19:11
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RaulTmadrazr: We din;t get to speek yesterday19:11
madrazrRaulT: yeah19:11
RaulTmadrazr: I was asking you why do I get a "The GradingProjectSurvey could not be created (Property modified_by is required)" when i try to create a mentor midterm19:12
RaulTmadrazr: and I don't get the same error when I create a student midterm19:12
madrazrRaulT: surveys are in the middle of data migration19:13
madrazrRaulT: that probably needs to be fixed19:13
RaulTmadrazr: oh... I would be happy to give it a shot if you could point me in the right direction19:14
madrazrRaulT: how can I help you?19:14
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RaulTmadrazr: If you could provide some information about what to look for19:16
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madrazrRaulT: start looking at app/soc/modules/gsoc/views/mentor_evaluation.py19:19
madrazrsee how the evaluation gets created19:19
madrazrspecifically the post() method19:20
madrazrand what is happening19:20
madrazrwhat entities are being attempted to be saved19:20
madrazrand things19:20
RaulTmadrazr: Ok, will do :D19:20
madrazralso you may want to port this model to use the new NDB based survey model similar to the way app/melange/views/org_app.py does19:20
madrazrRaulT: cool!19:21
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vivekjainmadrazr: Hi.19:22
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madrazrvivekjain: Hi19:23
RaulTmadrazr: One side quiestion. I posted a proposal idea for Gsoc 2014. With who could I talk to for feedback ?19:23
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madrazrRaulT: where did you post?19:23
RaulTmadrazr: Mailing list19:24
madrazrRaulT: then you will have to wait until someone responds19:25
madrazrRaulT: you are obviously seeing the traffic on the mailing list right?19:25
vivekjainmadrazr: I want to apply for Gsoc this year.I am interested in the project Renovate Our Test Data Seeder. Can you give me some detailing about this ??19:26
RaulTmadrazr: Yes. I thought it was somone in particular that deals with this sort of things19:26
madrazrvivekjain: sure19:27
madrazrvivekjain: what more details would you like to know than the description on the ideas page?19:27
vivekjainmadrazr: Can we use fixture module for that ?19:28
vivekjainHere is the link for the above http://farmdev.com/projects/fixture/using-fixture-with-appengine.html19:28
tpb<http://ln-s.net/B:Ya> (at farmdev.com)19:28
madrazrvivekjain: you probably can19:29
madrazrvivekjain: I have tried using fixture before for Melange19:30
madrazrvivekjain: and we decided that we are probably better off writing our own system than using Fixture19:30
madrazrvivekjain: while fixture claims to work for App Engine, there were some corner cases (which I can't recollect exactly right now) that was making it tricky to be useful for us19:31
madrazrvivekjain: and it is even more trickier now with our DB-NDB cross API usage of App Engine models19:31
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madrazrvivekjain: but, having said all that19:33
madrazrvivekjain: if you can write a convincing proposal to use Fixture and build this system19:33
madrazrvivekjain: then definitely19:33
vivekjainmadrazr: Any other things which we can use or is it better to work on the current system and improve over this  ?19:34
vivekjain*that ?19:34
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RaulTmadrazr: I made the changes and now It is possible to add a midterm and final evaluation for mentors also. Shoul I submit the patch?20:37
RaulTmadrazr: If so, where should I make the submission ?20:37
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madrazrRaulT: we would much prefer to have you clone Melange on Google project hosting20:39
madrazrRaulT: push your patch to the cloned project20:39
madrazrRaulT: and send the link to the commit for review to our mailing list20:40
RaulTmadrazr: Ok. I will do that.20:41
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RaulTmadrazr: Something like this http://goo.gl/seOanl ?21:26
tpbTitle: af62ff16f027 - raultabacu-soc - Clone of melange - Google Project Hosting (at goo.gl)21:26
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RaulTmadrazr: Is this http://goo.gl/seOanl what you ment ?22:01
tpbTitle: af62ff16f027 - raultabacu-soc - Clone of melange - Google Project Hosting (at goo.gl)22:01
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rhyolight_Hello. I'm setting up a melange server to run a coding event at my company. I've pushed an instance of Melange to GAE, and then I seeded the DB so I'd have something to work with. I wonder is that the right way to do it? I'm currently trying to create a Sponsor, Program, and Organization, then I'll remove the dummy seed data.23:06
tpbTitle: Welcome to Melange (at seasonofnupic.appspot.com)23:06
rhyolight_I edited the site at /site/edit, and now I'm fiddling around with data in the GAE Dashboard Datastore Viewer.23:07
rhyolight_Am I on the right track with these actions? Or heading towards a black hole?23:07
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