Friday, 2014-03-07

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nodemanHello everyone! Any mentors over here ?00:11
ollyyes, but...00:12
olly!anyone | nodeman00:12
ollyah, not #gsoc00:13
ollydon't mind me00:13
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madrazrnodeman: Hello00:14
nodemanmadrazr: Are there any JS only things that i can do for GSoC?00:17
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madrazrnodeman: there is at least one idea
tpb<> (at
nodemanmadrazr: another one too, porting melange to amd01:35
madrazrnodeman: but in any case it would much help to understand the system as a whole to work on a project than being narrow-sighted01:35
madrazrnodeman: and Melange is not that big of an application01:36
nodemanI understand your point. I don't really know Python.01:36
nodemanmadrazr: Okay.01:36
madrazrnodeman: sure, you don't have to be a Python expert. But having a basic knowledge or be willing to learn as you go along will take you a long way01:37
madrazrthan trying to not do anything about it01:37
nodemanmadrazr: I am definitely willing to learn as it goes on.01:37
madrazrnodeman: cool!01:38
nodemanI have spent substantial amount of my time working with JS. So, i am kind of in a relationship with it :D01:38
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nodemanAre there any feature requests / issues that i can look at that involve JS (or frontend) and those which can be completed in a short period? I couldn't find much in the issues page.01:39
nodemanCan you direct me to someone ? Mario ?01:39
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rishabh_hi ,is there a place where we can read previous year proposal for gsoc12:58
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Mathnerd314does melange have a way for students to see which mentors have registered so far for an organization?17:43
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madrazrvivekjain: Hi18:56
vivekjainmadrazr:Regarding seeder module what are the exact problems in that ?18:57
madrazrvivekjain: didn't we discuss this yesterday?18:58
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vivekjainmadrazr:yeah but what i want to know is the problem very complex ?18:59
madrazrvivekjain: I don't know how to answer that question19:00
madrazrvivekjain: we think it is worth a GSoC project of effort19:00
madrazrvivekjain: from our past experience of mentoring students over the years19:00
madrazrvivekjain: which is why we put that on our ideas list19:01
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vivekjainmadrazr: I mean for seeder module, the things which are implemented,should i work over that or should i do it all over again ?19:03
vivekjainmadrazr: Is there any way to check the problem in that module since it is not currently functional ?19:04
madrazrvivekjain: my answer to your exact question from yesterday19:05
madrazrvivekjainmadrazr: So in the project do we need to improve that module or create a new one ?20:4119:05
madrazrmadrazrvivekjain: that is open for discussion20:4219:05
madrazrmadrazrvivekjain: depends on what you propose19:05
madrazrvivekjain: seeder module is sort of functional19:05
madrazrvivekjain: there are tests using it19:06
madrazrvivekjain: you can grep through the source to try it out19:06
madrazrvivekjain: another thing to definitely do is to start a discussion thread on the mailing list19:06
madrazrSo that Daniel and Nathaniel can also pitch in19:06
madrazrtheir ideas19:06
vivekjainmadrazr: thanks, i will start the discussion on the thread.19:09
vivekjainmadrazr:Also, In my opinion i think we should use the previous module. Is it fine ?19:10
madrazrvivekjain: as I said, whether it is fine or not depends on what you are exactly going to propose19:10
madrazrwhat you are going to change if you keep the current module19:10
vivekjainmadrazr: Since the problem is with the random generation of the test data. The data should be predefined instead of generating it randomly .19:11
madrazrvivekjain: correct19:12
madrazrbut also on the other hand we need good variance19:12
madrazrvariation I mean19:13
vivekjainmadrazr: Can't we have some predefined data with good variation. like in that predefined data, we will have corner cases.19:15
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lionaneeshmadrazr: Ping!19:27
madrazrlionaneesh: pong19:28
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lionaneeshmadrazr: Hey. I was looking into melange's project ideas - they are pretty interesting btw - and I couldn't get a hang of what "Resource Hosting" was actually demanding?19:29
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lionaneeshmadrazr: I am sorry if my question seems silly. But I seriously don't get what problems is melange facing with resource hosting at present?19:36
madrazrvivekjain: sure19:44
madrazrvivekjain: that is a possibility19:44
shikhermadrazr: did u get a chance to look at my project ideas doc?19:45
madrazrlionaneesh: this may help you
madrazrshikher: not yet19:46
tpbTitle: Wednesday, 2014-03-05 (at
vivekjainmadrazr:Thank i am posting a thread on the mailing list .Should i add a cc to nathaniel, Daniel ,Chong and you ?19:46
madrazrshikher: not yet19:47
madrazrvivekjain: sure19:47
vivekjainmadrazr:Thanks :)19:47
shikhermadrazr: thats ok19:49
ayushkmadrazr: Hi. I could understand after reading the project idea and our brief discussion on resource hosting that there is a need to create upload and download modules for ingesting and serving files, right?19:51
ayushkmadrazr: I mean am I right?19:52
madrazrayushk: correct19:54
madrazrbasic upload and download is already there19:54
madrazras I told you a couple of days bacl19:54
madrazrI did that work last fall19:54
madrazrfor GCI 201319:54
madrazrayushk: app/soc/modules/gci/views/static_content.py19:55
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ayushkmadrazr: Okay, as much as I know, a file is uploaded to the blobstore and then a reference is saved in the datastore to refer to the file for later use. Is this what is happenig in this code to?20:01
madrazrayushk: yes20:17
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ayushkmadrazr: So of the other things that I need to do for the project, I have to sort of replicate this for GSOC, right?20:20
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madrazrayushk: that's the very very first step20:51
madrazrayushk: or I would say, make it generic to be usable by both modules20:52
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RaulTIs there somone I can talk to about my proposal idea ?20:52
RaulTmadrazr: Hello, Can you help me with this one ?20:53
madrazrRaulT: which idea is this?20:53
tpb<> (at
ayushkmadrazr: Cool! So other than this, I have to also create views for upload and download of files.20:54
madrazrayushk: yeah20:54
madrazrayushk: for various things20:54
madrazrRaulT: what about it?20:54
RaulTmadrazr: I wrote this last week and I did't get any feedback, So any information you could provide would be helpfull20:54
madrazrayushk: we discussed some of them yesterday20:54
RaulTmadrazr: I know everyone is busy so if you could find the time I would be gratefull20:55
madrazrRaulT: if you want reply on the email, I would say please wait for the replies20:56
madrazrRaulT: to be only fair to other students, there are emails that came before this that still need attention20:56
madrazrRaulT: if you have more specific questions, we can discuss right now20:57
RaulTmadrazr: Ok, I did not know that.20:57
ayushkmadrazr: Are proposals for gsoc uploaded by students (pdf files) or they are created online on the text editor?20:57
madrazrayushk: latter20:58
RaulTmadrazr: Sorry to have bothered you.20:59
madrazrRaulT: no no20:59
madrazrno worries20:59
RaulTmadrazr: be happy ! :)20:59
madrazrRaulT: always :D21:00
ayushkmadrazr: why is that? I mean why don't we give them a choice to upload that as they file. Same for documents on this page - http://localhost:8100/gsoc/program/edit/google/gsoc201421:03
ayushk*as a file21:03
ayushkmadrazr: or even better, if they want to give a link of a file hosted on web, we can first get that file and then upload that to blobstore.21:07
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RaulTmadrazr: What evaluation records pages must be manually created ? I am talking about this issue (
tpbTitle: Issue 1574 - soc - Make evaluation records page automatically get created - SoC (Spice of Creation) - Google Project Hosting (at
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madrazrRaulT: I don't think we have to fix this21:51
RaulTmadrazr: Ok. I will leave it then21:52
madrazrayushk: I did not get your question21:56
madrazrayushk: may be rephrase?21:56
madrazrwhat do you mean by "why don't we give them a choice to upload that as a file"21:56
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ayushkmadrazr: How do a student submit proposal for gsoc?21:58
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madrazrayushk: on the proposal form21:59
madrazrayushk: by using the proposal form I mean21:59
ayushkmadrazr: What is that? I mean is it a uploadable file or something else?22:00
madrazror it is a free-form text field22:01
madrazrwhere you need to type in the proposal content22:01
madrazror well copy paste :P22:01
ayushkmadrazr: so why not use a file upload for a proposal?22:02
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RaulTmadrazr: I believe I have found another already solved issue ( On my local instance I get this
tpbTitle: Issue 1906 - soc - Individual students' "manage projects" pages don't offer guidance on date-time format - SoC (Spice of Creation) - Google Project Hosting (at
madrazrayushk: you are more than welcome to work on that22:06
madrazrayushk: we have had a couple of students who worked on that in the previous GSoCs22:07
madrazrnone of that code has made into our master22:07
madrazrayushk: uploading is not the difficult part22:07
madrazrayushk: rendering it is22:08
ayushkmadrazr: by rendering, do you mean downloading?22:09
madrazrayushk: if we store only the file and expect mentors and org admins to download that file to review it for ranking/rating it is going to annoy a lot of people22:09
madrazrayushk: no rendering means rendering :)22:09
madrazrayushk: displaying the proposal content on the proposal review page22:09
RaulTmadrazr: Is this still an opened issue( or is it going to be fixed by some other patch in the future ?22:10
tpbTitle: Issue 2054 - soc - Bad Value error after submitting student proposal - SoC (Spice of Creation) - Google Project Hosting (at
ayushkmadrazr: We can embed a pdf viewer on the proposal review page. Something like this -
tpb<> (at
ayushkmadrazr: Then we ofcourse have to restrict only pdf uploads.22:13
ayushkwhat else can be problematic.22:13
madrazrRaulT: 1906 seems to be fixed. You can leave a comment there asking about it22:14
madrazrRaulT: also when you are linking to issues, please link the issue directly like
tpb<> (at
madrazrit is much easier to see what you are talking about22:14
madrazrRaulT: only if the links are a million lines long it makes sense to use a shortner22:15
RaulTmadrazr: Ok, I was trying to get the message shorter22:15
madrazrRaulT: otherwise it is a waste of your time trying to shorten it22:15
madrazrRaulT: issue links are short enough22:15
madrazrif you remove all the colspec etc. part22:15
madrazrbut thankfully we have a bot :)22:16
madrazrRaulT: Fix for 2054 is probably already on its way22:17
madrazror is probably already in22:17
madrazrayushk: for heavens sake don't do that22:17
madrazrif you do that I will stop using your website22:17
RaulTmadrazr: Ok.Thanks22:18
madrazrayushk: if you give me a 100x100 px box to read a huge PDF, #KTHXBYE22:18
madrazrayushk: but anyway22:20
madrazrdo you see my point?22:20
ayushkmadrazr: Yes.22:20
madrazrayushk: the most annoying thing for me ever ever on the web is scroll frame within a main page scroll22:21
madrazrayushk: If there is something that I am asked to pick as bane of even GMail22:21
madrazrayushk: or old GMail I mean22:21
madrazrayushk: it was the scroll within scroll22:22
madrazrayushk: nested-scroll22:22
madrazrayushk: the new compose has gotten a lot better w.r.t. this usability problem22:22
madrazrayushk: I want our proposals to render natively22:22
madrazrayushk: or at least look native22:22
madrazrayushk: even if you are embedding within something else or whatever22:23
madrazrayushk: if it "appears" native, I am willing to listen22:23
madrazrotherwise, thanks but no thanks22:23
ayushkmadrazr: I see why that's the best option now.22:24
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madrazrayushk: we have had a student project(s) where the students tried to implement a sync between Google Docs and our proposal22:24
madrazrayushk: however that code has not made it into our master22:25
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madrazrayushk: and given that we have shipment tracking in this year22:25
madrazrit might be possible to revisit this22:25
ayushkmadrazr: Yeah I had that too in my mind.22:25
madrazrwe have had student project(s)22:25
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ayushkmadrazr: So where does melange use file uploads. I see forms everywhere.22:27
madrazrayushk: quite a few places already22:30
madrazrayushk: student enrollment forms for GSoC22:30
madrazrayushk: student tax forms for GSoC22:30
madrazrayushk: Parental consent form for GCI22:30
madrazrand also student enrollment forms for GCI22:30
madrazrayushk: GSoC successful student project uploads22:30
tpb<> (at
madrazrthose downloads22:31
madrazrayushk: and this
tpb<> (at
madrazrshould move to Melange too22:31
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ayushkmadrazr: Wow, there was also a hindi flyer for download.22:34
madrazrayushk: why is it a wow? I would have been disappointed about calling ourselves a "global" program if there wasn't one22:35
shikhermadrazr: since, u r the owner of issue 2000. I would like u to do a technical review of it. I have spent a lot of time and would love for it to go on master. :)
tpbTitle: Issue 2000 - soc - Program administrators should be able to view and change list of program administrators within "Program Settings" section of admin dashboard - SoC (Spice of Creation) - Google Project Hosting (at
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madrazrshikher: not right now at least. I have quite a lot of things to do at work22:38
madrazrshikher: however, is this the most updated patch?22:38
ayushkmadrazr: Oh, its just that often these things are in very few languages. The parental consent form is a static form. How do parents fill in those text fields?22:38
madrazrthe very first thing I saw when I opened your commit was
tpb<> (at
madrazrwas import loggin line in the middle22:38
madrazrshikher: that was the very first thing I noticed22:39
madrazrshikher: or did Nathaniel miss that?22:39
shikhermadrazr: nathaniel definitely caught that.22:39
madrazrshikher: then where is the updated patch?22:39
madrazrayushk: students download it, print it, give it to their parents who complete it and sign it and students come back and upload it on Melange22:40
shikhermadrazr: It's just tht I wanted a technical review, and then I would make a full new commit incorporating all changes together.22:40
madrazrayushk: we don't expect parents to create profiles on Melange :)22:41
madrazrshikher: please keep the commit updated. So that it is easier for follow up reviews22:41
*** carols has joined #melange22:41
madrazrshikher: if I had not asked you this, I would have definitely spent time writing comments on all those things that Nathaniel would have already seen22:41
madrazror mentioned22:42
shikhermadrazr: ok. its just tht I hate reseting the commit and forcing the next push. Is there a better way?22:42
madrazrshikher: why do you hate it? :P22:42
shikhermadrazr: by hate I meant dislike, hate is strong a word I guess. its because I used to work on multiple issues in the same branch. If I reset a commit, other files for other issues also get affected.22:45
shikhernow, i hve started making  new branch for every new issue22:45
*** Mathnerd314 has quit IRC22:46
shikhernathaniel's handy advice :D22:46
ayushkmadrazr: So is there a mechanism to upload files on this page - or they are somewhere present in the codebase.22:46
tpb<> (at
ayushkmadrazr: So is there a mechanism to upload files on this page - or they are somewhere present in the codebase.22:46
*** rocker_ has quit IRC22:46
madrazrshikher: that's how it should be22:50
madrazrshikher: git branches are cheap22:50
madrazrand they are cheap for a reason22:50
madrazrand there is a need for them to be cheap :)22:50
*** carols has quit IRC22:50
madrazrshikher: I would have much loved to have a good code review tool22:51
madrazrthan project hosting's semi-functional/semi-dysfunctional review system22:51
madrazrwhich would have solved your problem22:51
madrazrbut anyway22:51
shikhermadrazr: why?22:51
madrazrshikher: why for what?22:52
shikhermadrazr:  project hosting's semi-functional/semi-dysfunctional review system22:52
madrazrayushk: there is yes22:52
madrazrayushk: look at the source file I linked you to earlier22:52
madrazrshikher: what is why about it?22:53
madrazrshikher: you don't see how semi-functional it is?22:53
madrazrshikher: while you lose all the comments/reviews when you amend your commits?22:53
madrazrbecause it is tied to your git commit SHA22:53
shikhermadrazr: I actually like it compared to submitting stupid patches and bundles.22:53
madrazras opposed to the related work22:53
madrazrshikher: which is why it is semi-functional22:54
shikhermadrazr: well yes there is tht.22:54
madrazrshikher: but very interestingly22:54
*** rafletun has joined #melange22:54
madrazrLinux kernel community did this entirely in their email inbox for quite a long time22:54
madrazrthey still do it I think22:54
madrazrnot sure22:54
madrazrI know they don't have an issue tracker22:54
madrazrbut don't know if they have a code review tool now22:54
ayushkmadrazr: I also saw somewhere pdf forms. I mean those forms had text fields and you could type into those fields and create a XML file. then you can upload the xml file.22:55
madrazrayushk: why would you do that?22:55
madrazrayushk: what would that accomplish?22:55
shikhermadrazr: haha, I know which community I do not want to be a part of. Well, I will update tht commit for Issue 2000, but please have a look at my work in the meantime, if u hve time.22:55
shikhermadrazr: going to sleep. have a good morning. :)22:56
madrazrshikher: wait you don't want to write kernel code? That is like every hackers wet dream :P22:56
madrazror so I though22:57
madrazr*thought :P22:57
madrazrwhen we were in college22:57
gevaertsMailboxes don't lose reviews :)22:57
madrazrif we said we had an open source event nobody would turn up22:57
madrazror well very few people would22:57
shikhermadrazr: Well, maybe I will work on the development tools for them first and then contribute to kernel code. but I do like low level programming.22:57
madrazrbut if we used the word kernel22:58
madrazrwe would run out of lab space22:58
madrazrgevaerts: lol, true22:58
madrazrgevaerts: but it is still terrible22:58
madrazrgevaerts: but Oh well. It works for Linus Torvalds22:58
gevaertsIt seems to work just fine for some projects :)22:58
madrazrso if you want to write kernel code it *should* work for you22:58
shikhermadrazr: this time I know the name. :D22:59
madrazrgevaerts: agreed22:59
ayushkmadrazr: The parent consent form is a hand-written form. So it must be evaluated manually. Rather, it could be done by a machine if we have a XML file.22:59
madrazrshikher: good luck convincing Linus22:59
madrazrshikher: you may first want to read this
madrazrbefore attempting that :)23:00
tpbTitle: a/esr-sharing (at
madrazrwhere Eric Raymond talks about the "curse of the gifted"23:00
madrazrshikher: or you may end up hearing something like this
tpbTitle: LKML: Linus Torvalds: Re: [PATCH] sysfs: Optionally count subdirectories to support buggy applications (at
madrazrthe last para23:01
madrazrayushk: I am still not sure what that accomplishes23:03
madrazrayushk: how does it matter if it is XML or PDF?23:03
shikhermadrazr: Linus was a good man. thinking for the better.23:03
madrazrif all we store is a manually signed document23:03
madrazrshikher: may be, I can't assert either ways23:04
madrazrbut what I can assert is Linus is a dictator :P23:04
madrazrbut that has done some good for the kernel project23:04
madrazranyway, coffee time23:05
shikhermadrazr: I am starting to think, I do not have the same image of Linus as you. you must have done ur research. I will do mine later, mind is tired, g2g2 sleep. please comment on my proposal ideas. I have to start working on my proposal.23:05
madrazrshikher: fair enough23:05
madrazrgood night23:05
shikhermadrazr: have a good coffee break. :P23:06
*** shikher has quit IRC23:06
*** ayushk has quit IRC23:06
madrazrwere they two the same people? :P23:07
madrazr*the same person23:07
* gevaerts wants to be able to review his own code too!23:08
ollymadrazr: looks like a web irc client23:10
ollyso might just be two users of that coming from behind the same NAT firewall23:11
*** denysbutenko has quit IRC23:11
*** Darrel has quit IRC23:59

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