Tuesday, 2014-02-18

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shikhermadrazr: got it.00:00
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shikhermadrazr: I think I have enough info to get started on this enhancement. I will ask u if I get stuck with any doubts.00:01
madrazrshikher: definitely!00:05
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ashishkmadrazr: i am going through this  http://code.google.com/p/soc/issues/detail?id=1930,what is this proof of enrollment ??07:08
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madrazrashishk: forms that students send to Google to prove that they are students07:13
madrazrproving their eligibility for GSoC07:13
ashishkmadrazr:where is it located in soc folder ??07:15
madrazrashishk: where is what located?07:21
madrazrashishk: rather what is "it"?07:21
ashishkmadrazr:the proof of enrollment form07:21
madrazrashishk: they are the forms that students upload07:21
ashishkmadrazr: ok07:22
ashishkmadrazr: for this issue http://code.google.com/p/soc/issues/detail?id=1930 do we need to take students evaluation form as an input in the student registration page in gsoc07:23
tpb<http://ln-s.net/B0:8> (at code.google.com)07:23
madrazrashishk: you need to take the student enrollment forms which are student ID cards or whatever the students upload as their proof of enrollment in a University program as input07:25
madrazrashishk: as part of student registration page, I don't think so07:25
madrazrthat would be too tricky07:25
ashishkmadrazr: do you have any issue on which i should work on ??07:26
madrazrashishk: about 193007:27
madrazrwe asked students for their University enrollment proofs after they were selected for GSoC07:28
madrazrthis meant we had spam students/proposals in the past years07:28
madrazrso we want to move this step of requiring to upload their enrollment forms before they send a proposal07:29
madrazrashishk: so what needs to change is to allow students to submit enrollment forms after they register their student profiles07:29
madrazrand we need some way of prompting them to do it07:29
madrazrand access checks in place to make sure they can't submit a proposal without the enrollment form submittede07:30
madrazrashishk: yes, you can pick any issue from the issue tracker that is marked as label:Bienvenue in our issue tracker07:31
madrazrthey are all open for new contributors07:31
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madrazralso you don't have to necessarily constrain yourself with that07:31
madrazryou are free to choose any of the issues that is not marked priority high or critical07:31
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ashishkmadrazr:thnks,i think i can solve that issue(1930) with your help,right now i have to go for the class will come after 2 hour and will try to solve that issue :)07:33
madrazrI will probably be off to bed soon07:34
madrazrashishk: I have to be in the office early tomorrow morning07:34
madrazrMelange weekly call at 8:30AM07:34
madrazrcan't miss that07:34
ashishkmadrazr: bye  ,gud ni8  :)07:35
madrazrsee you07:35
madrazrhave a great day07:35
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NightFury13under the manage organizations tab for gsoc, clicking preview or submitted organization applications returns with an error ticket... is it already a notified issue?12:32
NightFury13or is it some problem with my local initialization... can someone confirm?12:35
RoonyHNightFury13: This? https://code.google.com/p/soc/issues/detail?id=203012:36
tpb<http://ln-s.net/B0Oi> (at code.google.com)12:36
NightFury13oh yes... thanks RoonyH :)12:38
RoonyHNightFury13: no problem :)12:38
NightFury13I am new to this organization, can you help me get started? I have the local server running fine and data populated. Somewhere i can find some easy bugs to get my hands-on to the codebase? :)12:39
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RoonyHsure, i'll help with what ever I can12:40
RoonyHdid you come across these issues?12:41
tpb<http://ln-s.net/B0Ow> (at code.google.com)12:41
RoonyHthey are labeled 'Bienvenue' to indicate that they suit newcomers.12:42
RoonyHalso, if you want to know whether an issue is already reported you can search this issue list with keywords12:43
RoonyHNightFury13: ^12:43
NightFury13oh nice! :D12:43
NightFury13Thank you! I'll get started right away :)12:44
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piyushRoonyH: What's up ?13:49
piyushRoonyH: Glad to see you on IRC after such a long time !13:50
RoonyHpiyush: I am doing fine :)13:59
RoonyHyeah. the channel is active again14:00
RoonyHthought i should join the party14:00
piyushSure, makes sense :)14:01
RoonyHgreat work with the build bot and the CI :)14:05
RoonyHcongrats! is that what you were working on at the all-hands?14:06
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piyushRoonyH: Nah, I was struggling handling daniel's fast NDB changes and modify acceptance(pyccuarcy) tests accordingly.14:17
piyushThis was something I did last month.14:18
RoonyHpiyush: oh cool!14:19
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NightFury13The 'Preview Organization Application' tab under manage organizations gives a ticket on being clicked. I looked for it in the currently marked issues, but didn't really see an entry for the same. Can i work on this? Do i need to report it first?14:37
NightFury13RoonyH ^14:38
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NightFury13piyush ^14:39
RoonyHNightFury13: maybe it is because there are no organizations in your melange instance.14:40
NightFury13but even in that case it should not throw a ticket right?14:41
NightFury13probably some error message or pop-up, something of that sort?14:41
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RoonyHyeah. it should not throw an error.14:44
RoonyHNightFury13: i think you should report it if you can't find it already reported14:45
RoonyHand start digging to find whats going on14:45
NightFury13ok. sure! :)14:45
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dahacoukHello, I've registered a user at https://www.google-melange.com/gsoc/profile/edit/google/gsoc2014 but gave it the wrong username – I thought I was registering a company. Can I change it?15:12
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dahacoukAnd is there only one username per Google account?15:24
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RoonyHdahacouk: you might get a faster response from [email protected]15:33
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vivekjainRoonyH: hi..if we are given the program entity how can we check if the given program belongs to gsoc or gci .. ??16:05
RoonyHvivekjain: I don't know what you are trying to do, so I don't know whether this is right.16:13
RoonyHbut from the class of the object?16:13
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vivekjainRoonyH: I have an object.I want to know whether this  object is of GSOCProgram entity or GCIProgram entity .. ??16:16
RoonyHvivekjain: yeah. you want to know the class of an object. right?16:21
RoonyHpython allows you to do that16:21
vivekjainRoonyH: yeah .....16:22
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vivekjainRoonyH:  while running functional tests ( bin/run-tests -t functional   ) i am getting following error :http://pastebin.com/zEWsfsTF .. How to resolve this ??18:37
tpbTitle: E ====================================================================== ERROR - Pastebin.com (at pastebin.com)18:37
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ashishkmadrazr: hi19:41
madrazrashishk: hello19:41
ashishkmadrazr: regarding issue 1930,As user filled student registration form he would be redirected to enrollment form page "http://localhost:8090/gsoc/student_forms/admin/enrollment/google/gsoc2014/test" and if he succesfully uploaded the form then the student will be registered otherwise his registration would be unsuccessful,am i going in right way??19:45
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ashishkmadrazr: are you there ??19:59
madrazrashishk: registration should be successful either way20:06
madrazrand I feel strongly about not redirecting the user to the enrollment form upload page20:07
madrazrhe/she should be redirected to the profile view page20:07
madrazrand may be with a message indicating they will have to upload enrollment forms before they can submit any proposals for GSoC20:07
madrazrmay be even a link to that page20:07
madrazrbut not the redirect itself20:08
ashishkmadrazr: so if a student did not submit enrollment form then he will be able to register right ,it is not a mandatory field20:08
madrazrashishk: however, when the student tries to submit the proposal there should be proper access checks in place to make sure that the proposal form won't show up until the enrollment form is submitted with proper error messages20:09
madrazrashishk: correct, it is not even a field in the student registration page20:09
madrazrit is entirely a different page20:09
ashishkmadrazr: for this i think i need to access checker on my newly created page (this is the page which comes when a student click on a link from the registration page).20:12
ashishkmadrazr: one more thing,the condition for purposal would be the same as in enrollment form page ??20:13
madrazrashishk: wait, wait20:13
madrazrwhy are you creating a new page?20:13
madrazrthe student enrollment upload page already exists as far as I remember20:14
madrazrashishk: I did not get your condition question though20:14
ashishkmadrazr: yeah that's true ,so where would i redirect student from registration page20:14
madrazrashishk: profile view page20:14
madrazrashishk: there is another patch pending from a student which does this20:15
madrazrOMG, there are so many pending patches that I forget from whom it was20:15
madrazrwas it you?20:15
ashishkmadrazr:yeah i send a patch for issue-203120:16
ashishkmadrazr: about which patch you are talking in above comment (pending patch which does this) ??20:17
madrazrashishk: patch to redirect the successful profile form submission to profile view page20:18
madrazrashishk: Ah, not you. Some one else20:19
ashishkmadrazr: oh ok ,but i send a git bundle for issue-2031 have a look at it :)20:19
madrazrashishk: I will20:20
ashishkmadrazr: ok, for your comment (when the student tries to submit the proposal there should be proper access checks in place to make sure that the proposal ...) , i think this conditions should be checked when students tries to submit the purposal20:22
madrazrashishk: correct20:22
madrazrwhen he/she visits the proposal page20:22
ashishkmadrazr: but for my issue 1930,i think i do not need to think about that20:22
madrazrashishk: you of course have to20:24
madrazrthat is what is the major thing required of 193020:24
ashishkmadrazr: ohh my bad ,yes that's true i got it (students should have to submit their proof of enrollment form before they can submit proposals) from the comment by  nathaniel on the issue ..20:26
ashishkmadrazr: thnks20:26
ashishkmadrazr: i was thinking that student need to submit the enrollment form before student registration page ..20:27
madrazrashishk: that is a very difficult goal to accomplish20:27
madrazrideally yes that is how it should work20:27
madrazrbut given our experience with the blobstore system which we use to store files20:28
madrazrI don't think we should even be thinking about it for now20:28
ashishkmadrazr: also i am unable to find any page which takes me to the purposal page where students submit proposal ...20:29
madrazrashishk: grep for it20:35
madrazrashishk: try to find it20:35
madrazrashishk: see this as an exercise20:35
ashishkhmm doing it :)20:35
madrazrashishk: after searching a bit if you don't find out ping me. I will give you the path to the file20:35
madrazrashishk: I have the path right in my head now, but what fun would it be if I don't give enough room to learn?20:36
madrazr*enough room for you to learn20:36
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ashishkmadrazr: i think, i got it ,is it  ./app/soc/modules/gsoc/views/proposal.py ???  :)20:38
RaulTWhen I try to register an account as a a student (on GCI) I get this error "This page is inaccessible because you do not have a profile in the program at this time." What am I doing wrong ?20:38
carolsRaulT: GCI is over for the year. why are you trying to register an account?20:39
RaulTI am trying to solve the http://code.google.com/p/soc/issues/detail?id=1412 and i need to replicate the problem so i need a student account20:40
tpb<http://ln-s.net/AvMz> (at code.google.com)20:40
madrazrashishk: correct20:41
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madrazrRaulT: in addition to carols question, if you are trying to fix issue 1412 where are you trying to create the GCI account?20:54
RaulTmadrazr: what do you mean by "where" ?20:55
madrazrRaulT: are you trying to create GCI account on google-melange.com?20:56
madrazrRaulT: or even more specifically, at what URL?20:57
RaulTmadrazr: no. On my local instance. I use an email to login, then go to register as a student, fill in the form and the error appears.20:58
madrazrRaulT: Ok20:58
RaulTmadrazr: the url looks like this "http://localhost:8080/gci/profile/google/gci2013?validated" if it is of any help20:58
madrazrRaulT: have you edited the GCI program timeline on your local instance appropriately to make the time now to be in the student sign up phase?20:59
madrazrand before "All work stop" deadline?20:59
RaulTmadrazr: no, i did not. I will do that and come back with the results. Thanks21:00
madrazrRaulT: cool21:00
RaulTmadrazr: It seems the default values suffice: all start dates are in 2013 and all end dates are in 2015 including student sing up ones21:03
madrazrRaulT: and you still get that error?21:10
RaulTmadrazr: Yes. It still appears21:11
madrazrRaulT: try to refresh that page after you submit the form?21:13
RaulTmadrazr: it does not work :(21:14
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shikhermadrazr: Can you please look at this conversation as Nathaniel has said that you are the person to ask in case of queries about forms class. http://goo.gl/UtNBBD22:47
tpbTitle: Google Groups (at goo.gl)22:47
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madrazrshikher: I have been following the conversation22:57
madrazrshikher: I will reply to it22:57
shikhermadrazr: It's just that22:58
shikherI cannot keep working on the issue until I know which approach to follow, please reply whenever you have time.23:00
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