Monday, 2014-02-17

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shikhernathaniel: Can I talk to you about the review on revision b173679a7031 ?01:16
shikhernathanielmanista: Can I talk to you about the review on revision b173679a7031 ?01:24
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shikhermadrazr: Hi,  What is the mockup directory?04:43
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madrazrshikher: to keep our design mockups05:36
madrazrariz__: hello05:36
shikhermadrazr: they are just sort of trials right, as in they do not affect the main website?05:37
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madrazrshikher: as in?05:41
madrazrshikher: they are the designs using which the website is built05:42
madrazrshikher: so what do you mean by "they do not affect the main website"05:42
shikhermadrazr: I meant the css for the templates exists inside the build directory and not inside mockups directory.05:43
shikhermadrazr: Also, some views exist in app/soc while some views exist in app/summerofcode. Is this because melange is going under internal redesign?05:46
madrazrshikher: correct about mockups05:50
madrazrshikher: correct about CSS files and its directories too05:51
shikhermadrazr: I wanted to discuss about  for_host entity used for Program Admins. Do you mean that you manually enter the program admins into the datastore on the google Console as their is no current UI way of doing it?05:55
madrazrshikher: yes05:57
madrazrshikher: I do it through remote API05:57
madrazron a console05:57
madrazras in a shell05:57
madrazron the command line05:57
shikhermadrazr: Do you have a different datastore for GCI and GSOC? If not, then how do you know which admins belong to which program?05:58
shikhermadrazr: Ignore the 1st question.05:59
shikhermadrazr: gotta run for class, I will discus this with you later. Bye.06:05
madrazrshikher: alright06:05
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piyush_buildbot_beta: hello06:19
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piyush_buildbot_beta: force build runtests06:28
buildbot_betabuild forced [ETA 37m05s]06:28
buildbot_betaI'll give a shout when the build finishes06:28
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buildbot_betaHey! build runtests #88 is complete: Warnings [warnings 1018 tests07:13
buildbot_beta 3 errors07:13
buildbot_beta 17 skipped07:13
buildbot_beta 998 passed]07:13
buildbot_betaBuild details are at
tpbTitle: Buildbot: runtests Build #88 (at
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piyushgsocbot: timeline07:29
piyushgsocbot: help07:29
gsocbotpiyush: (help [<plugin>] [<command>]) -- This command gives a useful description of what <command> does. <plugin> is only necessary if the command is in more than one plugin.07:29
piyushgsocbot: help timeline07:30
gsocbotpiyush: Error: There is no command "timeline".07:30
piyushgsocbot: help commands07:30
gsocbotpiyush: Error: There is no command "commands".07:30
piyushgsocbot: list07:30
gsocbotpiyush: Admin, Channel, Config, Factoids, Gsoc, Misc, Owner, Services, and User07:30
piyushgsocbot: mailing list07:30
piyushgsocbot: User07:30
piyushgsocbot: usage07:31
olly_!botabuse | piyush07:58
olly_hmm, it doesn't know that here07:58
olly_piyush: go into query with gsocbot and use "factoids search #melange *"08:00
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vivekjainmadrazr: nathanielmanista: I have attached the patch for issue no 2028 Please review.10:04
tpb<> (at
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Lenniepiyush, awesome stuff10:40
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piyushLennie: I agree, I am excited as well !10:53
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kblinolly_: factoids are per-channel11:39
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piyushbuildbot_beta: last14:19
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piyushbuildbot_beta: force build runtests14:31
buildbot_betabuild #90 forced14:31
buildbot_betaI'll give a shout when the build finishes14:31
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RoonyHbuildbot_beta: hello14:57
RoonyHwelcome to melange! :)14:58
RoonyHpiyush: awsome work!14:58
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vivekjain@piyush to add a file in the patch .. ??15:48
piyushbuildbot_beta: last15:50
buildbot_betalast build [runtests]: 27m54s ago: failed shell_6 1022 tests15:50
buildbot_beta 1 errors15:50
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Lennievivekjain, git add ?15:51
vivekjain@Lennie Thanks15:54
tpb<> (at
Lenniemight be a good resource15:55
vivekjainLennie:  Thanks15:56
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RaulThello! Is it somone here who can help me reproduce an issue ?17:44
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RaulTCan somone help me undertanding an issue ?18:34
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blast007RaulT: the IRC workflow works best when you just ask the question you have and wait for an answer instead of asking to ask a question.  :)18:38
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RaulTRegarding can somone help me replicate the problem ?18:40
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shikhermadrazr: As I was asking you yesterday, Do GCI and GSOC both have separate program admins, and if  so, how  does host_for entity differentiate between Program Admins which belong to GSOC or GCI?21:56
madrazrshikher: no21:56
ayushkmadrazr: was my patch accepted?21:56
madrazrshikher: program admins are not per program21:57
ayushkmadrazr: issue #159021:57
madrazrshikher: program admins are per sponsor21:57
madrazrshikher: if you make a user a program admin for a sponsor, i.e. add the sponsor key to the user's host_for property list, then that user will be a program admin for all the programs created under that sponsor21:58
madrazrayushk: obviously not21:58
madrazrayushk: it is not even reviewed21:58
shikhermadrazr: sponsor?21:58
madrazrshikher: what is your question?21:58
ayushkmadrazr: What changes are required?21:58
shikhermadrazr: What is a sponsor?21:58
ayushkmadrazr: I mean in the patch21:58
madrazrayushk: I haven't looked at it21:59
madrazrif I had reviewed21:59
madrazrI would have sent the email21:59
madrazrI have no intension to hold back the review if I spend time on it21:59
madrazrshikher: a sponsor is one who sponsors the programs21:59
madrazrshikher: all the programs should be sponsored by a sponsor22:00
shikhermadrazr: who is sponsoring GSOC14'?22:00
madrazrshikher: it is one of the foundations of the Melange architecture22:00
ayushkmadrazr: sure. Daniel reviewed the first patch. And so will he review the new one as well. And how do I contact him?22:00
madrazrshikher: I would rather every student spend some time understanding our architecture and hierarchies22:00
madrazrshikher: obviously, the answer, as the name suggests, Google22:01
madrazr*is Google22:01
madrazrayushk: that I don't know. Whoever finds time first will22:01
madrazrayushk: as I told you yesterday already, it is important to note that we are all in different timezones22:02
madrazrand it is a holiday in the US today (Monday)22:02
madrazrayushk: people have lives outside Melange and Google Summer of Code22:02
madrazrso patience22:02
madrazrand as you are all seeing, we are having a deluge of new students at this time of the year22:03
madrazrand lot of activity due to Summer of Code work itself22:03
ayushkmadrazr: sorry. I was just excited. First patch and all!22:03
madrazrayushk: I understand22:04
shikhermadrazr: I want to know then what does it mean by adding/removing program admins, if program admins are determined by sponsors. Then what's the purpose of making a UI way in Admin DashBoard?22:05
madrazrshikher: I am sorry, I don't understand your question22:07
madrazrshikher: the purpose of making the UI is to make someone a program admin22:08
madrazrand remove them22:08
madrazr*or remove them22:08
madrazrshikher: to give a more concrete example22:09
ayushkmadrazr: Why isn't there a view profile page for GCI?22:09
madrazrayushk: GCI is not the focus at the moment22:09
madrazra lot of profile code was rewritten recently22:09
madrazras recently as in the last few weeks22:10
madrazrand with Summer of Code hectic-ness, we do not have enough engineering bandwidth to fix things for GCI right now22:10
madrazrayushk: and we don't know if there will be a GCI until Google announces22:10
madrazrayushk: so not the core-team's priority at the moment22:11
madrazrwe will anyway fix it even if Google does not announce a program to keep Melange working22:11
madrazrbut not now, not right now from any of us in the core team22:11
madrazrayushk: if there are any student contributors who would like to help us with it, patches always welcome22:11
madrazrshikher: PA1 runs the program for sponsor S22:12
madrazrshikher: now this is becoming so hectic that PA1 can't handle all the programs alone22:12
madrazrshikher: now S hires a new person to help PA1, this person is let's say PA222:13
madrazrshikher: how do you make PA2 the program admin too?22:13
madrazrshikher: right now, one of us, i.e. Melange devs should open up our command line shell and manually fiddle with the user entity to make some one a program admin22:14
shikhermadrazr: Should PA's be categorized by sponsors and not programs?22:14
madrazrshikher: however, what the issue requires is a UI for an already program admin to make other users program admins22:14
madrazrshikher: correct22:14
shikherShould this page be added to GSOC and GCI both?22:15
madrazrshikher: start with GSoC22:15
shikhermadrazr: How do I know if a sponsor is sponsoring GSOC, GCI?22:17
madrazras I said22:17
madrazra sponsor is site-wide22:17
madrazryou create programs under a sponsor22:17
madrazryou can create any program under a sponsor22:18
shikhermadrazr: ok, so these sponsors will be the same for GSOC and GCI.22:18
madrazrshikher: yes22:18
madrazrshikher: or see it the other way22:18
madrazrany program can be created under a sponsor22:18
shikherDoesn't that mean Program Admins should be added globally and not particulary inside a AdminDashboard of GSOC or GCI?22:19
shikhermadrazr: Doesn't that mean Program Admins should be added globally and not particulary inside a AdminDashboard of GSOC or GCI?22:28
shikhermadrazr: Also, how do22:35
shikhermadrazr: nvm22:37
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madrazrshikher: well23:47
madrazrthat's a fair question23:47
madrazrshikher: but that's the problem of bootstrapping right23:47
madrazrshikher: as Archimedes said over 2000 years ago, "Give me a place to stand on, and I will move the Earth"23:48
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madrazrshikher: it is the same problem as creating a new program23:48
madrazryou need to provide some sort of an admin interface to create a program that does not exist, where would you put that?23:49
madrazrshikher: so putting it in some admin dashboard is a reasonable thing to do, at least for now23:49
madrazrshikher: makes sense?23:49

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