Wednesday, 2014-02-19

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vivekjainmadrazr: hii..when i go to this link /gsoc/documents/google/gsoc2014 it shows no ducuments are present.Whereas in my appengine datastore documents are present .... Is it a issue ??08:51
vivekjain*Is this a issue ??08:51
madrazrvivekjain: which appengine datastore/08:56
vivekjainmadrazr: in my localhost :8080/_ah/admin    in Document entity ..08:57
madrazrvivekjain: what documents do you see there?08:57
madrazrwhat are the document prefixes for those entities?08:57
vivekjain2 documets with key name /site/site/home and /user/test/notes ..08:58
vivekjainmadrazr: ^08:58
madrazrvivekjain: what are their prefixes?09:01
madrazrvivekjain: look at the prefix property on the documents09:01
vivekjainmadrazr: one has site and one has user ..09:02
madrazrvivekjain: which is why you are not seeing them in the /gsoc/... path09:02
madrazrvivekjain: because they do not belong to the GSoC scope09:02
vivekjainmadrazr: ok .So this documents page is meant for all the documents which have gsoc program as their scope .. ??09:04
madrazrvivekjain: correct, as the URL suggests this URL has a scope of /gsoc09:04
vivekjainmadrazr: in this issue  in the events page document field we need to show only those documents in the autocomplete which have their link_id property as events_page ??09:08
madrazrautocomplete already should work09:10
madrazrthe problem is field validation09:10
madrazrupon form submission09:10
madrazrnow you can just save the form even if the document does not exist09:10
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madrazrthat should go away09:10
vivekjainmadrazr: i am filling some random thing in events_page field although the form is getting saved but the data which i filled is not getting saved.So what you mean is if i fill some random thing in that then even after that form must not get accepted . ??09:15
vivekjain*form is getting accepted ..09:15
madrazrno no09:21
madrazrdocument form09:21
madrazrand the program edit form are 2 different things09:22
madrazrissue 1589 is about program form09:22
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vivekjainmadrazr:  yes i mean when i fill  Events page document field  in program edit form  as "Event pageassad" then also the form is getting submitted.It does not show any errors but it not getting saved in datastore reason in that Events page document is reference field to Document entity.But ideally it should not ecent get accepted .. .Am i correct ??09:29
vivekjain*ecent even09:29
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madrazrI still can't parse the last part of your question09:32
vivekjainmadrazr: But ideally the form must show errros .. Am i correct ??09:33
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jasvirmadrazr: hello10:12
jasvirmadrazr: I wants to do some work on making melange responsive. Could you please tell me, from where I should start?10:13
madrazrjasvir: looking at our .less files is a good start10:16
madrazrand seeing and fiddling with it along with our html templates10:16
madrazrthat render the pages10:16
madrazrand trying to making it responsive10:16
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madrazrjust trying with one page and sending a prototype would be a great start10:16
jasvirmadrazr: ok10:17
madrazrvivekjain: yes, correct10:17
madrazrvivekjain: when you give garbage value in the document fields, i.e. the reference to a document that does not exist at all10:17
madrazrvivekjain: program edit form should show an error upon submission10:17
vivekjainmadrazr: thanks i got that will start working on it ..10:19
madrazrvivekjain: cool!10:19
jasvirmadrazr: Is it good idea to start working on it?10:19
madrazrjasvir: sure, why not?10:19
jasvirmadrazr: Ok. I just want to confirm, nothing more then that.10:20
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madrazrjasvir: what do you mean, nothing more than that?10:30
madrazrjasvir: if you want more, we have lots of work to give :D10:30
jasvirmadrazr: I mean, I just want to confirm that is it a good idea or not.10:36
madrazrjasvir: if you are in doubt, you can always ask the mailing list10:36
madrazr*ask on the mailing list10:36
madrazralright anyway, I am off to bed10:37
jasvirmadrazr: Sure. Thanks madrazr :D10:37
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vivekjainmadrazr: regarding our previous discussion if i submit the form with some random reference and if i print the value of that field then it is empty..Then how do i approach that issue If i don't know whether something has been entered in that field or not ..??18:26
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madrazrvivekjain: In a meeting19:02
madrazrmay be ping in about an hour or so?19:02
vivekjainmadrazr: ok fine will talk to you later ..19:03
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ashishkmadrazr: hi20:15
madrazrashishk: Hi20:15
ashishkmadrazr: regarding issue 1930,i have done these steps:1.) go to /gsoc/proposal/submit/google/gsoc2014/org_0 ,2.) checked whether current student have submit an enrolled form 3.) if no then redirect it to gsoc/student_forms/enrollment/google/gsoc2014 ... is it right ??20:18
madrazrpiyush: ping?20:26
madrazrDon't redirect without showing a message to the user20:27
madrazrthat is not a great user experience20:27
madrazrashishk: ^20:27
madrazrashishk: see how we do access checks20:27
madrazrfor example when a non-program admin tries to access program edit page and things like that20:28
madrazran error message should be displayed with a link to the enrollment form submission page20:28
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ashishkmadrazr: ok,will do that ,thanks.20:30
madrazrashishk: np20:30
madrazrashishk: coolyashish id is you right? On dev list?20:31
ashishkmadrazr: yes20:31
madrazrashishk: check my reply20:31
madrazrashishk: you forgot to attach the updated commit20:32
madrazrashishk: also send us a git format-patch than a bundle20:32
madrazrseems to be easier to review20:32
ashishkmadrazr: sorry, i forgot to attach the commit , sending it now ..20:32
ashishkmadrazr: will send both20:32
ashishkmadrazr: i have just sent you,please have a look at it.20:40
madrazrashishk: I will, thanks!20:43
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madrazrashishk: ping20:59
ashishkmadrazr: can we give <a href=""> type link in the def messages defined in access_checker21:06
madrazrashishk: the patch file that you have attached21:08
madrazrashishk: did you generate it using the git format-patch command that I mentioned earlier here?21:08
madrazrashishk: it does not like to me though21:08
madrazrashishk: it is missing all the git meta-information21:08
madrazrashishk: please do not send patches or commits without git meta-information. We want to apply patches as-is, in pristine state, not modifying anything21:09
madrazrashishk: so please use git format-patch to generate the patch file, so that I can directly run git am command to apply it and push the change without modifying anything21:10
madrazrashishk: look at $ git help format-patch21:10
madrazrif you need help, ping me here21:10
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ashishkmadrazr: sorry,now i have used git format-patch origin21:16
ashishkmadrazr: just sent you the new one ,have a look at it21:16
ashishkmadrazr: from next time ,will keep in mind all the points you have made .21:17
madrazrashishk: awesome! thanks!21:17
madrazrfrom the cursory glance it looks good to me for now. I will review it once I come back from lunch21:18
ashishkmadrazr: yeah sure,also i am going to bed it's 3 A.M. here21:19
ashishkmadrazr: tomorrow i have to go for the classes also .21:20
madrazrashishk: sure21:23
madrazrgood night21:23
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shikhermadrazr: In  http://localhost:9999/gsoc/org/application/list/google/gsoc2014?validated=True , the button is too close to the rendered list. This has been acknowledged by Issue 2008. What is wrong with adding a new line between the two in the ./soc/templates/soc/org_app/records.html page, or we can even edit the css for the button to add extra paddi22:14
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madrazrshikher: I think Daniel is already working on it22:47
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madrazrshikher: he was working with that button and the functionality itself last week22:48
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shikhermadrazr: That's fine.  If it is taking this much time, then the solution must not be that simple. My question is why not just add a <br/> tag or change the css to get the solution?23:13
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madrazrshikher: the time is not because it is hard, it is because there is so much work to do23:49
madrazrshikher: no <br/> tag23:50
madrazrwe don't do styling using <br/>23:50
madrazrcss is the solution23:50
madrazrshikher: you can ping on the mailing list, add Daniel to CC and ask him if he is working on that or if he would be Ok if you send the fix23:50
madrazrshikher: or even better, if you don't mind not having this patch committed if Daniel has already done so, you can just send the CSS fix patch for review23:52
madrazrand CC Daniel23:52
shikhermadrazr: Sure, I do not mind the patch not being committed. I believe the change will be of only 1 line, anyway.23:54
madrazrshikher: it is very likely a one line fix23:54
shikhermadrazr: I am getting this error which says template could not be find, does melange externally mention template files?23:56
shikhermadrazr: I have created my own template and It is in the correct path also, not sure why I am getting this error.23:57
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