Saturday, 2014-02-15

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mayank@madrazr: i'm not able to find the link to submit student proposal00:16
madrazrmayank: have you created a student profile?00:17
madrazron Melange?00:17
mayankon localhost melange00:17
mayank@madrazr: to see the link to submit the proposal the program has to be in the phase where students are submitting proposals, right?00:21
mayank@madrazr: still didn't find it :(00:24
madrazrmayank: correct00:45
madrazrmayank: the program has to be in accept student proposals phase00:45
mayank@madrazr: How can i change the phase?00:46
madrazrmayank: going to program timeline00:46
madrazrin the program admin dashboard00:46
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mayank@madrazr: this?  http://localhost:8080/gsoc/timeline/google/gsoc201400:49
mayank@madrazr: how to change the values in the timeline?00:50
mayankI mean how to adjust values such that i change the phase of the program?00:53
madrazrmayank: today's date should be past student registration start date00:59
madrazras in student registration should have started as of today00:59
madrazrmakes sense?00:59
mayankyes, i did this.00:59
madrazrdarn, time is such a difficult quantity to talk about00:59
mayankbut still i dont see any submit proposal button when login as a non-admin01:00
madrazrdid you sign up with a student profile?01:05
madrazrfor that new login?01:05
mayank@madrazr: just logged in with a new mail id. as there is no signup.01:06
mayank@madrazr: oh, sorry, i didn't see the student signup..doing it.01:11
mayank@madrazr: my student profile is ready. now where can i submit my proposal?01:20
mayankalso there are no organisations in the list of mentoring organisations01:21
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madrazrmayank: you should see a link on the home page?01:22
madrazrmayank: ah01:22
madrazryou should first have an organization01:23
mayanki added an org with a diff profile but it is not listed in mentoring orgs01:23
mayank@madrazr: also, i still see the option for the mentoring orgs to apply, should have ended the deadline for org application before student signup starts?01:25
mayankor will it not affect it?01:25
mayank@madrazr: there are so many parameters in the timeline, should i set them all precisely as per real timeline?01:26
madrazrmayank: well01:33
madrazrmay be not01:33
madrazrbut make sure you don't set non-nonsensical values01:34
madrazroops *nonsensical  values01:34
madrazrmayank: also make sure you don't have overlaps01:34
madrazrmayank: also go to program admins org application edit page01:34
madrazrand change the start and end dates there01:34
mayankstart n end dates are already in here01:35
madrazrmayank: you will also need to go to program admin page, go to org applications list and pre-accept or pre-reject the org apps01:35
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madrazrand then you need to click on "Finalize decisions" button to make sure the orgs get accepted01:35
madrazrmayank: and it is only after that can you submit proposals to orgs01:35
mayankoh, so i must get the org accepted01:36
madrazrbecause you can only submit proposals to accepted orgs01:36
madrazrmayank: correct01:36
mayankto see em in the list01:36
mayankalright, then :)01:36
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byteenathanielmanista: no worries mate ;)03:05
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nitika18Hello Everyone04:51
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nitika18Hello Everyone05:46
nitika18hi nathanielmanista05:46
mrsudhi nitika05:47
mrsudI saw ur mail at several places05:47
mrsudUr skills matches everywhere :)05:48
nitika18I am an open source enthusiast05:48
mrsudI can see that05:48
mrsudU also mailed me for Binpy05:49
nitika18But I did not see the reply05:50
mrsudI did05:50
mrsudYou should fork the project and start contributing05:50
nitika18After that I replied05:50
nitika18I would like to know from where to start contributing05:51
mrsudWe are moving to a new connector based model of the components05:51
mrsudhelp us in that migration05:52
nitika18Some things I would like to point and discuss with you05:52
nitika18I will send a mail05:52
mrsudmail me @ [email protected]05:52
nitika18Probably this is not right place for these discussions I think05:52
nitika18ok thanks05:53
nitika18nathanielmanista: Are you here ?06:02
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ashishk_nathanielmanista:when i click on the "members of my organisation"  i got "Error retrieving data: please refresh the list or the whole page to try again" is this a bug ??06:17
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ashishkmadrazr: i am looking for issue-1524 slots are not visible for the my orgs please have a look at it08:14
madrazrashishk: yeah, what about it?08:17
ashishkmadrazr: i went to my dashboard and and click on my organization but there is no column for slots assignnment08:18
madrazrbecause you did not assign slots organizations?08:19
ashishkmadrazr:also one more issue, i have done seed_db ,i have many entries in my SOCorganization but on my local server when i click on to see all mentoring organisation on home page it shows nothing ??08:20
madrazrashishk: link please?08:23
ashishkthis is on my local server08:25
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ashishkmadrazr:http://localhost:8090/gsoc/org/list/public/google/gsoc2014(on my local server)08:25
vivekjain@madrazr i have reported this ticket and as a solution i propose to have 2 fields instead of 1 active_program we can have active_program_gsoc and active_program_gci .Is this valid ??08:27
tpb<> (at
madrazrashishk: the link you gave is a list of accepted organizations08:28
madrazrashishk: seed_db seeds the organizations08:28
madrazrbut don't accept them for the program08:28
madrazrashishk: and hence you don't see anything in the list08:28
madrazrashishk: btw just to make sure we are on the same page, by "nothing at all" you mean there is a list but that list is empty right?08:29
madrazrashishk: not a blank white page?08:29
madrazrvivekjain: link please?08:29
vivekjain@madrazr link to the ticket08:30
tpb<> (at
madrazrvivekjain: not the link to the issue08:30
madrazrthat I already saw from your previous message08:30
madrazrvivekjain: link to the page from which you made that deduction08:30
madrazrvivekjain: on Melange08:31
vivekjainand the problem where it occurs is /gsoc/program/create/google08:31
vivekjaini ran it on my localhost08:31
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vivekjainthe problem is at a time only one program can remain active so to make bot gci and gsoc as active we can make 2 different fields08:32
ashishkmadrazr:   when i go to admin(dashboard)->submitted organization application i got an type error expected string or buffer here is link for the page /gsoc/org/application/list/google/gsoc201408:33
ashishkmadrazr:for the previous comment by you ,yeah there is a list but it is empty08:35
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madrazrashishk: vivekjain: give me sometime09:00
madrazrgot dragged into something09:01
ashishkmadrazr:no problem09:01
vivekjainmadrazr ok no problem09:01
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madrazrvivekjain: I can't see the problem you are mentioning though09:36
madrazrI am actually able to create a program just fine using http://localhost:8080/gsoc/program/create/google page09:36
ashishkmadrazr:   when i go to admin(dashboard)->submitted organization application i got an type error expected string or buffer here is link for the page /gsoc/org/application/list/google/gsoc201409:42
madrazrashishk: wait!09:42
madrazrI do read messages that are addressed to me09:42
madrazrif you don't address to me I am likely going to miss, in all the traffic, but if it is addressed to me with my IRC nick, I would have definitely read it!09:43
madrazrashishk: I am looking at your problem now09:43
vivekjainmadrazr have you changed anything in the latest clone in past 3 days .Because in my revision it showing ticket ..09:43
madrazrvivekjain: that's not even a question that you should be asking09:45
madrazrvivekjain: if you think you are behind, you should be catching up09:45
madrazrgit pull every time you think you might be out of sync09:45
madrazrvivekjain: see if you can still reproduce the problem at the latest HEAD09:46
madrazrHEAD of master I mean09:47
vivekjainmadrazr yes cloning the latest version .sorry for that ..09:47
madrazrvivekjain: latest HEAD being 6199d1669b4d49334cdb62262d8d1db3d3c9e9fc09:47
madrazrvivekjain: no problem09:47
madrazrvivekjain: let me know how it goes09:47
vivekjainok thanks09:47
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madrazrashishk: I see10:04
madrazrI remember now10:04
madrazrthis is a known problem10:04
ashishkis this in bug tracker ??10:06
vivekjainmadrazr the issue which i mentioned is coming in the latest version also..10:06
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ashishkmadrazr: is this problem present in the current issues ??10:06
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madrazrashishk: I don't remember seeing it10:20
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madrazrashishk: but I may be little out of sync10:20
ashishkmadrazr:can i work on this issue ??10:22
ashishkmadrazr:i also didn't see it in issue page should i report it ??10:23
madrazrashishk: I would let you work on this issue10:23
madrazrashishk: but this issue has an expiry date on it10:23
madrazrashishk: if you can commit to an ETA I would let you10:24
ashishkmadrazr:i want to solve this issue ,in how much time do i need to solve it (I 'll put my best to solve it)  ??10:26
madrazrashishk: this issue needs as quick resolution as possible because org admins already want to know about their backup admins10:28
madrazrashishk: how about we do this10:29
madrazrinstead of setting an ETA right now10:29
madrazryou get started on it now10:29
ashishkmadrazr: sure10:29
madrazrin about 20 hours from now, we will see where you stand10:29
vivekjainmadrazr can i help on this issue ??10:30
madrazrashishk: and then reevaluate our position10:30
madrazrashishk: even if this turns out to be a larger issue than we know now10:30
madrazrnothing is lost10:31
madrazryou would have learnt something significant about Melange10:31
madrazrashishk: makes sense?10:31
ashishkmadrazr:yeah sure :)10:31
madrazrvivekjain: haven't you already picked several other issues?10:32
madrazrvivekjain: I would really really like all our students (not just you) to focus on fewer things10:32
madrazrmost ideally one thing10:32
madrazrand make some progress with that10:32
madrazrthan putting the fingers on several things at once10:32
ashishkmadrazr:i am posting this issue on google group is it okay ??10:33
madrazreven if you don't fix the issue in the end, it is still perfectly Ok10:33
madrazrbut not focusing won't let you learn and understand the code much10:34
madrazrwhich is the primary goal here10:34
madrazrIt is not just about Melange10:34
vivekjainok no problem and the issue which i mentioned is still present in the latest commit .. i have proposed a solution can you please review that ??10:34
madrazrMelange is a very small project10:34
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madrazr*well I will take back very small10:34
madrazrit is still a small project10:34
madrazrbut with any piece of code, it is a barrier to start understanding code written by some one else10:35
ashishkmadrazr:yes,you are right10:35
madrazrashishk: sure10:36
madrazror may be also file an issue10:36
madrazrand mention that you are working on it10:36
madrazrvivekjain: let's look at your program create issue10:37
madrazrvivekjain: give me some more context10:37
madrazrthan we have already discussed10:37
madrazrvivekjain: btw do you want to continue looking into that?10:37
vivekjainmadrazr yes10:37
madrazrvivekjain: cool10:38
vivekjaini think the problem is due to active_program field in site table;10:38
madrazrvivekjain: before that10:38
madrazrexplain to me, in more detail, the problem itself10:38
madrazrmore detail than you have written on the issue tracker10:38
vivekjainmadrazr the problem is beacause of active_program  field .In that field the key to the program is stored10:39
vivekjainmadrazr so  if we change active_program to the key of gsoc2014 program then it will start working .. But in that case in gci2013 create program will stop working. .10:44
ashishkmadrazr:i have reported the issue please have a look at it
tpb<> (at
madrazrvivekjain: wait, wait10:51
madrazrlet us not get to the analysis of the problem still10:51
madrazrI don't even know in detail what the problem is other than the 2 lines of output you have pasted10:52
madrazrand they are not even directly from the output I think?10:52
madrazrI want to see the error exactly10:52
madrazrthe exact log in the console10:52
madrazrthe stack trace10:52
madrazrand the error related details before jumping into analysis10:52
madrazrashishk: one note10:53
madrazrashishk: the error that you are seeing right now10:53
vivekjainmadrazr this is the exact log of the error
tpbTitle: AttributeError at /gsoc/program/create/google 'NoneType' object has no attr - (at
madrazrtype error "expected string or buffer"10:54
madrazrthat is not a bug10:54
madrazrvivekjain: that is because you haven't created an org application survey10:54
madrazroops ashishk I meant above ^10:54
madrazrashishk: that is because you haven't created an org application survey10:54
madrazrashishk: go to admin dashboard10:54
madrazrand click edit organization application under Manage Organizations heading10:55
madrazrcreate that survey10:55
madrazrand you should see this problem go away10:55
madrazrbut once you do that, the real bug appears10:55
madrazryou need to fix that10:55
madrazrwhen you see that problem/bug after you create the application survey, please update your issue in the issue tracker10:56
madrazrwith a comment10:56
madrazrvivekjain: where are you copying this from?10:56
madrazrvivekjain: this is from the console?10:56
madrazrvivekjain: as in the terminal/shell?10:57
vivekjainsorry it was from the browser this is from console
tpbTitle: AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'accepted_students_announced_ - (at
vivekjainmadrazr sorry see this in that some part was left
tpbTitle: ERROR 2014-02-15 10:59:10,786] Third party - (at
ashishkmadrazr:yes, you are right that type error is gone ,but can you tell me about the bug in details ?? (i am bit out of sync here)11:01
madrazrashishk: what details do you want?11:03
madrazrvivekjain: the correct resolution for this11:04
madrazris not to make sure these values which are leading to an exception are not being used in the create program form11:04
madrazrvivekjain: we should not simply assume that we will have 1 active program11:05
madrazror 2 active programs11:05
madrazrvivekjain: think about the case of bootstrapping the instance where there will be no programs at all11:05
madrazrvivekjain: and you are using this form to create the very first program instance11:05
madrazr(Oh yeah, ask me more about it - bootstapping is hard!)11:06
ashishkmadrazr:after submitting the edit organization application under manage organization heading ,i went to the submitted organization heading but it shows nothing ??11:06
madrazrashishk: all the while I have been thinking you were looking at the org participants list11:10
madrazrthis is why we need more context!11:10
madrazra lot more context!11:10
madrazrashishk: http://localhost:8080/gsoc/dashboard/google/gsoc2014#participants11:10
madrazrthat is what has been on my mind so far, somehow11:11
madrazrthis was my fault for not asking the details before, like vivek and I are doing now11:11
madrazrsorry about that, my apologies11:11
madrazrashishk: but if you are interested you can still work on that bug11:11
madrazrashishk: or you can pick something else11:11
madrazrthat interests you11:12
vivekjainmadrazr: the variable which is creating problem is program_key which it is getting from active_site field in site table ..So what you mean is get program_key from some different table . ??11:12
madrazrvivekjain: why is program_key the problem?11:13
madrazrwhy are you coming to that conclusion?11:13
vivekjainmadrazr: through program_key it extracts the variable which are being used in header.html and menuoptions.html .So that is the main reason that it shows menu and header error in my browser.11:15
madrazrvivekjain: I am not sure though11:16
madrazrthe stack trace is telling a different story though11:17
madrazrtake a closer look at your stack trace11:17
ashishkmadrazr:i think you are saying if we go to /gsoc/dashboard/google/gsoc2014#participants,we should get a page with some options but right now we are getting nothing a blank page am i right ??11:17
madrazrvivekjain: esp.11:17
madrazr    return self.timeline.accepted_students_announced_deadline11:17
madrazrAttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'accepted_students_announced_deadline'11:17
madrazrit is the timeline which is causing the problem11:18
vivekjainmadrazr: But if i change active_program in the site table manually using _ah/admin to gsoc14 program key it starts working ..What is the reason behind this ??11:20
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madrazrvivekjain: the HTML templates that we use to render the site11:31
madrazrthe template fragments I mean11:32
madrazrlike main menu, footer etc11:32
madrazrare designed in such a way that11:32
madrazrthey need a program to render that fragment of the template11:32
madrazrso you have to provide a program with correct timeline parameters to those template fragments11:33
madrazrif not, they give this error that you are seeing11:33
madrazrmy suggestion is that, create program page, like site edit page should not make use of any of these templates at all11:33
madrazras in template fragments at all11:34
vivekjainmadrazr: ok so what i understand is that instead of using the previously built header.html and menuoptions.html i should make new program.html  such that they do not make use of these things .??11:37
madrazruse create.html11:39
madrazrinside program/ directory in templates11:39
madrazrdon't call it program.html11:39
vivekjainok thanks i will start working on that .. Thank You :D11:39
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ashishkmadrazr:i am getting "Error retrieving data: please refresh the list or the whole page to try again"  everytime when i go to http://localhost:8080/gsoc/dashboard/google/gsoc2014#participants11:43
ashishkmadrazr:i don't know why i am getting this any comments11:43
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piyush_buildbot_alpha: force build runtests11:56
buildbot_alphabuild forced [ETA 29m59s]11:56
buildbot_alphaI'll give a shout when the build finishes11:56
madrazrashishk: check console logs12:00
madrazrashishk: see the stack trace12:00
madrazrI definitely need to go to bed now12:00
madrazr4:00AM OMG!12:01
madrazralright guys12:01
vivekjainmadrazr bye gn :)12:02
madrazrvivekjain: bye12:02
ashishkmadrazr:ok ,bye12:02
madrazrashishk: bye12:04
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*** shikher has joined #melange12:23
buildbot_alphaHey! build runtests #54 is complete: Success [build successful]12:32
buildbot_alphaBuild details are at
tpbTitle: Buildbot: runtests Build #54 (at
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shikhernathanielmanista: How do I know the CLA I have signed has been accepted?12:43
*** larryxiao has quit IRC12:45
*** larryxiao has joined #melange13:08
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*** nitika18 has joined #melange13:21
nitika18Hi, while seting up I got some error13:21
nitika18Could any help me out ?13:21
nitika18after running the command venv/bin/pip install -U lxml setuptools, I was not able to install lxml13:22
nitika18the error is   Cannot fetch index base URL   Could not find any downloads that satisfy the requirement lxml13:22
tpbTitle: Simple Index (at
*** ashishk has joined #melange13:33
nitika18After running this command venv/bin/python, I am getting Download error on timed out -- Some packages may not be found!13:36
shikhernitika18: Are u working in a proxy environment?13:37
nitika18campus proxy13:37
*** monkegjinni has quit IRC13:38
shikherAre u from IIITH?13:38
nitika18Why this Question ?13:39
*** monkegjinni has joined #melange13:39
nitika18answer NO13:40
shikherCause I also set up this environment and can give u the command directly. nvm, just u need to set ur https_proxy variable="proxy_url:port". Hope tht helps.13:41
nitika18which command are you asking for?13:41
nitika18I am following the steps mentioned on gettingstarted page13:42
nitika18venv/bin/pip install -U lxml setuptools venv/bin/python bootstrap.py13:42
nitika18Both these commands are resulting into errors13:42
nitika18Proxy is currently setup in my system13:43
shikhersince u r using venv, just enter on the command line: https_proxy ="http://proxy_url:port"13:43
shikhernitika18: Then u can check if the proxy variables are set by using: "env | grep -i http:"13:45
nitika18proxy is set already13:46
shikhernitika18: system proxy is different from venv proxy.13:47
nitika18Yes I know. I have checked using the command mentioned13:47
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*** ayushk has joined #melange13:48
shikhernitika18: Is the install command not working, still?13:48
nitika18I had mentioned the erros above as well.13:48
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*** monkegjinni has joined #melange13:50
ayushknitika18: try doing the same command without -U.13:50
shikhernitika18: sudo apt-get install libxml2-dev libxslt-dev13:50
ayushknitika18: ^ that too13:51
nitika18These packages I had installed already sucessfully13:51
ayushknitika18: so there are no issues with the proxy if these packages are installed.13:52
nitika18same error without -U option also13:52
nitika18yes, I don't seem to have any issues with the proxy13:52
nitika18Again see the output : Downloading/unpacking lxml   Cannot fetch index base URL   Could not find any downloads that satisfy the requirement lxml No distributions at all found for lxml13:53
tpbTitle: Simple Index (at
shikherHow about old version: apt-get install python-lxml ?13:53
ayushknitika18: do u have pip installed on your system?13:54
nitika18ayushk: obviously13:54
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nitika18shikher: I had tried that option and proceeded to next command venv/bin/python bootstrap.py13:55
nitika18but that resulted in error too.13:55
nitika18Check this After running this command venv/bin/python, I am getting Download error on timed out -- Some packages may not be found!13:56
shikhernitika: pastebin ur error.13:58
nitika18error is properly specified above. I think13:58
ayushknitika18: you may try this command - pip install lxml setuptools14:00
nitika18same error! I asked this problem after trying all these possibilites for troubleshooting14:03
shikhernitika18: thts all i had in my arsenal. One more thing...make sure u have done the previous steps correctly or restart the installation from the first step. I had done tht many times, and it worked somehow.14:05
nitika18I had tried this 3 times the steps mentioned above before asking this question here14:06
ayushknitika18: pip install should work if there is proxy setup in your system. On the other hand, venv/bin/pip install -U lxml setuptools is not working because proxy might not be setup up in the virtual env. So I am just trying to make sure that proxy is setup because I wasted a lot of time on this because my proxy was not working.14:07
nitika18Could yu please mention each and every steps on pastebin and send me the detail14:07
nitika18ayushk: I checked this by using the command "env | grep -i http:"14:08
nitika18and proxy is there14:08
nitika18is there any other way to check whether proxy is present in the virtualenv or not14:08
shikhernitika18: g2g. madrazr will be coming later, u shud ask him.14:09
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RockerRaj /msg NickServ identify ohsexycarol14:33
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piyush_buildbot_alpha: hello17:04
piyush_buildbot_alpha: dance17:04
piyush_buildbot_aplha: help17:04
piyush_buildbot_aplha: commands17:05
nitika18buildbot_alpha: dance17:05
nitika18buildbot_alpha: commands17:05
buildbot_alphabuildbot commands: commands, dance, destroy, force, hello, help, last, list, mute, notify, shutdown, source, status, stop, unmute, version, watch17:05
nitika18buildbot_alpha: version17:05
buildbot_alphabuildbot-0.8.8 at your service17:05
nitika18buildbot_alpha: list17:06
buildbot_alphatry 'list builders'17:06
piyush_nikita18: Please don't enter any of the destroy/shutdown kind of command, I was just testing the alpha version of our buildbot.17:06
nitika18Ya I know, I was just checking what all functions are possible17:07
nitika18buildbot_alpha: hello17:08
nitika18buildbot_alpha: status17:08
buildbot_alpharuntests: idle, last build 4h35m37s ago: build successful17:08
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piyush_buildbot_alpha: hello17:36
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piyush_buildbot_alpha: force build runtests19:41
buildbot_alphabuild forced [ETA 35m22s]19:41
buildbot_alphaI'll give a shout when the build finishes19:41
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piyush_buildbot_alpha: status19:54
buildbot_alpharuntests: building(Testing) [ETA 27m22s]19:54
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piyush_buildbot_alpha: status20:04
buildbot_alpharuntests: building(Testing) [ETA 27m12s]20:04
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piyush_buildbot_alpha: force build runtests20:47
*** buildbot_alpha has joined #melange20:47
piyush_buildbot_alpha: force build runtests20:47
buildbot_alphabuild forced [ETA 36m11s]20:47
buildbot_alphaI'll give a shout when the build finishes20:47
*** mrsud has quit IRC20:48
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buildbot_alphaHey! build runtests #59 is complete: Success [build successful]21:25
buildbot_alphaBuild details are at
tpbTitle: Buildbot: runtests Build #59 (at
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ayushknathanielmanista: I have submitted a patch for issue #1590 on the mailing list. Please review. Got to know a lot about soc codebase.21:41
*** madrazr has joined #melange21:45
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o madrazr21:45
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ayushkmadrazr: Please review the patch for issue #1590 . I have submitted it on the mailing list.21:56
madrazrayushk: link to the ML post please?22:05
ayushkmadrazr: link -!topic/melange-soc-dev/rdZ9quCYSXw22:06
tpb<> (at
madrazrayushk: thanks22:06
ayushkmadrazr: Sorry but I will get back in some time.22:12
madrazrayushk: sure22:12
madrazrayushk: ping if you are back?22:18
*** buildbot_alpha has quit IRC22:39
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ayushkmadrazr: yeah22:57
*** shikher has joined #melange23:04
madrazrayushk: looks like Daniel reviewed your patch23:05
madrazrand Nathaniel asked exactly the same question I wanted to ask23:06
madrazri.e. screenshot23:06
madrazranyway, have you signed the CLA?23:06
ayushkyes I have done that just yesterday following shikher 's  review.23:07
*** antrik has quit IRC23:10
shikhermadrazr: Hi, Can u tell me wat is the current method for making someone a program administrator and is this option available in both GSOC and GCI?23:16
*** antrik has joined #melange23:21
madrazrshikher: there is no UI way of making it23:30
madrazrand I don't want one :)23:30
madrazrshikher: the way we do it is to edit the User entity's host_for property23:30
madrazrshikher: what are you trying to do?23:31
madrazrshikher: that may help me answer this question better23:31
shikhermadrazr: I looked at issue #2000.
tpbTitle: Issue 2000 - soc - Program administrators should be able to view and change list of program administrators within "Program Settings" section of admin dashboard - SoC (Spice of Creation) - Google Project Hosting (at
madrazrayushk: great23:33
madrazrand it was verified by someone?23:33
madrazrayushk: probably nathanielmanista?23:33
madrazrayushk: ah I see23:33
madrazrayushk: check your PM23:33
madrazris that the email ID with which you signed the CLA?23:34
ayushkmadrazr: How do I know if it was verified?23:34
*** buildbot_alpha has quit IRC23:34
*** buildbot_alpha has joined #melange23:34
madrazrayushk: if you tell me the email ID and the name with which you registered, I can verify it23:34
shikhermadrazr: Can you also verify my CLA, please.23:35
madrazrayushk: you can PM me if you don't want to tell that publicly23:35
madrazrshikher: PM your email ID and name23:35
madrazrfull name btw, as it appears23:35
ayushkmadrazr: I will PM you.23:35
madrazrshikher: verified23:35
shikhermadrazr: thanks a lot.23:36
*** melange114 has joined #melange23:37
madrazrshikher: Oh! Issue 2000!23:39
madrazrI somehow don't want to expose this functionality on the UI23:39
madrazrbut looks like Carol wants that23:39
madrazrshikher: alright23:40
madrazrshikher: program admin information is stored in User entity's host_for property key list23:40
madrazrshikher: the key list takes the keys of sponsor entities23:40
shikherTht is the ndb datastore?23:40
madrazrshikher: what?23:41
shikherndb datamodel?23:42
ayushkmadrazr: I have send you an email. I came to know that melange uses ndb datastore but I have only worked with db. How is it different from db datastore?23:42
shikhermadrazr: In the code, I see both db and ndb used.23:43
*** buildbot_alpha has quit IRC23:46
*** buildbot_alpha has joined #melange23:46
madrazrshikher: I am not sure if I understand your question correctly still23:47
madrazrshikher: where do you see both db and ndb used?23:47
madrazrand what ndb datamodel are you referring to?23:47
madrazrI am missing something here23:47
madrazrayushk: I verified your CLA23:49
ayushkmadrazr: thanks23:49
madrazrayushk: just to be sure, when you send in patches, make sure you send the patches with that name and email ID in the author field23:49
madrazrayushk: you have setup git I think?23:49
madrazrto use these names?23:49
madrazrayushk: otherwise you can follow the steps here
tpbTitle: Set Up Git ยท GitHub Help (at
madrazrayushk: you can ignore password caching part23:50
madrazrayushk: please make sure your name and email ID in patches match what you gave on the CLA23:51
ayushkyes, I have configured git previously. I don't know why it did not show the  name and email ID. Anyways, I'll do it again. thanks.23:51
*** melange114 has quit IRC23:52
shikhermadrazr: Have a look at app/soc/modules/gci/views/  .23:53
shikhermadrazr: It imports both ndb and db23:53
madrazrayushk: np23:55
madrazrshikher: yeah, so?23:55
shikhermadrazr: Just answering,  "shikher: where do you see both db and ndb used? "23:56
shikhermadrazr: host_for property is an ndb property or a db property?23:57
madrazrshikher: User model is an ndb model now23:57
madrazrshikher: so host_for, its property is an ndb property23:57
shikhermadrazr: ok, so b/w ur views and Carol's, which one do we implement?23:59
shikhermadrazr: In reference to program admins.23:59

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