Friday, 2014-02-14

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blueCmdmadrazr: roger!00:00
madrazrblueCmd: cool!00:00
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blueCmdhe's afk, but I've proxied the hints00:00
madrazrblueCmd: Ok please let us know if he continues to have problems with profiles00:01
madrazrmcanini: when did you create your profile?00:02
mcanini~30 mins ago00:02
madrazrmcanini: Ok00:03
madrazrmcanini: can we PM-chat please?00:03
mcaninimadrazr: sure00:04
madrazrmcanini: thanks!00:04
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Slurpeeany melange developers around to help solve the final mystery of pass/fail record?00:47
SlurpeeWe have an alumni org admin that swears he can't find any pass/fail numbers in dashboard.00:47
carolsslurpee: madrazr is around here somewhere00:48
SlurpeeIt is the final year stats we're verifying.00:49
SlurpeeLuckily I've already met all the alumni org admins in person over the years.  Finding the info was basically a few emails away :)00:50
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olly_Slurpee: the number who passed the final evaluation is public00:55
Slurpeeolly_, location for 2010?00:56
olly_the "ACCEPTED PROJECTS" is actually just those who passed the final00:56
Slurpeeolly_, o i c00:57
SlurpeeThat is what we thought...00:57
Slurpeeolly_, thank you.00:57
tpb<> (at
mayanki saw this issue. program display on site homepage should not vary in size.01:24
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mayank@madrazr: Where can i find the melange homepage in the code? I'm new to google app engine, so have no prior idea of the code structure.01:29
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mayank@madrazr: I expected it to be in soc/app/melange/views01:32
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madrazrSlurpee: will be right back in a minute01:52
madrazrSlurpee: looks like olly_ solved the mystery?01:54
madrazrolly_: Thank you very much!01:54
Slurpeemadrazr, yes, thanks either way.01:54
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madrazrSlurpee: np01:54
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Hamish_BHi, I'm trying to fetch the list of "mentors for my org" from 2013, but after a moment of "Loading ..." I'm getting a red text error: "Error retrieving data: please refresh the list or the whole page to try again"03:43
Hamish_B(refreshing the page doesn't help :)03:43
madrazrHamish_B: let me take a look at our logs03:44
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madrazrHamish_B: you were an org admin for 2013 too?04:04
Hamish_Bmadrazr: yes04:14
madrazrHamish_B: Ok04:15
madrazrI see the error in the log04:15
madrazrbut not sure what the root cause though04:16
Hamish_BI'll try again now04:17
madrazrHamish_B: your luck won't change :P04:18
madrazrHamish_B: the error is in the code and it is reproducible04:18
madrazrI am not sure where the problem begins though04:18
Hamish_Balright. any other way for us to get at the csv db dump?04:19
madrazrHamish_B: like right now?04:20
olly_Hamish_B: will show you the mentors for projects which passed the final evaluation04:20
tpb<> (at
Hamish_Byeah, we had a number of mentors with ideas and proposals but the right student never showed up, so no project. trying to make sure I'm shaking all the trees that might have mentors for this year in them.04:23
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blueCmdmadrazr: worked just fine when he registered ;)04:50
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madrazrblueCmd: awesome!05:29
madrazrHamish_B: around?05:30
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Hamish_Bmadrarz: back now06:42
Hamish_B^^ madrazr06:43
vivekjainmadrazr can you tell me the controller from which create program is rendering i.e from which part of controller is template of program being rendered ??06:46
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madrazrHamish_B: thanks, but it's Ok06:57
madrazrHamish_B: I had another org admin test it for me06:57
madrazrvivekjain: controller? we don't use any controllers06:58
madrazrvivekjain: we use Django whose approach to MVC is more or less MVT06:58
vivekjainsorry i mean view ..06:58
madrazrvivekjain: did you try grep-ing for it?06:59
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vivekjainyeah i tried i suppose it should be in app/soc/views/ but i was not able able to find it ..07:01
madrazrvivekjain: it is right at the top of app/soc/views/program.py07:12
madrazrthe very first class07:12
madrazrvivekjain: the GSoC and GCI extensions are in the respective modules07:13
vivekjain@madrazr but i can't find the arguments such as app_version which are present in the various html page ..From which views are these sents ??07:15
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madrazrvivekjain: you need to explore that part :)07:30
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madrazrvivekjain: that is an exercise07:30
madrazrvivekjain: try to understand how we construct whole page HTML07:31
madrazrvivekjain: if you need more help or pointers I can help you when I get back to office tomorrow morning07:32
madrazrfor now, I really need to find something to eat and go home07:32
madrazrit is already 11:30PM here07:32
vivekjain@madrazr  thanks07:32
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ashishknatanielmanista : i am working on issue 1741: add a save feature to purposals instead of only being able to submit08:30
ashishkcan you please tell me on which module i should work08:31
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ashishkhello madrazr: i want to work on this issue
tpb<> (at
ashishkcan u help me on which module i should start ??08:50
madrazrashishk: I really need to go to bed, it is almost 1AM now09:00
madrazrashishk: if you are around by the time I get to the office tomorrow morning, I will be happy to help you09:00
madrazrashishk: otherwise mailing list is always there to the rescue09:00
ashishkyeah sure, i will be there09:01
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NightFury13Hello! I have the basic app running on my appspot account. How do I populate it with data? It currently just shows a message : 'Sorry, there are no active programs at the time'14:19
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ayushknathanielmanista: I am working on issue 1672 related to download failure of large files. I have been able to understand that the request for download goes to the sendBlob() function in in the helper folder and then sendBlob() creates a HttpResponse. Now since the limit for download <32 mb, download fails. But I have difficulty understa14:51
ayushknding what sendBlob() exactly does. Please help!14:51
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NightFury13do i have to get myself specifically alloted a bug to solve it?16:10
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jvoisinI have a suggestion about melange16:44
jvoisinI just completed all required steps to add my organization16:44
jvoisinbut I didn't get any kind of conrimation, like "Congrats, you did everything right."16:45
jvoisinI was worried I did something wrong, or that I forgot something.16:45
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byteehi -- i just want to make doubly sure our projet, mariadb, made it in? Just curious because after submitting the questionnaire, you don't get a "confirmation" or anything16:49
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shikherDo GCI forms have submit button value set in Views unlike GSOC which has nothing as such?17:10
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fgregg_hi all, I can't seem to add derekeder as the backup administrator in the "create oganization profile"17:17
fgregg_derekeder: you are logged into melange right?17:17
umcculloughi think he has to register and create a profile first17:17
derekederfgregg_: yes i am17:17
fgregg_i think he has, we were both have accounts from participating last year17:18
umcculloughyou have to re-do the profile each year17:19
fgregg_derekeder: okay.. how does he do that, does he go to "my profile"?17:19
umcculloughi think so - i did mine 2 weeks ago, so it's a bit fuzzy now17:20
fgregg_umccullough: edit his profile, and then save taht?17:20
umcculloughmake sure you're in the GSoC 2014 program17:20
umcculloughnot 201317:20
fgregg_derekeder: okay, does that make sense to what you are seeing?17:21
umcculloughonce you've created the profile, you should be able to view it here:
umccullough(assuming you're logged in as yourself)17:23
nathanielmanistabytee: Yes, I see a submitted org application for mariadb. I apologize for your having to ask.17:23
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nathanielmanistaayushk: sendBlob() is weird because App Engine requires that it be weird. Look at its return value specification: it returns a django.http.HttpResponse with certain headers set.17:31
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nextgensupon submitting the second part of the organization profile, is melange supposed to say anything?17:31
nextgenswhen I click submit, it just refreshes/go back to the top of the pag17:32
carolsnextgens: nathanielmanista can help17:32
nextgensnathanielmanista> hi17:32
nextgensnathanielmanista> do you see anything on file for 'freenet'? :)17:32
ayushknathanielmanista: can  django.http.HttpResponse be broken down into multiple such responses?17:33
umcculloughnextgens, i think that's what it does for everyone - you can open it in another browser window to confirm that it was submitted17:33
nathanielmanistaayushk: What happens after that is that that value gets passed up and out of Melange code to an enclosing layer of App Engine code, and then App Engine notices one of those headers, grabs a value out of the header identifying the blob to be sent, and then passes a completely different HTTP response (containing the blob payload) back to the user.17:34
nathanielmanistaayushk: So it's weird, but it's because App Engine *requires* that it be weird.17:34
nextgensnathanielmanista> looks like it worked; cool, thanks!17:35
nextgensit's bloody confusing though :)17:35
umcculloughi think that's the general opinion17:35
nathanielmanistanextgens: It is a usability problem that Melange does not clearly communicate successful organization application submission. Our apologies for your poor experience.17:35
nathanielmanistanextgens: Yep, freenet's application is in. :-)17:36
ayushknathanielmanista: when appengine sends the HTTP response of the blob back to the application, can that response be broken down into multiple responses?17:37
nathanielmanistaayushk: I don't think so? But that would be entirely up to App Engine and beyond Melange's control.17:38
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nathanielmanistaayushk: How much of the documentation at have you read?17:39
tpb<> (at
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ayushknathanielmanista: I have read till "Using the Images service with the Blobstore". i also went on to make quick upload download app to get a better understanding. I could understand that blobstore and datastore are different and that the actual blobs are stored in the blobstore.17:42
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vivekjainnathanielmanista i have made this issue .Please check that.I have also proposed a solution Please review that so that i can started making the patch for that .. ??17:43
nathanielmanistaayushk: Great. Wait, hang on, that documentation isn't actually helpful any more...17:45
vivekjainnathanielmanista sorry i forgot to mention the link here it is
tpb<> (at
nathanielmanistaayushk: Look at "The application serves a blob by setting a header on the outgoing response." and later "To serve a blob in your application, you put a special header in the response containing the blob key."... but the documentation doesn't actually say *what the header is*, which seems like kind of some important information.17:47
ayushknathanielmanista: I went on and read this issue . The conclusion of the issue is that the blobstore can send blobs>32mb but the admin console of the application doesn't allow download of the blobs>32mb. Its a design they adopted. So the problem is in appengine and not the blobstore.17:52
tpb<> (at
nathanielmanistaayushk: Wow, I just in that issue learned things about App Engine that I would have loved to have heard about in App Engine's documentation.17:55
ayushkI am not sure if there is an appengine way of doing this thing.17:56
nathanielmanistaayushk: Let's pause for a minute. Where are we? This conversation started with "[soc.views.helper.blobstore.]sendBlob is confusing" and now we're talking about the App Engine platform's relationship to its own blobstore. What problem are we now solving?17:56
shikhernathanielmanista: I really like your idea of Git Bundles, I am going to upload a patch soon. Would you like for it to be a Git bundle or a simple patch?17:57
nathanielmanistashiker: git bundle git bundle git bundle :-)17:57
ayushknathanielmanista: Yes git bundles are certainly a great way for reviewing the changes made to the code. I too agree with that. Saves a lot of time.18:00
ayushknathanielmanista: Initially I thought that the problem is with the blobstore. So I thought that if we could change sendBlob() to work the way we want, the problem is solved. But now that we are aware that the problem is with the appengine ... I have no idea how to go about the problem.18:03
shikhernathanielmanista: I will put up a git bundle then, definitely.18:03
nathanielmanistavivekjain: Looking at issue 2028 now.18:03
vivekjainnathanielmanista thanks :)18:04
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SlurpeeAny reason Melange is 500 erroring?18:43
umcculloughworking here at least18:44
nathanielmanistaSlurpee: Probably no good reason. At what URL?18:44
Slurpeenathanielmanista, I have been able to submit gsoc app and now I want to submit most up to date info18:44
SlurpeeI can load the page, then I fill out fields, then nothing submits.18:45
SlurpeeInternal Server Error18:45
SlurpeeClick here to return to the homepage >18:45
umcculloughi don't think the "create" page is the right place for that18:45
umcculloughyou should be at:<orgname>18:45
umcculloughwhere <orgname> is your org18:45
Slurpeeomg it works18:46
Slurpeeit was defaulting to the secondary page18:46
SlurpeeTHANK YOU18:46
ayushknathanielmanista: I came across this problem that when a profile is created or edited, no confirmation message is displayed to the user. So the user has no way of knowing that the form has been accepted. Well this issue is not there in some other form I came across.18:48
ayushknathanielmanista: Can I work on this issue? It will also help me understand the structure of the code.18:49
Slurpeenathanielmanista, umccullough - any ideas why I can't save now? * fields required18:49
SlurpeeI have all the fields filled out...18:49
umcculloughSlurpee, sorry, that's about all I can help with :(18:49
umcculloughi'm just another lowly user18:49
nathanielmanistaayushk: Yeah, I'm just catching up on your email thread now...18:50
umcculloughSlurpee, i assume your profile is also filled out?18:51
Slurpeeumccullough, yes18:51
umcculloughyeah, dunno then - I was able to update mine yesterday without issue18:51
nathanielmanistaSlurpee: What's your organization?18:51
SlurpeeI just tried filling in fields with "a" and it still says it18:52
nathanielmanistaWhich fields? There's different validation for different fields; maybe "a" isn't appropriate input for at least one of them?18:53
Slurpeenathanielmanista, I tried all of them18:54
Slurpeei have every field filled out18:54
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nathanielmanistaSlurpee: I also see that your application was "last modified on" 18:51:04 today (three minutes ago).18:54
umcculloughindeed, maybe he just doesn't realize he submitted the updates18:54
umcculloughbecause of lack of confirmation :)18:55
Slurpeeomg. it is there. there is simply text at top saying "* fields required"18:55
SlurpeeThought I was going crazy.18:55
umcculloughyou were going crazy...18:55
umcculloughi could feel it from this side of the channel18:55
nathanielmanistaayushk: I'm sorry, I was distracted from our discussion because we had a confused user as a result of our pages not providing positive confirmation in the case of application success being the result of the user's commanded operation. Now what were we talking about?18:58
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ayushknathanielmanista: I asked my friend to register as a student to my application on localhost. Now after filling the profile form, he just couldn't understand if his form was accepted or not because there was no confirmation message displayed. The same thing happens for every profile related form be it a profile create form or a profile edit form.19:02
nathanielmanistaI was... at least I thought I was making... hmm...19:04
*** umccullough has left #melange19:04
ayushknathanielmanista: there is provision for confirming the submission as visible in other forms but somehow it is not working for profile related forms.19:06
ayushknathanielmanista: I'd like to spend some time on this issue and amend whatever is going wrong.19:07
nathanielmanistaIf the provision of which you're speaking is green "data saved successfully" banner at the top of the page, it's not something on which we can *entirely* rely:
nathanielmanistaayushk: I've responded to your mail thread.19:08
ayushknathanielmanista: sorry, but the link is not working19:09
nathanielmanistaayushk: Organization applications just closed, but student applications are still ahead of us - and students are a far less forgiving crowd than organization administrators and mentors. I would love assurance that students are going to clearly know when each operation they perform with Melange has and has not completed successfully. Please feel very welcome to spend time on this issue.19:10
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nathanielmanistaayushk: how is it not working? What do you see that is not what you expected to see? Oh, and because IRC is a piece-of-crud technology that predates the Web and really we should all be using Apache Wave (formerly Google Wave) in its place, let me ask: has your IRC client erroneously included the terminating punctuation of my sentence in what it thinks is the URL I wrote?19:12
ayushknathanielmanista: oops! yes thats true.19:13
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*** ChanServ sets mode: +o madrazr19:14
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ayushknathanielmanista: also I would like to suggest a change in the way view profile works. While filling the form for profiles, there is this field that asks for image URL of the user. Now, if by any chance the user enters a wrong url, he will never come to know that the url is wrong unless we display the image on view profile. We don't want the users19:16
ayushkto submit a wrong image/URL. So there can be a separate div to display the image. But if the user image is not very important, we can ignore this.19:16
nathanielmanistaCurrent score: Wave 1,025,837, outdated overly linearizing textual media of yesteryear: 2. Is there no justice in the world?19:17
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nathanielmanistaayushk: I agree that that is a problem... but I'm not very clear on how profile photos are used throughout Melange, and so I don't know how important a problem it is to fix. Maybe there's a feedback loop going on in which we don't make much use of profile photos because so few users set them, but so few users set them because we make little use of them?19:21
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ayushknathanielmanista: Agree with you. Btw, I would like to work on the resource hosting project. so can you give me an insight on what the project is.19:27
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nathanielmanistaayushk: Take a look at the resources linked off of (They're mostly PDFs.) Are they hosted on or on some other service? Why shouldn't they be hosted on Because we haven't yet built the subsystem that would let us host and serve them.19:35
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shikher_I have posted a solution for issue #2002 on the mailing list. Kindly look at it and give me your views so I can start working on it.20:05
madrazrnathanielmanista: small correction, very minor one :)20:13
madrazrnathanielmanista: the basic subsystem is now in place20:14
madrazrand was used for GCI 201320:14
madrazrnathanielmanista: as the update says
tpb<> (at
madrazrnathanielmanista: but a lot of work needs to be done there20:14
madrazrayushk: ^20:15
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madrazrayushk: about your sendBlob() function question i.e. whether it can send multiple http responses20:16
madrazrunfortunately, we don't have a yes/no answer to it20:16
madrazrto put it simply, we don't know20:16
shikher_nathanielmanista:  I just created a git bundle using the command "git bundle create repo.bundle master". The file is around 108 MB,how should I put it up for review?20:16
madrazrBlobstore is such a weird API20:16
madrazras nathanielmanista has already mentioned20:17
madrazrayushk: there is a lot of exploratory work to be down that lane20:17
madrazr*to be done down that lane20:17
madrazrayushk: be assured of seeing several surprises20:18
nathanielmanistashikher_: Have you done one hundred and eight megabytes' worth of coding on the issue? If so, aren't your fingers insanely tired? If not, isn't it likely that there's way more stuff in your bundle than there needs to be?20:18
ayushkmadrazr: Should I try or should I focus on some other issue? I still have no idea what could be done in that matter.20:19
shikher_nathanielmanista: Right. I will look into it.20:20
madrazrayushk: that really depends on how much of research/exploratory work you are interested in doing20:21
madrazrhow much that excites you20:21
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ayushkmadrazr: nathanielmanista: sorry I got disconnected, internet issue. I am willing to try. I'll keep you posted.20:29
madrazrayushk: no problem20:30
madrazrayushk: cool!20:30
madrazrayushk: and don't go trying to solve that problem all by yourself in isolation20:31
madrazrwe are here to help20:31
madrazrask questions20:31
ayushkmadrazr: thanks20:31
madrazrayushk: also, I am reading this channel's logs in more detail now20:48
madrazrthe App Engine issue that you linked to
tpb<> (at
madrazrthat is unrelated20:48
ayushkmadrazr: thanks again20:48
madrazrayushk: they are doing the same thing that we are doing now, the App Engine folks for their admin console20:49
madrazrmakes me feel somewhat less terrible that we are not the only people in the world who are doing this20:49
madrazrthe very parental team which is responsible for this infrastructure has the same problem20:50
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ayushkmadrazr: yeah ! good to hear that. But why did they design it in such a way?20:52
nathanielmanistaIt's complicated, and it's something about which we joke a lot on the Melange team. I feel that they should have known better.21:00
ayushkmadrazr: haha21:01
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shikher_madrazr: Do you have some experience with git bundles?21:17
madrazrshikher_: what is your question? :)21:24
madrazrshikher_: about git bundles21:24
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shikher_madrazr: I could submit a patch but I would like to learn how to use git bundles. The problem that I am facing is I only want to bundle the changes that I made, not the whole branch. I have tried some methods and have been 'googling' but I am stuck.21:27
madrazrshikher_: what methods did you try so far?21:28
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olly_madrazr: hmm, should the home pages work already?  someone on #gsoc just noted they do, e.g.
tpb<> (at
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madrazrshikher_: to create a bundle of your own patches, let us assume you have made commits with SHA, H1, H2 and H3 with the parent commit with SHA P121:30
shikher_madrazr: creating a new branch and commiting my changes but the new branch still is a copy of the old code.21:31
madrazrshikher_: to create a git bundle that includes only your changes, all you need to do is git bundle create bundlename P1..H321:31
madrazrshikher_: what do you mean by copy of the old code?21:32
madrazrshikher_: the new branch does not contain your commit?21:32
shikher_madrazr: Not my commit, but the rest of the code is there which is still huge. I was thinking that i create a new branch and somehow only get my commited/changed files and then bundle that.21:33
olly_madrazr: let me know if i should open a ticket for that21:33
madrazrolly_: about the org home page21:34
madrazrolly_: sure, please feel free to file an issue21:34
madrazrolly_: but I don't know if that matters at all21:35
madrazrolly_: may be others can weigh in their position about it too21:35
madrazrolly_: personally, I don't care if org home pages are accessible or not21:35
gevaertsIt allows people to find out (some of) who applied21:35
madrazrit does not mean anything at this point21:35
olly_orgs have to have an ideas list up, though it could not be linked to anything yet21:36
* olly_ tends to feel it's a feature, but I thought I should at least make sure you were aware of it21:36
madrazrolly_: definitely! Thanks for letting us know21:37
madrazrolly_: I also think it should put on the issue tracker21:37
madrazrolly_: It is my personal opinion to not worry21:37
madrazrolly_: but other developers or GOSPO itself may have different opinion21:37
gevaertsIt's certainly mild as far as unintended disclosures go21:38
madrazrolly_: and what GOSPO says is what that really matters than my personal opinion  :P21:38
madrazrgevaerts: yeah21:38
shikher_madrazr: P1,H1,H2,H3 are represented by SHA's(Hash Functions) ?21:41
madrazrshikher_: I mean I just used them as placeholders for the commit IDs21:41
madrazrshikher_: 40-character hexadecimal string that you see when you do git log21:42
shikher_madrazr: yes I was also referring to it as it is produced using SHA1 hash.21:43
olly_madrazr: done -
tpb<> (at
madrazrshikher_: correct, git uses SHA1 for commit ids21:49
madrazrolly_: great, thanks!21:49
shikher_getting error: "fatal: Refusing to create empty bundle." for putting on commandLine: git bundle create somebundlename #ParentID #CommitID21:52
shikher_I am using -->   git rev-list --parents -n 1 #commitId  to find #ParentId21:53
shikher_madrazr:  getting error: "fatal: Refusing to create empty bundle." for putting on commandLine: git bundle create somebundlename #ParentID #CommitID21:54
shikher_madrazr: I am using --> git rev-list --parents -n 1 #commitId to find #ParentId21:54
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shikher_madrazr: Finally got it. A 8 MB file, only containing the files that I have made changes to. Sorry, for asking some stupid questions. This has been a great learning experience for me. I have become much more familiar with Melange's codebase after solving this 'bienvenue' issue.22:18
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shikher_madrazr: 8 KB*22:21
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madrazrah shikher_ left already22:43
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mayank@madrazr: With reference to this issue
tpb<> (at
mayank@madrazr: what does scoring a proposal mean?23:40
mayank@nathanielmanista: "This is a great idea but is not essential for this year's program." what does this comment on the above issue mean? is this issue valid as of now?23:46
madrazrmayank: giving scores to proposals23:47
madrazrthat's how mentors and org admins rate and rank the proposals23:48
madrazrby giving it scores23:48
mayank@madrazr: okay, and grouping it with wish to be a mentor. what does it mean?23:48
mayankgrouping in what way?23:48
madrazrmayank: have you setup the dev instance locally?23:50
madrazrmayank: have you seen the proposal review page that mentors and org admins use to score the proposals?23:50
mayankno. where can i find it?23:50
madrazrmayank: you need to simulate the program23:50
madrazrsetup the data23:50
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mayankokay, means entering a dummy proposal to see the results23:51
madrazrto put student proposals23:51
madrazrand then sign in as org admin/mentor for that organization23:51
madrazrthen you will see a list of proposals23:51
madrazryou can visit the proposal review page from there23:52
madrazrmayank: correct23:52
mayank@madrazr: i 'll get back to you after visiting the page. thanks.23:53
madrazrmayank: great23:54
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