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madrazrjasvir: Melange of 2009-2011 was not even close to what you see today00:00
madrazrI am open for complete redesign, not entirely shutting that path out00:01
madrazrbut here are the things to keep in mind00:01
madrazr1. Google Summer of Code specifically requires projects that involve programming00:01
madrazrwhile it is arguable that CSS is programming, I am willing to lean on the side that CSS is programming00:02
madrazrso if a student works on just CSS part as his GSoC project, I am willing to argue with Google open source programs office that runs GSoC that, that CSS work is eligible for GSoC00:03
madrazrhowever other assets that the redesign may include, like icons, images, logos, headers are not programming related work00:03
carolsmadrazr: i'm fine with that. the question for jasvir is whether he really realizes the scope and depth of what he's asking.00:03
madrazrand hence cannot be considered for GSoC work00:03
madrazrcarols: getting there00:03
carolsfair enough :-)00:04
madrazrcarols: reasoning why I think students should not be thinking about "complete" redesign as their GSoC project00:04
carolsyeah, indeed.00:04
madrazrjasvir: so yeah, to summarize, I understand your enthusiasm (from your mail to melange-soc-dev) to redesign Melange completely00:06
jasvirmadrazr: I am agreed with you madrazr and carols. But I was not planning to include it in GSoC project.00:06
madrazrjasvir: but I don't think that should be a GSoC project00:06
madrazrjasvir: responsive design fits the bill because it almost entirely involves CSS00:07
madrazrjasvir: and may be some changes to HTML and templates00:07
jasvirInstead I want to make it look better. That's it. Becuase I am deeply lover of good designs.00:07
madrazrjasvir: definitely!00:07
madrazrjasvir: we welcome that change00:07
jasvirmadrazr: Yeah, now it sounds great ;)00:08
madrazrjasvir: outside GSoC, definitely00:08
madrazrjasvir: improvements always welcome!00:08
kblinmadrazr: I don't mind the a org, gives me an additional ticket to the mentor summit ;)00:08
kblinthough I doubt it'll get accepted, the ideas list sucks00:09
madrazrkblin: I was typing that out now, that why do you think that org gets accepted :P00:10
kblinmadrazr: wait, you mean getting into gsoc is not a numbers game?00:10
jasvirmadrazr: Do I start making some mockups?00:10
madrazrjasvir: do you have any design in mind, like a prototype?00:11
madrazrjasvir: a very simple one, sure. Don't spend too much time to start with00:11
jasvirmadrazr: Please note that, mockup doesn't means complete redesign mockup. Instead only required changes and making responsive.00:12
madrazrsomething like a throwaway prototype that you can send it to the mailing list will be good00:12
madrazrso that we can discuss further00:12
madrazrjasvir: sure00:12
jasvirmadrazr: Ok. Thanks :)00:13
madrazrjasvir: emphasizing again, don't spend several days on it. As in don't sweat it out before you even get the initial prototype out00:14
madrazrjasvir: In the most ideal case, I would much prefer discussing what we want before getting any work done00:15
madrazrjasvir: but unfortunately, design is something that is very difficult to be discussed "in words" without a baseline00:15
jasvirmadrazr: Sure. I'll definately. May be I'll make some mockups in GIMP, becuase it'll be easier ;)00:17
madrazrjasvir: sure, whatever you are comfortable with00:18
jasvirmadrazr: I'll concentrate on coding part and solving issues. This designing part will be just refreshment to my mind :)00:18
madrazrjasvir: sure00:19
madrazrjasvir: Oh other thing that I completely forgot to mention that carols pointed out00:20
madrazrthe depth of "complete" redesign00:20
madrazrjasvir: with the discussion we had now in the end, this may not be entirely relevant. But since this is a publicly logged channel which other students can read too00:21
madrazrcomplete redesign of Melange is a lot of work, not to scare anybody00:21
madrazrit is several months (more than GSoC duration) of work00:22
jasvirmadrazr: Yeah. That is really is big task.00:22
madrazrand it certainly touches every single part of user facing system and hence will also be rigorous00:22
jasvirmadrazr: But someone have to make initiative.00:23
jasvirmadrazr: I am not going to drop this idea. But I'll not consider it as GSoC project.00:24
madrazrjasvir: fair enough00:24
jasvirmadrazr: I have another question :)00:26
madrazrkblin: number game? Tell us more about it? ;-)00:27
madrazrjasvir: yeah?00:28
jasvirmadrazr: There lots of issues listed at . How to know whether someone is working on it or not? Because there may be the case when more then one persons will be working on single issue and didn't knew that some other is also working on same issue.00:29
madrazrjasvir: sending an email to our dev mailing list, melange-soc-dev is the way to go00:31
madrazrjasvir: but it is not entirely free of effort-duplication problem at this time of the year00:31
madrazrone thing to keep in mind is that, this is a season of very high activity00:32
madrazrand even more so for Melange because of activity from both prospective GSoC students and meta-GSoC work itself00:32
madrazrit may quite so happen that some one or the other will lose track of everything that is going on and may result in some effort-duplication00:33
madrazrit has happened in past00:33
madrazrbut we will do our best to avoid it00:33
madrazr*happened in the past00:34
jasvirmadrazr: Ok. I'll send an e-mail to melange-soc-dev before start working on any issue.00:36
jasvirmadrazr: Thanks :)00:40
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tpbTitle: [Bash] running locally - (at
mayankAs i run melange locally, i do get the index page03:41
mayankBut when i click on one of the 2 links, i m not redirected to any of the pages03:42
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madrazrthese 2 links?03:49
madrazrmayank: which 2?03:49
mayankthe links to gsoc 14 and gci 1303:51
mayankas shown here
tpbTitle: Welcome to Melange (at
mayankfirst i go to localhost/:8090/seed_db03:55
mayankit shows "Done" in plain text03:55
mayankthen i go to localhost/:8090/login03:56
mayankfill in the email and click login03:56
mayankand i reach a page that is same as
tpbTitle: Welcome to Melange (at
mayankbut hosted on localhost03:59
madrazrmayank: Ok03:59
mayankbut clicking on any link on this page doesn't redirects me to anywhere04:00
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madrazrmayank: visit http://localhost:8080/site/edit04:27
madrazrFor Latest gsoc field there set google/gsoc201404:27
madrazrand for latest gci set google/gci201304:27
madrazrthe links on the landing page should work then04:27
madrazrat least it works for me04:27
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piyush_buildbot_alpha: hello09:27
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vivekjainI an trying to run melange on localhost when i click on gsoc it gets stuck and don't even show any error in the terminal whereas on clicking on gci it is working09:37
vivekjainAlso while running bin/paver build it was showing pylint error so instead of that i used bin/paver build --skip-pylint09:39
piyush_vivekjain: I don't think we've got any lint specific errors remaining in the codebase.09:41
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piyush_vivekjain: How about you share the error ?09:42
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vivekjainI an trying to run melange on localhost when i click on gsoc it gets stuck and don't even show any error in the terminal whereas on clicking on gci it is working09:45
vivekjainpiyush_ this is the error which i got pavement:PyLint finished with a non-zero exit code:409:47
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piyush_vivekjain: How about a little more context ? Can you link me a paste of the traceback ?09:53
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vivekjainpiyush_ this is the paste of the traceback
tpbTitle: - Paste Warning (at
vivekjainsorry wrong one ..09:56
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tpbTitle: [email protected]:~/melange/soc$ sudo bin/paver build ---> - (at
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vivekjainpiyush_ this is the link ..09:58
piyush_vivekjain: I got to run for class, but I'll give you a few pointers that could be unrelated. 1) Don't do anything with "sudo", everything in the codebase can run with normal user permissions. 2) Might need to supply --skip-docs with paver build.10:03
piyush_In soc.modules.gci.views.conversation_create, try to comment the unused import and rerun the paver build.10:03
vivekjainpiyush_ when i try to run it without sudo it gives me permission denied error ..10:05
piyush_vivekjain_: Hmm, clone fresh and try again without using sudo etc anywhere ?10:11
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vivekjainpiyush_ thanks after uncommenting it bin/paver build is working fine10:18
piyush_vivekjain_: How about you create an issue in the issue tracker about this ? Remember to include the steps of reproduction.10:19
vivekjainpiyush_ still when i run melange on laclahost and click on gsoc it is not getting loaded or it is getting stuck and in terminal it shows nothing i.e it shows no errors ..10:21
piyush_vivekjain: Could you try and mouseover the gsoc image and tell me where the url links to ?10:22
vivekjainpiyush_ when i click on open in new tab it is linking to this link localhost:8080/gsoc/homepage/google/gsoc201410:23
piyush_Also, for someone to be able to help you debug this better, I think it's better to deploy it on appengine.10:23
piyush_So that we all can see what exactly you mean, and what is the bahaviour that you're talking about.10:23
vivekjainpiyush_ i tried deploying it on this link but it is showing me the version which was initially present on that link i.e it is not getting deployed while in the terminal it is showing me that deployment is successfull10:26
vivekjainhere is the pastebin link for the traceback of command
tpbTitle: [email protected]:~/melange/soc$ sudo thirdparty/google_appengine/appcfg.p - (at
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ashishkI want to know if is open11:38
tpb<> (at
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piyush_buildbot_alpha: hello11:41
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piyush_buildbot_alpha: force build runtests11:45
buildbot_alphabuild forced [ETA 30m24s]11:45
buildbot_alphaI'll give a shout when the build finishes11:45
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ashishkI am gsoc 14 aspirant, Where can i find the bugs (to work on )  ??11:56
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tpbTitle: Issues - soc - SoC (Spice of Creation) - Google Project Hosting (at
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ashishk_where is soc.views.Template.render in soc folder ??12:08
ashishk_i am working on this ticket i don't know how to locate it
tpb<> (at
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ashishk_also when i do bin/run-tests i get HTTPError: HTTP Error 403: Forbidden follows someone help me regarding this12:13
tpbTitle: E ====================================================================== ERROR - (at
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RaulTI am working on and I cannot find the "Update projects" button. Can someone help ?12:22
tpb<> (at
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NightFury13Hello! I am a newbie to this organization and would like to contribute. Can someone help me get started? I am good with Python, C, HTML+JS+CSS. :)13:32
shikher111In, soc/build/soc/modules/gci/views/ i am getting this line throughout the code because of which i am getting a syntax error when hosting locally. "No work has been uploaded yet". I don't know if this is a bug because I wasn't getting this earlier but after I was working with a site for a while, this error pops up out of nowhe13:40
shikher111re. The error on the terminal looks like " File "/home/kira111/soc/build/soc/modules/gci/views/", line 24413:40
shikher111    program=cleaned_data['program'], id=key_name, parent=parent,No work has been uploaded yet"13:40
shikher111NightFury: You can set up the environment by following the steps given on
tpb<> (at
NightFury13thanks shikher111 :D13:44
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shikher111Got it working.13:56
shikher111Had to remove each line manually, I am not sure how that line got appended into the code.13:57
NightFury13  Installing install_closure. Error: Error downloading extends for URL [Errno socket error] [Errno 1] _ssl.c:504: error:140770FC:SSL routines:SSL23_GET_SERVER_HELLO:unknown protocol13:59
NightFury13i get this error trying to execute 'bin/buildout'14:00
NightFury13shikher111 : know why?14:00
shikher111That is a proxy error, you have to set up proxy i.e. https_proxy="http://proxy_url:portNumber"14:01
shikher111do this in your venv14:02
NightFury13sorry, didnt get where exactly am i supposed to do that? can you be more specific?14:04
shikher111On the command line.14:15
RaulTi need some help regarding an issue14:15
RaulTmore specific
tpb<> (at
RaulTcan somone help ?14:16
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NightFury13ok. done with the set-up. what next would you suggest i do? @shikher11114:36
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vivekjainhi i am workin on this ticket  can anyone give me any idea on where to start ??15:10
tpb<> (at
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vivekjainhi when i want to deploy my app on google appengine when i am running bin/gae_develop build it is showing me following errror
tpbTitle: [email protected]:~/gsoc/melange/soc$ bin/gae_develop build Traceback (mo - (at
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jasvirvivekjain: As the error says, " No module named simplejson". You have to install it.15:35
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pablohofhi, i wrongly created the organization member profile with the user name that the organization was supposed to have. is there any way to change this? i couldn't change the user name by editing the profile15:48
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ashishkhey,when i click on submitted organisation application it gives me an error on my localhost any reason ?? or it is a bug15:56
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jasvirashishk: Please specify error.16:06
ashishkjasvir: this is the error i'm getting16:08
tpbTitle: Spam Detection For Paste ID: hpBJmJ0Z (at
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jasvirashishk: Try to figure the reason behind it. Follow the error. Check values that you have entered. If you think this is a bug then cheers, you found it!!16:53
jenmyloHi there. I'm trying to submit our application, but it just keeps refreshing the questionnaire page with no message of success or failure. Could someone check to see if it actually went through (and if not, help me figure out what's going wrong?) It's the WordPress organization.17:00
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jenmyloLennie or nathanielmanista ^^ should have named you to grab attention for question, oops17:08
Lenniejenmylo, open up your dashboard it should be listed under an item there17:08
Lenniewe're aware of the missing message17:08
Lennie(I got to run now though, feel free to email the group mentioned in the topic)17:09
jenmyloon main dashboard i see Important Documents (empty right now) and Managed Organizations (wordpress is listed)17:09
jenmyloso as long as the form shows as filled in under managed organizations, it's all set?17:10
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ashishkcan someone tell me which module works for save features to purposals17:51
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ignacio|hereHi all18:31
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ignacio|hereI'll try to access to
tpb<> (at
ignacio|hereBut I get 500 error18:31
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shikher111ignacio|here: I am able to access the above link . It says "Model a hand drill in 3D using BRL-CAD".18:32
shikher111yes it is.18:42
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vivekjain@madrazr in the admin dashboard panel when i click on create program in admin dashboard in edit program settings it is showing me the following error 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'accepted_students_announced_deadline'18:47
vivekjainIs is a bug ??18:47
shikher111I have submitted a patch for issue #2002 which can be found at
tpbTitle: Issue 2002 - soc - List of allowed hosts should not be hardcoded in Django settings. - SoC (Spice of Creation) - Google Project Hosting (at
shikher111Please Review it and let me know if any changes are required. Thanks.18:49
olly_madrazr: just to confirm, the org app access bug seems to be fixed now18:53
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madrazrolly_: I was just about to ping you now18:54
madrazrI just got into the office18:54
madrazrI pushed a fix yesterday and we deployed a new release early today morning18:54
olly_it does leak information about whether an org has applied, but that doesn't seem to really be a problem18:55
madrazryou have been credited in the patch18:55
tpb<> (at
madrazrolly_: that is Ok I guess?18:55
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olly_e.g. "You are not organization administrator for google/gsoc2014/samba" vs "Requested organization does not exist."18:55
olly_it doesn't seem a problem to me (applying in secret seems a bit odd), but i thought I should mention it as google don't publish a list of orgs who applied but weren't accepted18:56
ayushkmadrazr : I am working on issue 1672 related to download failure of large files ... however I am having difficulty figuring out the related python page in the codebase. Please help!18:59
olly_madrazr: hmm, should the ability to edit it end when the org signup deadline passes?18:59
olly_or perhaps I'm misunderstanding that part18:59
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ignacio|herewhere I can see the bugs lists?19:06
tpbTitle: Issues - soc - SoC (Spice of Creation) - Google Project Hosting (at
madrazrayushk: olly_ and everyone else: I will be back in an hour or so for answering the questions if somebody does not beat me to it. Have to run (for a seminar)19:11
carolsnathanielmanista should take your place while you're gone, madrazr :-)19:11
vivekjainnathanelmanista n the admin dashboard panel when i click on create program in admin dashboard in edit program settings it is showing me the following error 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'accepted_students_announced_deadline' is this a bug ??19:15
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madrazrcarols: fair enough :)20:05
madrazrolly_: do you mean if you org admins are allowed to edit the application after the organization deadline?20:07
madrazrvivekjain: when was the last time you pulled Melange?20:08
olly_madrazr: well, i don't know the code, but you changed it from "access.ORG_SIGNUP_ACTIVE_ACCESS_CHECKER" to what the commit message says is a check for whether the org was accepted or rejected20:09
olly_but doesn't org signup end, then ospo review and then the org is accepted or rejected?20:09
olly_and in that week+ in between, the org admin shouldn't be able to edit20:09
shikher111how to change build process. I am working on issue #200220:10
madrazrolly_: about the commit message - yes20:10
madrazrolly_: about the timeline, give me a few mins. Let me check something20:10
vivekjainmadrazr around 12 hrs before ..20:11
madrazrvivekjain: interesting20:11
madrazrvivekjain: I had fixed create program, a while back. Probably some other change broken that again20:12
madrazrvivekjain: patch welcome!20:12
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vivekjainmadrazr ok ..20:12
ayushkmadrazr: figured out the page where download happens. Its and download happens in class WorkSubmissionDownload through sendBlob. Is that correct?20:12
madrazrolly_: you make a fair point20:13
madrazrolly_: I am thinking about the more deeper issue now (after you pointed out)20:14
vivekjainmadrazr also i am working on ticket 1505 i want to know wheter we need to make all the document fields mandatory or only Events page document field
tpb<> (at
madrazrolly_: org admins should be able to edit until the deadline, irrespective of the application status. Because it is not announced until Feb 24th whether they are accepted or not20:15
madrazrso the edit-ability should not be affected until the submission deadline20:16
madrazrolly_: Oh wait, this is not as bad as I thought it is. Thinking out loud helps20:16
ayushkmadrazr : sendBlob creates a http.HttpResponse object. Now the task I suppose is to create multiple http responses. Is that correct?20:17
madrazrolly_: I will fix it20:17
madrazrThanks again for pointing it out20:17
madrazrayushk: will get back to you in a moment, reading all your messages20:19
olly_madrazr: I think the second part of the check was probably correct before20:20
RaulTwhere can i find the urls ?20:20
olly_if that's what you're saying20:20
madrazrshikher111: by build process, Daniel means ./bin/buildout and/or ./bin/paver20:20
madrazreither or both the steps20:21
olly_the org app deadline happens before the accept/reject, so the admin already can't edit after acceptance or rejection anyway20:21
madrazrayushk: if you decide to make this change to the ./bin/buildout step, the relevant file to look at is /buildout.cfg20:21
madrazroops shikher111 I meant ^20:21
*** ashishk has quit IRC20:22
madrazrshikher111: if you decide to make that change to the ./bin/paver step you need to look at /pavement.py20:22
madrazrshikher111: as to how to make the changes to either of these files, you need some background of how these tools work20:23
madrazrshikher111: I would recommend reading the Getting Starred doc pages for either of them20:23
madrazrshikher111: I personally think this is something that should go to paver build, but I haven't given enough thought about it so far20:24
shikher111madrazr: ok thanks. what is the difference between the two i.e buildout.cfg and in terms of their purpose in  the code?20:24
madrazrshikher111: so I will leave it out to you. But definitely discuss it with on the mailing list, don't go try to figure it out alone20:25
madrazrshikher111: buildout helps creating the build environment20:25
madrazrshikher111: paver generates the build itself20:25
shikher111madrazr: thanks a lot for your response. I will put this on the mailing list and further discuss this with nathaniel and also keep you updated.20:26
madrazrshikher111: sure20:26
shikher111madrazr: can you give me the link for the getting started docs for both of these. can't seem to find it20:29
madrazrshikher111: and
tpbTitle: Buildout Documentation Buildout 1.2.1 documentation (at
madrazrshikher111: but let me be more direct/straightforward here20:31
madrazryou should really get used to using your favorite search engine20:31
madrazrshikher111: this was the rule of thumb that people who helped me get started with open source back in the days had told me20:33
RaulTSorry to interrupt your conversation, but where can I find the list of urls so I can figure out wich view is responsable for some link ?20:33
madrazr"Google is your best friend"20:33
madrazrnow that I work for Google, I will be a little more conservative20:33
madrazr"A web search engine is your best friend"20:33
shikher111madrazr: sorry about that....I was searching in the SoC wiki pages. Thanks for the advice...won't happen again.... :D20:33
madrazrayushk: I don't have a definitive answer to your question of whether sendBlob should be sending a single HttpResponse or multiple20:34
madrazrayushk: we need to evaluate it in the context of the solution that you chose for the problem20:35
madrazrayushk: if you want to discuss the solution you have in mind in more detail, I am here to discuss now20:35
madrazrRaulT: grep :)20:36
RaulTmazdrazr: tried grep i can't seem to find it :(20:37
madrazrRaulT: can you please give me more details?20:37
madrazrRaulT: what did you try to grep for?20:37
madrazrRaulT: the regex you used, rather the entire command20:38
madrazralong with the output/errors20:38
madrazrRaulT: paste it in the pastebin20:38
*** t4nk278 has joined #melange20:40
*** mayank has joined #melange20:41
RaulTone sec20:41
RaulTfor example grep -r "^seed_db$" ./20:43
ayushkmadrazr: can you give me a brief idea of how sendBlob is working?20:43
ayushkmadrazr: Is sendBlob() actually downloading the blob?20:49
madrazrRaulT: "^"20:58
madrazrRaulT: that's why you are not finding anything20:58
madrazrRaulT: it is guessable from the URLs that it is unlikely to find the URL in the code by searching for an entire line with just seed_db20:59
madrazryour pattern really searches for the line of code whose entire line is just seed_db21:00
RaulTi goot it21:00
madrazrthat's a very strictly-narrow pattern to search for21:00
madrazrI almost never search with ^ and $21:00
madrazralmost never21:00
madrazrnot just URLs21:00
RaulTthe content of the file should be the regex21:01
RaulTand when I try to search for the regex it gets interpreted21:01
madrazrRaulT: content of file should be regex? What do you mean?21:01
RaulTI am trying to find a file that contains "^seed_db$" for example21:02
RaulTas an url pattern21:02
madrazrRaulT: suggestion/advice I gave you21:02
madrazrRaulT: you may or may not find it21:03
RaulTI am working on
tpb<> (at
madrazrayushk: how much progress have you already made?21:04
madrazrayushk: as in how much of sendBlob do you already understand?21:04
RaulTand I need to find where in the code the task is assigned so I can test the time21:04
madrazrayushk: asking to save some time for you, myself and for all the other students and bugs that need attention21:04
madrazrayushk: also, did you read the blobstore page I linked to you on the issue yesterday? (the whole doc page?)21:05
RaulTand I only have the url for the task assigment and I am trying to find the code responsable for that21:05
RaulTIf you could point me in the right direction21:05
RaulTI would be gratefull21:05
madrazrRaulT: grep for parts of the URL21:07
madrazrRaulT: but to give you more direction21:07
madrazrRaulT: GCI task related code, esp. the user facing page is in gci views21:07
madrazrRaulT: soc.modules.gci.views.task21:07
vivekjain@madrazr in the create program the problem is due to mainmenu.render and footer.render .But in edit program this is running fine.It's rendering the same page but it is running fine on that.21:07
madrazrRaulT: you should be able to back track it from there21:07
madrazrwhoa, I need to run for lunch before it closes21:08
madrazrbrb after lunch21:08
RaulTThank you21:08
madrazrvivekjain: brb21:08
vivekjainok thanks ..21:08
ayushkmadrazr: I read the page you gave me. I could see that appengine allows download of files<32 mb. I also made a quick upload download app.21:10
*** vivekjain has quit IRC21:11
ayushkmadrazr: I could understand that the file is stored in the blobstore as a blob and the blob info can be stored in the datastore.21:12
ayushkmadrazr: so to download a blob, I have to query the datastore for blob info and blob info can be used to download the file.21:12
ayushkmadrazr: I can understand that blob info is passed to sendBlob(). But what exactly happens in sendBlob() ... no idea?21:15
*** ayushk has quit IRC21:20
shikher111madrazr: I looked through the docs and my solution would be to define a task using @task decorator in and create a task which will append the allowed_hosts in the file.21:23
*** ayushk has joined #melange21:28
*** ayushk has left #melange21:28
*** tomreyn has joined #melange21:42
tomreynHi there! I'm just filling in the organization member profile page at and I'm wondering how the contact details, specifically first and last name I enter there, will be used, and whether they will be public.21:43
tpb<> (at
tomreynWhile it says so for e-mail address and phone number, the form does *not* say that first and last name will be "kept private and visible only to program administrators", so I'm wondering.21:45
tomreynmadrazr: would you know?21:50
*** mayank has quit IRC21:58
*** vijay13 has joined #melange22:13
*** VarunAgw_ has joined #melange22:13
vijay13Hi all, do google-melange support table format in proposal ?22:14
tomreynplease ignore my question above, it is no longer relevant.22:16
*** parx has quit IRC22:21
*** RaulT has quit IRC22:29
madrazrOk looks like ayushk has left22:32
*** vijay13 has quit IRC22:33
*** vijay13 has joined #melange22:34
madrazrshikher111: please send that to mailing list22:34
madrazryour idea I mean22:34
*** carols has quit IRC22:36
madrazrtomreyn: the goal is to keep first name and last name (legal name) private22:36
madrazrtomreyn: there were some leaks22:37
madrazrwhich we have tried to fix22:37
madrazrtomreyn: but don't quote me on saying that all of them have been fixed22:37
tomreynas long as it doesn't leak into testomonial type advertisements or tv ads i'm fine ;)22:37
madrazrtomreyn: Oh no no22:38
madrazrtomreyn: by leak, I meant display on some page on google-melange.com22:38
madrazrlike for example GCI Task comment22:38
madrazror proposal comment or such22:38
tomreyngoogle code issues?22:39
olly_google code in22:39
madrazrtomreyn: but we are striving hard to strictly use the name given in the public name field and not the first and last legal name in any artifact that is shown to other user22:39
tomreynthanks olly_22:39
madrazrtomreyn: what olly_ said. But if you don't know what that, feel free to ignore22:39
madrazr*what that is22:39
tomreyni read about it22:39
tomreynthanks for your reply22:40
madrazrtomreyn: no problem22:40
*** parx has joined #melange22:41
*** qwerty has joined #melange23:04
*** qwerty is now known as Guest3817723:04
*** carols has joined #melange23:10
*** Guest38177 has quit IRC23:13
*** mayank has joined #melange23:17
mayank@madrazr: where can i find the .wiki files to edit?23:19
madrazrNo offense to anyone, if at all it is, it is to myself. Looks like some part of the world is sleeping :P23:20
madrazrmayank: Oh23:20
mayankyes: its 5am in india :D23:20
madrazrmayank: I forgot to mention that Nathaniel made changes yesterday to the wiki23:21
tpb<> (at
madrazrlook at the Prerequisites section now23:21
mayanki guess i was too late setting up the melange :(23:21
madrazrmayank: don't worry, it was just a mere out-of-sync issue between all of us because so many things are happening at different places at the same time23:22
madrazrIRC channels, mailist list, source control and reviews etc23:22
mayankokay, cool.. changes look fine.23:23
madrazrmayank: but I promise, there are plenty of open tasks up for grab :P23:23
mayankokay..btw, are the .wiki files included in the project23:23
mayanksource code.23:23
madrazrmayank: also to answer your question so that it may be useful in the future23:24
madrazrmayank: so, you don't have to search for wiki source files23:24
madrazrmayank: anybody can edit it on the web ui23:24
madrazrmayank: by just clicking on the edit link on the wiki page you want to edit23:24
mayankah, fine.23:24
mayankwhat about this line: Each wiki page is stored in a .wiki file under the /wiki directory in a project's repository. Each file's name is the same as the wiki page name.23:26
mayankwhich i found here
tpb<> (at
*** vijay13 has quit IRC23:34
madrazrmayank: as I said you don't have to worry about the wiki source files if you want to edit it23:42
madrazrmayank: using web UI does the job23:42
mayank@madrazr: okay, got it :)23:42
madrazrmayank: but if you really want to know where the code lives23:43
madrazrI will get it for you in a min23:43
tpb<> (at
mayank@madrazr: okay, now i see it.23:44
*** mcanini has joined #melange23:47
*** blueCmd has joined #melange23:48
blueCmdhi. the 'Backup administrator' - I get 'No profile exists for username X.' for whatever I put there, what am I missing?23:48
blueCmd(yes, the other guy has a profile (or so he tells me))23:48
mcaninihello. Is it possible to change my username on the GSoC website after I created my personal profile? by mistake I entered the organization ID23:48
olly_blueCmd: has he signed up for gsoc 2014 (not just created an account in melange)?23:52
olly_blueCmd: if so, you'll probably need to say what his username is for anyone here to be able to help23:53
olly_blueCmd: but the signup is two-step which tends to catch people out23:54
blueCmdolly_: yeah, I'll poke him once more23:54
blueCmdthe header apparently says 'logged in as [email protected], username: abc' - I don't know if that hints to anything23:54
blueCmdas in, I guess he has the melange account you're speaking of23:55
olly_that says he has an account23:55
olly_I think the "My Profile" link on the left would show if he has a profile for 2014 or not23:55
madrazrmcanini: you cannot change your username23:56
madrazrmcanini: we don't recommend doing it23:56
mcaninimadrazr: can I re-register?23:56
madrazrmcanini: sure23:56
madrazrmcanini: not with the same login though23:56
madrazras in, not with the same Google account though23:57
mcaninican I delete the profile?23:57
mcaniniand then reuse the same login?23:57
madrazrblueCmd: exactly what olly_ said23:57
madrazrblueCmd: the line on the top "logged in as ..." indicates if he has a username on Melange23:58
madrazrblueCmd: when he/she visits any GSoC 2014 page, the existence of "My Profile" link indicates he has a profile for GSoC 201423:59

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