Wednesday, 2014-02-12

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jenmyloHi there. I'm trying to access some of our organization's info from previous years to include in our application for this year, but I'm having some issues retrieving information. Specifically, /gsoc/dashboard/google/gsoc2013#proposals_submitted shows no information, just a blank table. Known issue, or something wrong with our account?00:00
carolsmadrazr: you still around?00:00
madrazrcarols: yes00:00
carolsgreat, questions ----^ above :-)00:00
jenmyloI've tried all the years we have access to, and it happens on each year00:01
madrazrcarols: Oh, thanks for drawing attention. Got distracted00:01
carolswe all have lives. no worries.00:01
madrazrslurpee: unfortunately Melange did not exist until 2009 and we don't have the data from 2005-08 at all00:01
jenmyloi know. i meant 2009-201300:02
jenmylooops, you didn't mean that for me, sorry :)00:02
madrazr2011, 12, 13 you should be able to access it yourself00:02
madrazrfrom the dashboard00:02
madrazrby you visiting the mentor evaluations link on your dashboard00:03
madrazrjenmylo: give me a minute00:03
madrazrlet me check00:03
jenmylomadrazr: you can disregard my question00:03
madrazrjenmylo: Oh, solved?00:03
jenmylojust saw there was a preselected menu for Reviewable, but it was nearly invisible bc of default column width00:04
jenmylochanged to a usable status and got the data back00:04
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madrazrjenmylo: ah Ok. Glad that you figured it out00:04
madrazrso all is well I guess?00:04
jenmyloux suggestion: once review period is over, change the default status to all, or accepted, or something that will return a results set :)00:05
carolsmadrazr: i think so. assuming slurpee figures out whatever he/she needed :-)00:05
* slurpee is trying...00:05
madrazrcarols: sure!00:05
slurpeeLoading, but appears to be slow...or the streaming from roku is slowing connection...00:08
t4nk750Hello I'm new to this channel. Can someone guide me through?00:09
carolst4nk750: guide you through what specifically?00:09
slurpeemadrazr, I'm not finding a link...00:10
t4nk750I want to participate in gsoc14. How can I get going?00:10
carolst4nk750: have you read the getting started guide?00:10
madrazrslurpee: is the link to your 2013 dashboard00:11
madrazryou can change the year in the URL to access 2011 and 2012 dashboards00:11
jenmylomadrazr: another question. mentor and student evaluations: we don't seem to have them (no records to view) for 2009 or 2010, we do have them for the later years. something up with the missing years?00:12
slurpeemadrazr, Active profile is required to access this page.00:12
t4nk750carols: i ve read getting started guide. i m interested in parametric layout project. what can i do next?00:12
slurpeemadrazr, a more specific example, I mentored in 2012, and I can see dashboard in 2012, but I can't view pass/fail data of the project I mentored.00:13
carolst4nk750: id recommend you find an issue in the bug tracker you'd like to work on first and submit a first patch00:13
madrazrjenmylo: yeah data incompatibility, we have that data stored in the system00:14
t4nk750carols: okay, can i know more about the project as of now?00:14
jenmylomadrazr: is there any way to get at it?00:14
madrazrbut that used a different system to store the evaluations data00:14
madrazrjenmylo: no UI way for sure00:15
jenmyloany cheap and hacky csv export or something?00:15
madrazrif you really badly need it, I can spend some time later tomorrow trying to get that for you00:15
carolst4nk750: i don't think i understand what you you mean the project melange or do you mean the student project you want to work on?00:16
madrazrslurpee: were you an org admin in 2012?00:16
jenmyloreally badly is not a phrase i can use in good conscience the week of the application deadline, knowing what you guys are up against (guys used in a non-gender-assuming way). but if it were to be possible to get at some point, that would be awesome.00:16
jenmyloproject is wordpress00:16
slurpeemadrazr, no00:16
madrazrjenmylo: Ok, be sure to ping me tomorrow sometime then?00:16
madrazrjenmylo: I will see what I can do00:16
slurpeemadrazr, and we did not participate in 2013. We're starting fresh in 2014. So I need to find the 2012 org admin?00:17
jenmylomadrazr: great, but really, i would like the data, but don't want to put you out. it can wait as needed00:17
t4nk750carols: the student project. What tools are needed for the project?00:17
madrazrjenmylo: really sorry about now though, there are more pressing issues (like a security flaw and urgent things that need to be in order for Carol to send acceptance/rejection emails etc.)00:17
jenmylomadrazr: yes, that's why i'm not counting on anything this week :)00:17
carolst4nk750: i think you're moving a little too quickly. why not submit a patch first for anything in the tracker?00:17
madrazrjenmylo: sure, fair enough00:18
madrazrslurpee: yes00:18
slurpeemadrazr, got it. thanks.00:18
madrazrslurpee: only org admins of those years can access the data for those specific programs00:18
slurpeemadrazr, so I need to track down all of the admins?00:19
t4nk750carols: okay thanks!00:19
carolst4nk750: yw :-)00:19
madrazrslurpee: I am afraid, yes00:19
slurpeemadrazr, thanks. Looks like I have work to do.00:19
madrazrslurpee: np00:20
madrazrcarols: thanks for that! Handling our student questions too!00:20
madrazrwe should totally make you a Melange dev as well :P00:21
carolsmadrazr: haha :-)00:21
carolsyou're funny00:21
madrazrwait aren't you listed as an owner of Melange project on Google Code?00:21
carolsmadrazr: probably...00:22
madrazrit looks like you are00:22
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t4nk581i am facing issues setting up melange on my pc. i m using a proxy server. need help!00:59
madrazrt4nk581: what are you using the proxy server for?01:01
t4nk581i have a net connection provided by my university, so to access internet, i have configured to proxy01:02
madrazrt4nk581: ah you mean, you are behind a proxy01:18
madrazrt4nk581: is that a proxy that needs authentication?01:18
madrazrthat is username and password?01:18
t4nk581no username pwd needed.01:23
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madrazrt4nk581: Ok01:51
madrazrthen what exactly is the issue that you are facing?01:51
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t4nk581while executing this command venv/bin/pip install -U lxml setuptools i get an error message01:53
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madrazrt4nk581: what is that error message?01:54
t4nk581    ERROR: /bin/sh: 1: xslt-config: not found01:55
madrazrt4nk581: that's because you don't have xslt-config installed01:56
madrazrt4nk581: what operating system do you use?01:56
madrazrt4nk581: what version?01:56
madrazrt4nk581: sudo apt-get install libxml2-dev libxslt-dev01:58
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tpbTitle: [Bash] error - (at
madrazrt4nk581: sudo apt-get install python-dev02:10
tpbTitle: [Bash] new error 1 - (at
madrazrt4nk581: may I ask you to do some homework with this?02:20
madrazrt4nk581: I can give you the answer right away02:20
madrazrlike I did for the previous few02:20
madrazrbut what fun would it be?02:20
madrazrt4nk581: the goal is for you to learn!02:20
madrazrt4nk581: try to use your favorite search engine02:21
madrazrlook around for answers on the internet02:21
madrazrt4nk581: if you don't find any, I am here to help02:21
madrazrsome hint02:22
madrazrlook at the error message more carefully02:22
madrazrmore specifically the line02:23
madrazr    /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lz02:23
t4nk581okay, i'll try..02:23
t4nk581@madrazr: gotta go to class in 15 min. I'll be back soon.02:31
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mayank@madrazr: t4ank851 is now mayank.04:08
tpbTitle: [Bash] error solved - (at
mayanki think the old error is now solved :)04:10
madrazrmayank: cool!04:15
madrazrso all good now?04:16
mayank@madrazr: nope. a new one.
tpbTitle: [Bash] bin/buildout - (at
madrazryou set your HTTP_PROXY environment variable right?04:17
madrazrdid you also set HTTPS_PROXY variable?04:17
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madrazrthen you need to check with your proxy to know what is going on here04:17
madrazrmay be try to wget that URL in a shell04:17
madrazrand see if you can04:18
madrazrI suspect your HTTPS_PROXY variable is set incorrectly04:18
mayank@madrazr: how do i check if this is the case?04:18
madrazrusing curl or wget?04:19
madrazrmayank: try to just run this command04:21
tpb<> (at
madrazrsee what happens04:21
madrazrmayank: Oh I may know the answer04:22
madrazrwould you mind pasting the outputs of04:22
madrazrecho $HTTP_PROXY04:22
madrazrand echo $HTTPS_PROXY04:22
madrazryou can PM this to me04:22
mayankin a min04:23
madrazryou don't have to paste that here in the publicly logged channel04:23
madrazrmayank: ^04:23
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piyushbuilbot_alpha: dance04:55
piyushbuildbot_alpha: dance04:55
piyush@madrazr: See, this bot can dance as well.04:56
madrazrpiyush: ha ha, sweet!05:02
madrazrbtw piyush mayank do you know each other?05:02
madrazrpiyush: if you do not, you should say hi now05:03
madrazrmayank: ^05:03
madrazryou are probably sitting within 200 meters radius from each other now05:03
mayankprobably yeah..05:03
mayankhello piyush sir :)05:04
madrazrmayank: no sir05:04
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piyush@mayank: Hi !05:11
mayank@madrazr: this is what i got
tpbTitle: [Bash] qwe - (at
piyush@mayank: Ah, I see, you're supposed to supply --skip-docs while doing a paver build05:16
piyushAlso --skip-pylint, I suppose ?05:16
madrazrpiyush: no no05:16
madrazrpylint builds now05:16
piyushBut @madrazr, we're passing pylint now, no ?05:16
piyushYeah, so ignore pylint.05:16
madrazrthanks to good samarithan nathanielmanista05:17
madrazrour fearless leader05:17
madrazrpylint should pass now05:17
piyushYeah, it does.05:17
piyushAnd three cheers to Aruna !05:17
madrazrpiyush: Oh yeah, him as well05:17
tpbTitle: [Bash] qweq - (at
piyushmayank: Did the build go through fine ?05:30
piyushbuildbot_alpha: hello05:30
mayankyes! :)05:31
piyushOkay, cool !05:31
piyushmadrazr: We need to have the commands to instal system dependencies for libxslt and libxml noted down somewhere in GettingStarted wiki.05:33
piyushI myself ran into this yesterday, and it took me a few minutes to realise what's going on.05:34
madrazrmayank: are you a prospective GSoC student for us?05:38
madrazrare you considering Melange for GSoC?05:38
madrazrmayank: so here is your first task05:38
madrazr(I am turning what piyush just said now, giving him the credit. Not my original idea)05:39
madrazrmayank: would you mind adding this to our wiki somewhere?05:39
madrazrdon't add it to in between the first few instructions there05:40
madrazrbut probably somewhere in the sections below05:40
madrazr*don't add it in between ...05:40
madrazrmayank: cool!05:40
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mayank@madrazr: piyush:  when i try to run melange locally, this is what i get
tpbTitle: running locally - (at
piyushmayank: This is why we shouldn't have a proxy at all.06:19
piyushurllib2 has got some weird behaviour when in proxy.06:19
piyushI use my personal data to perform this step.06:20
mayankpiyush: so should i remove proxy from .bashrc06:23
mayankhow do i use personal data for this?06:24
piyushConnect to some other network ?06:25
piyushSomething of the sort of USB stick, maybe ?06:25
mayankwifi in library?06:25
mayankwill it work06:25
mayankok, i ll try :/06:27
piyushmayank: Anything inside from college network won't work.06:27
mayankgot it.06:27
piyushFor whatever network you configure proxy in your browser, it's not the right network fr this job.06:27
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vivekjain_hello everyone while setupping melange directory when i run venv/bin/pip install -U lxml setuptools command it is showing me following error11:28
vivekjain_src/lxml/lxml.etree.c:8:22: fatal error: pyconfig.h: No such file or directory   #include "pyconfig.h"11:28
vivekjain_can anyone help me on this??11:28
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ayushkHi, i have done the setup of melange codebase. But somehow the command to run the appengine is not working.15:32
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ayushkI figured that i was connected to a proxy. So i also changed the port no. Still not working. Please help!15:35
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AndroUser2Hi while setting up the melange codebase when i was running the command venv/bin/pip install - U lxml setuptools i got the error /usr/bin/ld cannot find -lz ... Any idea on how to resolve it ??15:50
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jasvirAndroUser2: May be I am wrong, but this error arises due to missing zlib library.15:58
shikher@ayushk : what error did u get exactly...i have also just set up melange, so might be able to help.15:59
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ayushkShikher: i am get http error 403, forbidden16:03
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shikherAyushk: i was getting the same error. Dont know the reason. Change the command to old_dev_server. Worked for me.16:10
shikherAyushk: and you are right about the port number.16:12
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ayushkShikher: thanks. It works.16:15
AndroUser2Jasvir any idea on how to instal zlib in ubunti ??16:15
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jasvirAndroUser2: www.zlib.net16:18
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AndroUser2jasvir it worked thanks16:35
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shikherCan't find link to submit student proposals on locally hosted melange website. I am working on issue #1759. Can someone tell me how to access that page?16:46
kblinhey folks17:07
kblinI'm happy to be org admin for "a", but whoever put it in my dashboard needs to help me with the questions17:09
kblin <-- :)17:09
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cleiniasfrom is melange having issues? I just re-registered, but I don't see organizations in my dashboard. Actually my dashboard for 2014 is empty, and for 2013 has no organizations.17:17
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RoonyHshikher: what phase your program is on?17:32
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run09Hello,i am new17:57
run09To melange codebase, when i was installing it i am getting this error
run09Please help me regarding this18:00
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ayushkRun09: are you working in  a proxy network? If yes, then you have to change your https proxy.18:10
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shikherRoonyh: what do u mean by phase? My question is that seed_db fills only mentor data, how to access student side of melange like submitting and editing proposals.18:11
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shikherAnd i m talking about this when melange is hosted locally.18:12
run09Ayushk: Yes, i m working in proxy network,can you please tell me how to change https_proxy18:13
RoonyHshikher: to see the link to submit the proposal the program has to be in the phase where students are submitting proposals18:13
RoonyHshikher: check out this page. http://localhost:8080/gsoc/timeline/google/gsoc201418:14
ayushkRun09: Enter the command - https_proxy="http://yourproxy:portNumber". This should work. Also you can check your proxy by the command - echo $https_proxy18:16
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shikherRoonyH: the phase seems correct as student application is running from 2012 to 2015. But where do i access the student submission page ...cant seem to find it?18:20
ayushkRoonyH: same problem. I cant find the page for student submission.18:25
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run09On running bin/paver build it shows Build failed running pavement:PyLint finished with a non-zero exit code:418:30
run09Some help me with this18:31
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RoonyHrun09: this means there are lint errors in the code base :( use bin/paver build --skip-pylint for now.18:59
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RoonyHshikher: iirc we can click on the link of a organization, which we get by clicking link 'see all mentoring organizations'. and the link to submit app is there19:00
shikherThe list is empty19:03
RoonyHshikher: try creating one :)19:04
run09RoonyH : now it is giving   paver:  error:   no such option: -k19:05
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shikherWat do u put as back up admin19:06
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madrazrkblin: today is the day of Melange for me19:12
madrazrkblin: let me see what I can do about your "a" problem ;-)19:12
madrazrkblin: "a" problem is better than many problems at least ;-)19:13
* madrazr hides19:13
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madrazrcleinias: I can help you, but I need more information from you19:13
madrazrlet me know when you are around19:13
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chxhi. i am trying to find pass/fail records for gsoc 2010 for my org. (i am org admin) i can't find this anywhere.21:32
carolsmadrazr: this one's for you21:32
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Hamish_BHi, bringing this over from #gsoc:21:59
Hamish_Bwe @osgeo have noticed that there's a second application in our name on melange (org id: ludelaz_osgeo) which I guess was made by some confused student or mentor. the answers are just junk chars. it shows up on my list of managed applications, so either whoever did it must have added my name as backup-admin, or maybe melange is matching the org name? (which is identical to ours) I'm concerned that this could be confusing to melange+humans; can any21:59
Hamish_Bthing be done to remove it?21:59
Hamish_Balso, I was trying to fetch our org's mentors list from 2013 from last year's site, but after "Loading..." it comes back with some red text: "Error retrieving data: please refresh the list or the whole page to try again". any ideas?22:01
nathanielmanistaHamish_B: We'll look into both of these.22:03
Hamish_Bnathanielmanista: thanks22:11
madrazrchx: you can only go as far back as 2011 with mentor evaluations for now, sorry.22:17
chxhrm. i am told by this year's org admin that we are asked for this data.22:17
madrazrfor 2010 specifically?22:19
madrazrHamish_B: kblin here has a similar problem, an org app that he does not recognize is appearing on his dashboard22:20
madrazrI am looking into may be this is related22:20
madrazrbut I don't have any updates on it yet22:20
Hamish_Bmadrazr: in our case the long-form org name is the same, but the org_id is not (luckily we got in first with our proper one).22:21
madrazrHamish_B: Oh ok, making a note of it22:21
madrazrwe generally don't do non-id based matching22:22
madrazrlet me see22:22
nathanielmanistamadrazr: I confirm that I am seeing a bogus org application for "ludelaz_osgeo".22:22
nathanielmanistaHamish_B: It's odd that whoever did that would list you as a backup org admin. Does the name "ludelaz" mean anything at all to you or is it just nonsense too?22:23
chxmadrazr: for all years but i cant find 2010 in my own records22:23
madrazrnathanielmanista: weird22:24
Hamish_BWe are an umbrella org, so I don't know what everyone is up to, but I recognize LAZ as a LiDAR data format, which is in our domain. All our member projects should be under our umbrella though, or else get special dispensation from our board (which hasn't happened)  just doing a google search, ludelaz comes back with some hits..22:25
madrazrchx: what does "my own records" mean?22:26
madrazrin this context, I mean22:26
Hamish_Bok, it seems to be one of our mentors;
tpbTitle: User:Lu delazari - OSGeo Wiki (at
Hamish_BI'll try and find an address to email her22:27
chxmadrazr: well, i could find other years just on my laptop22:29
chxmadrazr: also note i am not an org admin this year22:29
Hamish_Bnathanielmanista: I'm not sure that I am listed as the backup admin in the bogus application, but I don't know why it would show up in my dashboard otherwise... ?22:30
madrazrchx: so first of all to access any year's organization data, you should be org admin for that year22:34
madrazrbut in this particular case, 2009 and 2010 mentor evaluations data while still safe in our datastore, are not accessible because of the data incompatibility22:35
chxmadrazr: i see.22:37
chxmadrazr: and yes i was org admin back then22:37
chxit was still if i remember correctly (which is not up anymore)22:38
madrazrchx: is which was copied over from socghop.appspot.com22:40
madrazrchx: the data still exists22:40
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jasvirHello everyone. I have posted a mail in mailing list regarding responsive design. But didn't get expected response. My query is, do we have to redesign website completely or make current design responsive. Current design looks very old now, because same design s there from 2009 till now.23:40
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madrazrjasvir: Melange did go through a major redesign23:59
madrazra major-major redesign in 201123:59

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