Tuesday, 2014-02-11

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CFS-MP3Hi... how can I replace the backup admin in a project, or add a new one? Sorry if this isn't the right place to ask07:16
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keendevelHi, I am shikher, a 2nd year BTech CSE student at IIITH. I am trying to set up  the environment, getting Error OperationalError: database is locked while hosting code locally?07:44
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Jeroihello, I whave troubles with oragization ide on Google Summer of code 41414:25
Jeroiwhat kind of it should be?14:25
MatthewWilkesJeroi: Well, I applied for the Plone Foundation, so I picked plone14:30
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keendevelHosting locally shows error -> Database Locked. ny help wud be appreciated. thnx.15:18
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Jeroiwhat kind the ID must be?15:25
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JeroiDies the summer of code aplication webpage even work?16:02
JeroiI have added all the profile info and yet it says feals needed16:02
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keendevelGetting a database is locked error when hosting locally.16:17
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nathanielmanistaCFS-MP3: I saw that you wrote the mailing list; look for follow-up there.16:27
nathanielmanistakeendevel: I haven't heard of that error - do you have enough information to file a bug report for it? Exact steps to reproduce and so forth?16:29
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nathanielmanistaJeroi: At what URL is this? And are there fields with asterisks reporting some kind of error with what you've entered?16:30
JeroiI finally was able to submit16:33
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ggherdovuh, madrazr is offline. I just wanted to thank him/her for yesterday's support. I was indeed trying to create an application twice.17:24
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ggherdovcan anybody from the stuff confirm that the application from the org "Mercurial" has been successfully received on your side? or tell me how I can verify that.17:28
ggherdovit's the first year I play as "GSoC admin", I am pretty paranoid :) i'd like to report to my folks that the application went fine17:28
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RaulTHello. If I want to become a contributor is there somone here I can talk to ?17:47
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nathanielmanistaRaulT: Sure, what's up?18:35
RaulTI need some advice as to what should i start with18:38
RaulTas a novice18:38
RaulTi know python , so what should i concentrate on next ?18:39
carolsRaulT: have you already read https://code.google.com/p/soc/wiki/GettingStarted ?18:39
tpb<http://ln-s.net/+yoz> (at code.google.com)18:39
RaulTyes,i have installed and run locally the project18:40
carolsRaulT: and have you taken a look at the issue tracker to see if there's a bug or feature that might interest you in fixing?18:41
RaulTi would like to begin with some trivial issues to get acustomed to the code18:42
RaulTthem move to more complex ones18:42
RaulTif that is ok18:42
carolsRaulT: sure, that's fine with us.18:42
carolsRaulT: and have you taken a look at the issues whose effort is marked "trivial" in the bug tracker?18:43
RaulTI am currently looking at http://ln-s.net/At$E , it seems a pretty easy one18:45
tpbTitle: Issue 1991 - soc - When connection views are re-added to GCI, restore changes that were added for the messaging system. - SoC (Spice of Creation) - Google Project Hosting (at ln-s.net)18:45
RaulTi whould like to give it a shot18:45
carolsthen please do :-)18:45
RaulTwill do18:46
RaulTis there a process to assign the issue18:47
RaulTto me ?18:47
RaulTor i just work and submit a solution18:47
carolsRaulT: nathanielmanista will have to answer that for you. i don't know how they manage the bug queue.18:47
RaulTok. many thanks18:48
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madrazrCFS-MP3: that functionality does not exist now19:03
madrazrCFS-MP3: should your org be selected, you can invite more backup admins19:03
kblinshould I expect to be able to see the 2013 mentor evaluations?19:06
madrazrkblin: yes!19:07
kblinok, then I guess I found a bug :/19:07
madrazrkblin: Oh noes19:07
kblinthe eval I tried gave an internal server error19:07
madrazrkblin: link please?19:07
madrazrURL I mean19:08
kblinI figured, see pm19:08
madrazrkblin: got it, thanks!19:08
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madrazrkblin: certainly new bug19:11
madrazrI am not sure what the fix is though right now, will work on it19:11
madrazrggherdov: no problem19:12
madrazrggherdov: btw around? (to check if you were able to access your application)19:13
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kblinmadrazr: no worries.19:16
kblinmadrazr: I'm not blocked by it, just figured I'd ask if I was trying something silly19:17
ggherdovmadrazr: here19:17
madrazrkblin: Oh ok19:17
ggherdovMercurial the awesome SCM19:17
madrazrkblin: this was working on Friday, I was helping another org admin with it19:17
madrazrand now it is broken19:17
kblinsun spot activity19:17
kblinI've had problems with that all week19:18
madrazrwe have come to a very good position w.r.t. tests over the last year or so, but still the coverage is ...19:18
kblinever since pulling that out of my BOFH excuse list19:18
madrazrkblin: exactly the term! "Sun spot activity"!19:18
madrazrkblin: Oh19:18
madrazrggherdov: ha ha, win!19:18
madrazrggherdov: were you able to access your application?19:19
madrazrggherdov: you should be able to edit until the submission deadline19:19
ggherdovmadrazr: yes, as far as I can tell, I submitted.19:19
madrazrggherdov: so that means you should be able to access it as well19:19
madrazrggherdov: were you able to go back to it and check?19:19
ggherdovyes, I just did it.19:19
ggherdoveverything looks in place19:19
madrazrggherdov: great! all good then19:19
ggherdovsuper. thanks for your support19:19
madrazrggherdov: no problem19:20
madrazrgood luck with applications!19:20
ggherdovbtw, I know that "patches welcome", but a confirmation email would calm down anxious guys like me19:20
* ggherdov just sayin19:20
kblinggherdov: or a nice green "we got your application" banner on top of the page ;)19:20
ggherdovhehe true19:20
kblinbut no news is good news with melange :)19:21
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madrazrkblin: lol :D19:22
kblinoh, fun thing I just noticed. I was dragging a text box to be a bit wider than the 20 character default and managed to drag it below the blank space on the right side of the screen19:24
kblinwhy my browser allows me to do this is beyond me :)19:24
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shikherFixed that problem of database lock. You have to host using old-dev-server.20:12
shikherQuestion- how to find module frm given site url?20:12
madrazrshikher: grep :)20:25
madrazrshikher: what is old-dev-server? and what is new?20:26
shikherOk...grep or find works, i was looking for something better like doc but tht works. Google app engine  can be hosted locally using /old_dev_server or just /dev_server. Mine works with the old one.20:40
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piyush@buildbot_alpha hello21:39
piyushbuildbot_alpha hello21:39
piyushbuildbot_alpha: hello21:41
piyushbuildbot_alpha: commands21:41
buildbot_alphabuildbot commands: commands, dance, destroy, force, hello, help, last, list, mute, notify, shutdown, source, status, stop, unmute, version, watch21:41
piyushbuildbot_alpha: dance21:41
piyushbuildbot_alpha: force build run-tests21:42
buildbot_alphano such builder 'run-tests'21:42
piyushbuildbot_alpha: force build runtests21:42
buildbot_alphabuild forced [ETA 0 seconds]21:42
buildbot_alphaI'll give a shout when the build finishes21:42
buildbot_alphaHey! build runtests #30 is complete: Success [build successful]21:42
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piyushbuildbot_alpha: dance21:47
piyushbuildbot_alpha: dance21:47
piyushbuildbot_alpha: hello21:48
piyushbuildbot_alpha: force build runtests21:48
piyushbuildbot_alpha: force build runtests21:48
piyushbuildbot_alpha: force build runtests21:49
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piyushbuildbot_alpha: force build runtests21:50
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piyushbuildbot_alpha: hello21:55
piyushbuildbot_alpha: dance21:55
piyushbuildbot_alpha: force build runtests21:56
buildbot_alphabuild #31 forced21:56
buildbot_alphaI'll give a shout when the build finishes21:56
piyushbuildbot_alpha: hello21:57
shikher Who made build bot? Is it a live project?22:01
piyushYeah, it's a live project. Someone from mozilla QA team called Dustin I think started this.22:05
piyushNow it's used by all sophisticated projects like python, and by mozilla.22:05
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bitgeekyhe is the one https://github.com/djmitche ^22:07
tpbTitle: djmitche (Dustin J. Mitchell) ยท GitHub (at github.com)22:07
bitgeekyfrom Automation team22:07
bitgeekynow he works with  release team :-)22:08
ayk115Hi, i am interested in working for melange. I am workor the resource sharing given on the ideas page.22:09
buildbot_alphaHey! build runtests #31 is complete: Success [build successful]22:26
buildbot_alphaBuild details are at http://ec2-54-213-126-99.us-west-2.compute.amazonaws.com/builders/runtests/builds/3122:26
tpbTitle: Buildbot: runtests Build #31 (at ec2-54-213-126-99.us-west-2.compute.amazonaws.com)22:26
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madrazrpiyush_: aha, caught you red-handed! spammer!23:05
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olly_it appears I can access applications for other orgs, provided I can guess the org's "url slug" (or whatever it's called this year), which is usually obvious23:22
olly_by just going to https://www.google-melange.com/gsoc/org/application/submit/google/gsoc2014/<org>23:23
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madrazrolly_: wow!23:30
madrazrolly_: thanks for that report23:30
madrazrolly_: that needs immediate attention23:30
madrazrolly_: I will take a look now23:30
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olly_madrazr: I PMed a couple of details - if you need more let me know23:35
madrazrolly_: ACK, thank you so much!23:37
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slurpeeMelange support please...I'm looking to track down the pass/fail rate of previous gsoc years of Drupal students (2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005).23:43
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