Monday, 2014-02-10

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jasvirhow much time will it take to get decision on any patch submitted?13:21
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DavidPSHello all, anyone knows why the org application does not accept my backup admin username?15:23
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DavidPSOk, it seems it's solved now15:25
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kblinhey folks19:23
kblinyou probably have heard this a lot, but is there a way to access my org applications from the last years?19:24
madrazrkblin: you should be able to now19:55
madrazrkblin: kblin if you visit this year's application, go to the questionnaire tab and change the year in the URL to a previous year that should take you to previous year's org application19:56
madrazrkblin: a note is that, it only works as far back as 201119:56
carolsmadrazr: just do you know, i get an error when *I* do that19:57
carolsi don't know if it's different for others19:57
madrazrcarols: this is for GOSPO org app?19:58
carolsi always seem to be a special case since i'm a program admin :-)19:58
carolsi mean, i don't care19:58
carolsbut just thought you'd want to know19:58
carolsi don't need to view our previous year's app :-)19:58
gevaertsYou still remember the weak points? :)19:59
carolsgevaerts: i do. the feedback from the rejected org apps meeting was quite helpful :-)19:59
madrazrcarols: you are indeed a very special case. We grant all accesses to you without even a second thought without checks and things, so when you access things you are likely taking a different code path than others.19:59
madrazrcarols: For all other users we are super conservative about giving accesses19:59
carolsmadrazr: okay, fair enough. just thought you'd want to know that i get an error when i follow those instructions19:59
carolsso others might too19:59
carolsor might not, i don't know :-)19:59
madrazrand we test your case very less, you know obviously. We are less fearful about breaking the code path that your access takes, because we know that you know how to get us fix that :P20:00
madrazrcarols: sure, that helps20:01
madrazrcarols: I am going to search the logs for the errors when you tried to access, let's see if that gives some information20:01
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madrazrgood times, irc netsplit :P20:03
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carolsmadrazr: the error isn't a 400 or a 50020:04
madrazrcarols: Oh20:04
carols"This page is inactive before 2013-03-18 19:00:00 and after 2013-03-29 19:00:00."20:04
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madrazrcarols: Oh! I did not even bother to ask what the error was. That is useful info.20:06
madrazrcarols: can you please give me the URL?20:06
carolssure just a sec20:06
madrazrcarols: thanks, looking20:08
kblinmadrazr: same for me20:08
madrazrkblin: Oh20:08
madrazrkblin: let me see what is going on20:08
kblinI mean I'm happy to explain what our plan for disappearing students and mentors is again, even though it's the same as last year's, but I'd have to dig back through 9 years of gsoc history to do the summary of involvement20:09
kblinserves me right, of course, this time I need to keep a backup20:10
madrazrkblin: we are not that bad :P20:12
madrazrkblin: carols: so the page that shows the previous year's application exists and works without error (hopefully). The problem is, the redirect is broken20:12
madrazri.e. there is no way to get to it from the UI20:13
madrazrneeds a fix20:13
carolsmadrazr: okay20:13
scorche|shkblin: one of the many reasons we used our wiki  =)20:13
madrazrcarols: for ospo the URL would be
tpb<> (at
madrazrkblin: replace ospo with your org id and it should work20:13
kblinYou need to be a program administrator to access this page.20:14
madrazrkblin: interesting20:15
madrazrthat bothers me now20:15
gevaertskblin: you'll just have to overthrow carols, and you'll be set20:16
madrazrgevaerts: good luck with that :P20:17
gevaertsmadrazr: it's kblin's job, so I'm happy :)20:17
madrazrgevaerts: good luck to kblin as well :P20:17
kblinlimited ambition there20:18
madrazrkblin: Do you see questionnaire tab on this year's application?20:18
kblinmadrazr: yes, filling that out at the moment20:18
madrazrkblin: if so, can you please visit the questionnaire tab (may be in a different tab) and give me its URL?20:19
kblinwhile I'm at it, different question. I'm just talking to my backup admin for WF, and he tells me he has created a profile, but melange tells me he doesn't exist20:19
kblin is the one I tried20:20
madrazrkblin: this is for the questionnaire tab as well?20:20
kblinno, the one before, where I need to enter the backup admin20:20
madrazrkblin: ah Ok20:20
madrazrkblin: I suspect if he has a profile for GSoC 2014, I can check if you have his Melange username20:21
kblinsee pm20:23
madrazrkblin: thanks, checking20:25
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ProLoserYour application form UI is horrible20:33
ProLoserI submitted the org questionare and it just refreshed the page. My org is AngularUI. Did the form properly submit?20:33
ProLoserThere don't appear to be any errors, and I had a similar experience when i registered an account20:33
ProLoserI i'm afraid to close the window and lose everything i typed in20:33
ProLoserPlease add a flash message or something after I hit submit on the user/org forms telling me my information has been properly been submitted20:35
ProLosereven giant green text at the top of the page would be enough20:35
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madrazrso much hatred20:41
madrazrso much hatred20:41
scorche|shat least he gave the org name...20:43
madrazrscorche|sh: ha ha :D20:47
madrazrkblin: as I suspected, your backup admin does not have a profile for "GSoC 2014"20:47
madrazrkblin: may be he believes that profiles are cross-program?20:48
madrazrProfiles are actually per-program, you probably know that20:48
madrazrkblin: I see a GSoC 2013 profile for his username, not a 2014 profile20:49
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ggherdovHello. I am trying to register Mercurial (the SCM) as a potential mentoring org. I am consistently getting a 500 when I hit "submit".21:25
ggherdovis that a problem on your side?21:25
ggherdovI started the registration at work, left the page open, now redoing it again form home. Can this be the case?21:25
madrazrggherdov: quite not possible21:56
madrazrbut let me check21:56
madrazrdid you try to submit right now?21:56
madrazrlike 25 mins back?21:58
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madrazrggherdov: also btw, I see that organization application for your org has already been created?22:10
madrazrggherdov: are you trying to edit an already created application by any chance?22:10
kblinmadrazr: sorry, was afk for a bit22:40
kblinmadrazr: all I can say is that he told me that he created a profile22:41
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kblinmadrazr: my co-admin for samba also was confused22:42
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madrazrkblin: ah Ok22:42
kblinmadrazr: so while I wouldn't say the UI is horrible, I guess certain aspects could be improved22:42
madrazrkblin: doesn't hurt to tell him that he has to create a profile per program I guess22:42
madrazrkblin: definitely22:42
kblinI told him, and he asked me to try again22:42
madrazrkblin: interesting he says that22:43
kblinbut that was before I talked to you22:43
ffledglingbuildbot_alpha, commands22:43
buildbot_alphabuildbot commands: commands, dance, destroy, force, hello, help, last, list, mute, notify, shutdown, source, status, stop, unmute, version, watch22:43
ffledglingbuildbot_alpha, force build runtests22:44
buildbot_alphabuild #15 forced22:44
buildbot_alphaI'll give a shout when the build finishes22:44
madrazrall hail our dev (last year GSoC student) Piyush for setting up the much needed buildbot for Melange22:44
madrazrffledgling: that is22:45
madrazrffledgling: hail!22:45
ffledglingbuildbot_alpha, notify on success failure started finished22:45
buildbot_alphaThe following events are being notified: ['started', 'failure', 'finished', 'success']22:45
madrazrkblin: Oh ok22:45
madrazrkblin: I definitely see a profile for his username only for 201422:46
madrazroops 2013 I mean22:46
madrazrnot 201422:46
kblinI'll tell him that, thanks22:46
buildbot_alphabuild #15 of runtests is complete: Success [build successful]  Build details are at http://
ffledglingYipee! :D22:47
madrazrffledgling: win!22:47
madrazrnathanielmanista: this will probably make your day :P22:48
madrazrffledgling: this is Jenkins?22:48
madrazror travis?22:48
ffledglingmadrazr, buildbot22:48
ffledglinghosted on a small AWS instance.22:48
kblinmy greatest annoyance with the melange is that it doesn't properly scale with the width of the browser, but that seems to be state of the art web design, so what do I know :)22:48
madrazrffledgling: Oh, there is a project called buildbot?22:48
madrazrffledgling: TIL22:49
ffledglingmadrazr, yup!22:49
tpbTitle: Buildbot (at
ffledglingUsed by lots of other orgs too22:49
madrazrkblin: ha ha ha, if you want to bribe us fixing that, get us a GSoC student22:49
madrazrkblin: if it makes you feel any better, that is one of our GSoC project ideas for 201422:50
madrazrffledgling: cool!22:50
kblinI opened the bug for this back when that company made the web design... when was that, 2011?22:50
madrazrkblin: yeah in 201122:50
madrazrkblin: and your bug is the inspiration for the project idea. I think it is also listed in the idea description22:51
kblinseriously, great job with melange22:51
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madrazrkblin: thank you. Much needed appreciation22:52
madrazrffledgling: where you murdering your bots? :P22:52
madrazr*why are you22:52
ffledglingmadrazr, reconfiguring the build so that tests are run with each build as well.22:52
kblinof course there's always things to improve, but of course "patches welcome" applies :)22:52
madrazrkblin: ha ha, yeah :D22:52
madrazrffledgling: ah nice!22:53
madrazrbug reports for you to make your life worse22:53
madrazrffledgling: the link that the bot posts doesn't work22:54
madrazrffledgling: Oh wait, it does22:54
kblinoh, btw, I'm now able to access last year's answers22:54
kblinthanks for that22:54
ffledglingthere's a little mixup with the two http://s , my bad let me fix22:54
madrazrffledgling: it posts 2 http:// protocol prefixes though22:54
madrazrkblin: Oh22:55
madrazrkblin: how did you manage to get to that finally?22:55
madrazrkblin: (I am still searching for the answer myself)22:55
madrazrkblin: if you can give me the URL, that will help22:55
kblinmadrazr: I just retried setting the 2014 in the url to 201322:56
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ffledglingbuildbot_alpha, force build runtests22:56
buildbot_alphabuild #16 forced22:56
buildbot_alphaI'll give a shout when the build finishes22:56
kblinand I got there via
tpb<> (at
madrazrkblin: interesting that we have a "show" URL and a "show2" url. This is something I did not know, too many things happen at this time of the year22:57
madrazrkblin: Oh ok22:57
madrazrkblin: thanks for that!22:57
madrazrffledgling: man, this is some serious win for Melange22:58
madrazrffledgling: it has taken 6+ years to get this setup22:59
ffledglingmadrazr, totally right? round of margaritas for everyone?22:59
madrazrffledgling: file a bug report with carols :P22:59
madrazrcarols: ffledgling (Piyush) is setting up a system that tells you whom to send the rubber chicken to :P23:00
madrazrffledgling: once this build finishes, you should send an email to [email protected] announcing early preview :)23:03
madrazrI am excited enough already23:03
ffledglingmadrazr, will do, still a couple of kinks that need ironing out, but beta preview ftw23:03
madrazrffledgling: sure23:04
ffledglingpoor little micro AWS instance is maxed out, load avg is 1.45 :o23:04
kblinok, one application finished, one waiting for my co-adming to properly create a profile23:05
madrazrkblin: +123:05
madrazrffledgling: is that blocking the build?23:05
ffledglingmadrazr, no, it's the tests themselves that are consuming 100% CPU. :p23:06
madrazrffledgling: ah Ok23:06
kblinhave fun, I'm off to bed :)23:06
madrazrkblin: thanks23:06
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ffledglingbuildbot_alpha, force build runtests23:14
buildbot_alphaThe build has been queued, I'll give a shout when it starts23:14
buildbot_alphabuild #18 forced23:40
buildbot_alphaI'll give a shout when the build finishes23:40
buildbot_alphaHey! build runtests #18 is complete: Retry [retry exception slave lost]23:44
buildbot_alphaBuild details are at
tpbTitle: Buildbot: runtests Build #18 (at
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ffledglingbuildbot_alpha, force build runtests23:49
buildbot_alphaThe build has been queued, I'll give a shout when it starts23:49
buildbot_alphabuild forced [ETA 7 seconds]23:50
buildbot_alphaI'll give a shout when the build finishes23:50
buildbot_alphaHey! build runtests #19 is complete: Success [build successful]23:50
buildbot_alphaBuild details are at
tpbTitle: Buildbot: runtests Build #19 (at
ffledglingbuildbot_alpha, force build runtests23:53
buildbot_alphabuild forced [ETA 4 seconds]23:53
buildbot_alphaI'll give a shout when the build finishes23:53
buildbot_alphaHey! build runtests #20 is complete: Success [build successful]23:53
buildbot_alphaBuild details are at
tpbTitle: Buildbot: runtests Build #20 (at

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